Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following Using This Influencer Content Strategy | Benji Wilson | Skillshare

Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following Using This Influencer Content Strategy

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following Using This Influencer Content Strategy

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Big Mistake

    • 3. Content Matrix

    • 4. First Content Upgrade

    • 5. Second Content Upgrade

    • 6. Third Content Upgrade

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About This Class

Learn how to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following Using This Influencer Content Strategy!

By avoiding the most common Instagram mistake made by 98% of users you can blow your Instagram follower growth through the roof.

Watch this training if you want to save time and learn how to explode your Instagram following today! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: Awesome. So if you wanna grow on Instagram in today's day and age, this cost has the potential to increase your Instagram growth way beyond your expectations if you follow along and do what the people who've done it before you have done to get those results, cause there's no guarantees here. But this is the process that people have done in the past to get those amazing results. Book I can show you is what the best Instagram influences accounts brands are doing right now is working. And 99% of people like you and me have not adopted this strategy yet. They're still sort of in the 2016 style. Instagram use and not up in the 20 twenties and beyond style. So this is an example of what most Instagram accounts look like. Now we don't all look like this, but I'm showing you his name is Ricky Gerard. He is a CrossFit athletes. And I want to show you the type of content he posts because you're about to have a massive breakthrough here when I learned this, it was so big for me and it made so much sentiments. It can work for you as it works for me across all different platforms and not just Instagram. So you can see every single one of his posts is of him, mainly with his shirt off or in the gym working out. Working out is his product. That is, that's what he does. He's a CrossFit athletes. And this is what a lot of people do. It's every time they post a photo, they post a photo of their product or their niche, or themselves, or themselves posing with their product at a dinner, at a lunch at something. And you can see this is all basically that Ricky Gerard is currently posting. And it's a massive mistake. He has 75 thousand follower, which is great. Because a lot of people would love 75 thousand followers, but that really should be 750 thousand followers. And I'm going to show you what he should be doing to get there and how you can use this same thing for you to increase your Instagram growth if you just follow the process that these other people are using to get those results. 2. The Big Mistake: So what is the secret content strategy? Now, I'm gonna come over to Jay Chetty. Now J Chetty, if you don't know, he calls himself I purpose coach. And he has almost 7 million followers, which is a lot more than Ricky drew rod now. And there's a few reasons why, but the main reason is this exacting that I'm about to show you. Now instantly starting to scroll on his feed. You can see the content is very, very different. To record your ads, you can barely even see him. He's around his up here. That's all here is here is here is a few of them down there. But it's much harder to actually find him on his Instagram because he's posting these three Greeley powerful types of post which you are going to stop posting after this because I'm going to show you exactly how to do this, because this is what's gonna take your Instagram to the next level, you have to understand that each piece of content that you put out is like a bread crumb trail back to your profile. The more engagement and the more likes and more viral it goes, the more people follow that breadcrumb back to your Instagram account. So I want to show you what Jay shed is using and you can start to see the patent hand. We're gonna break it down. So it's very clear, fully, Shaquille O'Neal is using Who's got 17 million followers. He's doing the exact same thing as J shady, which we're going to reveal Lewis Howes is doing. And you can see, you can start to see the similarities here. And this is what your Instagram feed needs to start looking like. Tony Robbins is doing slightly to a lesser degree. But when he does do it, he gets so much better results and his 5.4 million followers could be so much more. Russell Brunson is also doing that. If you don't know these people, You can read their bios appear, but they're very successful people in their own fields and they're all using the same exact formula. 