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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Re cover a Book for a Chic New Look!

    • 2. Paper Base

    • 3. Paper and Lace!

    • 4. 4 Finishing Touches!

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About This Class

In this class, I show you how to use paper and lace to make a regal and classy new cover for any notebook, sketchbook, journal or even photo album! 

Nothing but simple, straightforward steps to make something more pretty and eye-catching.

You don't need any experience with lace or fabric for this piece, you could even do this as an activity with young children!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Racheal Maus

Creating things is fun, but also really useful!


Hi, I'm Racheal from, and I love to make things from scratch rather than buy them. That's why whenever I give a gift, everyone makes a big deal out of it, and its how I show others I care while also getting to have fun along the way!

Creating things is a fun project for me, no matter if it's a clothes accessory, a paper craft, painting, re-finishing furniture or anything else I can dream up... I love to work with my hands!

So come along as I share my quirky building knowledge and cheater methods of making things;) I'd love to share what I do with you!

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1. Re cover a Book for a Chic New Look!: Hi guys. So today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to recover a sketchbook, right? You can do this with any kind of book, but I'm going to recover it with a mixture of paper and fabric or in this case, lease. So what we're gonna be using is pieces of card stock. I decided on a gray color for to basically cover up the graphics that are already on the front of the sketchpad that I'm gonna be using. And then I have thinner paper that it just printed with a nice design that's going to go and be more complementary with the color. I want a piece of lakes, but I'm going to use to cover over all of the paper once it's placed. And then here is the sketch pad and see how there's some graphics on hairline. When I go ahead and the covering over, let us nice and smooth. And I'm really just going to not going to be using much more than double stick tape and some basic crafting glue. And only use too much glue. Because when you're working with paper, it will go ahead and warp it. So that's really basically all we're in using evidence, some good-quality scissors. I always recommend, you know, the nice, smooth scissors and Spanish you can get if you've been using it in a cup wire or something and there's some nixon em. Go ahead and either trains, move out those next with a nail file or, or get yourself a new pair. Opaque. So we're gonna go ahead and get started. 2. Paper Base: So I'm basically using these pre-cut pieces of card stock and putting them together so that I'm making one flesh piece. I am going to have a little bit of the extra green on either side, but that's okay. Really important part is when all of the graphics are covered over. And I'm gonna go ahead and do that is I'm going to turn everything over and I'm going to take these four pieces to gather on the back just so they're nice and solid and I can move them around as one solid, use em in a go ahead and use normal tape at first just because I want to be careful not to get it stuck to anything that I don't want it to stick to. Just simple scotch tape is all the more you're going to need to get these pieces together as one piece number. You want to make sure these lines are as flushes possible, new and that you are taping the back side of the paper. He began moraines, and now we've ended up with one solid piece. So older, moveable, but that's okay. So now we can go ahead and place it on top of the genome. And what we'll do is we use double stick tape to adhere it to the front of the journal so that it doesn't move. Okay. So I've got my double stick tape on pretty much every edge and around the scenes of this piece of constructed paper. And on the front of my sketchpad slash journal, I wanna make sure that I know exactly where this piece is going to go on the cover. And the reason that I know is because I went ahead and beforehand, I kind of gave myself an idea of how much I'm going to have on the outer edge. Okay, and I went to had made note that this is actually the exact length from the top to the bottom and this sketch pad itself. So when I place it, I didn't want to make sure that I place it pretty good because I've got one shot. So and I pick it up, it seems here. I'm gonna find the edge of the graphics that I'm trying to cover over. I'm gonna make it flush with the bottom. Because I know that if it's flush with what, either the bottom or the top, then it's going to go. And I'm gonna place it down. And wherever I know I put one of those pieces of double stick tape, I'm just gonna go ahead and give it a nice rub to make sure that it always sticks. Right? Test-time works. Alright. You're so far successful of that was my phone, Gordon. Okay, perfect. So now we've put the base color of paper to cover the graphics on front of the Sketchpad. Next, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this printed paper that's really cute and pretty and a kind of kinda matches going to access the green background that you can still see on the sketch pad cover. And I'm gonna do some corners just to give it a little bit of extra creativity and depth. Okay, so I went ahead and turn my decorative paper over and I'm going to cut some corner pieces because what I'd like to do is put little quarter edging on, on all four corners of the sketch pad so that it's just a little accent of color. So looking at my piece of decorative paper, I can easily see that I've got a three by three block here and a three by three block here. So I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go ahead and make that cut and cut it into two squares and then kind of cross some diagonally so that I have four corners that are all the same. And then I'll go ahead and, and put them on the front of my sketchbook. 