Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers

Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers

Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Value Pricing

    • 3. Change how much we can charge - Updated

    • 4. How to Pitch that Higher Pricing

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About This Class


Do you want a quick motivational kick in the pants class that will get you thinking about how much you charge as a creative freelancer? Am I charging enough? How do I charge more? How do I sell myself at higher prices? Am I valuing myself as a creative freelancer enough? Why do I feel like I do not deserve to charge more? 

We will dive into these questions, review a few pricing examples and as the class project, we will develop a pitch deck that will help us prove to our potential clients that we deserve more, because we can deliver more value than we think. 

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


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1. Class Preview: Do you want a quick motivation kick in the pants class that will get you thinking about how much he charges a creative free dancer? Am I charging enough? How do I charge more? How do I sell myself at higher prices and my valuing myself as a creative freelancer? Enough. Why do I feel like I don't deserve to charge? We will dive into these questions, review a few pricing examples and, as a class project will develop a pitch deck that will help us prove to our potential clients that we deserve more because we can deliver more on value. So you ready to start learning how to charge higher prices. Let's learn together. 2. Value Pricing: What are you worth? What value are going to bring your clients when you pitch your services to your clients? Are you pitching your services or your value? If you're talking mostly about services you provide, then you're doing it wrong and possibly missing out on getting pilot projects. Take, for example, your designer and you're approached by client needed logo design services. Do you charge $50 for a local package, $500 for a package or $2000 for local package? It depends, right? Depends on the client size. Is it a mom and pop business? They might not be able to afford the $2000 option, and that's understandable. They think they're looking for the $50 option or quote, but reality. You can pitch them the $500 package and win. Why? Because the way you present sell yourself as a value creator and that phone call in person meeting her email. We're right where we present our quote. You can easily explain the value add that will be created during this project. So how important is this logo? If you're an event planner, having a stellar logo can instantly make someone feel of ease with your level of professionalism, and it gives I have enough confidence to contact your baby. But trouble client. You could look like 50 bucks or a 1,000,000 bucks. Presentation and first impressions are everything to people. Want a logo that lasts for 2 to 3 years? No, because a rebrand is very expensive. Any creative local markets timeless, less about trends and more about communicating the message here and consumer. That is how you pitch a local design project. You have to talk about the value, not just the design of the logo, because anyone can design a low cost logo. The local you design may appear on hundreds of products, ads, images and to only charge a small amount brings down your services and your value. Remember the creator of the Nike logo. They only charged $50 at the time. Imagine the value that created for that company for such a small about probably billions of dollars. A large company needs a quote on developing a digital marketing strategy. I quote $200.2000 dollars or $20,000 if the company is a larger company. My pitch of $200 will not seem like a value, adds that company. But they'll see someone who may not be at the professional level they're looking for. The cheapest option is not always the best in the client's eyes. If I quote $20,000 pitch my value, add proposition. They'll understand the value of its strong digital marketing strategy, and their initial budget of $5000 may develop some wiggle room, and I get up to $8000. You meet them in the middle, and you, just more than death toppled your potential earnings just by asking for more being professional and selling your value, creating services. There are times in a creative freelancers life. We need to seriously change the kind of clients we seek. When we first start out, we seek out all clients, no matter what the size, heck will be able to work for free just to gain a chance of doing this for a living. What if I were to tell you you didn't have to do that anymore? No more bottom to your clients to make this happen, there has to be some work on your part. There's some major changes in the way we value ourselves as freelancers that need to be changed for too long. I have personally undervalued by work, not because I undercharged, but I did not think about the overall value I was given to the client. Branding and logo and advertising services is a good example of this. I can charge $40 an hour to complete the design on an advertising campaign. Creative, complete with a post for design. Three Add sizes for magazines. Ah, paid Facebook and Instagram Post and complete that in about 15 hours. At $40 times 15 hours, that is $600. It's not horrible for something I can accomplish in a week with other projects going on. What was I thinking about? The value was adding to buy client the fact that they needed someone who could deliver these projects on time with the cohesive, solid design theme and on point with its branding. This is how a charge clients for most of my career and I've done graphic work on campaigns that have reached hundreds of thousands of consumers, and it charged around four delegation. Our I was clearly not valuing my services very highly. I should have been charging $200 per hour or a much higher fixed project. Great. It's amazing to think just delivering a project on time before the deadline. What value? That adds. I have worked with many other freelancers who do not hit the deadline mark, and it's disappointing and it costs me my client's money. So just being on time as a huge value to your services being dependable is another one being able to take on new projects consistently, even on the last minute. Noticed as a huge value in this year's rate or fixed project cost should go up dramatically because of that added value you're providing, there are hundreds of classes and pricing. Some of them address these issues of adding value to clients. But for creative freelancers out there, take notice of what I'm saying. You are more valuable than you think. Understand the value you're creating for your clients. Most products and services these days are sold on looks, appearances, feelings of emotions, colors, authenticity and creative freelancers to create a majority of the selling points for clients with creativity. As a graphic designer. Lately, I feel like my job is being farmed out to cheaper and cheaper options, but instead of lower my price to compete, I'm taking a different approach 3. Change how much we can charge - Updated: the kind of clients we see can change how much we can charge. Once again, you provide a bigger role in value to larger clients who