Rapid Video Editing For Novices Without Expensive Softwares | Sarat Goswami | Skillshare

Rapid Video Editing For Novices Without Expensive Softwares

Sarat Goswami, Video Editing & Motion Graphics

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7 Videos (20m)
    • Intro - Video Editing For Beginners

    • 1. Getting Started

    • 2. Working With The Files

    • 3. Applying Transitions & Effects

    • 4. Adding Titles & Credits

    • 5. Adding Background Music

    • 6. How To Output Our Video


About This Class

Have you ever fancied making your own movies and videos? But were put off by the price tag of commercial video editors? Then is course is for you. I will show you how to edit your video clips and how to produce awesome looking movies for FREE. And while it's not quite up to professional video standards, you will still be able to arm yourself with a good bit of resources to produce some impressive effects. It's VERY easy to use and it will turn you into a Movie maker in no time.

In this tutorial I will show you everything you need to get started. From how to import you media and how to apply cool effects to them and to finally how to publish your videos. Within 15-20 minutes you could be making your own movies.





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Sarat Goswami

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

I'm an Electrical Engineer by education and a Computer expert from India. I derive immense satisfaction from breaking down complex concepts teach them in a easy to understand manner. I've been working as a creative producer for an advertising company.

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