Racial and Ethnic Sensitivity in Business & Marketing | Dillon Caldwell | Skillshare

Racial and Ethnic Sensitivity in Business & Marketing

Dillon Caldwell, Sociologist with a passion for change

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    • Racial Sensitivity For Business - Intro

    • Part II


About This Class

In the last decade, the number of businesses who have been involved in public relation nightmares related to racial insensitivity has increased. With racially insensitive adverts, business practices and company policies being brought to the forefront almost weekly, it is important that business leaders and marketing associates alike work to educate themselves to prevent what could equate to a multi-million dollar mistake, causing a company to lose both social trust and revenue.

This course will guide you through the importance of being both ethnically and racially conscious by first starting with the basic differences between race and ethnicity. Then, the course will guide you through a brief history of racial and ethnic happenings, particularly in the U.S.. Finally, the course will aid you in becoming more racially aware of how a seemingly innocent marketing advertisement, tweet or product could cost a company millions of dollars and possibly lead to it's demise. 

As more and more consumers are becoming increasingly selective about "who" makes their products and "where" they shop, companies and their employees must work to educate themselves and challenge the status quo to ensure survival in the future.





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Dillon Caldwell

Sociologist with a passion for change

Hello, I'm Dillon, a Ph.D. Student studying Sociology with a passion for social change and awareness. I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Applied Sociology with a focus on inequalities. I believe that sociology is a useful subject for anyone, in any position, and I am working to share that passion with everyone I meet. Understanding our social world is an important part of life, regardless of your career path or goals, and I am excited to show you how you can use sociology ...

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