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RPA Overview | Tools review & comparison | Automation anywhere basics

teacher avatar Dhinesh Kannan

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is RPA?

    • 3. Advantages & Disadvantages of RPA

    • 4. RPA Tool demo - Automation anywhere

    • 5. How to start with RPA

    • 6. RPA life cycle

    • 7. What RPA is Not

    • 8. What Tasks Can RPA Automate

    • 9. Why RPA is required

    • 10. What’s the future of RPA, Will RPA growth

    • 11. All list of RPA tools

    • 12. Top 5 RPA Tools Comparison

    • 13. Checklist for Selecting The Right RPA Tool

    • 14. Top 5 Reasons for RPA Projects Fail

    • 15. What is Bot in RPA

    • 16. Type of Bots

    • 17. Tips for RPA implementation & What is the cost

    • 18. RPA Implementation Challenges

    • 19. Industries using RPA

    • 20. RPA Job roles

    • 21. RPA developers roles, skills & Salary

    • 22. Points considered while selecting RPA consultant

    • 23. Short overview of AA A2019

    • 24. A2019 Excel overview

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About This Class

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of automating business operations using robots (bots) in order to saves time and human efforts to a major extent.

In this course you will learn :

•What is Robotic process automation

•Advantages & Disadvantages of RPA

•RPA life cycle

•What RPA is Not

•What Tasks Can RPA Automate

•All list of RPA tools

•Checklist for Selecting The Right RPA Tool

•Top 5 RPA Tools comparison

•What is Bot in RPA

•What is the cost of RPA Implementation

•RPA Implementation Challenges

•RPA Developers approximate Salary

•Points considered while selecting RPA consultant

Automation anywhere A2019 tool overview

A free copy of Automation anywhere can be downloaded here.


