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RPA UiPath Infrastructure Setup

teacher avatar Yuvaraja Kannan, RPA Architect and Consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Class Introduction Video

    • 2. 1.1 Why is this course for ?

    • 3. 1.2 Who is this course for ?

    • 4. 1.3 Course Agenda

    • 5. 2.1 UiPath Architecture

    • 6. 2.2 Orchestrator Architecture

    • 7. 2.3 UiPath Platform Deployment Options

    • 8. 3.1 Orchestrator Hardware Requirement

    • 9. 3.2 Orchestrator Software Requirements

    • 10. 4.1. Tools required to practice the demo

    • 11. 4.2. UiPath Platform Trail Download

    • 12. 5.1 Orchestrator Prerequisite Installation Demo

    • 13. 5.2 SQL Server Express Edition Installation Demo

    • 14. 5.3 Net Framework Installation Demo

    • 15. 5.4 Net Core Bundle Installation Demo

    • 16. 5.5 IIS Installation Demo

    • 17. 5.6 URL Rewrite Installation Demo

    • 18. 5.7 Web Deploy Installation Demo

    • 19. 6.1 Orchestrator Installation Options

    • 20. 6.2 Orchestrator Installation Part 1

    • 21. 6.3 Orchestrator Installation Part 2

    • 22. 6.4 Validate Installation

    • 23. 6.5 Apply License

    • 24. 6.6 Configure Web Config File

    • 25. 7.1 UiPath Robot Introduction

    • 26. 7.2 UiPath Robot Installation Demo

    • 27. 7.3 UiPath Robot Provision Demo

    • 28. 8.1 Orchestrator Deployment Check List Part 1

    • 29. 8.2 Orchestrator Deployment Check List Part 2

    • 30. 9. 1 Orchestrator Database Setup Demo

    • 31. 9. 2 Orchestrator Database Analysis

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About This Class

RPA is a hot field with companies being aware of its scope and potential. Among the several RPA tools in the market, UiPath is one of the leading tool. There are many UiPath developers but there are very limited RPA developers with infrastruture knowledge. Many organizations looking for RPA engineers who can setup an end to end UiPath platform for any new projects.

This course provides a demo of end to end UiPath Platform  v2020 setup that includes Orchestrator, Robots, Robot Provisions, and all the other prerequisites. You can practice the demo by yourself by setting up the lab environment without any cost. 

At end of this class you will learn the following with hands-on experience,

  • Completely understand the UiPath Architecture

  • Describe the Orchestrator Eco system architecture 

  • Determine the infrastructure setup of Orchestrator (Hardware and Software)

  • Know all the prerequisite tools required for Orchestrator installation

  • Able to download and install all the all the prerequisite tools

  • Downloading the UiPath Enterprise trail version

  • Setup practice lab environment at zero cost

  • Determine the deployment options and required configuration of Orchestrator installation

  • Install Orchestrator end to end

  • Install Robot

  • Apply license to Orchestrator

  • Provision the Robot to Orchestrator

  • Able to query and analysis UiPath Database

  • Prepare checklist for UiPath platform deployments.

and along with this take a practice test at each section for your strong understanding.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yuvaraja Kannan

RPA Architect and Consultant


Hello, I'm Yuvaraja. I am a RPA Architect and Consultant. 

I am into information technology for around 8+ years and 3 years in RPA experience. Also I have strong expertise in implementing end to end RPA solution from infrastructure setup to production migration. I have implemented multiple RPA projects in various RPA tools. Certified in UiPath, Automation anywhere and NICE APA.

Follow me to learn and master the RPA. If you aspiring to become a UiPath engineer and developer, I will guide in achieving your goal step by step.   

