Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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4 Videos (14m)
    • Class Preview

    • Value Pricing

    • Change how much we can charge - Updated

    • How to Pitch that Higher Pricing


About This Class


Do you want a quick motivational kick in the pants class that will get you thinking about how much you charge as a creative freelancer? Am I charging enough? How do I charge more? How do I sell myself at higher prices? Am I valuing myself as a creative freelancer enough? Why do I feel like I do not deserve to charge more? 

We will dive into these questions, review a few pricing examples and as the class project, we will develop a pitch deck that will help us prove to our potential clients that we deserve more, because we can deliver more value than we think. 





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Lindsay Marsh

Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

Class Link: Graphic Design Mastery: The Complete Branding Process

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