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Hello, I'm Dhinesh.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. In this course we're going to see come to the RP as well as tools review in comparison with this, including parties RP, advantageous and disadvantageous AP RP, then RP lifecycle, what Rp is not, then the types of software automation, what tasks can RP automate? Then the difference between a regular automation and the RP. Rp is required in that particular process. What is the future of RPI? What is the level of interest? Will RPA continue growing? And RPA tools review and comparison. Here we'll compare the top Fi RP tools with you, a blueprint, some automation anyway. What tuition and the NYSE. These are are the end all list of RPA Tools Overview, tick list about selecting the right RPA tool, RP bots over u. What is the bot type of bots and RP implementation process? What is the cost and ERP implementation challenges that industries are using the RP then RP roles and jobs. Kvl, what patient? Rp developer, RPA developer skills, RP developers, the approximate salary, as well as points needs to be considered while selecting the RPA consultant. So these are all the points we'll cover in this session. 2. What is RPA?: Let's begin with what is RP? Festival? Rp stands for robotic process automation. And it's our advanced automation process. In the other automation that we're using the script languages to automate the process. But here we are not going to use, mostly we are not using the script languages. So even the non-programmers can land and use the tool. It's very, very simple process. The RP is the process of automating business operations using the software robots. It's very, very important point. You may be misunderstood like it's a physical argument that robot, but it's a software robots. It cannot see the robots in the front in order to save time and human inputs. To a major extent. This is the RPI, the basics and the explanations. What is robotics and what is process and what is Automation? Robotics and entity which the capability to mimic the human actions and process. It's a sequence of steps that lead to meaningful activity or task is known as the process didn't the automation. It's task happens automatically without human intervention. You know, kid they're mentioning like without human intervention, but it's not happening. A lot of times since developer we need as well as some of the birds are tended, bought, and unintended. But let's see each and empathy one-by-one. And the third Sharpie. And without pay comparison with the dark p, how much time the process takes? No. For this open 70 emails without RPA manual process. It's a manual process, so it's took ten minutes. And with RP, it took only one minute because of the speed as well as there is no break. And eight only has human can work only eight hours per day. But the robot's not like that. It can work. 24 births are one. So it's very simple process. There is a difference. Opens on to emails and copy and paste the data. It does sound to image for the RP RP robot, we just took two minutes. And the manual human, 35 minutes. Copy and paste manual effort 30 minutes and the robot only two minutes. As well as analysts is like the data validation, whether the data's matching, as well as the date capture each and every activity the robot can do. What are the functions you are assigning? Everything will be captured by the robot in the manual stuff, there's a yen and possibilities of debt, but in the robotic side, there is no roughly 0 error free, so you can get the best result. So without the RP man and lucid, it took 120 minutes to hours over a width RPA. It has been completed only by eight minutes, within eight minutes, and the task has been completed. So you save around 118 minutes. So only 70 emails you have saved a lot. Kipp, there is no programming languages in the other automations for that, you need to write this script languages. But here you just drag and drop SLS record. We have lot of functions in the RPA tools. So it's very, very simple and easy to use literally. And the comparison between humans and robots, human can work only eight hours per day. Because of law, as well as some of the difficulties are dead because of the humans have similar problems. So it, he can work only eight hours per day, has less Saturday and Sunday leave our weekday VK of lot of things are there. But the robots, it can work 24 hours a day. So even you can know are same that task for Saturday, Sunday, weekend see emitting anytime you can assign the task to the robots. And 60%, uh, yup, productive, on average, the human, because of the break as well as other things, he can only producting pop 60 percentage and the robot, it's a 100% it productive. It will not take any breaks. There is no, NO tea break or coffee break or something like that. Tell the robot can work accurate here. So let's productivity. Then the humans make mistakes. Usually it happens, but the robots does not make any mistakes. Lexer reasons we are setting the task to the robots. Don't multitask bell. That's a human behavior because of P, cannot handle multiple tasks. But the robots, what are the task we are assigning to the robot? It will compute each and every thing based on the rules. Because we need to set the rules first. Based on the rules. It can complete the activity within some time and handless general task very well. That is the difference between humans and robots. And bad. We can start the RP. You can start the RP. Guinea worm, like mentoring process are no BPO compliance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ordering to a customer care, Operations, Human Services, but chasing, banking, each of them BY multiple process. You can automate the RPI. 3. Advantages & Disadvantages of RPA: The advantages of rp, the ArcPy helps to save your time. Mass velocity would imply is time for each and everyone ten can be saved when we're using the RPA tools. As well as it's a cost-savings missed on the employee survey compared with depth, it's very cost saving. And the consistency. It can work 24 by seven as well as there are lots of benefits that RPA tools, then the productivity compared with the human, there is lot of productivity has less accuracy. Part it, it helps to lock the data's in the RP back-end. They have a database within that. They can store multiple logs. It tends to, for you to get the arbitrary data. And this scalability, it matches the peaks as well as the demands. Cross industry, RP can be implemented Guinea where you don't need, you don't need to worry about that. Whatever the process you are using, we can automate the process. Very simple. Rpi is an advanced automation process, so there is no programming languages. So you don't need to worry about that. Very simple and easy to use and that attentions. People now do more productive things. You can ask the employees to the other works. And there are RPL can do for the automation process, reliability, it relabeled for 365 days per year. And the geography can be implemented from anywhere. It's very, very simple. And the accuracy, right, results and calculations are curious, SID No. In it valued the RP accuracy because the based on the rules, it will works. Whenever there's changes in your process, you need to map method changes or make the changes. It's very, very important if you miss the changes, what will happen? You know that, right? If it did not make the changes into process, the same process like the railroads in interchain the tools, RPs, lower risk or non-invasive. So this is the basic advantages of rp. And next, it's improved customer experience as well as increased degree of flexibility as far less inland scalability of solutions, improved level of RGT, enhance management capabilities, increased efficiency and compliance. So these are organizational perspective advantages of Rp. It can im, improve customer experience. So based on the process, if you improve any process, it will definitely improve the customer experience as well as flexibility. Other solutions, levels of fragility, management capabilities you can assay in the implies to other works. So the bots can do process related words. Once the rule has been set, that bot can be used for that. And the disadvantages or challenges in the RPA tools. The main challenges in automating the process. In the end, it's quite difficult some of the times, like if you're if the data is invisible, the PDF document, we cannot copy something like that. There's the possibility of there. So you cannot automate some process end to end. But most of the process we can try to automate into ended. But some of the process we need a manual intervention, will see like no. Logical thinking as a list of conditions from conditions of their shortly job, skilled resources. Some of them say no, I'm RP developer. But he does not like that. He does not know anything about dark P, But he's the ascii resource. So you need to validate each and everything when you're selecting the RP developer, you need to validate as well as RP consultant. Each and everyone is very, very important in this RP industry. And Lakoff RP early team structure. You know, once you're ready, you need to align the team perfectly. It's very important and incomplete. Dismiss attitude, continuity plans. You need to plan the business continued completely. You should not miss anything and improper selection of process for automation from the developer, Aeschylus. Yet everyone, everyone should be debt as well as the process selection have been things that within the RP process and potential job losses. Who's for that? So this is for the employees. There is a possibilities of that, like we're going to implement the RPI in our industry. So definitely there will be some no potential job losses for the employees. Very minimum, but they have other knowledge. They can pick anywhere as well as you can use the employee for other works. And initial investment costs for the business owners, you need to sit. Initial investment cost will discuss what is the cost for ERP implementation and each and everything in the coming sit-ins and hiring it kills top. It's one of the important point, RP dollar per RP consultant. It's quite difficult. Whatever the tool you are choosing, they should know the tool in the existing employees. Everyone know that. It's very helpful. But if they don't have the tool as well as they don't have that much knowledge in the RPA site, then that's a difficulty innate to train them. Employee resistance as well as process selection. When you're choosing the process to automate, you know, once you are ready with the product, the process, you need to first select the process, which process we are going to automate, and how much time it will take, how much cost and you everything you need to validate Hermes, the cost savings like that, not suitable for dynamically changing task AS lives the possibilities are there. So while selecting the process, you need to validate each and everything. And they 100 personally process automation. It's impractical. For some process. For some process, it's not practical. So you need to value the process if you have good knowledge and the RPC. So initially you will get, once you see the process, come to know that solutions make it possible for 40%, 80 percent. It's a 100 percentage complete automation process, something like that. And the experience you will lend each and every birthing. Sometime the RPA solutions could lead to more human works. Yes, there is a possibility is very rare possibilities for that in a while selecting, choosing the process, you can, you know, avoid those things. So these are the disadvantages of rp. 4. RPA Tool demo - Automation anywhere: Hi, let me give you the demo with RPA To just automation in the web so that you can understand very easily like parties, Rp, Rp is working and why we are using the RP advantages. And the other thing, you can see everything about the RPA in recession. So here we have automation, NVDA 29. So previously we had a desktop application, but currently automation and even launched the web-based version. So this is completely web-based application. You can see that. So it's automation is very easy in this 2D. Normally in the regular water mission, what we are doing is in order to automate any applications such as web based Arles area that applications we are writing multiple lines, quote, either it can be Excel, VBA, Charles Python script are other script. We are writing hybrid our 200 lines. But in this RPA tool, there is no programming languages, no quotes were cured. Even the non-programmers can automate using this RPA tools. So this is the example I am showing. But either you can compare with you a pot blue plus some aswell as nice. And the other tools are the tools and functionality. So spleen, but the flow view, something's different between them. Tunes. Some hopefully no community edition is available and some of those three version is not available like that. But the functionality is maximum of same. So you can validate this. And for an example, I held one of this webpage, which is text box, option button, checkbox, combo box, as well as the table. In order to automate this using the Excel VB Arles other script language, what I need to do, I need to write a 100 lineup code, as well as I ate a human intervention to run the full. Definitely I need a human intervention for daily basis. I need a human intervention. And sometime he will take leave for any personally as well as any other. There is a possibility some debt. And also he