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1. Class Introduction Video: Rp is a currently odd field. That company's been aware of its scope and potential. Among the several RP shadows in the market, wavelength is one of the leading too. There are many UA bot developers, but very limited RP engineers, many organization looking for RPE engineers who can set up an end-to-end way about that form for any new products. Welcome to this course, Naples platform infrastructure setup demo. Myself, you've Raja Conan, I'm RP architect and consultant. I'm an ID for the last eight years. I've been working in RPA for the last three years. I've implemented multiple RPF audits into n. And I'm certified in all leading RP tools. At the end of this course, you will be familiar with the way path platform architecture and deployment options. And it will be in a position to demand the orcas data infrastructure in terms of both software and hardware, you'll be also independently installing all the 3D cues iTunes of orchestrator progress rate at itself and also robot. You will also learn to validate all the installations and revision that robots. And finally, you'd be in a position to analysts and query orchestrated database. So enrolled for this course and become an engineer. 2. 1.1 Why is this course for ?: Why is this course designed for? First, this course is mainly designed to familiarize you are one-way path server-side installation. When as AUA part the server, it obviously it represents the orchestrator, which is equivalent of the way Bot Platform. First we're going to find out what the prerequisites of Walker Street at installation. And then followed by the installation demo. Also, we will do a robot installation and pollution that robot throughout because data which we have installed. Second, I see you a path delivers mostly aware of installing the way bots studio, which they use extensively. But when coming to orchestrate that only few wasn't of the developers know how to set up the UA pot platform. So they end up this course you will be in a position to set up in Frar, installed prerequisite tools, and install orchestrator by yourself. And the last point is very important to help you in RBA interviews. Even myself as an interviewer When I go to interview the UA BAD candidates and when they ask about you, how do you set up the UA Partha platform? The most common answer I hear from them as it was done by the infrastructure team model, by d1 debt itself. But do you know this generally puts a setback in the interview process because as a developer, even though you don't install the platform, is in a city that u naught lees the installations debts. So if you talk about the infrastructure set up in the interview, this would really give you an edge in getting paste. Also nowadays, organization expects candidates to be an all-rounder who set up the inflow as well as it is ND automations, aspen. 3. 1.2 Who is this course for ?: Who's this goes for? This course is designed for all you a path and RPA developed this if you know you're a bond, you know what, orchestrator and robots. So it's going to be very easy to graph this course. Also for other aspiring RP way bot developers, they are able to follow this course as well. Because before installing the orchestrator, We're going to deeply understand the wavelength and orchestrated architecture, which will help you to understand the iPod platform and follow this course. Another point I want to highlight is this course was designed to be more practical rather than a theory. We're going to see live action. So of all the installation starting from prerequisite tools, orchestrated installation and robots. Also, this course will provide you information on sitting up the practice environment without even spending a penny. 4. 1.3 Course Agenda: Let us quickly find out what are the key areas that you will learn in this course. We will kick off this course by understanding the architecture of u_1 and orchestrator. Followed by, we will get to know all the available deployment options of you AICPA platform. Next, we will determine the infrastructure setup for the orchestrator. When I say infrastructure setup is going to be both hardware and software. Then we will do a demo of all the tools installation. Once it's completed successfully, we will initiate the orchestrator installation and followed by the robot pose that you will validate all the installations may have playing the trial license, and also provision the robot, what orchestrator. Finally, we will also query the way path code database to understand what are the tables that consist of and all those tables and logic spokes. 5. 2.1 UiPath Architecture: Welcome to the second section of this class. And this section we will focus on two topics. First, understand the high-level architecture of the report studio of what an orchestrator. Second, Understand the autocrat strict other physical deployment options. First, let's quickly sorry, the UA pot architecture for those who are not aware of your paper. The diagram shown on the screen as a simplest did a presentation of the iPod platform. Let's start with the bottom-most layer, which is a designer layer. The main component of this layer is the a part the designer which is used to build workflows or in other words, to build your automation solutions. And it also seems to publish or go to the article straighter. The darkness. There is a UA robot, which is basically the robotic vision that runs your solution. There are two types of robots, A4, front office robots, or also called as assistant robots. This type of solution is known as attended automation, where it requires human input to complete a process. On the other hand, VL back-office robots that are unnecessary or watch. This type of solution is called Ananta let or Domitian, which runs without any human interactions. The middle layer is the orchestrator where it connects both delays. Orchestrator as a core component, or in other words, is the art of your automation management. It gives you the power to provision, deployed, triggered, monitored, measured track, and ensure the security of every robot. 6. 2.2 Orchestrator Architecture: Let's quickly understand the orchestrator architecture. The diagram shown on the screen is the orchestrator ecosystem model. Client-side, upper-right corner contains the studio agent executing Rio, which is basically else to run your automations. And a browser that is used to navigate the orchestrator will applications, entire server-side compresses of major component orchestrator. Presentation layer is nothing but a web publication of orchestrator that communicates with the server layer through APA across various channels, such as configuration, logging, monitoring, et cetera. Rest API end points also uses EPA implementation and orchestrated business logically it connects to the persistent layer, which is represented by SQL Server and elastic search. Orchestrator opens a websocket channel that connects to the robots for any communication. And also the same channel is used to identify the upbeat, where the orchestrator brings the robot's every 30 seconds to confirm the robot availability. 7. 2.3 UiPath Platform Deployment Options: In this section, we focus on waypoint deployment options. At eye level, there are two deployment options. First, the simplest deployment option. Let's box on the diagram shown on the screen, which is the architecture of the simplicity deployment model. The robots Siddhartha Brissot and the top of the diagram, or physical computers or VBA machines, which are used to run your robotic automation. Orchestrator is depicted as three servers or ad lib application, SQL Server and Elasticsearch orchestrate a web publication, ILS to control all are robots, processes, deployments, using managements and everything you will need. A SQL server contains SQL database, which was all system tables stored the data that you set up an orchestrator web application such as processors, jobs, schedules, licenses, and so on. Elasticsearch is an optional component which is used to store the logs. Although SQL data base can be used to serve this purpose, we able strongly recommends to store in elastic search for improved performance. For best performance, you need to dedicate three servers so that you can install each component, each server. If you cannot assign these servers, at least bad minimum, you must use to service first server for orchestrator, and second silver for SQL Server and elastic search. Although you can deploy all three components in a single server, which is not recommended as it would drastically affect the performance, but the setup can be used for evaluation and demo purposes. Let's discuss what high-performance on high availability option. So how do you actually my performance, as discussed in the last section, when you install all the components in the ritual service, you can achieve high performance. And what is i availability? This has been one of your silver is done. You can always have a backup server in place to continue your operation. So the infra, availability is i. So if we aim to achieve high performance and high availability setup, we need to provide to orchestrator servers and a load balancer as well. But remember, we should also provide an availability set up for other components, not only for orchestrator. For example, for SQL Server, we should have two identical databases in different machines with SQL Server farm always-on mode. So if one fails, the other one turns on. Load balances to be configured in a round robin modern granting equal priority for both orchestra. Does. All this deployment models can be implemented in on-premise setup or completely cloud or even an hybrid model. This is all about deployment options. In this course, we will be using a simplest deployment option and the single server to install all you a pot components. 8. 