may have a larger marketing and design footprint. As an illustrator. For example, you could do a one off project for a small mom and pop restaurant for a wall mural in charge. $400 for a day's worth of working prep. We all know it takes time to draw. Plan out your illustration. So realistically it ends up being two or three days of work where Jin's up, breaking down to about $18 an hour, finding a larger client that needs an illustration for a magazine spread, and you can easily quote $1500 spend the same amount of time doing it. Since you would have the art appear in a magazine with 1/4 1,000,000 readers, the value and impact you're having is much greater. You have more fun doing the restaurant project, but being able to increase how much you make gives you more time to focus on this fund. Personal projects. Well, why not just seek out larger clients, triple my earnings and work the same amount of hours and call it a day to be able to land those large appliance we need to do a few thinks listen carefully as this takes a little work on your part. Number one. Build a less is more portfolio of work picker Top three and feature them in a detailed case study manner. Go into detail about the value add to the client, including, in the end impact numbers, which is always reassuring. Having a busy, overwhelming clogger portfolio will oppress no. One, and you're now trying to impress a much pick your clientele. So having a clean, simple port royal will increase your chances of landing those higher jobs. To elevate the quality of your work, your portfolio is going to need three stunning pieces of work. You may be a talented designer, illustrator artist. You could present their work in a way that she has a huge impact for your client. That's great. But what about someone who feels like the work isn't strong enough yet? There is a good chance if you're pitching to a higher level client, that you work still might not be good enough, Don't worry. You're changing the way you value yourself. It's creative freelancer in your change in the quality of your work as well, you may need to start over with this now in line. Create new pieces of work even if it's personal work where you produce the highest quality work possible. Three. Surround yourself by the best of the best. How do we increase the quality of value of the work by looking at people who charged the amount that we when a charge Top ad agencies creatives independent freelancers Surround yourself with their work, Study their portfolios with vigor in detail. Emulate what they do just to practice how they create their work. Learn from them. Soak up videos of top illustrators, designers, whatever it is you do with the creative space on Facebook and Instagram, for example, my new speeds are full of amazing, talented graphic designers. Same goes from all my other social video abs. I only see the best of the best in my news feed. Everything else starts to seem cheap and low quality after that, so elevating what you're seeing on a daily basis will make you better at what you do, I promise. Be hands dot com. It's another great website with daily creative inspiration, with loads of talented designers, illustrators, artists to emulate and respect. If you're not getting really excited about this already, then ignite your passion. This class is called Action Free to elevate your quality value and Skander Sukit elevate your pricing and profits. This is my rally cry. Do not stand by the wayside. Feel undervalued as a freelancer. How you talk to your clients, how you pitch, how you quote that makes a big difference in selling yourself. 4. How to Pitch that Higher Pricing: Okay, so I'm increasing the quality of my work, my portfolio, and I'm gonna charge much, much more than I ever thought I was worth, because I'm understanding the value provide to my clients. Now what? How do I pitch my much higher pricing model I'm going to do if you quit case studies of how I used to Price and Howell price projects in the future. So obviously a big difference in pricing. I'm getting a five times multiple profit from the new way on pricing. Another difference is the line items. In my quote, they're much more broad. I find that the more details your quote has, the more client can pick apart the value because it's so detailed, sometimes less details, the better. Hopefully, it would have already talked about your needs during a phone caller meeting, so they'll understand. This is more of an implied quote approach. It just looks more professional. Remember, you're elevating your professionalism, quality and value, so even the way you detail your line items and your quotes could make a difference. Also, quoting a little bit of a higher value in leaving that open ended gives a little more wiggle room to hire other creatives to fill any gaps or to elevate the valley of what you're delivering by bringing in other creatives. Now that they truly understand the value added for my client during my pitch process, this needs to be explained to them. A simple document which details your special approach to branding logo design ad creation illustration, drawing whatever you do would really help this come across to them. Having something already prepared with small items you can customize depending on the client type is recommended. This higher quote price, combined with a stellar portfolio work, will help the client perceived me as a professional. On another level, simplicity and clean design always wins in, Quoting said, This is a PdF on a professionally designed letterhead that matches your higher pricing. Having confidence when interacting with his clients are essential Changing. How you think you should price and how to value yourself is a big part of increasing your confidence. I know I felt like this when I started to quote higher prices is that I didn't deserve to. Somehow I was just an average graphic designer, so how could I'm make so much more per hour? Stop thinking like that now. This is what keeps us at lower wages. This is what keeps us from getting the well deserved raised. This is what keeps us from interacting with their clients and a confident way and quoting it's higher prices. Stand firm with higher pricing If you feel like you could deliver on the value side if you feel like you cannot deliver on the value side the work on that now by studying others who charge your desired amount, update your portfolio. Contact higher level agencies and clients with prospective work opportunities. But there's an order here. Your work portfolio in presentation improves first, followed by your pricing and potential to increase your quotes. The big take away in this class This is speak about a huge problem in the freelancer community, especially with creative freelancers like myself. We are valuable. It just because we create something that seems like art, and that's pretty. It doesn't mean we're not as valuable as an accountant or a marketing expert. Do not let the fact that we are artists think we have to be starving. Artist. We need to understand the new way of marketing products and services different now and that will continue to evolve in the future to include creatives more. As the business and marketing mindset ships from just selling products and services to promoting authenticity, creativity and individual ism, our roles will become more and more valuable.