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Read and Download Amazon Kindle eBooks for Free

John Smith, Business Owner

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14 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction and the Structure of the Course

    • Introduction to This Section Why Authors Give Away Their eBooks for Free

    • Amazon Best Seller Rank for Free eBooks

    • Verified Reviews

    • Word of Mouth Marketing

    • Email Newsletter

    • Rewarding Loyal Customers

    • Section Introduction With Resources Where to Find Free eBooks

    • Finding Free eBooks on Amazon Way #1

    • Finding Free eBooks on Amazon Way #2

    • Facebook Groups

    • Twitter

    • External Websites

    • Wrap Up of the Course


About This Class

Start reading Amazon Kindle eBooks for Free! There are no knowledge requirements and I have provided you with training and resources how to find these eBooks, meaning you will have unlimited amount of reading material!

About this course

Many people are buying on Kindle eBooks on Amazon and do not realize that they could save hundreds of dollars by getting them for free. In this course I teach you different ways how you can find eBooks that are free for a limited period of time. Furthermore, by getting these eBooks you are not only saving money, but actually also helping the author out as well.    

This course is designed for anyone that has a passion to read eBooks. This means that there are no prerequisites to take this course, as I go through everything in detail. The only requirement is for you to have access to a computer and Internet to be able to watch this course.

Contents and overview

  • Learning how authors benefit from giving away their Amazon Kindle eBooks for free
  • Learning how to find free promotions on Amazon
  • Learning how to find free promotion on Amazon using external resources

Additional Benefits:

In addition to the curriculum and the things you will learn in the course, you will also get the following benefits by taking this course:

  • Have fun reading free Amazon Kindle eBooks
  • Full and lifetime access to the course
  • Any future lectures are always included for free
  • My help is available to you, if you get stuck or have a question





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John Smith

Business Owner

John is Sharing His Expertise & Secrets in 13 Classes


I have been an online entrepreneur since 2010 using various methods of earning money online. I have multiple YouTube channels, tried working with affiliate marketing, consultant on Internet, Forex, selling e-books and an online teacher on Udemy. I love to share my own experiences both from my entrepreneur life and also when I was working in one of the largest corporations in the world (see my CV below).


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