3.1 Orchestrator Hardware Requirement: And this section we are going to recombine the infrastructure requirements are focused return in terms of both hardware and software. For splits finding the orchestrator infrastructure requirements. For orchestrator in terms of processor, we did a forecast CPU and a clock speed of over two juggernauts. In terms of RAM, we need a minimum of four GB and 150 GBR disruption be sufficient for this. And in terms of operating system, Windows server is must carry to those and dwell lotto doesn't 16 or 2019. Let's get to know with the SQL Server infrastructure requirement for SQL Server in terms of processor. And we did a foal core CPU and a speed of over two juggernauts. In terms of RAM, we need a minimum of HGP and 300 GBR disclaimer is adjusted as this server has to store the database which needs most religions, have windows over is preferred for SQL Server as like orchestrator. And I'll say SQL Server 20012019 standard or Enterprise Edition as required. 9. 3.2 Orchestrator Software Requirements: In the previous section, we joined the hardware requirement and all its focus on the software requirement. In order to support the orchestrator function correctly, we need multiple supporting softwares and it will start to be installed. The prayer to the orchestrator installation. Sql Server is the first. This is the major component of orchestrator ecosystem. Orchestrator creates a default database and SQL Server during its installation. This database is used to store all the orchestrator system tables and also the data that you create an orchestrator, such as jobs, schedules, license, logs, and so on. For production setup, we need a SQL standard or Enterprise Edition anywhere between 2012 to 2019. Next up is dominant framework, as you know you are pot is built over Dortmund flavor. So we need a minimum version of gotten framework 4.7.2. In order to successfully run the library functions, we need ASP.net code running 3.14 as a part of the hosting London, the ASP dot and core runtime enables you to run existing with silver applications. Since orchestrator way is nothing but a Web application, we need this component to be installed. Next, IIS, which is an Internet Information Service. The minimum required version is eight. This is part of the lip silvers rule, usually in all Windows Server IAAS is pre-installed. This can be enabled by the script provided way UAA pot, odd we can manually and it didn't also were. Next is you ought to read this model is an extension to IAAS which is required for the orchestrated. We've said this is for enabling the website to redirect the call str HTTPS instead of its GDP. The last one is vivid replay extension minimum required a version is 3.5. Please note that this is a required one leaflet PowerShell script installations, which enables you to deploy a website. Now. 10. 4.1. Tools required to practice the demo: Welcome reception for the previous section, we don't make what are these often are not very requirements what installing the orchestrator. And the next section we will be kick-starting our institution. Before that, we need to set up a lab environment. And this section we will find out always at Ofwat lab environment without spending any amount of licensing costs. There are three main components that adequate for our demo and practice. First, for our custdata installation, we need a Windows server machine. If you have a Windows operating system in your laptop or a desktop, well and good. But for those who don't have a Windows Server as it is used to create a Virtual Machine instance at Microsoft Azure portal as it provides a free credits for around $200. So around 14 K of Indian Rupees. We can set up a virtual machine with a Windows server and use it for free for one month. It should be more than sufficient to practice this demo. I have provided a link to the user portal for your action. Secondly, ZA plus the defray, or in other words V, But the Platform Installer, in order to install the orchestrator, we need a report. Enterprise platform provides the enterprise version for a trial period of 60 days. You can download the setup and license from you both website. In the next module, I will show you they won't all do request of free drain from you a pot. But VDS, good civil. The last section we learned that for production set of greed is good standard enterprise version, but that requires a license key. But for our demo in practice purpose, we can simply use a skill explicit mission which is completely free. And the coming module ever show you add a movie to download the SQL Server explicit mission. So this is Microsoft Windows as a portal where you can see steady yourself and get service for 12 months. And also you get a free credits for around 13,300 rupees that you can create a Windows virtual machine of Windows Server for our demo, both bus. And the next stop is you bought enterprise bad form Braille version download peach. Just click on this triangle repository button and you have to fill all these information. First name, last name. And the key here is you have to give you a business email here. And once you have done just give request, Ryan. And yes, you can see you'll get a 60 day trial version with all attended a 100 and, and grow. What's the next one we wanted to see is this good Silver pH. So this is where you have to download SQL Server explicit mission view scroll down below, you can just give a download node button. So these are the three bravery components that are required to kick-start our institution. 11. 4.2. UiPath Platform Trail Download: So if you abuse, we requested 40 wavelets platform into Enterprise trial version here, a positive side, you would have to save this May, which as your license key as well as the download link 40-odd installation setup file. Just click on the link and you can see, just see of it. The file sizes around 760 MV. So it's going to take some amount of time to download based on your internet speed. So the good thing about the platform, install it as it's kind of a single installer find where you can install a pathetic restricted vapour the robots and even if a pot studio aswell. So in my gaze, the fail as already just downloaded. There you want to see a multiplatform EXE file. 12. 5.1 Orchestrator Prerequisite Installation Demo: Welcome to the fifth section of this class. And the previous section we explored what are the system requirements to install the orchestrator in terms of both hardware and software. I hope at this point we are satisfied the minimum order requirements, which is a Window server machine. And you also have donor, the EU a pot enterprise platform try version. Alright, grade without reading any further, let's jump into the action. We will be installing all the previous slide tools one-by-one. I'll be showing you where to download these tools and I will be installed the same. So the first tool that we're going to install SQL Server, as per the production installation standards, we require SQL enterprise or a standard version. But as we discussed in the last section, is SQL Express Edition as more than enough for our demo purpose. 13. 5.2 SQL Server Express Edition Installation Demo: Let's download SQL Express edition. Go to your web browser search for SQL Express Edition, and then click on this link. So this is basically a Microsoft ellipse site link. Scroll down and give download button. Save it. So you get EXE installer, right-click and random as an administrator. So this is the UI of explicit mission. Let's just go with the basic installation which is sufficient for us x sub d licensing terms, and then go with the default installation location. If you see the installation started by downloading the installation package. And this is going to take a different time depending upon your internet speed. For me, it's almost completed. So once the installation packages are downloaded, the installation that will kick off automatically. Yeah, it has started now. And this installation will take anywhere between seven to ten minutes, I will see. So I'm going to pause this video and we'll assume that installation is about to complete. Mine station is about to complete, as you can see here. And once the installation is completed, you will get this kind of a screen where you can copy your connection string and then see your installation folder and other things. And before closing, let's give connect now to validate the installation. And if you can see one of those is affected. So our installation as success. So congratulations, SQL Server has been installed. 14. 5.3 Net Framework Installation Demo: Sr, previous mortar, we have successfully installed SQL Server explicit mission. Now it's time to move on to the next tool, which is.net framework. So although the dominant framework 4.7 does the minimum motion, we're going to install dot and framework 4.8. You can download it from the.net dot microsoft.com, which is given in the description. Or you can also Google for it. And if you Google it, you will get this beach is the official.net of Microsoft.com, Dover downloading daughter and frame. We'll just hit the Download button and then save it. This would actually save you EXE installer file just right-click and run as administrator. So the setup as stocked out to extract the files. So one is the extraction has completed. Institution will begin. So did he go This is the darkened framework. So we'll just accept the licensing agreement and click install. You can see all the required files have been downloaded. And shortly the installation will begin. Again, this Download might take a little bit of time depending upon your internet speed. If you happen to it, this bop, bop just give s. This is basically if one says that audios, gold, silver, and other dependent programs are running in the backbone. It's deceptive, wants to dominate those sessions. What is Morton's dilution? So after this points, it doesn't require any input from you is going to continue the installation. This institution is going to take some considerable amount of time, I will say anywhere between three to four minutes. So when the installation happens and I'll skip the institution bought. And if you can see yet, and my installation as about dual complete. So once it's completed, it will show you this completion page. So just finish. 