Raspberry Pi Manual for Beginners 2021 Edition (Mac+PC) | Axel Mammitzsch | Skillshare

Raspberry Pi Manual for Beginners 2021 Edition (Mac+PC)

Axel Mammitzsch, www.raspi-config.com

Raspberry Pi Manual for Beginners 2021 Edition (Mac+PC)

Axel Mammitzsch, www.raspi-config.com

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26 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Raspberry PI?

    • 3. Which Raspberry Pi projects exist?

    • 4. Which models are available?

    • 5. Where to buy a Raspberry Pi and accessories?

    • 6. Technical Data and Interfaces

    • 7. What can i do after the first start?

    • 8. Download the Operating System

    • 9. Installation with Etcher

    • 10. Installation with NOOBS

    • 11. Setup with a monitor

    • 12. Setup without a monitor

    • 13. Backup and Restore the SD Card

    • 14. Format the SD Card

    • 15. Software based Projects

    • 16. Project: Pi Hole

    • 17. Project: Homebridge

    • 18. Project: Webmin

    • 19. Project RetroPi Kodi

    • 20. Hardware based Projects

    • 21. Project: Camera Modul

    • 22. Project Humidity Sensor

    • 23. Project Light Sensor

    • 24. Project Laser Modul

    • 25. Programming with Scratch

    • 26. Programming with Thonny

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About This Class

In this Raspberry Pi course for beginner you'll learn everything explained in detail. A step-by-step guide for a good and easy start with the Raspberry Pi. You will learn all aboutthe interfaces, technical details, installationand configuration of the operating systemand smaller software and hardware based projects. Everything is explained in a way, that is easy to understand for an absolute Raspberry Pi beginner.

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Axel Mammitzsch



Hello, I'm Axel.

