Rainforest in a Candy Jar - Easy steps to set up a Terrarium | Lyn Walker | Skillshare

Rainforest in a Candy Jar - Easy steps to set up a Terrarium

Lyn Walker

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction to a Rainforest Terrarium

    • Rainforest terrarium materials

    • Rainforest Terrarium Set up & Planting

    • Rainforest jamjar Terrarium

    • Rainforest terrarium care


About This Class

This is a FUN class in which I take you through the steps to set up a terrarium of any size.

The steps are easy to follow and at the end of the project you will have a miniature garden which you can enjoy yourself or you will have a special gift to give to some one else.

In this world of shrinking gardens and green spaces a tiny world like a rainforest adds harmony to your everyday hectic life.


Terrariums are very fashionable now and liven up a home, dinner table or office.

Adding a figurine to your display gives it a touch of whimsy.

Enroll in my class and enjoy the easy steps to setting up a terrarium. 





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I am an Artist in painting and clay sculpture and ran a pottery business in which sculptures and small figurines were the main items for many years. During that time I started a plant nursery to go with the pottery. The plant side of the business continues to this day.

My passion now is Miniature gardening and I run an online store.

Now i am eager to extend into teaching and educate others in the many art, craft and gardening skills I have learnt over many years

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