15. 5.4 Net Core Bundle Installation Demo: Let's quickly find o dot installation status. So these are the contents collision status Ofwat Because readability besides so we have successfully installed SQL Server Express Edition and also dot-dot framework as well. So the next item that we wanted to install is the dominant chord Rambam. We need ASP.net, a quarter name as a part of the whisking bundle. Asp.net quadrant dam enables you to run existing with similar applications. Since August create wi is nothing but a live application. We need this component that they installed. Alright, let's start our installation process metaphors downloading the dot analytical abundance. So in the web browser and Google it dot unquote bundle. And so you can do the second link. And that takes you to Microsoft to this side, and this is quadrant. So we'll be zoning out arose over system architecture. You can download that you deliver daughter 64-bit version. So I just click the download link saved the file C will go down knee vaccines toilet file. Scala does don't order. So right-click on it and then it run. And then it installed button. So this is basically a small modules and doesn't take much time for the installation. And they do go, we've completed the explosion successfully it close button to exit the install it anyway. 16. 5.5 IIS Installation Demo: So in our installation journey of religious iTunes, we have installed SQL Express and.net framework and code bundle. Now let's jump into i is by default ISS installed in all Windows Server. We just have to enable it. First, we have to enable IAS and then enable all the required roles and features of iOS. There are two ways to enable the roles and features of IS want us through abortions, could afford it, buy you a pot. And another way is to manually inability in the Server Manager. First let's find out out of the scripts and then followed by manually enablement. So in order to enable the IS, just go to windows search one and then type server manager. Click on the southern manager. Once the Server Manager as up, just click on the Manage and then add roles and features. So just it next year and make sure the installation type is rule-based and then it next. And then like we Lab the machine, name it next and then scroll down a little bit. And if you can see we have web server IS click on that and then add features it next. And one more time we have to eat next. And let's just make sure that we have selected everything and then it next and then give installed. So now the server will start the installation. Said earlier. Ios is already present in this server machine. But due to some security reasons, certain roles and features are not enabled. So by doing this way, we are enabling the IAS. So this installation is going to take a little bit of time and it's almost halfway completed. So once the complete does installation, the next thing we wanted to do is to enable the roles and other features that we wanted under this IS we're almost done with the installation. Yeah. I didn't. Solution is completed. You can just give gloss. So the next thing we want to do is to enable certain roles of or IAAS. For that we have two methods. The first is to enable it through a stood for that you can go to these adults WHO.com. This is the official website of EPO documentation page. And if you can see there is IAAS and you have an option there to download the script file. So right click Save linguist and then save this file. So before starting to install this point, let's just see what's in this group tasks. If you see, it is basically enabling floating rules and features of Y is by default Xcode and tools. It doesn't have these features integral, so we have to enable, enable it ends it requires but our radical street or installation. So these are the, some of the rules that we are. Right? Let's all go to script which we downloaded right-click and then run with the PowerShell and then open. This is basically a Polish shuttle now script file, so it has to be opened only with PowerShell. And if you can see here it's checking. So ten features, whether it is enabled or not. Same McKay's MIP, all these features are already enabled, so that's facing enabled option. Engaging certain roles or not enabled, that would be enabled by this group. Slow script has executed successfully. We have no way to build all the required roles and features for our institution. Alright, let's now find out the second method on all be enable these same rules that just go to windows search war. And then I've, so we'll manage it and click on the seller manager. So they'd click on add roles and features. So we get this page navigate to several selection and then it next. So if you scroll down a little bit, you'll be seeing that IAAS is enabled which failed done already. Now expand ions and then go to the silver and then application development. So in this you can enable ASP.net 3.54.6. And then we have silicate photo call IESE ABA filled dots. So basically whatever the Ds on this could file. Just give add features. I'm gonna go to again, security, select you oughta, localization Windows authentication. And then it next. So click to install. So none of the installation we've begun, this institution will take quite a bit of a time as we have an oblique multiple rows of phi s. So during this installation, I just want to recap of the things that I've done in these IES. So first we started off by enabling the AAAS. And then there are movies to enable the roles of IAAS. The forced baby saw was using a basket of five. And then the second reason to do it manually. Alright, this institution is going to take a bit of time and then I'm going to ask if this bot, and then I assume when the installation is complete, audience Division is about to complete now. And yes, it's complete darkness and then it's done just it close. 17. 5.6 URL Rewrite Installation Demo: Let us quickly find out our current installation status. So this is our status. So if you can see here we are successfully magnetic against SQL Server explicit Nation.net framework, dot and quarantined and IAAS. So the next model that we wanted to install, this URL rewrite, as mentioned in section three, this model is an extension to IAAS, which is required for all cost recovery site. This is for enabling the website to redirect recalls to HTTPS instead of HTTP. Alright, let's start our installation process. In your web browser of your silver. Navigate to Google and search for URL rewrite. And then it enter. And basically you will receive a bunch of URLs of your unrelated. But just click on the first link, which is an IES website of Microsoft.com is the official page. Download the URL rewrite. So if you want to go through what you are reading it, you can find out the architectural diagram and a lot of documentation that was provided by Microsoft.com. But for, in our case, for installation, just install these extension button, click on that button and then save it and open the folder. It's in this way you will have an EXE installer file run as an administrator. Sid installer is unpacking the packages. This is the way of this urine rewrite installer. Just give installed button and then you can accept the licensing terms that would start your installation by just downloading the require files. This is just kinda for tiny modelling, so it doesn't take a lot of time for the installation. And if you can see it's already completed, just it finish. And there you go. We have installed the URL rewrite. 18. 5.7 Web Deploy Installation Demo: Before starting this module, let's click you find our ventilation status. And if you can see we have almost installed all law required a PhD because I was so focused on the one lead bending light on those vivid in-flight three-point flame. And as you can see, this is the equator one leaf flutter up polish and institution, the minimum required devotion, a steady point fleet. So this goo that are different day, so focused institution and all. The one that we're going to follow is the platform installed it, we doesn't drink widely deployed three-point flame. But anyway, let's learn how to install this estimate. So in Euro VB rosa, just open Google London, just eight lib deploying. That would give you a bunch of URLs. Let's click on the first one. So if you want to know more about Web Deploy, you can find out this architecture diagram and the documentation as well. But in our case, let's just installed this extension button. And you can download, again based on your system architecture of yourself would download 32-bit or 64-bit version. Give next. And this would allow just loved the captivity popup and then save it. See you. Your installation flight will get downloaded shortly. And as I said earlier, this is again, an expression to iOS is not a new sulphate or a goal that we are going to install. But it's just an add-on model for outer IAAS which we have enabled earlier. There's just give install. And that would open up the web deployed installer UI. So once the UI is launched, just give BAD run. There's just a security missing and didn't give next and the next Sunday licensing demon domes. And is a goal that the difficult installation we don't need any customers deletion, just install this. You can see this is again short institution does, is it doesn't take much dam, that evil we have computed the institution just did finish. 19. 