3. Content Matrix: Now I'm going to come across to this which I've made for you. This is basically the two things that you need to optimize on your Instagram account. You want to optimize the time that it takes to create a post, you want that to be, I'm guessing as low as possible. If you could create a post in two minutes, you would be very, very happy with that. You know, you could create 30 pieces of content in the now and that's your month work done. So we want to minimize the time that it takes to create the post. And then the second thing we want to maximize, or second thing we want to focus on in this one, we want to maximize where this one we want to minimize is the engagement. How many breadcrumbs are we leaving out there and how many people can follow us because of this piece of content were posted. Hemingway will follow that breadcrumb trail back to your profile, likey profile. Follow you in, they've got you. You've got them as a follow-up, someone you could reach for life now. And there's four types of content here. I bet you at the moment you're mainly posting just one type. And this is the main type that 99% of people post. Pictures of them, pictures of their product, pitches of the office, pitches, of the food. Pitches of them, them them, them, them, them, them, them, them. Just pitches of them. Just like Ricky drew up. This is not only takes the longest time to create, you know, you can see this photo here on these pages, him with his book posing, he's got the landing, he's got professional cameras, got the background is pulleys filters on it post. It's gonna take about an hour to get this photo. Perfect. You're going to have to take that. You know, people take 203040 photos. I picked the best one. And guess what? It's not the most engaging thing on his actual page. If we come over here and you can see on wreckage arrived, he gets decent engagement. But why don't you actually, if he actually started to post the stuff that I would suggest that he posted, he would get similar to what JSON is getting so we can come down and find a post that's about Jay Chetty and a post that most We'll post like this. You can see 97 thousand likes, which is actually high for this 12 thousand comments. Now, this one over here is a 147 thousand likes this one here, three hundred and thirty thousand, two hundred and twenty six thousand line. So you can see it's not the most engaging piece of content out there. And therefore it's about average, better five out of ten on the engagement. These three pieces of content, which I'm going to show you not only take a lot less time to create, but they way more engaging. So let's dive into those one by one. 4. First Content Upgrade: Awesome. So the first piece of content, or the first style of content that J Shadi and all these other successful influences are creating that you need to start creating as long form content clips. Now, you can see if I find this exact clip on his page up here. You can see it is an interview of a podcast. Soundcloud pulls this so we didn't have to do, if we want to place which it doesn't look like it is. It's a three-minute clip. This came from my podcast that J. Chetty and Lewis Howes did together. They didn't record this for Instagram, but they literally clipping something that they already created. And this is about a three hour podcast. I'm guessing you haven't actually seen this one podcast, but you could go check it. And of this podcast with Lewis house, DJ shady can create about 15 to 30 different small clips from his answers to the questions. And this is called long-form content. So it's gonna take him about three hours to make, but he gets multiple clips from that. So on average it's gonna take about ten minutes each. And these engagements, these under much higher, you can see here 268 thousand views on this one. And only recently went out 11 hours ago to these Linphone clips. You can see here's another one from a long interview that he did. If we go through his page, you continue to see these long phone clips. Just get cut down. Now, if you have a podcast, if you have YouTube videos, if you do like a little ducky series or you film yourself or maybe you do coaching. You should be clipping these recordings down because they're going to take you a lot less time to create and they're going to get higher engagement. This is the first style of content that you need to start creating. And if you're not doing long-form content, you don't have to start now if it's not for you, but I would very seriously consider creating some form of long-form content somewhere. Just to feed your Instagram, just to feed if you're using something like tick tock, just a feed if you're using YouTube and you want to cut some podcast, podcast clips into there. You can create content so easily by having a long form content machine. 5. Second Content Upgrade: Now the second piece of content that you need to start creating is viral content. Now, all of this content, you want to make sure it is relevant to your target audience. You want to define who is your ideal target audience. You want to broaden that just a little bit. So you're not focused on just posting the same thing over and over and over again. Broaden that bucket a little bit like I talk about all the time. And you want to find things that really connect with that target audience. So this one here, and we are going to find it on his page now, is meme content, viral content. You can see these get really, really high engagement, 938 thousand views. And you know, Jason, he's not creating this content. How you can use this content is you can, if you know where it's from, he's not even naturally tagging it. If you know where the original sources, you simply tag it here. You can ask for permission. If you find something that someone else posts, you can DM them, say, hey, do you mind