Rainbow Gradient Blend in Polymer Clay | Juliana Hill | Skillshare

Rainbow Gradient Blend in Polymer Clay

Juliana Hill

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8 Videos (34m)
    • Intro and supplies

    • Conditioning with a Motor

    • Rainbow gradient blend

    • A Rainbow of beads

    • Rolled Rainbow cane

    • Extending your clay and other ideas

    • Finishing techniques

    • Wrapup real


About This Class

This session will focus on how to make Rainbow gradiant colors of clay using just Red, Yellow, Blue and a touch of white!

The technique I will show you is known as the “Skinner Blend”, named after Polymer Clay artist Judith Skinner who developed this easy way to combine clays to achieve smooth transitions of color from one to another…or many colors depending on how you set up your ratios of clay!

You can use the prepared clay in many different ways, but I will show you how to use it to make charms in colors of the rainbow to use in jewelry or as stemware identifiers.  


This builds on the skills learned in my first Video, “Polymer Clay Basics” and is an extension of the technique I showed in my second Video “2 color gradiant blends in polymer clay.”  There are some fun ideas in those first two classes that you should check out, But I have laid out everything in this class for you to achieve a rainbow gradient.


  • You will need 2 ounces of Polymer clay in Red, Yellow, Blue and White. 
  • You will also need your clay dedicated pasta machine and
  • a few 3X5 inch index card. 

To make charms, you will need a few additional accessories outlined in the intro video. 

I am leaving a supply list available on your project page that you can print out.  






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Hi! I am Juliana Hill. I teach Public School art to approximately 650 5-12 year olds each week! I am also an Artist, focusing on digital design.....although I'm pretty eclectic and my interests are vast! Which works for teaching inquiry art classes to the young ones!

I am a Nana to two beautiful little girls, Wife to an amazing man, and dog momma to the softest, fluffiest ball of fur ever!

I'm planning my retirement for 2019! So my side gig now is to create my future career. P...

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