6.1 Orchestrator Installation Options: Welcome to this next section of this course. This is the most important section of this course where we are going to install the orchestrator. So far we have completed all the pretty cosine tools installation, the data required for orchestrator. And we are good to go start our orchestrator installation. Before starting the installation, let's find out the types of installers. You a pot office. Basically, there are three installation options that are available to install the orchestrator. First option is to a Windows Installer. So in this type, the name of the UAE part, the platform setup file is way both orchestrator dot MSA. This installer is preferred for a complex installation of orchestrator and all its components in one or multiple lots. The second option is through the installation script for ASOR. This Install, It is used to install orchestrator on other applications of this. This other installation script also enable you to install orchestrator one or multiple notes. Last option is to use a PaaS Platform Installer. In this type, the name of the UK path platforms into file is vapour, the platform dot EXE. This installer, it'll CO2 install orchestrator, rowboat and studio. And it is recommended for OneNote architectures. So if you look closely, the first option and the third option are almost identical. So which one to use? Cif he asked me, I will suggest you two points. Number one, MSI installer is preferred for a multi node architecture, and he axes for a single node architecture. And point number two, usually MSA packages or provided for system administrator. This is not specific to vapour. This is for any software tool. System administrators who have the need to deploy this software to several terminus over an ebook. Msa packages sometimes do have additional options such as doing silent or a preconfigured to installs. So if you're not a system admin and not installing in multiple machines, then EXE installer is preferred. So you're not demo. We have donor the third option which is a UI path platform EXE file. All right, so we have installed all RPG because I do have already a path Platform Installer EXE file, and we also have a trial license S1. We had a good start on orchestrated installation. 20. 6.2 Orchestrator Installation Part 1: So we have already donor DUA Bot Platform Installer, which we have it here. So let's launch the installer that an administrator role. So the installer as loading. So this is the welcome page of the installer for hosting. You wanted to check is the version number. So the our 20.420. And here we have a licensing agreement to read in case if your interested. Below here we have the language options as well. So these are the multiple languages supported for this installation, except the licensing agreement and it next, the first page of the installer, if you see we have two options here. One is to install UAA part studio and robot. And the second one is to specifically install orchestrator focus freedom. You have the options to go for a single node or a multi node. And for that in multi node, you can go for the primary node or the installer secondary, nor am I. On the right side, you have some links, whether you are a part the documentations Now that is sources. Now let's also click on the Tools tab. So this damp generally you will find any add-on tools that comes as part of this installer. And this notion of you're a part, the area around 240 gray part remote around them. Alright, so let's start out installation in the install single node option. So the left side contains all the steps that are part of this installation. So we are going to traverse through all these pages in order to complete our inspiration for the forced pages all about IS settings for our cost recovery of sight. Website name has nothing with the name of an orchestrated website in IES by default, it is always said to you a pot odd constraint on next field is the installation part. You can change this part if you would like, but it is possible to live with the default apart they install it chooses. This one is the Allston name. This is used to identify the device on which orchestrates that is installed. By default, this is set is a full computer name. Their site port. The port you want to use planar builder communications between the computer and orchestrated. By default, this is safety for 4-3. Will you do is use HTTPS, add firewall rules for this board and selected automatically as firewall rules for this board to ensure your emissions, security. And if you've used are verified port availability often it will check if the specificity of Saint boat is available on mark. So the last one on this page as SSL certificate. Ssl certificate generally required for any websites for secure transmission, that is HTTPS. For our demo purposes, we are going to use a self-signed certificate. In order to create a self-signed certificate, let's launch a Run and click on Add and type IN ED MGR. So that brings you to IASB h. So here expand, go straining Senor Casey will see your machine name, search for server certificates and double-click it. There you go, you have silver certificates. Just double-click on it. So let's expand the window a bit. So if you see on your right side you have an option to create a self-signed certificate, click on it. And a certificate. Name a personal limb, and chooses certificates to what as a personal, this is very important if you choose of their boasting, you'll get an error during our installation. So please note down the value under this field that is issued to do. This is the value we need to supply to orchestrator nor the certificate name. So I am a loser in caves, I'm going to delete one of them. So now I know the value of issue to do. Yeah. So that's entered, that value here which is goes streaming. And that's it. And we are done with the speech. Lets it next. The next page is the application pool settings page. And application pool is nothing but an identity. And identity is a Windows account. Every process that runs in Windows runs center and identity. So we are going to specify in under which identity or orchestrator required to run publication pool name fee is set to you a path orchestrator by default and it cannot be edited. Identity enables you to choose that entity under which the wave-particle SETA website trends, there are two options, application pool identity and customer contact. Application pool identity rents the orchestrator website under the default identity of the application pool customer contracts the orchestrator website under an existing windows or domain identity, selecting this option displayed to feeds, username and password, which enable you to specify T under which the orchestrator needs to run to the customer account is going to be the current user account that I'm going to install the orchestrator to enter the credentials of the currently logged in account and click next to the next page is your preceded database sitting speech. So EBM three important fields. Sql Server ofs is the name of the SQL Server machine. Since we have installed SQL Server in the same mission, the host name is going to be domain slash is going to express this as the default was Nim office will express and database name the name of the orchestrator database. By default, this is set up. We need to change it to a path 20-20, since they already have a DB name, the way pot authentication mode is going to be Windows by default. So once we complete all the d days, lets it next. So this page is the identity server sitting speech IND server is shifted along with orchestrator enabling centralized authentication and access control across v path products. A year you have two fields. One is the database name, which it's already populated based on the previous page. And the second one is the orchestrator public URL. The orchestrator public URL is the URL of the orchestrator to which directory server connects. By default, it is leads to HTTPS. Slash and min, we can give any name here. So in case if it is a production, you can give a broad audience because a pesky can give best. And anything that you would want to visit only a project after finishing these movies. Let's next. The elastic block sitting speed is displayed as mentioned here, Elastic Search is an option and models in case if you have elastic search installed, you can configure a DNR. So this speed basically has two fields. One is the Yuan, the Elasticsearch URL to which you want to log information. The second one is it requires authentication. There's N7 Xubi indicate if your elastic instances requires authentication. If selected username and password fields are displayed under the username and password and it next. So that gives me an ongoing do configured any elastic search as the haven't installed. So let's hit Next. The orchestrator authentication sitting speed is displayed null. Here you need to set up master password. We need to set up passwords. First is almost password. This is specific custom parser for the OSB administrator. You default user admin is great and very orchestrated during its installation for reached Vienna to set the password. So again, we need to provide a password for the default administrator. Default and that is also created by on custdata during the installation. Please note that these password, at least eight characters long, must have at least one lowercase character and at least one digit visited force login enables you'll gain first postulate research on the force login. And then when Windows authentication, if selected, it enables Windows authentication because later and displays the Active Directory Domain field and Active Directory Domain field, you need a domain, you want to use an orchestrator and from which users are going to be either say, make gaze. If I break my machine domain name with a score screening, all the users in what wiped off this domain will able to login to orchestrated through that have been goes AD. So you would only need to create any special credentials for them to login to orchestrator. The next page is the additional tools at deemed speech. So yeah, anyway, but provide Sudan add-on tools to perform certain analytics that can help a business. And IT deems, for example, you have a feature called insights. This is a future that platform for data and modelling and Analytics integrated directly with orchestrator. For this data to be created, you need MySQL server. So we already have this glue server so you can enter that SQL Server lost. And by default it takes away part insights database and what, which stores all the information for this modelling. And we also have distort emission and new future. You're not going to install these features. Let's give those things and we can hit next. Alright, we have completed all our settings successfully, and this is basically the installation, somebody. So before the installation begins its presence, all the settings that we have given so far. So each beach UDC, what are the details that we have entered? So you can validate the settings and if you are satisfied, you can eat install on what else? You can go to the previous speech and change everything. All radar installation has started as V hit install and it is deletion is regressed. So in the next module, we will continue on installation. 