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Reach your target audience faster with little effort

Damilola Oyewusi, Web and Content Strategist & Eclectic book lover

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6 Videos (14m)
    • Welcome to class

    • Quality of the right target audience

    • Understand the problem and your product

    • Segment and empower your audience

    • Your business processes and your audience

    • Project


About This Class

Marketers talk a lot about knowing your target audience and designing your marketing efforts to reach them directly.

Knowing your target audience is important because it helps you build better, relevant and specific marketing messaging that will attract the right audience and targeted traffic. This will help you market effectively and get the right response in sales and conversions that will positively impact your bottom line. And of course, this saves you time and money.

I've taken a few classes here on Skillshare as well that focus on methods and tools you can use to define your target audience. And they are all great. In this class, I am sharing a few simple tips that will help you better work out your project and deliver better results.

At the end of this class, you are going to learn really easy ways to improve your targeting effort and get the right audience to listen to your message and buy more of your products.

So if you really are interested in saving cost and selling more, just roll that mouse till you get on the enroll button, click on it and let’s go through some fantastic tips for defining your own special target audience.






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Damilola Oyewusi

Web and Content Strategist & Eclectic book lover

I have spent the past three years designing strategy and creating content for corporate organizations' blogs and social media platforms. Through these classes, I'll be sharing the lessons I have learned from experience and personal development. My goal is to help content strategists, creators and just about anybody easily and cost effectively, manage their online platforms for success.

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