will work only for that weekly Firebase. But this RPA tool, it will it can work 24 births server as well as there is no leap. I accept the system issues. It can work. Once you know, for that very simple. For this webpage automation, just you need to click on start recording and you need to select the webpage link you or owns. You select the URL directly to navigate to the particular webpage. And you need to select the action like if you want to update Arles, extract information like that in it to just pause the information that's no program. There is no programming languages for acute, distributed and logical thinking. If you have a logical thinking directly, you can, you know, understand very easily. Like if you want to update oral sex track, anything you can do. Let me give you that. So when you click on this, navigate to this and directly can update or extract any information option button, checkbox, everything it can do. So once you've completed the action, you can save the task. Then after that, what will happen is it can directly update each and every time. There is no human intervention is required. Whenever it's really occured directly, you can, you know, go to that target. You can trigger the operations either it can be that mobile or is the system using that, you can directly prove his application, but it can run anytime you can run the bot. There is no programming languages that occurred, as well as there is no human intervention. So either, you know, if you, if you are a non-programmer, you can create the bot as well as you can trigger the bot at anytime you can forget, even if you are a director, if you want to trigger the, but even from the mobile itself, you can trigger the but just enough to select the particular one and trigger that directly, it will run. And also we have a lot of other actions. On the left side you can see these are all actions, built-in actions, like for each and every thing, like for the Active Directory, what our developers are doing is right now, we are writing the script auras macro code for this, for each and everything. But here everything is inbuilt. In order to automate the Active Directory. Charles analyze App integration. You any kind of applications, Excel database or else yelling anything, outlook. For all applications, everything has been inbuilt so you don't need to manipulate anything. For sometime. If the option is not available, then you can use the other programming languages. Also they are provided like you can use Python script as well as VBScript, JavaScript. You can use any other script languages. Also, you can call the Excel macro from this RP attitudes. So it's very, very easy. Let me give you the example for one of the Excel. So in this actually you can see Excel open clay toward Create Worksheet, delete Sales, Delete Table, table column, delete worksheet, filtered chaebol find. You just need to get silicon and for that just drag-and-drop, that's it. You need to, you don't need to do anything. You don't need a programming languages once you drag and drop it last year to update some details like when you drag and drop that delete worksheet. It will ask you to enter this sheet number. That's it. What is the sheet number? You are going to delete it. If you provide the information, it will automatically delete the particular sheet, RLC, no other programming languages you need to write the port like mooc dot delete, put kinda dot delete, something like that. You need to write it. But here there is nothing is record. So using this RP, definitely we can automate a lot of things. We can say the human intervention, as well as we can automate our task very easily with accurate. For that, we have a logical functions you loop as well as year conditions. Yet a validation like that. We know a lot of conditions available in this RPA tools for each and every tool. So you can see that same conditions, the loop as well as yellow validations. Here, lots of items in this RP two. So this is a basic example of RPA tools. In the next videos, we will learn about the advantage as well as each individual thing. So very simple, rp is nothing but advanced automation. So in the art of regular automation, what we are doing is we are writing the script. But in this RP, alternately, hill wrote the script, so we don't need to write this script. They are stating our time saving, time saving, cost, saving Q1 and everything saying That's it. 5. How to start with RPA: How to start with RP? This is what both business owner as well as the implementation team. If you'd learn about RPA and the various applications of RP, You should know each and everything about RP, then only you can choose the correct tool, as well as the platform you're breathing is very important in the RP structure. Has the initial cost. You should know each and everything, then gain extent you hands-on experience in the RP tools such as a pot, bloopers up and the automation Anyway, these are other top three. When doesn't the market currently there are more than 50 tools are available in the market. These are our top three When does, and many of the vendors and the RP Espace offer a demonstration or a pilot version of the software. So easily you can get the software free wishing. Also they will provide some demo. If you need. You can request a demo, deployed the demo for the tool, then you can choose the particular tool. And we have a Community Edition for blueprint, some yea path, and the automation area. We can have a community edition. If you are a developer, you can download that Community Edition and land the practice, their tool. And if you're a business owner, I'm suggesting you do go with the demo, you know, when you think they will probably does some demo, live demo. Asks for list. You can get DID pile version, the trial version we just expert within 30 days. But the Communist religion from Nordic squared, it's the lifetime access. So you help for that developers. But the community of addition does not have the complete axis like the illusion, but the trail version looks like that. Enthalpies same interprets or ship. So you know, you can see everything I would be particular window. Then tooth the process that you wish to automate and read to abort the process dependencies. This is a way to make sure that your business does not suffer loss. While you are busy with automating the task, you need to validate each and everything before complete the other parts. And 2s, the correct RP David effect and RP consultant. So there's killed Rousseau's. It's very important if the RP consultant desk not good, the process, nato process selection, as well as the others tips, everything will collapse. And the developer also developing it's very, very important in the RPA process. No, maximum, he does not need a programming language. However, he should have a logical thinking knowledge about the RP as well as the process. Everything is very important. So while you are choosing the ArcPy developer and the RP consultant, you need to validate each and everything and we have a checklist for that. In the coming section, we will see what are the points we need to validate before selecting the RPA consulting, as well as the RP developer. Roles, salary each and everything. 6. RPA life cycle: The RP lifecycle, mainly there are four subserve them. The first one is analysed, second one is development, and the third one is testing. And the fourth one is deployment and maintenance process. So these are the main four things. And analysts will see each and everything. And the analyst is a business group, employees identified or tailor manual process for the RP constellations. These are the high level management team will identify the process, which process we are going to automate using RP tools. Then the second level, the ERP implementation t, are analysed the process to determine if the activities can be automated. Plate. They will validate the RP developer as well as the consultant each and everyone valid. Whether it can be automate, a 100 percentage or 50 percentage points are intended or unintended, something like that, they will validate and conclude the solutions. Then the implementation team worked with the Department of employees to level up here, detail, use-case job roles, system and axis if applicable. And the process tips, frequency of deployment and attended our nano tended like the art than that which is nothing but there is a man with enrichment record. Once we have completed the RP automation, still there is something is spending like, you know, logical thinking as well as some of the guidance we cannot validate the art. We cannot set the rules. So we need a manual intervention for that. Let's call this our tended. In the unlit tender, there is no management of interventions required. It's completely handed person the automated Bailey RPA tools. Then the implementation T records click level detail steps via WebEx. And the implementation team builds the bot using the genie of the RPA tools that can be a path or Automation anywhere or blueprint some yeah. Anything you can choose it always choosing the Automation anywhere, as well as UAA bought any kinda for-fee tools, you need to validate whether it's based on the cost, initial cost, each and everything. So in the coming session, we will see each and every thing. Fortunately, initial cost like that. And the implementation team this to the bot in a test environment if applicable, and update the bots accordingly. So this is the decision runway and here we have a development, then the test, then the implementation team worked with the Department of employees to identify and document standard operating procedures before the deployment. They are validating and collecting all the details, then creating the standard procedure documents, SOP. Then the implementation De, deploys the bot and continuously review some answers. Performance like the lost via deployment. So once everything's completed till they will review, would be the bard whether it's working properly, that is any issues like that. So these are our main force chips. Analyst. Development is t then deployment. So in the testing phase. But some of the companies, as well as some of someone saying that this thing is not procured in the RP process, but it's not proved. We needed testing like dagger automation process. We need to test each and everything. 7. What RPA is Not: Let's see what Rp is not. When you hear the term of automation, you might think of a robot doing its job without any human intervention. And for that, yes, you are partially right. However, you could have a few misconceptions, such as rp is not a humanoid robot and it does not exist physically, then RPA bots cannot entirely replace humans because of, you know, there is, as I mentioned earlier, there is two bits are the attended and unattended, but like the attended, but we need a manual implementation. Like the logical thing. For some of the time, we need manual intervention. The password, confidential information, something like that. We need a manual intervention. Then the RPA bots do not pose this logical thinking. Our decision-making skills, which is why they cannot replicate human cognitive functions. Yes, for the reason, we cannot know, replace a 100 personalised humans. How would we can have it all? Cost-saving, employee loss as well as our no job loss. Something that then the RP is computed already coded, solidly available and it's not a walking, talking Auto boards. Then the physically existing machines processing FERPA, RL, artificial intelligence, our voice recognition and replace up to it. It's not like that. It's a advanced automation process, very simple, like the other automation processing here that late macro as HTML, JavaScript, Java, some other programming languages like the same behavior, Rp, but here we don't need that script languages. So you don't need to confuse with the robotic Verde. I am sure that you initially got to confused with that robot. So the robot will do each and everything. We don't need a mandolin intervention like that. It's not completely true. 8. What Tasks Can RPA Automate: What are all the task cannot be automated. It's like the other automation process. In the other automation that we're using the macro or any other programming languages to automate the process, right? So the other automation has, doesn't have that. Cognitive thinking as well as logical thing like the same. Archaea doesn't have a logical thinking, something like that. So based on that, you need to assign the task, you need to create the rules for the RPI, so it really works accordingly. First glimpse See the difference between humans versus robots. Human havoc, creativity. But the robot doesn't have that creative, difficult, whatever the task you are assigning, we complete the activity. Let's sit and emotional. It's very bad for the humans, but robots doesn't have any emotional as well as family. It doesn't take any leaves. So it's perfectly oversight. That is a possibility. Some of that flexibility. So very definitely use some, some Associate how the flexibility, but some doesn't help. But in the robotics lady, very flexible and adaptable t, then the higher cognitive capability. So these are our lucky human skills. And robots kills, follow the rules. What are the rules you are assigning it to follow Huck, handed person teach, it will not miss anything. Then this speed, high-speed, very-very, Hey. And the 24-seven operation, because it not take any leaves, fever or any other leaves. Precision 0 errors. Then the cognitive ability with artificial intelligence. Here we have some task item, basic task eight MBO provided. But based on your process, you can choose, apart from the logical thinking, something like that, you can automate any kind of process. It opens email and that attachment. It can read the email or get the information from the Outlook, anything you can do and extract structured data from the documents? Yes, because self into non-structured data types, very, very difficult. Currently they're working, you know, currently in the RP 2D. They are integrated everything for the non-structured data structure data each and everything IQ bots, multiple robots out there to extract the information. Then follow if then our decision rules. So based on the rules, what are the rules you are arsine. It will follow the particular rules. Filling farms and move the files and the folders. It's very, very simple process other automation also. We can ask the conditions like follow if then rules, as well as mood of files, delete the files folder or something like that. It can visually simple it can do connect to system APIs, then make complex calculations, monitor manual process, and learn how to perform them. This is a mission lining the machine learning process, artificial intelligent Aeschylus. There with everything. They've created, IQ, bought IQ, but can learn how to perform. Then it will process the activities. We'll see that in the future and read and write to the database. It's very simple and login to the milk or enterprise applications. Copy and paste SCAP data from the documents. So these are the basic item, basic task, which you know, explained. But based on your process, you can select. 