21. 6.3 Orchestrator Installation Part 2: So in the previous model, we have successfully set up all the required configurations and the installer and initiated or obfuscated installation. So in this module we are continuing our orchestrator installation. So this installation can take only up to five minutes because we are installing only a single node. And also we have skipped all the optional add-ons and extensions. Installer would perform a series of steps. If look at the bottom of the status bar, you can find out the step that has been executed currently. So let's concentrate on the installation so that we will understand what are the activities performed by the installer. Currently the migrant feature state step is performed by the installer. The migrant feature state action is used to during upgrading and when installing a new application or weather-related application. This is a common step in all Windows installation migrate feature stayed reads the feature states in the existing application. And then since these features states in depending installation, this magnet feature seed action only runs when the first thing that product is installed. And this doesn't run during any maintenance modern institution. So currently some of the files are being copied to the installation directory. So if you remember b, given our installation directory as way path under the program files. So all the required files for the orchestrator to perform correctly. Mostly it's DLL files and other configuration files. Those are being copied it to the directory. Currently the installer that's performing windows firewall configuration. This is an important activity because the orchestrator is a core component of u, a pond platform and there are n number of robots that use ticket connected orchestrator. And also we have development machines which is connected to the orchestrator for the code, promotions and other things. So for this server machine of orchestrator requires a strong configuration. So it's very important that this machine is safe, guarded, and it's being prevented from any outside our tax. So after the setup is configured, the windows firewall. And additionally, there are also some other options where the ITT we use Laplace unconditional security policies to this. Whereas when that depends upon the client requirement and their security policies, this is an anonymous tip, is contributing the IAAS feuding and went into PV is modelled looting auditor installation configuration. Details of phi AS those configuration saw to being up late. So if you see the current step it's destroying the product shouldn't be confusing this step against the licensing step, because this distribution is nothing but it's adding the entries to the induced registry. So we will be applying license post installation in another module. So right now, the core installation is actually happening, which is installing custom components. So custom components is nothing but a component could be anything as a part of orchestrator or it could be a robot surveys, it could be a queue service. And any other required functionalities are being installed here. So our installation is almost completed a, we'll say it's 75%, but it can complete in any second from now. Say it said The final step. Once the components are being installed, the non-leaf. There you go. All the backup files and everything will be removed. So once this activity is completed. So or installation. Yeah. So installation is over. And if you see, you are seeing here uninstall option an orchestrator. So which means the orchestrator is installed successfully without any areas for now. So let's quickly go to the IAAS. So for that, go to Run and it INET MGR and navigate to this your machine name and then under sites, expand the science. And if you see you have UA path orchestrator. So this is the website which are installer as installed. And you can configure your website, all these orphans VM, you can restart, start or stop. And to browse this site for the first time you can give browse. Sit, you see this? It's a GPS co straining In my case. So this orchestrator page, it takes some time to load, so don't freak out if you see this loading and sometimes they Blows even for five to ten minutes. And inverse k As you might need to restart your machine if it's not loaded. But this happens only for the first time, but once you login to orchestrator and in the next successive, our tendency to be faster. And in case if you phase any errors, something like application error or a db eta or anything, you can always Google for the error message because those would be standard Windows error and you always have a solution for that. In most of the cases you phase errors only in case if the database services is not running. So in case if you face any application or editor, you can just try to restart your SQL service and try to login again. So we have successfully installed the way path orchestrated. And in the next module we will try to login and validate or installation. 22. 6.4 Validate Installation: Let's look at our orchestrator URL. This is my URL. So on the leftmost corner, if you are getting this warning message, it is fine. This is because we have used a self-signed SSL certificates and that's why we are getting that warning message. Let's just type in username. Admin is the default username that is created by UA path. And the password is the one that you gave during your installation. Logan. Bij is getting loaded and shortly we will be getting the UA Path logo. And did he vote? So once you get this logo, v will be taken to the homepage. So we are at the homepage. So there's just make sure whether we have all the components installed correctly. Draw boards, Joel's cues and everything there. And the storage debug, it seems to be a new component that has been added in this version. Let's quickly scroll down a little bit and then find out the installed version. Yes, 20-20. So let's also go to the admin page. The key part is yet as DEA license. So currently we haven't applied any license. But now mind we're going to install a license key in the next module. So we'll just hit cancel for now. And so you can just play around with this URL for now, just make sure all the competence ought installed correctly. So congratulations, you have successfully installed the way pot and also you have to get rid of it. 23. 6.5 Apply License: So in this model, we will find out outdoor play our license to the UA pot platform. So this will go to the settings page and then go to the license menu. So there are two options you can activate online as well as offline. But mostly it's always been done at online. So we need the males that was sent by your iPod while downloading year port performs setup so you can copy the license key from there and come back here and face the license here and use the environment designation. So in this case it's going to be production and then give activate. And did he go or license has been activated successfully. So if you can see here, you can find your license key, a mask, and you have your activation ideas when and the license Valerie D. So if you incase if your license has expired or something, if you want to update it, you can always go and click the Update and Delete button. And you basically have to follow the same procedure that we have done. So this the speed gives a complete picture of your license consumption. So whenever you consume any license for tended around Inter Data Studio, that wouldn't be updated here so you can keep track of all your licenses. And this is what the licensing so we were playing the licenses successfully. 24. 6.6 Configure Web Config File: In this module, which is to support VIP dot config file. We've got config file contains multiple settings that enable you to configure orchestrated to your liking in order to access web config file and go to C program files, you a bond orchestrator. And you'll see the five-year let's open it. This we have got config file contains n number of settings that you can do starting from application settings and logging information. So usually whenever the deployment has completed, the administrator wanted to read eau de logging, default login positive or customize depart. So those can be operated here. Or you can abrade the robot blogspot Elastic Search buffer, and the database logs and other things. If I scroll down a bit, you can see the all the given settings that can be changed together and yard you can see the robot machinery and those properties. And also you can see the database settings, the connection strings of does insights database and also your orchestrator database. Basically you can see the tenant ID or robot ID process named those properties, do naming, naming conventions and everything. And also the settings are categorized based on components as well. If you see here, this is the advantage installation settings. It can mention deployment URL, monitoring URL. And you also have you settings and alerts. Disallowed settings is nothing but the grown jumps, the alerts that used to run. So this is when the alert messages should be triggered. And those configurations yam, and you also have deployment authorization and load balancers, password vault. So everything basically whatever changes that you wanted to do in terms of settings for orchestrator and your robots. Those can be done here. In case if you have Fyodor like confused on which settings you need to find out. You can always do a search for a specific keyword and extract those informations. Especially. For example, if you want to search for logs, it can search, give control F and search for logs. And you will find out all the information slavery to login. So if you want to tease apart and other things, and the log level and everything can be changed yet. So this is how you search in the config file. So there are a lot of settings that data available to change. So I leave to you to read all those things. 