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1. Introduction: come to the rest berry pie course for beginners, I assure you how to install in configure rest very pie models, three B plus and much more. Since its release, I have bean enthusiastic about everything about the rest berry pie and what you can do with it in this cause. I would like to make the collective knowledge, and my experience is available to beginners and new commas. Rest berry pie for beginners. It's an introductory course for users who would like to have a simple and understandable introduction in order to get started quickly. In the course, I will show all the basics off rest bury that unnecessary for Operation. I will explain step by Step hole to perform the installation process and tell to work with the rest Bury and its applications for the first time and later I will even show some small programming projects with sensors. Since I want to introduce you to the rest berry pie as soon as possible, we will first discuss the history and background off the rest berry pie. Then I explain all currently available models. The technical data interfaces, interesting projects, available operating system and then easily at the end. I'll tell you a few off my favorite projects to imitate. After completing the course. You have learned so much about rest berry pie that you can set up a raspberry independently and become creative with your own projects. With a little courage and talent, you can teach other rest, very beginners after the course. This causes aimed at fresh raspberry beginners who want to build or expend the knowledge, the courses designed for beginners who are just starting out with the rest bury and beginners who want to learn more. If your goal is to use the rest berry pie to implement future projects for your every day or professional life, then the court is course is perfect for you. Thank you very much for your interested in this rest Berry pie calls. I hope I have made you curious. If you'd like to learn more about the rest, bury Pinal. Check out another free video. See you soon 2. What is a Raspberry PI?: come and thank you for choosing rest. Berry pie for beginners. In this first video, I will introduce you to the rest berry pie and the idea behind it for our upcoming work with the rest berry pie. This will be essential. The rest berry pie was developed by the Rest Berry Pie Foundation in Great Britain and the first device, WAAS, available in 2012 until today. The rest berry pie has been developed in different versions. Meanwhile, industrial versions are available and there are also very small versions. But I will tell you more on this in a later video. By the end of 2 17 there are 17 million swords devices off the rest berry pie. The aim off the rest Berry Pie Foundation is to motivate young people for hard in software development and also to make the start as easy as possible as the rest. Very pies. Quite sheep. The barriers to starting to develop with the rest berry pie alot For most people, the rest very pious, so special because it is a whole computer, a small s a credit card and there are so many astonishing projects with the rest bury pipe here. The foundation also has an important role because on their website there are a lot of examples and tutorials for ideas to do with the rest. Berry pie. The foundation is also doing a lot of schoolwork to introduce students into the fields. Meanwhile, there are so many projects what I will show you in the next video and there are also whole business is based on the technology off the rest berry pie, where rest berry pies even built in. This also shows the importance off the rest berry pie. 3. Which Raspberry Pi projects exist?: thin this video, I will show you various projects that can be realized with the rest berry pie all off them , a software based. So they are easy to reproduce with your own rest berry pie. Later, in the course, we will go through some off them more detailed. The first project is liberal relic. It is a multimedia center, and I have already installed that year. The quality of this screen cast is a bit lower because on device green casts are not possible with liberal Alec. Anyway, you can turn any TV into a smart device you condone load EPS, excess hard drives to play movie files. You can stream Internet radio stations. There's a Spotify AB, and you can access libraries from different broadcasters, so your S berry pie can get useful in your daily life. An interesting project in the field of Smart Home is Home Bridge. It is very easy to install. You can use it to connect the various march home with apple. It's honk it even if they don't support home kit so you can control them on your device against Dollard on your raspberry pi Very easy, and then you control control it over the surface, toe edge and control devices. To add it to home kit, you easy scan this coat and you're set up to control it over IOS devices and your Mech, another project in the category of smart homes. Magic mirror. With this, you are able to set up a display that can be placed anywhere in your home to display different information. This is another project we will take a look on in this course. It is called Pie Hole. As you can see here on the official website is in network wide ed and trekking blocking service that can be installed on the rest berry pie to root your Internet traffic through it, and the Pie Hole server makes sure that at an tracking services are blocked. In addition, you haven't at mean surface to monitor what the pie hole socks. The last project I will show you is retro pie. After the installation, you're able to play a card games on your raspberry pi, and there are all license free, so it is neat way to play with your rest very 4. Which models are available?: In this video, I will show you which models off the rest Berry pie exist and which could be the best model for you to work with. This one is the respirator pie three B plus. This is like the standard model off the rest very pie, which is available at the moment. It has four USB ports Ethernet port to interfaces for display in the camera. In HTM, I poured to connect a larger display and also a micro USB connection for the policy supply . So you have everything you need on this board. Beside the cables you connect, everything else is already on board. The small device also already has a remarkable speed. One gigabyte ram, 1.4 gigahertz, four core processor. This three B plus also has a built in WiFi macho. The second model available is the Rest Very Pie three a plus, which you can see here on the screen shot off the official Respirator pie website. The three, a plus, was released in December +20 18 and is the follow up model off the three A and has similar numbers like the three B plus, also 1.4 gigahertz on four course off the processor. There's only one years be port HTM I ultra put the micro USB port. Also, the interfaces for Cameron Display and GP I opens to connect sensors and modules. These two are like the standard models off the rest very pie, which both are in the same price category since a few years. There are the zero models where you can see the zero W the respirator pi zero is so special because of its unbelievable small size and because off that doesn't needs that much space. If you want to hide it in small device bodies, actually it is slimmed in different areas. It only has one bigger heads on one core. There are less connection points. There is a mini HTM I connector for what you need an adapter. There are two micro USB connections. There are no interfaces and you also need an adapter to MGP. I opens, so this is a very simple variation off the rest, very at the beginning. The rest berry pie was created to teach younger people in the field off software development. Now the Raspberry Pi Foundation released an industrial device, the compute model. Those models are industrial devices to build them into a device body. They only have 1.2 Giger heads so less compared to the three A plus and the three b plus. It still has a four core but has its memory not on an SD card because it has built in memory to get an overview. We have the three A plus and the three b plus that are different in their connection points . We have zero w. And I forgot to mention that it is also available with a WiFi and Bluetooth connection. This is what the W means last. We have the computer model. So these are the different versions and which is the one that is good to use within the course. The three B pluses, like the standard model that offers all opportunities, the missing ports on the 38 plus can cause problems when you want to connect a keyboard or a mouse and eso, possibly the three B plus is good to use in the course, which I recommend you to use 5. Where to buy a Raspberry Pi