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Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Keywords In Title Overall SEO

    • Keyword Planning

    • SEO Secrets To Boost Rankings

    • Ranking Youtube Videos No Filming

    • Uploading Videos To YouTube

    • Creative Commons For Ads

    • Annotations

    • Call To Action In Your Description


About This Class

In this class, I will teach and demonstrate everything that I have learned about ranking YouTube videos, to ensure they land on Page #1 for your chosen keyword.

Google gives ranking priority to YouTube videos!

They want you to land on YouTube, and to bring them some sweet ad revenue (since Google owns Youtube).

Here is what I am going to show you in this course:

  • How to optimize your titles
  • How to optimize your tags, thumbnails, description.
  • How to use the power of Closed Captions to rank better instantly
  • How to "piggyback ride" off popular videos, to get your video in front of thousands of avid viewers.

This is new era of marketing but Video SEO is surely the next advancement in this field. According to recent survey 38% of all US online users search for videos and 54% of online users using YouTube to search video and that's the reason YouTube is the second largest search engine. With the growing demand of video there is an immense need of optimizing it. Whether it's a YouTube video or a web video, both needs to get optimized fully to make their way to search results.

Video SEO can be divided into two ways:

•YouTube VSEO

YouTube VSEO

It makes lot of sense to do SEO for YouTube video as YouTube is 2nd largest search engine and the best source of all type of videos. Keyword research plays the most important role in this process. Half the way you achieve is by selecting keywords in optimization. The next step is creating Meta tags - Title, description and tags. The title must be well optimized, eye-catchy and Informative, so that users feel to click on that. Use keywords to describe the title. Meta description is a brief of what your video is actually about. Start with the url of your website (if any) then describe using keywords. Use keywords or tags that you have selected as Meta tags.

This is not all done. You have to now go for getting good back links for your YouTube Video page. Link juice is required to enhance your video SEO process. Embedding video to the blogs will help a lot.

It is comparatively easier for YouTube videos to rank in SERP as compare to the website's one. Selecting best keywords then creating title, description and tags is similar as done is YouTube SEO. The other important activities that are required are sitemaps, mrss feed, web page SEO.

Video sitemaps are very important for indexing. Search engines know about your web video only through these sitemaps as they cover the text about the it. MRSS feed is another xml file that helps bot to read your video content. The next is the usual SEO of the webpage on which the it exist. The better the page would rank the better the video will appear in search results.

All business now needs a video presence on internet. Create it, publish it and then perform SEO on it. A video can do all that you are still waiting for...





Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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