25. 7.1 UiPath Robot Introduction: Welcome to the second section of this course, you a point robot installation. So in the previous section we have successfully installed unlicensed dot cos theta. Now let's focus on robot installation. So in this section we're going to do two activities. First installed the way path robot using the UA path Platform Installer. Second, we are going to connect our award word orchestrator, you APL terminology. This is called provisioning the robot. For this activities, we don't require any new servers. There are going to use our same orchestrator server itself. Because getting a new machine for a robot doesn't make any difference, except you have to install the SSL certificate. 26. 7.2 UiPath Robot Installation Demo: So let's start our robot installation and launched the URI Bot Platform Installer. Once the installer is launched, like sub D licensing dance, check this check box and then it next. So if you can see basically there are two options. You've got onesy here, pathetic Australia, which you have already done. The other one as your ports to do and robot retains stall. So the first option, you'll see how does the installation pod you can change if you want. And the next thing is, if you want to install only the robot or you can install, you buy you a portrait of studio plus the robot. And then the licence code, which we have deceived, and then the orchestrator connection string. And below, if you see there are two Installation type one and so this mode, the other one has user mode. So basically if you're psyched user mode, all the robot compounds that are under the user session. And if you select service mode, it runs under the windows service and it gets good that are out there are a couple of settings that you have here and if you want, you can check those things. And then you've got the other settings as well. Are additional settings about the disabled secure resembles and disabled elementary. Alright, let's start art installation by just filling all the required D tags first, let's copy license code and then paste it under the license Score field. I want to install on the vapours robots. So I just selected that and then base your orchestrator URL there. Alright? And then if you want go to the advanced to happen, then you can see that our options to install the plugins and add-ons for Java and chrome. And then if you want to give a customer local field of the packages, you can do that. So let's just go back and then it install or installation has started already. This Install, It is going to take some moment of time. The installer asked to traverse through lots of phases. We are the first phase, which is the initialization phase. When they install is running, I wanted to talk about any important setting which we made in the previous screen during Lord reigns deletion setup page, that is, when we selected a service mode and user mode option isn't very important nanometer the task is ve selected carefully because each mode assets won't features. So you have to select it appropriately, whichever that is going to suit your automation need. For example, the service mode is best suited in a 100 and it auto emissions scenarios and large-scale platform deployments. And the process is executed that will vote executor runs at the same rates as the user under which it is registered. So then coming about, user mode is robot. It has been sued in our direct automation scenarios. It transcended the user that installed it. And as the same exactly as it particular user, you, a Protestant, is automatically launched when a process is started. So use it in order of what is always going to be suited for the user who asked, it seemed like. So basically this is all the robot is installed. And so for any customer who watches the UA part installer. So the might be having videos environments such as development, test, and production. So if they want to install Niigata robot in each of the machines. So basically the MTO caddy distinct Canada's installer in those machines and then perform the installation. You can see your institution is about to complete and some of the files have been copied. And then the song, the shortcut suitably created a photo, what little bought. And then followed by environment variables, addition. And then they gave both robots services, has been started and the product is also introduce stood. So these are the difficult. We bought the robot. Ions deletion steps. So the identifiers teach older installation is almost hidden and backup files are in remote. Then you go on installation and successful. Congratulations, you have successfully installed way about robot. 27. 7.3 UiPath Robot Provision Demo: So in the previous model, via successfully installed you a potter or what noted, sock them to provision our robot to her orchestrator. For that, let's launch automate what robot once. In order to launch it, go to C program files, you, I bought studio and then search for you a robot. So double-click on it. And once you double-click good, you'll find the robot in the system three right-click and then go for orchestra to settings. So if you see that what is currently unlicensed. So let's attempt to license it. So go to Management tab and then machines. So click on a standard machine. So the first step would be entering the machine name, centered a valid name yet. So in my case I'm entering my machine. Name goes training. And then you have to select the number of licenses, that of what is going to consume. So it's going to be one. So now we're in debt to fruition. Yeah. Now you've got the key, copy the key and say We're going to Notepad file because we will be using it in the next step. Now let us go to the robots and then click on the plus button and then go for the standard or walk. So Cl2, just select the mission which you have just created. Now enter a name for this robot. So I'm writing goals straining the same as the machine name. And again enter a description if you would like. So yielded the key pointers, you have to give a pipe that does the work people through. What is this? Now it's going to be an unearned Ritter robot. Let's leave the orchestrator stored acid. This is the next bond is very important, very OK, enter the machine domain name and then username. So you have entered these names correctly or does you won't be able to connect data. What are the possible? So once you enter the password, if you'd like, you can go and explore the sittings. But we're good for now. Just click on the Create button. No, let's open our robot here. I'm going to see him as the orchestrator sittings. So we need two things here. One is the orchestrator you order, which we already have. So in my case it's going to be at CBS called straining same data that Melaka Strait field. And next is the machine game which we have just created. Copy that, and paste the machine key field. I would connect. So if you see immediately the state does is going to be connected and it's sensed, close this one and it's Goldwater orchestrated to just verify the same. So if you see the robots and somebody connected and it's framed dependent status as available. And they're just sleeping on the management. And then I'm seeing that robot is again connected. So let's go to the license. And if you see that one license has been consumed for this robot, which is 10%, this is one runtime of n, which we have just known connected. So whenever you provision a need robots and you will play the license. So you will find the number of licenses that robot. A little waltzes consumed, right? This is all the pollution that are water. 28. 8.1 Orchestrator Deployment Check List Part 1: Having a checklist for in deployment or migration activity is very essential because only the new average at list in place, your deployment can be made easier without running into any major issues. So this section, let's go through the checklist for away but Platform deployment. This chip list is prepared by myself based on my experience. And you can use this in your real name products. This checklist is not limited to this template. You can also customize this based on your requirement as well. So in this Excel checklist, I have three times. The first one is set apart is the second one is the set of software, and the third one is the orchestrator configuration values. So let's concentrate each one of these steps one by one. So the first step that we're going to focus is the set apart. This saying that the first is the orchestrator architecture. As you know, we have two major options must be simple. And the second one is the high-performance. And so whenever, wherever you land for the UA upon platform deployment, you need to determine which outgas shooter architecture that you are going to follow. So this decision can be taken based on certain factors. The first factor is the plane requirement. So obviously you're going to ask the client which architecture they would like to follow based on their requirement. And the second thing is the project complexity. When I say important complexity depends on the number of robots this project is going to use. That. And based on that, your architecture will differ. And the third one is the budget. You need to know what is the budget allotted for this project. So based on that, select the architecture that you are going to follow. So you can mark a tick against that architecture, which are going to juice. And the next item is the server requirement. So based on the architecture, you need to determine how many