and accessories?: after we went through the different rest very pie models, I will now show you where to buy the rest berry pie and some off its accessories. We now have the Amazon website here with a three B plus model, which is also available on other platforms. In addition, you need a micro SD card. I recommend the 32 gigabyte is D Card, which is here at Amazon. Available with nukes Preinstalled. When you buy an SD card, make sure that you buy the right classifications. This one is Class 10. This class is necessary to have an accurate read and write speech, so this is very important for the use with the rest berry pie. Another accessory is the rest very pie camera module, As you can see here on the official Rest Very Pie website on the Web site, you find different modules and using the buy now button, you can see where it is available for buying. There are two different versions off this camera module. One has an infrared sensor that it can be used at night, for example, is a civilians comer camera. This one is the standard camera without in for it one useful package with sensors is this one from Sun Founder. It contains 32 sensors and modules for different use cases and, in addition to the rest, bury with a remote, for example, or an LCD display and sensors, cables etcetera on must. With all of this equipment, you can already do a lot of projects and experiments. Here we have a second package with 39 sensors, again with very different sensors and modules like temperature sensor, all lie detection sensors. One important aspect that should not be underrated is the power supply. In theory, you can use any mobile phone connector because off the micro USB connector, but the rest berry pie needs a special power age to let the device work. If not, you get an under voltage aero notice, which means the power supplies to Lou, so the rest berry pie cannot work properly. I use an iPad power adapter, for example, which has enough Walt Egx. As you can see, there are, As you can see, there's an official respirator pie power supply. There are also other manufacturers that provide connectors to use with the rest berry pie. So these are the most important accessories in general, you should know that there is a huge amount off matures and sensors off starter sets where most off the needed accessories are already included. You can buy cases for the rest. Berry pie. It's up to your choice. 6. Technical Data and Interfaces: thin this video, I will explain you the technical components on the model three B plus as an example. First of all, we have to serial interfaces. This one is for an SED display and the other one is the official raspberry pi camera. Here we have a chip which is manufactured by Broadcom as so called system on a chip which contains an integrated system which has all components in it. With the random access memories and the graphic memory, the CPU has 64 bitch with four course with one point for Giger heads until 70 degrees says use what is set down at higher temperatures. The Ram has one gigabyte and the GPU unit has 400 mega hats. At this side, there is an HTM I output with an output off 10. 80 p and full HD. Right next to it is the 3.5 millimeter audio output, which is a compass side video adapter at the same time. Right here is the connective for the power supply. With a C and five bolt at the back, we have the standard four deep in G I. You pin, which is necessary to connect sensors and more choose to work with the hardware right at the top. We have this chip with the strawberry, which is the WiFi chip with the 802.11 c standard and at the same time it supports Bluetooth Worthen version 4.2. On this side, we have four U. S. B 2.0 ports and the Gigabit Ethernet connector, which is connected on the inside through USB, which reduces the speed to 300 megabits per second. It is also important to mention that this is a power over Ethernet connector, which means it can also support the power supply and can't be waked and rebooted to remotely. On the downside, there is the micro SD card slot, which is also the memory adapter and provides the hard drive for all rest. Very the rest. Berry pie has a power usage off. Three. What that are about $8.32 per year. You see the raspberry pi squad economic and efficient. These are the technical details off the rest berry pie 7. What can i do after the first start?: in this video, I will show you what you can do with the rest Berry pie After the first start, what you see is the interface off the rest berry pie. As you can see, it looks like any other operating system. The rest berry pie, has its own operating system, which is based on Lennox. This is the reason why you can do so much with your S berry pie there, sir. Pre instead, Web browser, which can access the Web like any other browser. It looks a bit like Google chrome because it uses the core version off it. You have a normal fire browser that can access all files that are stored on your SD Kat. In addition, you have a lot of different tools, like Calculator the Terminal. A text editor. You have a pre and start free liberal office bundle that can open and edit any kind of files like Word or Excel files. We also have normal software like the V L C media player and also different software to start to develop on your S berry pie, one off them a scratch. As you can see on this example, the software enables nearly everyone to developed with easy to use word blocks. Another tool is Python, which is a text based editor. It enables to develop using python integrated on your rest berry pie. So this is the preinstalled software on your rest. Very pious. You can see it. It's like a normal operating system, and you can run normal software that was developed for Lennox. 8. Download the Operating System: Let's get started in this video. We go begin with the installation and set up off our rest berry pie. To get started, we need to download an image fire with the operating system for our rest, bury. For this, you find on the official raspberry Pi website raspberry pi dot orc a download page with different versions off operating systems for the rest berry pie. I will explain these versions to you in a second, and I will also explain you what is the best version toe work with in this course? One way to set up the rest. Berry pie is Thean installation software, Nub's, which is not an operating system, but it provides a graphical interface to set up and boot. The rest bury. You can use snoops to install the different versions off recipe in which is the OS for the rest berry pie and other image files that can be downloaded in Nub's. Another image is recipe in stretch with desktop and recommended software that you find on the official Raspberry Pi website. Recipe in stretch is just the actual version off recipe um, with desktop means that the OS boots with a graphical interface and in addition, recommended software will be preinstalled then. There is also recipe in stretch with desktop that is the same like before, but without the preinstalled software recipe in Stretch Light is a slimmed version off recipe in which is good to use with not that powerful devices. It has no activated graphical interface, so it has to be controlled with command lines. And also the preinstalled software is not included on the respirator website. You find the image Day Beyonce stretch with rest berry pie desktop. That is an image that is configured forward. Your machines that can be installed on windows or make you also find some more images on the official raspberry Pi website that are special versions like an Internet of things version off Windows 10 or in Ubu Variation Hero all versions in an overview. In the following videos, we will work with Nubes and I will show you how to set up the rest berry pie with it, but I will also show you how to manually installed the different recipe inversions 9. Installation with Etcher: this video will be the next step in the set up process, I will show you how to install an image file onto your raspberry pi with the free software . Thatcher. Important to know Edger only works with the recipe inversions, not with Nub's. Nubes has to be preinstalled in a different way, but I will show you how to do that later. To start with extra, you need the image file from the official Raspberry Pi website. As an example, I will now don't load recipe in stretch with desktop and recommended software. The interface off extra is very easy to use because it only has this view. As a first step, we select the image file. Then we choose the place where it should be written to what should be yours. D card, of course, and last we click on flesh and it will be written to the SD cut. After selecting the file, the flesh button will be enabled and after clicking on it, the writing process will be started. As