Re-Harmonization and Improvisation for the Very Beginner

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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14 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Scales explained

    • 3. Maj7 Chord Major Key

    • 4. M7 Chord Minor key

    • 5. IVm I Quick tip

    • 6. V7 Quick tip

    • 7. Changing the key of the song

    • 8. Pre improvisation Exercise #1

    • 9. Pre improvisation Exercise #2

    • 10. Pre Improvisation Exercise #3

    • 11. Pre Improvisation Exercise #4

    • 12. Voicing with 7

    • 13. Voicing with 9

    • 14. Congratulations!!


About This Class

This course is dedicated to all those pianists or keyboardists who are already playing songs either in a group or personally with friends and social gatherings but want to complement their way of playing, specifically how to play a bit more complex chords but without going deeper into music theory, to be able to make ornaments in the melody with the right hand, applying simple improvisation principles.

This course is divided into tips and exercises that are very easy to follow. In this course you will find how to embellish chords in a simple way and how to make ornaments in the melody, lessons focused on:

  • Tips on the distribution of the notes of a chord (especially for playing base chords or pads, sequences)

  • Pre-improvisation technical exercises

  • Ideas about chords to enrich the progressions at the beginning or end of a song, when it rises.

  • Simple theoretical recommendations so you can apply the exercises to any chord.

  • 100% practical video tutorials.

Once you register for this class you can ask the instructor questions, so this is not a simple online video course, you can ask your instructor questions through the discussion board.

Ilse Lozoya is a pianis, music teacher, online educator and is teaching more than 60 classes in Skillshare.