9. Why RPA is required: Let's see why the RP is record. In the previous session, we'll cover the difference between humans versus robots. So now you can understand very easily why the RP is record. It's more accurate data entry, comfort with a human. It will accurate updation, oral snow, extract the information, each and everything into law, valid, accurate data entry. And there is no downtime except system issues. There's no downtime. Easy to scale, and fast implementation. You can implement very, very easily compared with the other automation process. It's very easy implementation process. And there is no training plan like the humans we need. We don't need a training time. What are the changes that are happening? Directly? You can change the rules. So based on the rules, it will work. But for the human, you need to train them. Then only they know the training will take some time as well as the process changing. There is a process change. The human will take so much of time to get the new process. But the bonds you can know assaying the rules immediately are changed, the rules for the dental works and they will never quite the bots. Devin never been quite. And minimal. It's resource only enough for v, robotic process automation. So these are other basic things. But you know, there are lot of advantages and as well as in your process, you can see very much advantages. 10. What’s the future of RPA, Will RPA growth: Let's see what is the future of harpy, most of the developer having the same constraint, but the RP developers are going to be a big demand loop feature because the RP covert most so many factors like, you know, the industry, the banking, private sectors, as well as BPO, IT sector. Everything has been covered by the rp. So there will be a big demand for the Rp, a consultant, developer, each and everyone will get the job. So there is a very, very secured. In the early nineties it was Prince crapping tool, as well as work-flow automation, very basic automations. And in the early twenties, it was RP RA will testing automation for software parts in IVR bots on existing business. And in the 2010 or 2016, it was RPQ collaboration with optical character recognition or OCR and image recognition technologies. Then the RPI with Yea casualties to handle exceptions. Whenever there is a mix of density we handle with the EA or no machine learning also, they are trying to involve and the RP growth for 2016 to 21, at least shown TRP for where it is in the 2017 projected RP market to reach 2.20 billion by 2021. So currently we are having the 14-19 crisis, right? So that's only affecting Arles definitely will reach the target. And the RPF future. Collaboration with cognitive computing or big data machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as implementation in front office, our customer facing task. It can automate each and everything. You know, you can compare it with the tools. If you have a possibilities, download the Donatists tool. And you can compare the Automation anywhere and the automation in the initial version, you can download the version one. And now the current version you can come to us the versions, version one between the current version of version lava nor hey, 2019, you can see lot of changes. Initially they had only around NO less than a 100. But currently the hill Holden firing that actions. Where do we add one sort of missions, play the other tools and soon they are no coming with the other big data and machine learning. We're trying to involve each and everything. And next, we'll RPA continue growing. Rp is expected to remain the fastest growing enterprise. Rp has the exhibited strong growth in the past. And most industry analyst, expertly, global RP market revenues to continue growing at a strong phase. There is no nil stock pitch. It will continue very, very quickly with an arrow. Within two or three years had we complete each and everything in every industry, they will implement the RPs they are ready to implement. And what is the level of interest in rp? The level of interest in RPA before the financial crisis triggered by coronavirus, which is Co. in 19, was quite strong. We cited industry analyst, participant as well as public sources showing that our RP hair stronger growth than most other software solutions, creating it greater than $1.1 billion market? Yes, currently we have lot of RPI tools as well as the market is very demand. So it's very Growth, fast growth. You can feel it. 11. All list of RPA tools: This stuff, RP 2A. Currently there are more than 50 tape of RPA tools are available in the market, such as glucose, some automation anywhere. Nice. What Fusion being networks are, LW, Something like that, may have more than 50 tape of our petals in the market. And the top three windows, are you a pot, blue prism and the automation anyway, these are the top three players. And while you are choosing the RP to validate each and everything, like the functions as well as the based on your business size. If you are running a very small space of business, you can go with the low budget tools under the Ottomans anywhere book for some UA pot. These are older, quite costly. But the time you can go with the other tools, as well as the community edition, the accommodations available for most of the tools, it's completely free. You can use that tool to automate us simple business process. And if you are running the huge business like the very large size of the business industry at the time, you need to use the trial version and then you need to move with the enterprise version. That will cost, the initial cost is very, very high. You will see that when you are getting the food, everything, you will see the initial cost. Then you will come to know that then the difference about each and everything. And based on the group, it will segregate it into five groups. Who are RPA, debris disk, BPM, our productivity tools are ERP, our friend talkies. So in the core RPA, We have everything like the red card and the other actions packages. Everything has been covered in the core RPQ of workpiece, which is including the Artemisia annua group result and the UA Path tools. It has all the capabilities with this tool. So easily you can automate anything using the particular tools. A very simple process and attended automation and unattended with appropriate Fs. Let's see the difference between you a blueprint and automation and even the UA pot headquarter saw New York City, United States, us. And it was founded 2 thousand file you a path is the fastest growing enterprise software company in the history. Next, Blueprint, Bulletproof, some Headquarters wearing ten, United Kingdom, UK. So these are different. You a pot the set us product and glucose up UK. And it was founded in July 26th, 2001. And this u a pot was founded on photos and file. And this Blueprint, 2001. And the automation anyway, headquarters, Jack San Joe's, California, United States, us. So you a pot and the automation in Geneva headquarters are United States and the blue prism, it's UK. And it was founded in 2003. And the outer machine anyway. 12. Top 5 RPA Tools Comparison: Let's see the comparison of top ERP a2, which is glucose up. You a buck automation anyway, effects and nice. And we are going to see year of landing platform reusability, user friendliness, label t. This tutored usability based technology macro referred as operational scalability architecture, cost. And the official URL to contact them for a cost as well as the license and each and every thing you can see using this link. Also, I am going to attach this XML file in the video resource. You can download this Excel file and used it yet off with glucose or it was 2001, you a buck 2005, automation and event 2003. Landing platform. So what are other landing platform available in this top right, tools for the blue plus some, it has recently launched Jeffrey radiation. A previously doesn't have any 3D shape. Recently it has launched. And for the UA pot and automation anyway, it has the community edition and cool effects and nice. It doesn't have any commutative yet. Given it took first purchase, then only we can check reusability. So all these five tool HASA, reusability, then the user friendliness for the blue plus some you a pot and the automation. And it's a very high user friendliness, cofactors and nice. It's a medium label for the blue plus the reliability is very high. You a buck, it's moderate. And automation Anyway, it's very Hey, cool effects and nice. It's medium operate best suited for industry type. So for the blue blazer, it has quote RPQ authorities and you're a pot and automation anyway. These top three tools are also, has the same capabilities. And co fx, it is ERP, industry type and nice for fans, selfies industry type, and the usability. So maximum in the more number of rp to. So you can see that drag and drop features. It's very easy to use. And for the developer as well as the run them easily, they can fix the functions as well as automate that. For the blueprints of drag and drop features used for interprets automation. And for the UA bought drag-and-drop functionality, easy-to-use, we shall leucine it and automation and event drag-and-drop and provides yea, our augmented RP for the full facts, unified design environment, and provides built-in our base. Then the base technologies. So what are the basic technologies? A tacit plate for the blue For some it has basics up. She shot and the UA puck. Basics up. She's up. And Microsoft automation and erect Microsoft cool effects.net and Java. Nice VB scripting. And she thought and record is recolored. This is also like, you know, macro reader's point about automating unique in-depth applications you can automate using this recorders into helps you to automate very quickly. And for the blue prism that caught us or do not exist, you a fault on Automation anywhere. The record of sun available. Cognitive capability for the blue cluster manually, but it's very loop and automation and event, it's medium operational. So in the operation scalable D Brooklyn, some extreme speed is very high. You a plot this average into performance. The automation anyway, large-scale deployment is very limited. Who FX? Easily scalable with multi-threading architecture. And the nice, fast execution and seamlessly scalable architecture, client-server building. And you're a part this web-based orchestrator and automation innovates client-server architecture scalability in the UK, but it can handle any process in any number of irrespective of its complexity. Automation anyway, it's scalable and whole fx is scalable to enterprise level. Nice is also available to the enterprise level and maintenance and support for basic services provided by the company. Loopless some services help gate only important email, contacts and trainings. And you're a pot. It provides training, video tutorials, community fora and implementation support, and the automation. Anyway, it provides training and certifications, Community Forum, and the installation gave four exits, provide training and certifications, community fora and the installation page and the cost. So for the cost, you need to contact the automation and a wet all the unique enough rp to secure for a, you need to use the link, particular link to contact them for the pricing details. So mostly they are Brill Building for further but, but, but does nothing but which is the process for process Nero fiddling. And also we upgraded the official URL for each and everything. So directly you can flip this and go to the particular link and you can contact them for the pricing aspect listed, either date is for sample test file. You can get the Anything to contact them. 13. Checklist for Selecting The Right RPA Tool: Here we have a checklist for selecting the right RPA tool. So this is for the business owner. And if you are a developer directly, you can go with that top RPA tools, which is you're