soon as the writing process is completed, it will take a moment to validate the installation, and after that, the SD card can be inserted and you can boot your rest. Bury 10. Installation with NOOBS: Theo. In the last video, I explained to you how to install an image file onto U S. D card. So in this video, I will show you to write Nubes on your SD card. As I've already mentioned, Nubes is an installation program with the graphic interface that can be used to install different operating system to arrest berry pie to bring Nubes to U. S. D card. You don't have to do that much. We have a zip fire here that was downloaded from the official raspberry pi website. So first we need to extract the files from it. And after that we got this directory with all the files and these files have to be moved to the SD card which will take a moment because all fires together have about one gigabyte. But when this is done, you can insert the SD card into your rest. Very. I have now prepared everything I have inserted the card. I have connected a mouse and a keyboard and I have also connected a monitor. But first I will attach the rest bury to the power supply and this is the initial screen. So the boot process has been started and we can already see the graphical interface. We now see that the rest Berry is doing some preparations and now we can select between two operating systems and we will install recipe in in this case and after that I will click on Install. But before I will do that here the notice that there is the possibility to enable WiFi so that we could don't know some more images besides Thies too. But for this example, we wouldn't start recipe in. So let's start the installation and we get an alert that everything on the SD card will be overridden and this alert can be accepted as we only have nubes on the SD card. This is not interesting for us now. The installation installation process has started and this were really take some time. As soon as it is completed, the rest berry pie restarts and we can use it 11. Setup with a monitor: thin this video, I will show you how to set up the rest. Bury with a monitor end. In the next video, I will show you how to set up without a monitor. I have connected a monitor, and I also received an alert that the installation is completed. And after that the rest berry pie reboots. You can now see the pibe routing, and now we can see the launch screen, and we receive the notice that the rest berry pie has been set up. But we still have to go through some steps. First, we have to select where the rest berry pie is standing in which language you want and what your time zone is. The initial user is named pie, and the password it's rest. Bury. You can change. That's here if you want, but I will type in the same again. Now we can set up the wife, hire you, select the next network and type in your password. After the rest berry pies connected to the network. We are asked to do a software update, and with this, this head up off the rest, very pious, completed 12. Setup without a monitor: in this video, we will set up the rest berry pie without a display. Sometimes you don't have a keyboard or mouse somewhere near or you don't have display somewhere. But there is still a way to set up the pie remotely. The advantage off this way is that you learn how to control the pie with commands. But this way only works if you don't want to use snoops for the set up. So you need to download an image from the rest Berry Pie website and you should use nature to write the image on the SD card, which I have already done here. And then you should find all of the's files on Uresti cart again. The notice. I will do this on a Mac, but it is the same way on Windows computers. So you have all the fires on your SD card and now we have to enable the S H connection to set up the rest. Berry pie remotely as his age is a way to excess devices by commands remotely and then execute commands on the devices to enable the SS H connection. Now we just have to create an empty file which has the file. Name s H. This works best if you use terminal on the Mac or Pootie on Windows. PEUT is a free software that you will also need for the set up and has the same function like terminal. So first of all, I never gate to my SD card and you now see the way with C D for change directory. You navigate between directories with a double point, you navigate to a higher level here on the Mac and navigate from the home directory to the users folder. And then I go one level higher to the root directory. And from there you move to the Volumes folder where you should find your SD card, what is named boot in my case, nor would create the file with the command touch S S H. And it has been executed. If we now look on this d card, we find the empty file named s message. If you use the Windows computer, you also used the common touch as this age. If you should have a problem with this way, you can also use a normal text editor. It's important that the file has no extension like txt year. It only has to be named S S H. So this activates the ssh connection when we start the rest berry pie. The only thing this that we need to connect the rest Very pie for the first set up wire Ethernet. So if you did this, we can continue If you have connected the rest Berry pie over Ethernet. We now need to find the i p address off your rest. Bury as most off the Internet rouge ALS haven't easy to use Web interface where you can find the i p off all connected devices you can use that way if you don't know where to find the address. Yes, another way. This is land skin, which you can find in the make up store. And if you have Windows computer, you can use the free AB advanced I p scanner I showed to you with the example off land skin . The Windows software works in the same way. You just click on start skin and all devices are listed that are connected to the router and you find the rest berry pie here with its I p address this I p address, we need to connect to the rest bury in the terminal or Pootie and to access the ssh connection off. All rest bury. For this, we use the command s s age with I p address and minus l attached and the user name we want to use for lock in, which is, by default pie on the rest berry pie. Now we have to enter the pest water, which is rest bury by default and then we are locked into the rest Berry pie. Now we have to go through some settings with the command rest pi minus conflict off course . Pseudo rest pie conflict as we have to run it with the Super User with all privileges. Now we can go through there through year. We don't have to change the passwords. The first thing we have to change our localization settings. These settings are important as we find the WiFi country setting here and there. We have to change the country to enable the WiFi connection. Now we go through the other settings we have here the boot options where we can select whether we want to booed with a graphical interface or with a command line. What we should set up are the interfacing options where we find the option v NC we and see is a server connection what we can use to excess the graphic interface remotely this we should enable here. And then here are some more options which I will not show you in detail. And then we made the final set up settings to excess. Now the graphical interface you condone. Look, the free software Riel vi nce that looks the same on Windows computers. So you enter the i P. Address off the rest berry pie up here. Then this lock in window comes up where you have to accept this security setting. Now we can use the same credentials for the log in, and then we add can control the graphical interface like normal on the rest berry pie and you can set it up the same way. So this is just an alert that it is a safety risk that we have not changed the user name and password, but this is okay. And now you go through these steps to make updates and so on. 13. Backup and Restore the SD Card: in this video, we will go through the steps to back up and to restore the content off your SD cards. If you have a PC running Windows, I recommend the EP Win 32 disc immature. And if you have a Mac, you should use apple pie. Baker Apple Pie Baker is free to download. The interface is very easy to use. You just select there's D Card and start the backup process in the same ways you select honesty Card. The Image Backup file, which is then Britain to the SD card Win 32 disk imager, works nearly the same way. You select an image file or create an image file, select the SD card and select whether you want to write or to reach from or true the SD card, which starts the selective process. 