Rank your website higher on Google Guide #2 : Choosing a niche

Boston Lincoln, Web Designer & SEO Expert

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4 Videos (14m)
    • Intoroduction to Choosing a niche

    • Final word

    • Get started choosing your coming niche

    • Getting data with google keyword planner


About This Class

I have been thinking about doing this for a while - a guide from start to finish on how to put together your own website - this could be relevant to a niche site or an authority site, it doesn't matter. It going to comprise everything I have learnt in the time that I have been doing SEO/IM.

This guide is aimed at beginners and to some people it may seem like really basic stuff but the aim is to make a guide thats really easy to follow and for anyone that really wants to get stuck in with IM and specifically wants to start and rank their own site, that's who this is for.

The guide is going to be focused on whitehat techniques for the most part because thats really where my background is and although I have tried lots of blackhat techniques I have eventually come full circle and settled back on whitehat, but with the knowledge of blackhat under the bonnet

course # TWO :   Choosing a niche 

In my experience this is really important because it is like the foundation of your entire project so it is something you really should take your time with. Some people would just refer to this stage as keyword research but I am proposing that you take a step backwards from there and just think purely about your niche.





Boston Lincoln

Web Designer & SEO Expert

I was born in 1991. I have been designing websites since 2008 ,In high school, I became an expert in Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and wordpress , which are programs I now use to create the website designs. I also switched from using FrontPage, to Macromedia Dreamweaver (which has recently been purchased by Adobe). These are industry-standard tools that are used by web design professionals all over the world.Throughout high school, my lunch hours were spent either designing web sites in the computer lab, i went to college i got a computer science engineer degree after studies i started working from home i had some starts up experiences i succeed earn my living doing freelance i loved the life style i took the decision to keep doing it and hit more stuff like Internet Marketing , CPA ...  

I want to help anyone took the same desicion i took and want to give up his damn full job and start make a living from any place he wants life is short don't spend it working 24/24 7/7 for nothing i'm gonna give you a hand to make the first steps.