Rainbow Magic: A Nerdy Introduction to Basic Colour Theory and Principles of Design | Ellen Avigliano | Skillshare

Rainbow Magic: A Nerdy Introduction to Basic Colour Theory and Principles of Design

Ellen Avigliano, Delightfully Tacky since 20Whatever

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2 Videos (22m)
    • Class Preview for Rainbow Magic

    • Rainbow Magic: A Nerdy Introduction to Basics of Color Theory and Design


About This Class


There are a lot of overwhelming resources out there when it comes to learning Color Theory and Principles of Design.

This class is not one of them, I swear!

I'm all about learning the rules and traditional techniques of art and design simply so you can turn things on their head all topsy-turvy and make an artwork that's entirely your own!!!

This class will take you through the basic principles of design and basic colour theory.  You will explore how these "rules" are applied throughout various media and artwork.  In this class you will have the opportunity to view work by various modern, classic, and contemporary artists to help you better understand design.  This crash course is designed to give you a little boost in your creativity and work.  If you're already well-versed in the arts, this is a great refresher course on the basics and encourages you to think outside the box as opposed to conforming to fit within!   At the end of the slideshow and videos, you'll be able to try out some fun little exercises.  No boring art class drawings here - I've got lots of fun, psychedelic, neon and retro inspired creativity instead!

If you'd like to see anything expanded on, please let me know! I would love to publish additional content or classes with more information you're seeking.

Free your mind from shackles of restraint and "rules" and sprinkle a little rainbow magic into your creative work.

Are you a social media junkie? You can upload your sample projects and colour recipe swatches to Instagram and use the hashtag #RainbowMagicClass or @ my username (which you can find here) so I can see what everyone is making! 

You can find more information about me and my work or to contact me directly, you can check out my website.


Any and All of the Artworks and Artists mentioned in this course are shared for display/educational purposes only; no infringement has been intended!  For list of artists mentioned in this class and their websites, galleries, etc, feel free to message and I'll direct you straight to it.  Other images are either copyright the original creating artists or listed as Public Domain access by Metropolitan Museum of Art collections database or believed to be public domain. Contact me to have any artwork in this slideshow removed or edited or your links included in this class description.  The only artwork represented in this course that I claim personal copyrights to are my own pieces.





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Ellen Avigliano

Delightfully Tacky since 20Whatever


Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, and Nerd from Northern New Jersey.  I create ready-to-sell artwork as well as private custom commissions. I am also a teaching artist for workshops, classes, and private lessons for mixed media artwork. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook under the name Imaginarium Creative Studios.

Also, I really love dogs.


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