Read Music Notes Fast # 1: Rosa's Music Note Attack Method

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30 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Read Music Notes Fast Level 1 Introduction

    • 2. 1. The Music Staff

    • 3. 2. Treble Clef

    • 4. 3. The Bass Clef

    • 5. The 7 Music Names correspond to the 7 Alphabets

    • 6. The 7 Names to the Treble Clef Staff

    • 7. The 7 Names to the Bass Clef

    • 8. The Grand Staff

    • 9. The Middle C

    • 10. Read Music Tip 1 - When notes ascend, letters go forward

    • 11. Read Music Tip 2 - When notes descend, letters go backwards

    • 12. Secret: Practice Forward & Backward Reading

    • 13. The Grand Staff - Read Music Notes from G to G

    • 14. Music Score covers 3 Octaves - G to G

    • 15. Read Music: Use Acronyms for Treble Clef

    • 16. Read Music: Use Acronyms for Bass Clef

    • 17. Traditional Method Works

    • 18. Traditional Method Works but Slow

    • 19. Music Note Attack & Say It Method

    • 20. Demo 1: Treble Clef Music Notes: E, B, F

    • 21. Demo 2: Treble Clef Music Notes: G, D

    • 22. Demo 3: Treble Clef 5 Music Notes: E, G, B, D, F

    • 23. Rosa's Method vs Traditiona

    • 24. Demo 4: Treble Clef 4 Notes: F, A, C, E

    • 25. Demo 5: Treble Clef Space Notes + 1 More: D, F, A, C, E

    • 26. Demo 6: Bass Clef 3 Notes: G, D, A

    • 27. Demo 7: Bass Clef Notes: F, B

    • 28. Demo 8: Bass Clef Notes - 4 Spaces: A C E G

    • 29. Demo 9: Bass Clef 5 Notes - 4 Spaces + 1 More: A C E G B

    • 30. Thank you!


About This Class

Read Music Notes FAST Level 1:
Speed Read Music Notes - Visual Memory in the Brain! An in-depth look into Reading 22 Music Notes Quickly from Treble Clef & Bass Clef. 56 Lectures with 2 Hour Content.

I receive so many requests from students that I finally need to write out this unique method - step by step - exercises by exercises - so that all BEGINNERS will gain confidence to read notes quickly and overcome the fear of reading music notes.

This course can also be used by Music Teachers or Parents who want to teach their children to 'Read Music Fast'. You can use these videos to guide your children in this Music Note Attack Method. Children learn much faster in this way as they learn to visualize these notes in their brain. In fact, they learn much faster than adults because they follow instructions, whereas adults are not as good as following through instructions.


Reading Music: Traditional Way vs Non-Traditional Way

It is FUN to learn to read music. There are some basic music fundamentals that you need to learn in order to be able to start reading music. You need to understand the music staff, the grand staff, the lines, the spaces, the alphabets, the letter names, treble clef, bass clef & middle C. I will use very focused videos to show you how to understand the basics so that you have a clear foundation to work on as you proceed to learn to read music notes.

Many people think that it is difficult to read music but it is NOT.

I show you the Traditional Method of how students are taught to read music. The Traditional method WORKS but it is slow going. It is good for you to know the Traditional Method. We don't want to throw away what works. We want to improve on 'what works' to make it 'more fun' for beginners to overcome the frustrations of reading music! This is how my "Note Attack & Say It" Method got developed as I saw the joy of seeing students gaining confidence in these drills and exercises of moving from Level 1 (The Note Attack Method) to Level 2 (Application of the Note Attack Method) & then onto Level 3 (Drilling Exercises with Speed).


In this course, you will have 1 to 2 minute videos to arouse your interest to learn to read music quickly with this non-traditional method.

No draggy long videos but each video is to to the point!

Each video has a specific topic.

Each topic is focused so that you can refer to the videos quickly for reference.

The whole idea of the course is to help you build a GOOD foundation to musical terms so that you can quickly go and read music using my Music Note Attack Method to gain confidence right away.


Rosa's Music Note Attack Method:

1. Intuitive Visual Recognition

2. Visual Memory in the Brain

3. Say it out Loud to store in Brain

4. Practice Smart - Exercises

Music is actually the simplest written language for anyone to learn. You only need to know 7 alphabet letters: A B C D E F G. Once you learn the basics, and know how to make use of what the traditional method teaches, you can then use my Unique method to tap into the power of reading music notes quickly with confidence. This will help you overcome all the years of fear and frustrations in reading music, and the reward you receive is for a life time.

You will soon discover reading music is a lot of fun when you use my Music Note Attack Method! It helps you process your learning quickly and retain everything into memory! There is no need to count. No need to fumble your way through.

You learn to see the notes and read them like you read the names of your friends.


This is a UNIQUE Method that I develop for BEGINNERS who wants to learn how to read notes and to read them QUICKLY!

  • We are dealing specifically in the area of reading the music notes on music staff in both the Treble Clef and Bass Clef.
  • We are NOT dealing with reading other music symbols, rhythm, or value and duration of notes.

We want to quickly help BEGINNERS to master the Music Language of A-B-C-D-E-F-G so that they can quickly identify the notes on the music staff like they call out the names of their friends.


The Following Music Tips & Topics are covered to give you a good foundation to become the musician you always dreamed to become:

  1. Music Staff
  2. Music Clefs
  3. Music is a Universal language
  4. Read Music Note Tip 1: Only 7 Names
  5. Music Notes in the Treble Clef
  6. Music Notes in the Bass Clef
  7. The Grand Staff
  8. Reading Music Note Tip 2: The Middle C
  9. Read Music Notes Tip 3: Ascending Order
  10. Read Music Notes Tip 4: Descending Order
  11. Grand Staff with all the notes written
  12. Practice Saying the Alphabet Letters - Forward & Backward
  13. Read Music Note Tip 5: Spans 3 Octaves
  14. Read Music Note Tip 6 - Treble Clef - Word Cue Memory
  15. Read Music Note Tip 7 - Bass Clef - Word Cue Memory
  16. Rosa's Magic Method to Read Music Fast
  17. Music Note Attack & Sat It - Step 1
  18. Note Attack & Say It Out Loud - Step 2
  19. Music Reading Hot Tip: Understand this Music Logic
  20. Music Reading Hot Tip: AVOID Counting
  21. Application Exercises for Treble Clef 5 Lines
  22. Note Attack & Say It Out Loud - Step 3
  23. Application Exercises for Treble Clef 5 Spaces
  24. Note Attack & Say It Out Loud - Step 4
  25. Note Attack & Say It Out Loud - Step 5
  26. Application Exercises for Bass Clef - 5 Notes + Middle C
  27. Note Attack & Say It Out Loud - Step 6
  28. Application Exercise for Bass Clef 5 Spaces

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