14. Format the SD Card: in this video, I will show you how to format the SD card in the right way. For this, I recommend the SD card memory for motor from the SD Card Association that developed this. Do you cut standard? You can find the free download by clicking the link below the video and it is available for Windows and Mac. After the installation. You see this view, which is the only view off the up. I will do this on a Mac as it looks the same on windows. This doesn't matter at the top. You have the possibility to select this D cards below off that are some information about the card and below off that it gets interesting for the formatting process. We can choose between possibilities. One is the quick form, it's and the other one is the override form it the override form. It also includes some perimeters that will clean up during the process. But for all purposes, the quick form it is sufficient below off that you give a name to yours D card and then you start the formatting process. But you will be asked if you really want to do this as all off your data gets lost. You in the process after accepting at the process starts and it's finished quite fast As you see off this success alert. The process gets necessary if you take out your SD card from a camera, for example, that you want to use for your raspberry pi or in this case, you should run the process to clean up the cards. But I will also recommend this if you bought in USD cart. 15. Software based Projects: Theo in the third part. Off the course, we will realize some projects and all off them our software based. So you will only need your rest berry pie and normal sensors. What we will do in this part are a necked word network white at blocking service where we will send our Internet traffic through so all trekking and at services will be removed. The second project will be home bridge, where we will at different devices to apple some kids. So you'll be able to use smart home devices with home kit even if they aren't connected. Ble to home kit directly. And the third project will be weapon where we will install a graphical interface to control our whole system, which will be very useful s It is not necessary to use commands all the time. As I already mentioned, you won't need any special modules of sensors. You only need your rest. Berry pie 16. Project: Pi Hole: So let's get started with our first project. In this video, I will show you how to install and set up the pie hole in network white ETS and tricking blocking service. I will do this directly here. Why are the terminal off the rest? Berry pie. But it will also work if you connect to the rest. Very pi over S S H. The steps will be the same. First we need to update our rest Berry and the needed dependencies and packages in Lenox. For this, I type in the command pseudo a p t minus. Get update through this. The lists off packages are don't loaded, which will take a moment. And after that is done, we run the command pseudo a p T minus sketch upgrades. What will install the new versions now? We will. Don't load pie hole from the pie hole server with the command curl minus s s l. And then the address where it should be. Don't loaded from and attached to that a vertical line and bash so it will don't know. The files and bash runs the script that was Don't noted. Now the packages will be installed as you can see on this graphical interface, and now we go through the steps off the instead ation, which I will confirm by pressing Enter. And now we get the hint that it is free and open source, but it can be supported by some donations. Now the important notice that the rest berry pie should get. Aesthetic AP address. Normally routing devices, gift devices, new I P addresses from time to time, but you should be able to fix this in your router settings. And if you don't know how to do it, just look up your router combined with the key but aesthetic i p on Google. No, I should should select whether I want to run the pie hole Network server wire, WiFi or Ethernet. I will select WiFi asthma, raspberry PiS connected over WiFi, and now we are able to select a DNS provider, which will be used with every DNS request. You should look through all off them and should select the one that you trust most because all off your Internet traffic will go through the pie hole and some off the data could be visible for the DNS provider. This is something you should keep in mind so you can select one off the default providers. I will now try Been accustomed, DNS Server and I will type in the I P address and I will submit it Now. I have to confirm that the addresses are correct. After that, we can don't load the so called black lists that are able to recognize some off the ETS as they contain servers that play out its I will now don't know all off them. The next question Which protocols should be considered by pie hole Whether you want it's blocked in i p v four i p v six connections, I will now de select I p v six as I don't have any devices that communicate over I p p six . Now you have to confirm whether the displayed network information is correct. And now another information comes up that I will just confirm. After that it is asked whether we want to install the weapon up mean interface. I will do. It s this is the easy way to set up your pie hole. For this, we have to install a Web server on our rest berry pie and the curious should also be locked as they will be displayed in nice charge in nice charts. Sorry from which you get a good overview about waters blocked. Now we can select the most for the privacy settings. I will now select that everything should be visible because I want to get an overview about what? The pie, What does especially for me. So that waas the set up and now the installation is going on and it is already completed. And on the bottom, you see the password that we need to look into the web out mean interface. You should write this down as we will only be able to edit it when we are locked in. After you confirmed that we are done Now, you can use any device, any brawls or in your network to access the Web interface by navigating to the I P. Address off the rest berry pie and attached to that at mean. Now we start a session by clicking on lock in and now we need the password which Waas displayed before and now we have access to all settings like white listing, which means that we can at domains that should not be blocked in the same way we can blacklist addresses. We can go through all the settings, but now we need to bring the rest berry pie between the networking device, your router and the other devices Only when this is given, every requests get filtered and the ETS are blocked. And you do do this by adding the I P address to your DNS settings in your computer. So now we want to see our pie. Who working for this? I opened a news home page because they have quite a lot off. EDS. We have ads at the top, the side and between the content, and now I will refresh the page. And, as you can see the rest berry pie, Let's the ads disappear. 17. Project: Homebridge: In this video, we will go through the steps off. Another project called Home Bridge Home Bridge is a kind of smart home dash ball that makes it possible to connect various devices with Apple's Home Kit Service. You will find a tutorial below the video, which will bring you through the installation process. I will now show you how to set up Home Bridge completely after the installation. You should be able to open this lock in window by navigating to the I P address off your rest berry pie, followed by Colon 80 80 in your browser. The credentials to lock in our the U than user name Atzmon End the password at mean, and then you are already in the Web interface where you can set up home bridge. You can use this Q R code to at the rest berry pie Toothy home EP on your IOS device. So just scan the code in Europe, and you should see the edit devices in the APP. I will now add to devise a fake bulb, which will only be a virtual bulb and so you can just search for it, and I will now use the fake RGB and by clicking the NPM link, you will get to the NPM page, which is a platform fully nooks packages. And here I will find the snip it off coats that I need to configure the bulb correctly. Begin home Bridge. I will install this now and you see the script running. And if it was successful, you will now go to the conflict page where you see the conflict file with the point accessories where I will now at the snippet from the NPM page, we now have the item fake RGB, which is the name off the accessory and now we will give it a name and then I will let a comma and it is now possible to copy and pasted so that we have to fake bobs. And when you saved the conflict file and rebooted, it were able to control our to fake bumps with all off their settings training on and off. The Advantage Off Home bridge is that you can use the plaque in two at various devices like Phillips you devices or in Amazon echo. So there are some examples on how to extend home bridge if you know, at home bridge or our arrest berry pie to our iris device. We can now control these fake bulbs directly in the home EP, which is not very useful with virtual devices. 