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Radio Program Director Course

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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7 Videos (36m)

    • Ch1 PD Radio

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    • Ch3 Udemy Music

    • Ch4 Music Selection

    • Ch5 Hiring pt1

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About This Class

Radio is a personal medium...a one-to-one medium. 

Surprised? Notice how you consume radio the next time you put one on. And that's what pulled me to this medium. Even after the advent of CD players, Satellite radio, MP3 players, Cloud based music services, radio continues to connect with its ardent followers and enthral them.   

  • Radio Programming is more an art than science. 
    • And this course can safely be viewed as a 'radio art' appreciation course. 
    • I am not here to ‘teach’ radio, cause I don't think creativity or originality can be taught. 
    • The idea is to be open to experiences and let real life experiences guide your creativity on-air. 
    • This course is about harnessing these 'life lessons' and put in Radio. 

So, who is this course for? 

- If you are on-air talent, promo producer or voice talent and one day hope to run the programming team in an FM/AM music station, then this course is perfect for you. 

- Also, If you’re an ardent Radio medium fan and listener, then this course will help you understand 

       -- How the content strategies are created in a station  

       -- Why do you hear the songs you hear, 

       -- Why the radio jockey talks the way she does, 

       -- Why the news is succinct, 

       -- Why the new hit songs are repeated, 

       -- How 'clocks' are used for radio programming etc. 

This course does not ride on the back of technical language or difficult terminology...making it a fun and interesting course, no matter what your professional background. My intention is to arm you with knowledge and taking you through intricacies of radio so that one day you are running the creative dept. of a music station. 





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Tapan Nayak

Entrepreneur and Coach

Tapan is a seasoned leader with over 16 years in several positions across multiple large organizations, and an Entrepreneur ( Founder @ MYNIT, a Bulletin Board Product) for last couple of years. He is passionate about teaching. Tapan masters a lot of People and Business skills including Team Building, Leadership, Presentation and many more. Apart from building products, and his venture, he enjoys sharing knowledge. Tapan builds engaging training modules on various topics in collaboration with...

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