servers you required for this set up. Says, you know, if it is a simple deployment option, you might need only one server for the orchestrator. And also you will accommodate all the SQL server and elastic search in that one server itself. So you need only one machine for that. But in case of an High-performance architecture, you need an industrial machines for each component. So if you'll see VR1 machine for orchestrator, one for SQL Server and unfair Elastic Search. And the load balances we have made it free thing k's if we wanted to change the load balance to four. And you have the updated total Windows server. So you will need this information to be captured before starting your deployment. The next item is the deployment tape. So we have three options here. One is the on-premise setup and the second one is the Cloud, and the third one is the hybrid. So again, on this deployment type, it's based on the claimed requirement. And also you need to see which option is best for the project. So I would say some kinds might don't want to go for a cloud security concerns because especially if the client is based out of banking and the field lake storing the data in the cloud is not secured. So they always prefer on our on-premise setup. So based on that, you need to select a witch deployment type that you're going to follow us on, mark tick against that deployment option. So the next thing that we wanted to see is the robot architecture. So as link or orchestrated components, we also need to determine the number of machines that are required for our robot as well. So as you know the two types of robot, outer that an unlimited legged robots. So you needed to know number of unmet 100 robots you need in your project and the number of 100100 robots are required. And based on that, you need to fill out this spot as well. And the other point is, this can be determined based on the licensing model that you have obtained from u a pod. So when you obtain a license, you will get the number of license. A lot of it for our tended not to read robot. So based on that, you can fill that spot. And also to be noted that the development robots are not taken into consideration in this set up. So let's switch over to the second tab, which is the set of soft less. So and this Shi De forced point that we are going to know Don is the deployment option says, you know, the F3 deployment options, what does the windows? The second one is the UA bot platform. The third one is SR. So you need to find out which deployment option that you are going to choose for your installation. So based on that and knock tick against that option. And the next thing is, as we discussed in the earlier sections, these are the required prerequisite tools for our orchestrator installation. So make sure that you've downloaded these tools and then you also, whenever you complete the installation, you can mark against those tools as well. 29. 8.2 Orchestrator Deployment Check List Part 2: The last sheet is very important. This is your particular configuration values. So I would suggest before starting your orchestrator installation, you would capture all the required fields over the other. So because during the installation you don't need to scope in between and then go back and fetch the required it is and come to fill in again. So when you add these fees and Dina sheet, it will be very simple and very easy to stop the formula deployment. So I had missed and don't all the pages based on this depths. So say no, the forest pages all about the IAS setting step. And so you need all these hold pandemic does to fill out this page, orchestra installation particles, import Anniston certificate. And the second one is the application pool Settings page. So you need which a cone that you are going to use for their application will settings. And the third one is the SQL Server Settings page. And even when you install your SQL database, you obviously know the oldest named database name and the credentials. And the fourth one is the identity server settings page. Again, you can use the same database name here. And the next one is the orchestrator public URL. You need to glutamine which URL and you're going to use for your project. And the fifth one is in keys, if you will, Elasticsearch Settings, and then you can fill up those details here. And there are 61 is the orchestrator authentication page. So this requires certain postulates. So those postulates CAN BE sometimes you have some standards, policies, these dawn IT policy. So, so ten planes might have some policy standards for passwords. So you can fill out those passwords C out and keep it handy. And the last one is the additional tools, speech and gaze. If you're planning to loosen this additional tools page, you can now set up those values here. So this is all about the chip list. So I hope you can use this chip. Listen your projects, I'm your real time use cases. So this will definitely help you. 30. 9. 1 Orchestrator Database Setup Demo: In this section, let's analyse the UAA Parse Server database. They'll get to know what are the tables it consist of and all those table so you will for all operations. But first let's download a tool to view the database. We're going to use SQL DB explicitly, which is a free version. Let's download the tool, go to Google and type is dvx. So hit Enter. So click on the first link is guilty. We explicitly, so click here to download the latest version, save it. So then you save it. You will have an EXE file downloaded. So I only have grown a little this failure. So let's right-click and then give Extract All. So once you do that, you would have this SQL EBX application, which is kind of a portable application. You can run it to connect ADB. So before that, let's create a ODBC database sues for our database. So let's go to ODBC data sources and then click on Add and then use SQL Server. And then it finished. So just give a Data Source Name. It doesn't matter whatever the name you give, some typing away part and the SQL DB. The next thing we have to address these over, so ask the sun, the orchestrator installation on our, our default SQL databases, data sources always the domain name, slash, ball and radius given X plus. So give next. See you don't ever do anything yet. We will go, we are going to use the Windows authentication for login and then give next. And then again you again next. Let's finish it. Give a test data source and the connection is successful. So just give okay, and then close all these windows and let's launch all his dvx. You run. So once this could levy access open, so basically, we need to select the ODBC connection which we have just created. So for that, you can go to DBMS type and then Busan, ODBC, DSN. So here you will find ODBC which we have greater give, okay? And then we get okay. And there you go. We have connected to the ODBC connection. And if you see, yeah, this is an ODBC connection. And if you click on this drop-down and B, AB, all the database that we wanted. So the selectivity vapor database. So that's it. No VM access to you IPAT database. 31. 9. 2 Orchestrator Database Analysis: So this is at all cost data database. And if you see here my databases, you a bond 20-20 and your gaze, you need to select whatever the name that you give booting the auto straighter, its deletion. And if you see these are the list of tables that are used by UA bought foot all let's operations starting from asserts as it values an audit logs and everything. So basically that is a DB2 for each component. This is the license where you can find the licensing information, the expiry date, depletion, Daymond, everything you can get it. And then logs has vetted. And for that you can explore everything yet. So these are the ETL want stable and then rolls. So if you select a doozy, what are the rules that you create? An auto straight down. So this could be whatever that you create or whatever it is dissimilar nautical statehood. And David, a thing is basically retrieved from Viet. So z basically the odd. Well, if the article stated that we can see and you can see the US it accounts. And then you have uses and just of uses that are Das and sell everything you have. And if you can see these are yes subs and as it values. So let's do one thing. Let's see how will this DB2 bulks. So what I'm going to do and all this dual login to my orchestrator. And currently in Assert David, that is no insert. And let's squeeze and then click on assets. So let's create a simple answer to yet. So we'll just do bad a name, something. Just giving you one the school would best test undisclosed onset and give a value for this. So let's hit Create. So you have all such creator. And if you go ERD can see the asset value, whatever that we have created. So this is obviously it works. So when you delete an asset from orchestrated, again, this susceptibles will get updated accordingly. So if you see your TV ad, the asset that which you have just created, and it's as good as all information minutes create Derrida and from which tenant ID and the user ID and everything. So there's kind of a log which orchestrator S for each table to prac, What are the changes the users as made? And it's cool to the machines. David, an idea. You can see the machine which we just going to put in non previous module. So you have the license key and the name of the machine. So you can scroll. Obviously, you can check everything, whatever they do you need, whatever information that you want. So let's create a queue year and mosquitoes and bulk you my underscore. Q and then just give act. There's Goldwater on table. And you can see q definitions. You can see the gills, list of cues and even if it can seek new items in the queue transactions as well, saluting the processing only two items are stored here. So this is a vote orchestra dot-dot database. So just wanted to show you, like whatever information that you extract from, what customer data can also extract the same from the DBS value. So this is one of what orchestrated database. And so you can explore them more on these tables.