18. Project: Webmin: theme In this video, I will introduce you to a weapon and how you can start weapon as explained in a territorial which you find below the video wept. Mean is an interface which makes it possible to manage the rest berry pie system. They're easy. This also replaces a lot off steps that normally need to be done using the command line. I have now installed its year, and I will now lock into the system using my credentials. And now we are right on the interface off weapon with a lot off data off more raspberry pi about its workload and its memory load. And I can also do a lot of settings and I can also install packages right here from weapon . So a lot of tasks that we normally do using the command line. So this is the software package page and up at the top, I can look up which packages I have installed. Do I have a party installed? No, I don't. So let's install it. I will search for it here in the field package from a P T or in this window. And I select Apache two to install it. If you want to access this interface. We can do so by navigating to the I P address off your rest berry pie with the colon and the number 10,000 attached. Now we see that everything is installed, but I can also access the system locks, for example, to look for errors, for example, or I can do some settings at users. Off view the active users here. To sum it up. Weapon is a great interface to manage your rest. Berry pies, settings. 19. Project RetroPi Kodi: in the last video off this chapter, I will show you how to install a ritual pie on your raspberry pi. I have already introduced you to retro pie with retro pie. You can turn your device into an A cart gaming console. You can get retro pie, which is a modification off recipe in on the rest on the retro pie website Red Strip I dot co dot UK and there you find the get retro pie button. And on the download page you find two versions off it. One is for the rest berry pie models zero and one, and the other one is for the models to end three. I will. Now don't load this version. What will take a moment and some when you don't loaded the image file, you can easily bring it on your SD card with Esha. After the installation, we now need to begin with the configuration already a tip for the set up. It could be useful to have such a game pet because then the configuration will be much easier and you will see the reason for that in a second. The set up process is not made to be done with the keyboard, but with a game pet eso I have no game pet. Why I will do it with my keyboard first after press any key to begin and as the first step we have to set the bottoms. Ah, which we normally would have on a game pets. After finishing those steps, we already we are already in the main menu off retro pie, where we can now do the first steps off configuration so we can access the menu to set up the system. And here you find all necessary settings besides the point rest pie conflict, um, where you can find the normal known rest berry pie settings. But first of all, we need to set up our WiFi connection because we want to. Don't note Cody, which is the smart TV edition off retro pie eso. Now we need to set up the WiFi country. So in which country we will use a WiFi connection. For that we go into the normal rest berry pie settings where we can access the localization settings, and there we can set the WiFi country and now we can already leave this menu to connect to our WiFi network. So when you are connected, we go back to the retro pie settings, and now we want to set up Cody. And for that we go to the retro pie set up where we need to update the retro pies set up script, and now we can install Cody. Therefore, you select manage packages and manage optional packages where you find a long, long list off packages. But number 312 is Cody, so we can start the installation from binary. After finishing the installation, you will close this window, which is not that important, so we can easily leave from here. And now the packages finally installed, and so we have to reboot the rest. Bury before we can use Cody now retro pies, the booting first. But in the second, we want to make sure that Cody boots first, and now we can see that we can select between retro pie and it's configuration and ports, and behind ports we find Cody, which will start right and after a second we have excess to Cody as a smart TV function. Begin the retro pie interface. We can go back to the configuration where we find the retro pies set up, and there is the possibility to change the ultra start option where we can select whether to boot with retro pie or Cody. So this worked and I go back in here and choose exit. And then we are back in the retro pie interface. So what? We now need our games and you have no games preinstalled, Um, but you can install them and on the website name, Death Dot or so it's m a m e d e v dot orc. You find free games to download and play, and otherwise you need the official game license to play a game on retro pie. So for that, the game pet would be useful. But we still have to keep in mind that did that. This is not a whole some game console, so you can now mainly play a card games like the one that have been played on the Atari, for example. So this is a nice way to use your rest berry pie as an entertaining device 20. Hardware based Projects: So let's dive into the next chapter where we will talk about sensors and modules that can be use with the rest. Berry pie. I have already told you about the san for under SEC sensor package in the first part with Sergi. Seven items included where you have nearly everything included, like buttons, sensors, lights and Ceron. So in the next videos, I will tell you more about the sensor, which is a humidity sensor that measures humidity. I will show you a light sensitivities ends er that recognizes brightness, and I will show you how to connect An led with the example off this laser when you use it together with the light sensitivities ends, er you have a photo will sell and I will tell you more about the official rest berry pie camera that you can use, for example, as the civilians camera. For this, I will show you how to connect them to the rest berry pie and how you can access and control them. Fundamental for the use off sensors and modules Are these pins up here? Every single off every single one off them has a special function. For example, these two up here are therefore the power supply. There are some so called ground pins that ground the energy that is returned. We have some prints that work as data points there pins with different levels off power supply that are also connected very different. But you have to be careful as some off them are connected directly to the process. Er and if you connect them wrong, you can damage your rest berry pie. So we need those pins to attach this cable these cables to them by simply putting them on. And then we can use the functional plan to know which pins unnecessary for our special use case. So this is mandatory to go through hardware based projects. And in the next videos, I will explain you how to connect those Matutes how to use and control them. And so when you understood the foundation, you're able to do your own projects with the modules and sensors 21. Project: Camera Modul: I think this video I will explain you how to use the official raspberry pi camera. The camera macho is officially distributed by the Rest Berry Pie Foundation and is very easy to connect in use with the rest berry pie. But first, some technical details about this camera, which has eight megapixel, which is quite quite a lot for such a simple camera. And it has video resolution off 10. 