a pot blueprint, some automation anywhere, what fusion lice and thing like that. And also you need a programming languages, at least you know, basic Python as GML, Java, macro, something like that. It's added at one page for you. You are rule says for less than o basic salary, everything is matter. So you need to lack multiple tools. You should not stick with the single tools. Rpi know RP, Are you a plot? Only the Automation anywhere? It does not help you. So try to map more than two or three tools. It will helps you in the future. And for the business owner in it to check the platform independent. Because up in the inner current process, you may have a different applications and different platform. So you need to validate before purchasing any tool, you need to validate with the trial version. Currently they are providing the trial version. So try to install the tray worship in your particular environment. At the time you can see whether it's working properly. Rl snow, you can reach with the vendors, then ease of use and the control like the same. When you are using the file version, you can completely know about that, like how we is, as well as the control. And this secure security is very important because we have a confidential information as well as the customers data. Most more number of data are available in the current industries. So you need to validate the security also, while you are taking with the RPA consultant as well as the particular window, you need to check our body secure. And this scalability. Then total cost of ownership, which is including from initial costs to in deployment cost. For some vendors are saying like, you know, the maintenance, their billing for main demands as well as support for most of the things they are no building. So you need to validate before purchasing, you need to, you need to check with the vendor plate for this, the total cost. This is very, very important. If you are only offered with the, okay, with the initial cost, then you need to check with your vendor like how we are going to proceed and how what will be the cost, something like that. Then the Winder experience some window we'll support for the maintenance as well as any other support. If it's record they will support. So you need to validate with them and deaths, maintenance and support. Here also, you need to validate with the vendor whether they will support for the maintenance and any other issues. If they will come. Something like that. If mostly if you are purchasing the enterprise version, definitely they will come and fix the issues for any kind of maintenance and support. Definitely, they will come, but you need to validate while you are purchasing the tool in into sign pointer when you're signing the agreement, you need to validate. Then let quick deployment. Which tool is best for quick deployment? Whether the tourists, okay, something like that, and they're labeled. So that my solution is just tried to Google based on that because of you are purchasing the very no non familiar tools. I don't want to mention that name. But if you are purchasing any other non familiar tools, just to try to google that, you will get lot of information like the secure SLS vendor experience labeled t rating, something like that. So you will get better understanding. And if you are trying to purchase in either top vendors, Automation anywhere, UA pot, blueprints. And so these are all guaranteed versions. So you don't need to worry about that. They are providing the maintenance and the support. But the cost to some matter, because up there they know it's quite costly compared with the other tools, it's costly. So based on your business, you can go with that. And if you are a business, if you are a developer directly, you can go with the top three tools. It's very helpful and try to learn all the tools are, you know, at least have a basic knowledge of the other tools. Also, you need to validate the operating system requirements and the hardware requirements, whether the system is supported or something like that. So while you are installing the trial version, you will come to know the mostly the trail version as well as the enterprise version. Both are same. So you validate each and everything, then the security technology total costs you everything you need to validate before purchasing the tool. Once you have purchased, it's very difficult. You cannot say that. I don't want that to something like that. So before purchase the tool, you need to validate from bottom to top. It's very, very important. 14. Top 5 Reasons for RPA Projects Fail: Let's see, the top five reasons are possibilities for RPA projects fail. First, buying the tool. So before purchasing the tool, you need to validate each and everything. In the previous session we have covered the checklist, right? So you need to validate the tool based on the file version using the other versions. So you need to validate the particular tool. Then only it can be implemented successfully. And next, not setting up the proper RNA structure, like the implementation team and the other process, you need to validate each and everything before setting the harmonization and run as a project instead of a program. If you'd not run the project, it should be the program, something like that. And bringing in an RPA into land. Ignoring what is in place. Once you go to set up the RPA 2D, you should not forget what is in the place. Like the previous processing process. You should have them SOP and each and everything if there is any issue, issues in the army to war come with that, like the previous automation process, Arles manual process, you should go with it. So you should not ignore the what is in the place, then process being automated is not well understood. So you should understand everything very clearly before implemented the process. You should know that then only after the don't leave should be implemented. The process, like the deployment. Before deployment, you should thoroughly validate each and every thing. Here, the main subareas, that tool, the ones who are buying the tool, you need to validate each and every scenarios in the checklist. We are probably read most number of items. So based on the checklist, just validate whether their tools are matching interior no particular organization files in your process, everything in interval it, then you can go with the tool. 15. What is Bot in RPA: Let's see what is bought and how do they works. The BOD, which is nothing but in the short term for a robot, it says small pieces of code which performs the action repeatedly and accurately. So this is called s, But it's very, very simple. External, short-term Four robot and small pieces of code which perform the action repeatedly and The accurately. And it's also called an internet, but it's a computer program that operate asset reagent for user are the other programs are to simulate a human activity. Bots are normally used to automate certain task, meaning they can run with those specific instructions from the humans. So you can compare Now, consider this as an Internet but aren't robot or something like that. The BOD, which is nothing but the small piece of code which helps to automate your business process with specific instructions from the humans and organization or individual can use your bot to replace your repetitive task, their death human would otherwise have to perform. Bots are also much faster at this task then humans is compared with the humans. Bots are very helpful as well as very, very high speed. 16. Type of Bots: Currently there are three tape of births are available in the RP, which is task but Mehta and the IQ. But taskbar does a legacy, but it's very revolt in the ICU. But this is the latest but very reasoned with the advanced feature cognitive automation as well as the automation in intelligent. It's very advanced, but let's see that task, but used for Frank and automation. And it's best for repetitive rule-based task and the process structure data and meta robots it perform. We shall captures that include GUI components and used for front-end automation and Uist for complex N scalable process. Then IQ watts. It's a cognitive automation process. It's very, very advanced automation. So these are next-generation intelligent bots with some yea techniques that land from human to human error and just for processing unstructured data. So using the task, but you can process the structured data. If the data is unstructured, you can go with the IQ, but it's very, very simple process box, which is nothing but while you are developing the particular RP two, you'll come to know that what is task and what is the IQ, but how it will works. The ICU bought land from human. Like you can train them. Form. I'll give you the example for that. Currently I am having a 100 PDF files. I want to automate each and everything like I want to extract the information as well as I want to upload some details to the other party will say. So this is my current procurement for that, if the particular query f is structured, you can go with the task, but like a 100 PDF, if it's Arno structured format, you can automate everything like the loop function. You can now get all the information. It's very, very easy process, but it's the unstructured data, like the data Serrano collapse. Url saw that. Same format. The term you need to use, the IQ, but for the unstructured data, the ICU bots are best. You can train them. Like you can provide some sample documents. So this is a sample documents which I am going to upload. So you need to validate any tossing the task to the bot. The bug can validate based on the sample which you have. Probably the BOD will validate and process the documents, but in the unstructured data if you are using the task, but what will happen is you need to create multiple rules. If, if condition maximalist far loop condition, it's very difficult. But for unstructured data, IQ but can land from human. Like you can train. You need to you sample documents. So these are all the sample documents which V L. So we will upload up around a 100 documents. So the BOD will need to validate We are Which one is matching with that particular sample, and how we are going to process like that. The ICU Botsman works. 17. Tips for RPA implementation & What is the cost: Tips for effective ERP implementation. The first is set and manage expectations. If you said the incorrect expectations, everything will be wrong. So this tried to set the character expectations and consider the business impact. The focus of the Rp should be improved customer experience. And it's not just for the reduced cost and plan for the sign and change. Here you know how well you are in the analysts teach the initial state you need to validate each and everything and don't rush for that reply. There is a deployment date before the deployment, media web development as well as statistics. So while you are in the early stage, you need to validate with the development team as well as the testing team. How much time do we take? Like the expectations or to say expectation? And what is the cost? Everything you need to validate before the deployment. So don't rush for the diploid and avoid the data rabbit hole as project government set, fat armament and control maintenance complaints. Build an RPA center of excellence team. And don't forget the impact on people because of, you know, sometime there is a possibilities are there. So you don't impact on people and RPS bottom-up development, lifecycle. Then successfully ERP implementation, strategy and consulting. First of all, you need to gather and it all like the brainstorming in it valid at each and every thing before go to analysts are missing or development testing. You need to gather and discuss a boot fit. Then you need to analyze. It can be no high-level management pupils can analyze the particular process as well as the RP event. Each and everything you need to discuss with the Just don't take only know of one man, does not know suggested one. So just to gather and get some ideas, then this same the particular process. So while you are now, while you're automating the particular process, you need to descend first, then you can execute. As for less improvise. Then what is the cost of RPI implementation? Here we have, I know some sample costs, but it's not a final what you need to check with the vendor. On each and every vendor, you can directly contact them. They are providing their email AND most of the members of that. So you can that if your contact them to get the final cost just to its initial cost. While you are no, the total cost, total cost of ownership is totally different. Because of the initial cost. They will mention only the RPA tool initial, which is in not included with the maintenance and the support as well as the bot. For some of them are paying four watts. Here. They all nations are paying from $4 thousand to $15 thousand for one. But however, the enterprise organizations may need as much as 20 million for a complete RP solutions of up to 500 robots, which can displace over 1000 employees and generate over 100 velar millions in the savings. So first thing you should know what this bot here, here's the BOD that is nothing but the tool. The other automation you've seen that there are tools rate. We have created macro tools as well as the Java as well as some tools that one tool called s. But like the process 4-1 process, you are using one tool, right? When tool R1 bought, currently we are going to use the bot. So the particular tool will cost something from $4 thousand to $15 thousand based on the RPA window, it will cost. And the ERP implementation cost varies from one vendor to another vendor. The RPS solutions from UAA podcast it, such as $20 thousand depending on the level of automation needed, as well as auto mechanism where cost is also within that range. You a patent out Kata machine model. Same because these are all the top driven, doesn't the market. You can check with them. We know also you can contact each and every one. The cost of RPI tools, which is including the initial RPA cost, consulting, planning, opportunity assessment, the same development, testing and deployment. So these are the basic cost of RPI tools, which is valid at each and every thing before signing the agreement. Please validate that. 18. RPA Implementation Challenges: The ERP implementation challenges first on this automation strategy. Here in intervallic, what process should be automated? What's the vision, charter roadmap and measures of the success for automation, as well as how to identify the attractive automation candidates. This is very, very important. And how to prioritize the particular process, as well as the everything, each and everything you need to validate and technology strategy. Here, what is the right RP technical architecture like? Which RP two, we're going to use that and what is the capabilities of the light did the basic thing you need to understand governance? How do we govern decision-making? What type of governance bodies are required? Something like that. You know, where you are implementing the RP, You need to valid at each and every thing. People enablement, how to address people, impacts of automation? What kind of skillsets needs to be built in order to support automations in need to gave the particular associate's, they'll definitely, they will get the potential log jobless. So you need to train the particular people to get the support automations, something like that, an operating model. How do we operationalize the RP, seaweed Center of Excellence. We can operate then bought, development and support. How do we integrate the RP bought into our IT ecosystem? What are the right development methodology, tools and channels for automation? So you need to validate each and everything before implemented that particular rp to you say these are the main challenges, as well as setting realistic expectations and employee resistance and onboarding, choosing the right process and the wrong rp to technical and operational. These are all the main thing you were facing, William implementing them. Particular RPA process. 19. Industries using RPA: Here we have the top industries are using the RP to automate the business process. Here in the first place goes to banking and financial services and incidents. Here. 51 percentage it covers with banking, financial service and the incidents process. And next one is BPO. It covers 14% H and manufacturing and CPG. It covers sovereign percentage. And after that, professional legal or Accountancy services, it covers as a sovereign percentage, retained right? And technology, utilities, these are LCA covers around less than phi, you know, 10% each. Mostly banking, financial service incidents, as well as the BPO sectors. Currently, BPO sectors are growing very fast. They are adapting with the new RPA tools. They are ready to, you know, get all the RP tools in the future. So try to get the RPA tools as soon as possible. And these are all the industries banking plugged it. 20. RPA Job roles: These are all the 4f0 job roles which is currently available. Rp developer, RP developer, Senior Consultant, RP process architect, senior RP developer, RP project manager, RP lead developer, RPA business analyst, and RPA data analyst. In the future, you will see no more roles as well as fast-growing technology. So just try to let the RP basic tools, as well as you know, this tried to get some knowledge with the rp so that you'll get a either it can be analysed RL developer, it can be anything, and just try to let some q tools. 21. RPA developers roles, skills & Salary: What is an RPA developer? The role for the RP developers, the same development and implementation of RP systems as well as documentation and QA. And the background is Computer Science degree, which is not mandatory, even the odd Susan scan and our lamb and use the RPA tools. The sanctification is very, very important. Whatever tool you are choosing if you get the certifications and previous experience with any of the RPA tools, then this skills, technology and automation tools, as well as programming languages like Java, C. Python has GML macro. If we have some basic knowledge, it will definitely be help for you. Became RP development. And Sal, we're here, we have an approximate salary, but it's not enough confirmed because of based on the experience and the other criteria, you will get more. And RPA developers kills. Here, it's strategic planning skills and analytical skills, problem-solving skills and programming skills. For while you're implementing the RP or developing the RPA dual, which is programming languages mostly if not record. However, you need a programming languages if you'd know the programming languages like SQL is GML, t sub g. The basic language knowledge. Just try to get an RPA Tolson, cognitive platforms, communication skills, exposure to SQL. In most of the RP tools, we are going to know everything for all RP adults being either SQL knowledge. So just try to get the SQL knowledge. And RPA developers approximate salary. Currently RP developers or in the high-demand 2D RPA Developers House also some of the most highly paid IT professionals. However, their earnings care vary depending on the location, experience, and job role. Here, the approximate salary in the USC, the average salary for the RPA developer in the use of the approximately $99 thousand per annum and RPA developer salary in the India for RPA developers, it's approximately phi lacked 98 thousand Indian rupees and Average Lead Developer, approximately 14 lack. So these are the approximate salary. But based on your location, experience, and the job Brooke, Do, you will get no more than that. 22. Points considered while selecting RPA consultant: Points needs to be considered while selecting the RP consultant. Because of choosing the right RP consultant can make or break you RP deployment. Here we have some examples. The RP experience. If the particular RP consultant have the RP experience, it's really good. If doesn't have an experience, it's very difficult. Then the partnership with RP vendors that you choose. If the particular RP consultant has a partnership with the rpm and that's really good. And the process specific experience, then industry-specific experience, as well as existing relationship with you. So these are all the checklist you need to validate before selecting the RPA consultant. 23. Short overview of AA A2019: Let's begin with the short war we of 18-19, which is including Ricardo, variables or into factions, the Packages, tab actions, as well as script H and everything. So in better understanding, I'll write it down that Notepad. So what is this application? This is a completely web-based application in the previous version and the version Lama inset this type of application that we have client as well as the task created window. But here there is a single control group. There is no any other desktop applications. Just t, we're going to use this control room. So here we have the task editor and each and every thing. There is no separate application for this. And next record is so in the record Fs me or having wildly one record up in previously in the Russian law when we heard an 03 tape recorded screen that occurred a smarter CUDA and we've recorded for you indicate ethanol has a paid application. We have used the particular record up, but here we are going to use one L1 to occur with this call. Universal recorded. There is no other recorded a single record. I have all the features like phosphine applications or desktop applications, web application for each and every application, you can use the single Ricardo and next variables. So in this variables, previously in the version Lavon, we had four typeof variable's, value type, array, type, list, type, and random. So this is the motion Levin variable, but currently we have 13 type of variables, S, f naught. They have no 13 type of variables available in this a2. And tonight. So let me show you that. You may think like why we are having tackling different takeoff variables, because of we are having different data types, right? With the four type of variable. It is not intuitive with that, but that's the reason they have created that in different type of variables for each different type of dataset. You can use the different variables. Like for the string variable you can use for the string data type, you can use the same variable for the number data type. You can use number variable data in time Boolean file, everything is easy, you know, for different kind of dataset, we are going to use the different variable that's only different for this, you know, all the variables I have provided the supreme video. So you can watch the video to land each and everything about this variable. Just to know in this overview, you can let, what are the variables available in this 890? So there are 13 different types of variables. It's quite easy, very easy to clamp. And the next credentials. They have added the credentials with the no in order to use that password, Arles user name. If you want to store your information so you can create the credential, then you can use it directly. Or if you are using the credential in the locker instead of task within the task, if you're using the variables, you anyone can see the password as well as the other information. If you're using the credentials, it completely secure. No one can see what password or else nothing will be. It's completely secure there. So essentially they created the current shells as well as lockers. So within the local we can story with credentials. It's very easy with it. So in the upcoming videos, I have prayed all day who created one of the other videos for that? So you can laugh about credentials, what is locker and the other things. And in the action package. So this is the my bots are ready, have created a lot of butts. Let me know, let me open any of the button and I will show you that actions, what are all the actions are available in this. So this is the task, but if you are new to the automation anyway, you will not get confused. So if you are coming from the Michigan Law one, initially you will get confused because I've already Ho is no used this SAP application, but currently we have transferred to the control group web-based applications. So, but tau, maximum number of options of same, like they actions, they have just modified. Few things apart from that, if here we have a good task but Window. So in the version 11, we'll call this S task editor window, but currently edit task, but this is the base application. That's a reason Eric task. But, and here we have three tape of views, flow mu, ListView, and deal with what is flow view. In this flow view, we help the flow wise. You can see the result. Start to the end. You need to just drag and drop, double-click the actions. What are the actions? And through a kit, you can drag and drop models. Double-click. Let me double click one of the options. So you can see that here we can see it has been added with v start to the end. So we need to double-click or drag-and-drop between this options. Start to yet, you need to drag and drop the actions. It's a simple thing, like the previous version. They option, so say, and enlist. In this list view, you can see the list of all the actions. So what are the actions you create it? For a better customization, you can use this list to be RL is we can use the dual V. In this deal view, you can see both options, such as lists to you. On the right side, we have a list of you on the left-hand side, we have a flow View Post of the options was safe within the western level as well as a 29, but the Bucer different. And on the right hand side we have information. We need to provide the details for each and every actions. So whenever you are drag-and-drop the actions, you need to provide the actions. So in previously, one of the popup window has been opened for each and every actions. In the pop-up window, you need to mention the details oral, something like that. But here in this webpage itself, it has the information flow here. You need to provide the mandate to date it's for each and everything, like for three to four each and everything. When you select this particular object, it will display the action list. So in this action list, just fill the details and then you can continue eating Deborah thing. There is no worries. And next is clipped. So here, what are all the scripts are supported in K 2019. All kinda like Python, URL, VBScript or JavaScript or any kind of script supported in the 890, as well as loop functions. If we drag and drop one of the loop function. So you can understand very easily. In this loop function, in the numerator we held all the actions, such as for each row in CSV or text for each row in Table. Database, dictionary, email, excel at bonds to Excel Basics, folder, list, loop, office 365, XML for each and everything they have covered within the loop function. So you can use it based on they know. If you're trying to automate the email list you can use for for each mainly mailbox. So when you select that