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Rapid Results Emails -How To Create A Simple Email Followup Series That Converts

Dave Meade, Skillshare Coach- Live A More Productive Life

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7 Videos (42m)
    • Welcome To The Class

    • The Rapid Results Sequence...

    • Step One..

    • Step Two..

    • Step Three..

    • Step Four

    • Step Five And Deploy!


About This Class

(Click Here to download the templates featured in the class)

In this class I'm going to show you how to create a super high converting email follow up series using a very simple and extremely effective technique I discovered quite by accident several years ago,that's given me amazing results every time I have used it.

I call it... The Trust And Goodwill Rapid Results Sequence.

and I call it that because this series not only creates the trust and goodwill you need to have a responsive list...but it is also designed to get results as in sales as quickly as possible.

  • it's very easy to set up
  • it's very easy to deploy

and as I mentioned earlier its extremely effective!

So if you want to create a profitable list that not only likes you, knows you, and trusts you...

But is also preconditioned to be responsive to your future emails and create a long term asset for your business... than this class is for you!

Simply click on the enroll button and ill see you inside.

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Great class! Short and sweet and very helpful!!





Dave Meade

Skillshare Coach- Live A More Productive Life

This is David Meade, I am the founder of life coach and skillshare teacher. I firmly believe that anybody can achieve what they want from life through continued education and implementation. My hope is that my classes will very informative, helpful and make a lasting impact on the lives of my students.

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