80 p, which is full HD standard. And besides, the simple Ma chul, there's another world. Another word in that has an infrared cell included, which makes it to use the module at night or lower brightness, which already brings us to possible use cases off the camera macho one would be to use. It s a civilians camera, as there are already a lot off projects online that make it easy to set up civilians camera with the motion sensor and to be notified when somebody moves in front off the camera. But that is only one example on how to use this camera, but it is also the most popular use, So we do have a right at the rest buried two interfaces that are quite similar and we have . And we do have this adapter in the end off the camera which we simply slide into this interface. Actually, you have to know that the left interface is the connection Foreign ace sed display and thats has the exact same adapter. On the right side, we have the interface for the camera and so you can make sure to find the right one by looking on the board where both interfaces are marked and then you just take the adapter and slide it into the interface. You will need some pressure but still have to be careful. And now you and how you use the camera, Ma Chu, that I will show you now to use the camera was with the rest berry pie. We need to enable the interface in the system settings for what we use the command pseudo rest pi minus conflict. And there we find the interfacing options and the possibility at the top to enable the camera. This is all we have to do beside a quick reboot. And now we want to take a picture. And for that we use a very easy command, which is rest pie still minus Oh, and the file name image Dodge, Apec. And now the image was taken. And we should find the file in our home directory where we can open the image where you can see my wonderful power supply. So as you can see, it is not a high end camera, even though, even though the resolution is okay with 2500 by 1900 pixels. But the camera sensor is very small, so you shouldn't expect high quality images. So we can also shoot video and therefore used the command rest pie which miners t plus the duration in mili seconds. So I will type in 10,000 and then I will add to the video Codec that should be used with miners all video dot h 264 which will generate a MP fee for MP four file. Actually, look, you can do a lot more settings, but this should be a very simple video. And after 10 seconds, we find this file also in the home directory and we can open it with VSC and again we see that the camera is not that good. But for civilians camera, it is sufficient. And this was justice Short introduction with the rest berry pie camera 22. Project Humidity Sensor: in this video, we get started with the soy humidities ends. Er and I will show you how to connect it and how to use it to connect the sensor we need in total five cables because we need a special translation ship that translate the electronic impulses into a data form It first off all I will connect to cable to the sensor so they will just be put on. And the other end is the test to the translation ship. Now we need the other three cables because at the back we find some marks that will help us to connect V c, c g N d d o and a Oh, VCC is the power supply. G nd is the ground connection and Theo is the digital output and a O is the analog output. We will need the digital output. This is why I connect them like this. Now we take the ends off thes cables and put them on the pins on the rest berry pie and some with the USB ports. At the bottom, I connect the VCC cable to the pin in the upper left hand corner. From there we count 12345 pins down. And there we connect the ground and the right below that we will connect the digital output because this is the pin we used to get the data. From. With this, we have now connected the sensor to the translation ship and the chip to the rest berry pie . The only thing we now still need is a python script to get the data from the sensor. Just as in addition, you find this plan on the Web where you can see which pin has which function. And there you see that we have connected the power supply here. Down here we put the grounds and below off that we connected the data to get its running. I have already prepared a script that is quite simple. Just as an explanation at the top library is important is imported that enables to excess the pins. Then there is a time library that enables to set a timer. And then there is this Corbett back function that is called every time when a new value is measured at the sensor and for what we have a text output. Then the modus set on how toe interpret the data, and then the channel is defined where the data should come from. After that, some functions are following, and then we have the timer to up the observe the well use at the channel that was set before, and now we want to see the script in action. To test the script we have. I have now this cup with water right year where I will bring the sins or in and in the upper part off the screen. You already see the output from this gripped that already observes the sensors where you I will bring it in and out and in and out. Actually, there was a mistake in the measurement. What can happen when there are still some water drops on the sensor? That was an example to see how the sense of works. So what could be an example off use? One possibility would be to use it with an email output to observe. Observe the soil humidity off your favorite flower. But you could also observe the humidity off the grass in your garden, for example. So this was just an example on house to house to use a sensor for humidity 23. Project Light Sensor: thing in this video, I will show you the light sensitivity. Ma chul and I will show you how to use it At the top. There is the sensor that is built on a chip which we will connect to the rest berry pie. And for this we only need three connection cables that will be put on Svz Si g n d and d o The yellow one is my digital output and I use the pin at the bottom on the right sites pin 21 and then the 2nd 1 up here for the power supply. And the 3rd 1 is for the ground. So let's connect the rest berry pie to see the Ma Chul in action for the light sensitivities ends. Er I have written another pie since script that gets the data from the center to find out whether the lights is on or off. This script observes the value the whole time, so let's see a dry. We now have the turned on raspberry in front of us and already see the Control LTD's One is the power led, and the second shows the value that is transferred in the upper part off the screen you see again the output and I will turn the light on and off, and you will see how the script is observing this change off the value. So this sensor now only measures weather Elijah's on or off, and you've just learned how to use it. 24. Project Laser Modul: thin this video. I want to show you another way to use the light sensitivities ends or infect with the late laser module. I have built this strange, strange construction which should be a kind of forceful cell. So over here we have the laser dialled which points in onto the sensor. And the idea is that that the center recognizes when the laser beam is broken and difference and brightness is noticed by the by the sensor. So this example could also be interesting if you want to use the light diodes with the rest berry pie. What is quite common to display where use or to have a control light? What I will show you with this Lay that Ayotte and to show you how to connect this to the rest berry pie. So first we have the light sensor that you should should be familiar with. And we were connected like before to the rest bury. And now we have to connect the lay that Ayotte that only has two cables and one for the power supply and one for the ground. And to the power supply. I will attach to 3.3 volts and not true. 5.5 volts. I have now connected the lasered Ayotte right on the left hand side. If you have the pie like this, right at the top and the ground is attached on the left at the fifth pin from the top, Um and if I would now pluck in the rest berry pies power supply that I owed would already be turned on because the power pins have continuous supply. And now we want to see the foretell cell in action. And I will use the same Pythons script s for the light sensor because it is the same off measuring the data. So this is why I will jump to photo cell in action. So as you can see, the rest very pious turned on and the diode has already turned on and points directly on the sensor. So in this case, on a very short distance. But in theory, this should work over a long, longer distance. But the more far you move away, it is harder to hit the sensor with the laser beam. So again you see the country to control LTD's and we see that sensor received slight and an important thing do not look right into the laser beam. Never, ever s. This is very damaging for your eyes. I will now take this piece of wood which I will bring right on into our photo cell. And again, you see the output off the python's as clipped at the upper part of the screen. And in the best case, the difference should be measured by the script. So this is a way on how to build a photo cell with the lights. Sensitivities ends, er, and this is another. Another example on how to use the sensors and modules with your rest berry pie. 25. Programming with Scratch: Theo in the last part off all course, I will introduce you to developing on your rest berry pie. I will show you two different ways to start software development on your rest