option, the other options such as session name, everything will get changed. So based on your selection, we get changed if you are trying to automate the database or else any other Excel file. Based on your selection, you can see the other results will get changed. Other drop-down list. Here you need to put away the details and same, it's very easy, you know, you can understand very easily. Also, we have provided the other videos about each and every actions. Like how we are going to use LU function variables and subtractions, each and every thing. And the next the actions. So in this left side, we have all the actions list, Active Directory analysts App integration application. Daw is the other action. Also we help some of the variable supporters, which is nothing but the boolean. So these are just a variable supporters. You don't need to worry about these things. These are all not the actions. Faster union, faster. You should know what is package and what is the actions in this list. So this application, this called S package. So like App integration visceral packages. And within this we have options, right? These are all color actions. So this is the package and this is actually very simple. And this Boolean, which is a variable supporter, It's not a actual action. But why we are having this Boolean and if this action list, because we are having multiple data type, right? So in order to use the multiple data type, we need to convert some of the variables. If you're using the Boolean variable, if you want to convert the Boolean variable into number, RLC, any other different type of variable. You need to use these functions. Compare two equal to two number, click MOOC, most of them for converts. You can convert anything RLC inwards like that. For that we are going to use these kindof variable. You are practicing, you will know each and everything also, we have explained everything. In the next videos, you can see each and every options like this. You know, they have covered each and everything. And even you're looking for. If you are particularly looking for object cloning or manage Windows Control, you will not get this type of commands for any kinda 2B record automation on Guinea automation, you need to use this recorder. So when you click on this record, it, it will capture the particular object, like the object learning command. So in the previous version we hear object cloning or MAC. So here we have the rather recorded which is called S capture. Here you can see under this record we have a capture action. So both are same. Like when you click on this, it will capture all the object like this, capture or actions. So you cannot omit the actions very easily. It's not difficult. Let me drag and drop this capture. So here also you need to select a particular window and you select the window. Next into Leno enabled this capture object. You can click on capture object, capture the particular object from this application. But the same. You can use this very video recording is started recording using this recorder option, you can capture the particular object. Either you can update ARRA, get the information from any kind of applications, desktop application, as well as getting in-depth with Bayes rule based applications. That's up to you. It's quite easily in the practice. Practice really helps you to plan very quickly. You can land it shortly. Also, we have covered all the videos, so it will helps you to land something. E-mail. Most of the options are the same like the previous options. Don't get confused because of, we know in this section we have a string, something like that. Because of these options are supported for variables. So this is not a actual actions. So don't get confused why we are having using this and the other things you will come to know while you are watching the complete video of the variables are they've created for the user variable and this system variable. So when you're watching that particular session, you will come to know why we are having multiple actions in this list, something like that. So this is the basic war v of a 29. Please watch the other videos so that you will come to know each and everything about the automation and even how we are running the tool, and what is the benefit, how much time it will take. So initially it will take some more time. Because of it, we want to preload the package is initially it will bring you to a computer. If, if it's a desktop application, it will not take much time. But this is a web-based application so it wants to or complete fewer based, basic Japan frictions. But there's, it wanted to preload packages as well as other subtractions. It's one to complete it. So initially it will take some time. And after that, you can see the speed. 24. A2019 Excel overview: Let's discuss the book XL packages in our commission innovative enterprising 18-19. Our agenda is over we of Excel packages. So currently there are three type of Excel packages are available in the enterprise a 2019. The first one is Excel Basic, and the second one is x l advanced thoroughness it Office 360. So we are going to see all the comparison, advantages, disadvantages, and how we can use all these three packages. So we went to discuss about each and everything. Then how to read the data from Excel spreadsheet. Next, how to update the data to Excel spreadsheet. After that, how to use the very simple loop function, then variables. So in the automation innovation lava, we have used a different kind of variables. But this is the web-based applications. So we are going to use a different kind of variables. So we went to see each and everything one by one. So first we are going to see the comparison of Excel, basic Excel at one stand. Obviously, Pip packages here is that. So we have three tape of packages, excel at once to exile basic AND office 365. So what is Excel advanced? If Microsoft take cell desktop version installed on your computer, then you can go with Excel advanced package. If Microsoft Excel does not installed on your computer, then you need to go with Excel basic package. After that. If you are using online version of Microsoft Excel, you need to use Office 3625 XL auction. So let me show you the three options so you can understand very easily. Let me go to the automation in 2829. So on this action list, when you type excel, you can see three typeof options. Excel advanced, Excel basic, and Office 36 pi Excel. So Excel advanced. What expect? If Microsoft Excel, this top version installed on your computer, you need to use the Excel advanced to package. So maximum NO more than 90% it we are using the Microsoft version installed on your computer, right? So that actually we can go with the Excel advanced option. So for the Excel basic, if Microsoft Excel, that's not available on your computer. For some cases, you can use the Excel basic. Mostly we are not using the Excel basic has the less obvious that it's fine. Since most of us this term half-step, Microsoft packages within our system, everything has been installed. So directly you can go with excel at once. So if you're using the online rachet, Yeah, you can go with RP prefixed by Excel. Next, excel at once supported. So Microsoft Office 2016 through 2019 and dot XLS. These are all the file extension format, Excel extention formats, not XLS dot XLS, cx dot XLS dot dxa, dxa TX dot XLS, B, and dot XLS young macro file. You can use any kind up. Oh, functions in Excel advantaged package. But for the XL basic, you can use only that XLS X1 book. There is sudden limitations of that. So in the excel packet you cannot use the other versions. Also you will have, you may have some doubts like this machine is supported from Office 2016 to Office 2019, has the less obvious 3-6 speller thought emotion. So if you're using 200720102013, then what you can do, you need to update the, you know, you need to update the version. You can know, try with the other options that are multiple. All options are that you need to try for that either in its best way to update your version to work properly. And this Office three exploration is completely, we bruise it. So there is no format file extension format. They excel at once. You can also use some of the actions with dot csv format. And they excel basic that XLS and CSV formats are not supported. It's only supported by dot XLS EX. Since it, Microsoft Excel does not installed on your computer. So maximum older 90% and we're going to use that Excel advanced packaging only. You're not using the Excel packet and office there is actively package. Let me close this. Now let me move to that. Artemisia annua. I'll create quickly, I'll create that new bots for that go to o if con, creative, but it will ask you to enter the details like name, description and the folder. So here's Amanda trick will list name. You need to mention that. I'm going to first, I'm going to explain the Excel advanced package. So I'm typing Excel advanced. If you want to update the description, you can a bit, but it's optional. You can know, you can leave asset is just click on Create and eight. It's loading k. The previous versions, auto machining with Russian lava. It doesn't take that much time to create a task or else, you know, running the tasks. But this is completely web browser, web-based application. So you need to wait for some time. It completely know completely automated wishing. Ok, here we help start and end. On the top you can see flow list ten dual. Flow is on the flow view. You can see that task list, actions, Becker, he's everything. And the list. You can see that ListView, ListView of the actions of packages, Deweyan view, both views. Here on the flip side you can see the flow view and the right side, you can see the ListView. So let me go through that detail view. Let me drag-and-drop first XL option. Let me type XL. And within the excel at once. So as I mentioned earlier, I am going to use the Excel add wants to sit Microsoft Office installed on my computer. So I'm going to use the Excel unwanted package. So you're going to explain this. I can see a lot of options. So compared to the previous version. So first, you know, let me give you the overview of all the actions. Previously we called this as per month, right? But currently we are going to call this S. Actions are packages. You can call it anything. Then a lot of actions of them access password protected. So on each and everything you can see the comments on the right side displaying the comments like unprotected password protected worksheet. This action would with the different kind of quite eccentric files and up and workbooks, append worksheets. How to close that Excel spreadsheet, fun vertex into PDF, create workbook, Create Worksheet village, since believed, table column delete worksheets, filtered table, find, find next to empty cell gets settled, color, get current or kidney get multiple cells, get number of rows. So there are no multiple packages are installed in the current web roofs that previously we don't have these options. We can use the multiple worker owns plot, please functions, but currently they have incorporated everything within that particular actions. So directly we can use instructed. We can use these options. Get ROW_NUMBER, get column number, multiple options, or the MRSA vista applications. Now, we have added multiple features. So let me get the open command. Let me drag and up this. Within the start to end, you need to drag and drop this function. Just drag and drop this one within this start to end. So once you drag and drop and the right side, you can see that other details here you need to mention this session name. So I'm going to use Excel, Excel oneness the session name. Please ensure that you are going to use the same session name for each and every actions within this task, you need to mention that same session name. So Excel one should be with such a name and file path. So there are three type of file paths or the control room file, which is nothing but you can save your file into the control group. So directly you can access, instruct the desktop. You can see all of your Excel files into the control group. Then directly you can access this pump will control room. And the next option is desktop. Quite. So mostly we are using the risk terminal here, using this stub to save all the files so you can use them. This next variable. So this variable which is nothing but, you cannot say that particular file path. You can ask them to that variable. Whenever it's like it. You can use the variable instead of updating the path, selecting the file. You can use that variable to provide the particular file path that fluorescent we are using the variable. So now I'll go with this top file. So for that two options are there for the desktop file. Either you can click on growth and get the file RS directly. You can go to the Excel and get the file path and pace it to here. Definitely the bros option will work. It will take some more time. So in order to avoid that, I'm going to just copy and paste that file path I have done. Next option is specific sheet name. It's always good practice to update the sheet name over here. Just to update the sheet name here you can mention, you know, she indicated of heat name Sheet one aren't Scipio chain this heat name, you can mention the sheet name, Florence index number, anything you can update. So my sheet name is sheet one. So I will update as Sheet one. Next opening, read-only mode are read and write mode. So if you'd like to only know fopen by the read-only mode, you can choose this option but a read-only mode, r, if