3. Paper and Lace!: Okay, now I'm just putting these last corner on using the double stick tape again, basically making a frame. How did these corners make sure that it's nice? And even like the other three, the place that I'm placing it on top of my dark write paper. So I'm ending up with this nice kind of framework and it's nice and simple. It wouldn't be that amazing or shocking on its own. But when we go ahead and finish it off with our piece of ways, once we've got that attached properly, you can kinda see it makes a very nice classy friend. So when we're at this point to where we've grappled way. So you've got all of the paper attached underneath it. There is. So one more thing that you can choose to do. It's an option which will, there's lots of you naturally artistic people, unlike me, who could take this opportunity to freehand draw, sketch. If your mu, its tensile, anything and everything, you could write something like a quote. You could draw a picture, you could put a photograph, anything that you want. You can go ahead and put inside of the framework that we've laid down to be right underneath the lace that we are going to attach on top. All right, so this is kinda your free form situation where you can do whatever you want to personalize this book. At this point, what it, whatever really strikes you in anything to make it your own, okay? All right. At this point what we have to do is attach this decorative edge of the lakes. And I'm doing that with double stick tape again, I'm I'm taking a normal sized piece maybe like a finger sweat. And then I'm using the sliced edge to tear it in half into two pieces. And I'm basically just taking a section of release because it's been placed where I wanted just one section at a time and I'm placing the tape underneath the edge of the list where the stitching is a lot more. What's the word? While there's a lot more of it is lot more condensed. There S, so it's not just these open rural areas out here. There's a lot more stitching going back and forth in that, in these areas here and there's the edging and everything. So it's a lot more sturdy. So that's where I'm placing my tape. And that's going to hold this delicate edge along the edge of the front of the notebook. Where sketchpad or journal or whatever it is that you're doing this on. And I'm just going to tap it down. There's absolutely no stickiness. So we're good to go. I'm just gonna get these other pieces. And then we'll move from. 4. 4 Finishing Touches!: We're gonna go ahead and cut off the excess here. I would like it if there was a little bit more excess on the top and bottom. But I was working with a scrap piece of lace. I found or I kind of thought up a cheater way to make it all a little bit easier to attach these thinner, smaller edges of lace to the inside of the car. And I'm gonna go over that here in just a sec. So what we're gonna try to do is securely attached these little edges of lace to the inside of the cover and keep them there in a pretty way that is still nice to look at. It doesn't look all taped and gnashing glued. So we're going to try and do that. And then that way we can go ahead and you can decorate the inside of noaa cover if you want as well. Alright, are you ready for my cheater way of how to attach this laced with this very, very small amount of excess on the end. And we're gonna go ahead and take these pieces of paper. And this basically just I ripped out a piece of the sketchbook, right? I pulled out a page and I slice some edge pieces like this. I split them right underneath the front either way. So you can see at the sketch brick is open based down. Do my, my horrible drawing in there. And now we're gonna go ahead and use double stick tape. And we're gonna attach, we're going to place the double stick tape on top of where the laces right now just where it's laying on top of the lace, attaching it to these pieces of card stock paper. So this is sketch paper that it's attaching to us. Pretty thin, pretty simple there. Just maybe quarter-inch strips is just enough to catch the lace and hold it steady. And then we're gonna take the whole piece and we're gonna fold it over onto the inside of the cover. Alright, good luck. So there we have it nice and covered over with lace. And I even managed to get these corners looking really nice by using that same accent color paper, The Green. And to make sure that the corner edges of the lace where acre down as well. So the z, how stupid paper really effective and the double stick tape really grabbed onto the lace. So that worked out really nicely. And we're left with a very pretty, very classy looking sketchbook journal. Really anything actually. And I hope you guys enjoyed this. I really enjoyed kinda doing this on the fly and had this idea to recover a journal or a sketchbook or something, or, you know, where you could paint and put your art in and write in it. But but I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come together. And I threw in the case of the last minute. So I'm really, really glad that it turned out well, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Alright, have fun.