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ROS Robot Operating System with Arduino

Anirban G., Founder MieRobot

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14 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Introduction to the wonderful world of ROS Robot Operating System

    • 2. Secrets of ROS Core and ROS Node

    • 3. Catkin is not that tough - Write your first ROS chatter application

    • 4. The simple code which did the trick!

    • 5. What is teleop, rqt, twist and geometry message in ROS

    • 6. Lab - Running the TurtleSim Part 1

    • 7. Lab - Running the TurtleSim Part 2

    • 8. The secret to interface ROS with Arduino aka ROS Serial

    • 9. ROS Serial approach & architecture with Arduino - Ros Lib

    • 10. ROS Serial and ROS Lib Installation in Ubuntu

    • 11. Lab: Arduino as Subscriber of LED Toggle with ROS

    • 12. Lab: Arduino as Subscriber of LED Toggle with ROS

    • 13. Servo with Arduino - Plan of action

    • 14. Lab: Arduino with ROS Serial and Servo control


About This Class

Welcome to the world of learning Robotics! ROS stands for Robot Operating System. Technically, it is a meta Operating system for modern Robots. Robots as Hector Drone, Husky, R2D2 and many more runs with ROS. Even NASA's NASA-GM Robonaut2 has a ROS Simulator. 

This course teaches you the basics of ROS by using the TurtleSim (a small robotic simulator) and then teaches you how to interface ROS with Arduino. With ROS and Arduino we will see how Arduino Uno can act as a subscriber and publisher and finally use ROS commands to turn a Servo. 

This course comes with a Virtual Box with Ubuntu and ROS Indigo installed to get you starting and save your installation time. ROS Serial has a section which you can see and install yourself. 





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Anirban G.

Founder MieRobot

Hello, I'm Anirban.

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