you want to lead asthma less, right? You need to use this option. Either you can use anything that's based on sufferance and phosphate is required for some of the files you may protected with the password at the time, you need to tick this check box and avoid the phosphate for that. You can use Grunt shell are variable, insecure string. You can use any kinda factions fascinated to unit and open. Like the previous version, version love and like that, we held two options. What book to open, an old book to yet it unity into both the pulse widths and sheet contains a header. If your data contains a header in it to interleave, it took this tick box in my data AI its contents greater. So I will take this tick box so that it will ignore the client bottoms. What will happen is it will consider both ASA data, but this is this object title. It should not be considered. So it will consider the confabulate will consider S, k that we have, you know, created the open spreadsheet function. Next we are going to use the loop function. For that just type loop. Loop within the Action menu type loop, you will see three up actions under that look, come on, loop, continue and break. So continue, which is nothing but a that you can use within the if conditions. If the loop is satisfied, then you can come on like feminists, the current information and continues to the next iteration of the loop. Like brick. Mostly we are using this conditions under that if conditions. Currently we are going to use loop. So just drag-and-drop the loop. After that Excel. It should be between this start to end and after they excel. And I missed one thing. When you complete this action, please click on Apply for each and every changes. Every Changes, Yeah, and every action. You need to pick up like Arles, it will display the error messages, some peaks, some error message and it will display. So I Abram drop the loop comma. So within the loop, come on. You can see the actions equator. So under this drop-down in it, a select, and here we have a dropdowns. So previously we have used different kind of actions. Far loop, something like this. Here we have a drop-down list. Either excellent wants to email. Again, nothing for iteration. We hear lots of functions. You need to choose the exact feature. So currently we are using the excel at once. So please ensure to select this option under the Excel advanced for each row in the sheet, then only you can get the exact values. So instead of this one, if you are choosing Excel basic, what will happen is it will, it will not provide the results since you are using the Excel advanced option in the open, but you are using the different kind of option in that Excel basic. So you need to use the theme function, excel at 143 note sheet and the session name. So we'll probably the session MS Excel one on the XLR open. So you need to use the same efficiently. Session name is death. And look through for either you want to look through all rows are particular, specific rows you want to know. Look through. You can mention this specific rules like A12, REF i2 defined, something like that. You can mention. In my case I am going to look through all the rows are also, you can mention this silt ranges, Silver Age between from cell to cell. You can do anything. In my case, I will go with all rows and the variables. Variable declaration is here have some of the really interesting one. Previously we had used Excel column, but currently we are going to create the variable, since it will record the actions for each and every action has been recorded within this Barbarossa. So fast stem, like say I'm saying no. So first time it will display this value, right? 1 second time dual display this value. So like this, the variable can get the values for that the faster you need to create one of the variable. So let me call this as Excel column x and column variable. This do you need to mention that name apart from the other fields? So you do need to mention that just leave acid-base, create and edit. So we have created the variable also here in it to select the variable. You know, if you're using the, if you're used to that, but shouldn't lava, don't confuse that with that. This is going to be a different kind of medium before much like the same things. But currently we are going to create the variable, previously become used to the system variable, but that I'm going to create the use of variables for Xcel columns, the Excel column, the same format, faster glass Q two into 12 column numbers. Next, I will show you next while condition. So if you want to use the whale condition, you can use it. Don't just leave it. So in my case, I don't want to use that loop conditions. I leave as it is. Now I have been able to think, I'll click on apply. Next, I'll go to the action and message box. I'll type the message box to display the values. So message box please ensure that you are drag-and-drop the message box within this loop. After this loop, if you put the message box, what will happen is it will does not display the messages. So within this MOOC, you need to drag and drop the message box. It's very important. And in the message box, you need to type the values so far that just to first you have to and select the variable, whichever which we have created now, Excel column. And it will ask you to mention that index, index number, which is nothing but the column number, column one. So the currently here will be considered as column 0 and b consumers column to see column to see column three, d column for e column quite like this in a dimension. So currently we need, okay, like say, I need columns B and C, So column 12 I need. So please ensure that this yay column doesn't consider S one, it consider S 0. Basically, you know, in the Web browser, the zeros will start with 0. You should remember that. So currently I need one. So first I will insert one, and next I need one more variable. I'll press the enter. And again, I'll probably have to drop down all they have selected one. So at this time I'm going to select to. So in the message box, scroll bar after lines and close message bucks off the seconds in the default display, five seconds. So if you want to change it, you can change it. Oren's NO, just leave as it is, the use of scat. Close the message boxes at this case. Ok, we have done the operations, not just click on apply, and we will save all the task. Let me quickly give you the OD of the first to be using the excel at once to open options. We know persuaded the file name from Sony foster session name. Then the finally under the desktop file we go to from the filename, specific sheet name didn't write mode. Sheet contains good em you've selected. And within this loop, we have mentioned the session name for that and iteration. We selected excel at once to for each worksheet. This is very, very important feature, No, if you incorrectly selective, therefore XL basic, it will not work. So please be sure to select the correct option. And we'll created one more variable. Like Excel colombia created one of the new variable to get the values. Next to me, you drag and drop the message box. Within the message box, we are displaying the column values for currently we are linked to display column B and column C. For that, we have selected the index 12, and you've selected that so that we have used three actions over here. Let me save everything. So while you are saving, if you miss to apply any of the actions, it will give you the prompt. You must do apply the dangerous part two actions. So you need to play a game like that, then you can make the changes currently deploying to a computed. As I mentioned, they live, this is a web browser, so you need to wait for that age sometime, you know, basically the blue satellite working like this. No learning dependencies for fast, definitely take some more time. For the second time. It looks compared with the unique initial one. It'll look. You can see that a cent, initially it's validating, nothing like it's validating the system feed functions, system preaches capacity everything. So once everything we've received the message box, message box from, but did and that I let me go to the Excel spreadsheet so you can understand very easily. So we provided two options, right, column B and column C. For that, the index number is B, column one, and column two. So currently displaying the correct values, 28 and product one next, to close this one. So next tonight and product to the second value. That value. And the fourth one, and the fifth one, the final one. In displaying the correct model is exactly on the bottom. You can see action completes export plan three of three. So it's completed the action. So once everything is that it will display the message box like you bought has an unsuccessfully. So once the task is completed, you can see this message box. Let me close this one. So next I will show you how to create the bot. Like know how to create the bot for to update the Excel spreadsheet. Let me go to that. Hope you are clear on this one. So let me go to the home again. And I will create your bot. So at this time we are going to update the values. So I'll call excel update. Click on create and edit hearing into Excel. Excel. So once you go to the Excel option, again, you need to use the open command. So just drag-and-drop the open between start to end. Here you need to mention the session name. So at this time I'm going to use that same session name, default, I'm fine with it. And the desktop file. So I'm going to use the same finally. And I will copy the file. So I will see you can use the Browse option, but it definitely will take around one minute time. I don't want to waste attack. So for that, I'm copying and pasting that file path. So I know down with it next sheet name. I need to mention this specific sheet name. That's up to, you know, bottles. What will happen is if you have not mentioning the sheet name, it will update the values in the active sheet. So whatever the ice sheets are active, it will update the values in the actu sheet. It can be xi2, xi3 organic enough, whether the sheets or activity and the end of the sheets. It will update the values on the activated cheap and rewrite, read and write mode. I'll go with the written right password. This digital file doesn't know the password. So a leave adversities and she'd kind contents credit. So I have completed this options. So my session name is default. So I'm good with that. Next, I'm going to use Simpson function, set selection. Just drag-and-drop the CIP still option. After the exile open, I have drag them out. So the Session Name, First you need to mention the session name. It's default. So we had good, we don't need to chain them. Fishing me, if you're using multiples per chip at the time, definitely you need to maintain that the front session name for each and every excel spreadsheet, then only you can differentiate the Excel file and this is happening at this time. Such a name is Vb fault and sale option. So my current procurement as I need to update on the range C2, I need to update the value as test, testing anything. So our target range, c2e, kay, currently it's mentioning is product one. So I am going to change this to test for that. Either you'd get active distill and update the values are ELS data clue can update the values using this specific cell. So I am going to use specific cell. And I'm going to mention C2. Just mentioned this and the cell value. So what is the value you need to update? Would you like to update any values? So I'm linked to update that test, right? Fixed contact that test. So I'm going to update it. Very simple. I will click on apply, and I will save the task. So for both options, so you need to click on applying. Then only you can save the task has far less. You can run the task. Let's be really important. So compared with the previous version, it is slow and as you can see some slowness initially. But day by day you can see some of the additional features as well as it will increase your speed so far the first time, definitely, it will take some more time to download the bots and validating the bark dependencies and some of the times. So here and so here you can see deploying to a computer. So it will take again a few seconds. So once everything is completed, it will update the values without any errors. It will give you the listener. So we'll wait for a few more seconds. From the bottom you can see automation innovate task lists around me. So now it's completed action, complete, successful. So once everything's not that, it will display the message bugs task that's not successfully. Perfect. We got that message box so we can go to the Excel spreadsheet and valid bit value. But in fact, it has updated the value on range C2. Previously bus available less product one. Now, that test value has been updated successfully and thought anything. So we had good flag the same, you can use the other options. So as I mentioned earlier, we have a lot of features in there. But this will show a 2019 fun to a book close convert XML period of create workbook, Create Worksheet in L. In the previous version, we don't have that. Those k, the factions, but currently they have included multiple features in the current a12 and worship. And delete Sales, delete table column, Delic worksheet gets silk color, MIT multiple cells, get number of rows, get single-cell. So for that, we have used multiple variables, multiple worker on functions. But currently we have a direct actions so that actually you can use this actions to get them automated report very easily.