if I repost this and tag you ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, they're going to say, of course not like of your basically advertising them for free and you're getting the content for free as well. It can see all of these videos. They're not Vijay Chetty. He's borrowing and repurposing these videos and he's actually not tagging the original creative, which I'd highly suggest that you do. And you can see these ones 1.3 million views. These are the most engaging, the second most engaging type of content on his profile. So how can you go and find this viral content is shareable content, whether it's on Instagram itself already, whether it's on a Reddit, whether it's on YouTube, whether that's on something like tic-tac-toe. Maybe it's an Instagram real that you're repurposing into Instagram photos. It's gonna take you five minutes because you're not posing for these photos, not doing anything. And it's kinda get almost double or triple the engagement that these photos actually make. Of course, you want to pepper in and you can see everyone who does this is peppering in different types of content. Content with them. Quotes, which is going to be something we're talking about in a second. Videos that's not their videos. You can see you want to make sure you get a combination of these, because if you face this appears you not really, it's not really your Instagram account anymore. So you wanna make sure that stuff's still stays in. But you're drawing from each of these buckets in order to get the most engagement and spend the least time as possible. So I wanted to show you actually something like this. This is one of the types of photos that everybody posts. It's Tony Robbins and his product and he does big coaching, online coaching now because of the pandemic that's going on. So he's doing online coaching and a Tim and he's product and that's what most people post. And you can see that got 30 thousand lacks. Here's a video that's not him, a 121 thousand views. Here's a quote that so much easier. It's got his face but doesn't even need these face there. 59 thousand lacks. This one's twenty-five thousand, nine, thirty four thousand lengths. You can see this different type of content. This is a photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and who sadly passed away, but he got 43 thousand engagement. You can see all the stuff that's not his actual product is, is almost getting more engagement than the Agile stuff that most people are stuck posting. So I would even employ at Tony to use a little bit more of the viral content stuff that really seems to go a lot further than just the typical stuff that people post. You can see this one then he has a great couple married for seven years and kept apart during quarantine would just reignited a 121 thousand lives compared to the one where he's sitting in the studio with 30 thousand lengths. It's one-quarter of the men of breadcrumbs that went out there, one quarter amount of virality and one quarter or month or the people who came back and followed him. So how can you go and you can find this viral content that's proven to be successful. Put your own little caption on it and Puppet on your Instagram to get way, way, way less time commitment for it and way more engagement and to blow up your Instagram like these people are. 6. Third Content Upgrade: Awesome. The final one is the easiest one. It's gonna take about two minutes to make these quotes. Very, very simple to do, and they're very, very engaging. They work really well right now on Instagram. And you can see these quotes. Oj shed is one of his most engaged with thing and it's just a white background. Those how's that? She puts his face on a lot of these on a lot of these quotes and much of these exactly his quotes, but he puts his little face up there so people can go and follow and know who's actually account that is coming from. But these are some of the most engaged with things on these pupils profile. And they literally take two minutes. Or you can say here is where he JD tags, where the quote actually comes from, which again, is a really good thing to do. But you need to be posting these because they're gonna get way, way, way more engagement than your current thing that you're posting on Instagram. And this is massive because the more exposure you get, the more engagement that piece of content gets, the more people can discover you, the more people can find your brand. Follow you back to your products and services and just be a lifelong fan of you. Just because you've expanded your reach and you've posted stuff that your target audience actually wants to see. And not just stuff that's always going to be about you or your brand. So stop posting this sort of content. It's very easy to make and use something like Canvas for these quotes. If you, if you don't know how to use Photoshop or use Canva, go and do them in bulk. That's the last thing, is you want to make all of this content, make your month's worth of content, say 60 posts in bulk, sit down for a day, be like at the end of this day I'm going to have 30 quotes. I'm going to have ten photos of me. I'm going to have 20 memes and that is what I'm going to be posting this month, schedule them up and get them out. That is going to absolutely blow up the Instagram account. If you take action hands up pretty please do.