berry pie. One way to develop on the rest. Very pious scratch, which is an app that should be preinstalled, and you find it in the development folder. You can develop smallest grips or games with scratch, and this very easy with a modular principle, because scratch was made for younger users, so it is very easy to use on the right. We have a kind of script that you have to build with different elements from the area in the middle. For example, we have motion elements that controls the position off elements on the stage. On the left, we have events that can be triggered like button that is pressed. We can also create looks like speech or thought bubble. We can also play sounds we can draw. We can use data so it is already quite powerful, even though it was developed for younger do. This scratch has a lot of included imagery for the so called backdrops, which is a kind of wallpaper for the stage. There are sprites that are elements or figures on the stage where you also have a large number off them included, like airplanes off figures that can be placed on the stage. As I already mentioned you build your script together. You have an editor for the spry. It's and sounds. So this is the way you build up your small script here in scratch. Now we want toe develop a small example and I will show you first how it should look like at the end and how you develop this. I will show you. Now, after you start a project, you will see a white background with this Ket, we now want to add a more exciting backdrop for this You click on the library down here and I will now select this so called boardwalk which is like a promenade at the sea. And now we see this window where we can switch between the different backdrops where I will now remove the plain white background. Now the text steps need to be done in the script area. For this, we select the sprite with the cat and at the beginning we need to select an event which we use as a starting point. That will be trigger our That will trigger our actions. Are we now select when this sprite clicked which is triggered when someone clicks on the cat And now we have to set some perimeters. What kind? What kind of reset? Some well used at the beginning. And for this I will select switch backdrop toe What walk? Because the catch moves to the right. I wanted to be placed at the initial position. For this I will choose Go to x y from the motion area. It already has the actual position off the cat so I can easily attach it as the catch should say something. At the beginning, you goto the looks tap and you will find the element Say hello for two seconds. And after that the catch should ask What is your name for this? We have the tip sends ing and here you find everything that is interactive with the you the user or where a user reaction is mandatory. And here you find the item asked what's your name and wait. I will also attach this Now we place the catch right We set the background and the kid says hello and asks for the user's name to look how it it's working. I will just click on the cat and now we want the you this answer to combine with another text and to show you how to use very adults. For this you find the variable button in the data tap and I will now type in the name and click OK, and then you need to remove this tick to hide the value in the stage. And now it says set name too. And we go back to the to the sensing area where we have the answer element where the answer gets the value off the name at the end. We want to make the cat answer and for this we go back to the looks tap where we say where the say hello for two seconds Item waas end To use the name, we have to combine the variable with a text and for this we find in the operators tap the element join hello world which can be used to combine to text strings At this 0.1 word about the script editor We have this block that is already built because it is attached to an event. But I can also move the elements around here as it is not attached to any block. What it's useful to prepare it before you will attach it. We wanted to add the variable here, which we find in the data tap and move it into the elements. And then you should make sure that the left top corner is above the field. What makes the field wide, shining end when I drop it is that it is inserted, and in the second field I will now write the text that should be attached to the value off our variable. And now the element is ready to be moved and I will move it where at the moment the field says hello and now the box is an enlarged. So at the very end, the idea waas that the cat walks a bit forward. To achieve this, we need to execute in action, which we will find in the motion tap that says move 10 steps, but that are only 10 pixels, and she should do that somewhere often. So in the control tap, we have elements like if then or if then else or other loops. But in our case, we need the repeat element and I will change the number to 25 which means which means that it that it is executed 25 times. And then I moved this element into the loop. So that is executed 25 times. When I click on the cats, we can change. We can change to the costume tap where we can see that the cat has a kind of walking motion that is possibly not visible because off the rest, Berries, graphical power. But I will show you how to use it. And for this we go to the looks tap where we can find the element switch costume two cats, one b. And so when she made her step, this should be resented to cat one A. And now all the script is already running. So when you take a closer look on all the elements and huge amounts off events that can be triggered, what is very impressive and to this makes it possible to build smaller games. So to sum it up, scratch is a software that makes it possible to build smaller scripts and APS without using any coat. And it is a good way to understand how software development is working. So I'm just to show what is possible with with scratch. We will take a look on the mawr blocks tap where you can add an extension, and that makes it possible to access the hardware off the rest. Berry pie So I can access specific pins, for example, where I can write a read of all you to and so scratches not only small gaming f you can even develop with soft and hardware in it, and it is a good way to start to develop with the rest bury. 26. Programming with Thonny: in the last video. I have already introduced you to scratch, which iss? One example on how to develop with the rest berry pie. And now I will introduce you to Tony, which is kind of a very normal coat editing app. And Tony should already be preinstalled. And you should find it in the programming. Tap off your rest, berry pie. If it is not there, you can install it very easy. Why are the terminal with the command pseudo a PT minus installed pie ison, three miners. Tony, if you did this, you can start Tony like any other software. And it has a very easy to use interface. You have the code editor at the top where you can open will triple files at the same time. And I'm with the bottom buttons at the top, you load and safe files. And more important, you can also run them at the bottom. You have the pies in python shell. So, um, the command lines for your pipes and script. In this command line, you can also execute commands. So am I can write, for example, two plus three and funny answers five. So we can also write Hallow plus world and phony returns. Hello World. So these are just simple return commands, but you can also run the command length to get the length off a string. So if we now right a larger script at the top, the shell is our output from the script. So let's write a small script together up here in the editor. So first I will initiate the variable lottery, and I went some numbers into it, and it is not important which numbers. And after that I want a variable that contains the number off Woonam, the number off numbers in my variable. So what I do with the function length and then I want it to be sorted. So at the end, the numbers should be put out below. We have the sorted numbers, and now we want to at one number to the variable. What we can do down here with the command lottery dot pence and the number 32 should be add it. So when I now write print lottery, we see that the 32 waas added to the to the very able. As you can see, Tony is very easy to use. We have a script editor. At the top and below is the the output or shell where we can run commands. Python is a very important programming language as recipe in basis on line ox away. Our python is a very important language anyway. So so you will always need funny if you want to develop and run scripts or if you want to use and control modules and sensors, so sunny probably is the easiest way to develop with your rest berry pie.