RHCSA Module 1 :- Installation of RHEL 8 & Using Essential Tools (Hindi) | Sushant Kumar | Skillshare

RHCSA Module 1 :- Installation of RHEL 8 & Using Essential Tools (Hindi)

Sushant Kumar, SUS ONLINE

RHCSA Module 1 :- Installation of RHEL 8 & Using Essential Tools (Hindi)

Sushant Kumar, SUS ONLINE

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28 Lessons (3h 1m)
    • 1. RHCSA Objectives

    • 2. Download RHEL8/CentOS 8

    • 3. Lab Setup on VMWare & Installing RHEL 8

    • 4. Lab Setup on VirtualBox & Installing CentOS 8

    • 5. Custom Partion

    • 6. Finding Appropriate Help From Terminal

    • 7. Using Man

    • 8. Finding Right Man Page

    • 9. Understanding VIM

    • 10. Using VIM Editor

    • 11. Fixing Common Vim Issue

    • 12. History Command

    • 13. Globbing and Wildcards

    • 14. IO Redirrection & Pipe

    • 15. Bonus Examples of Vim & Globbing

    • 16. Using Cockpit

    • 17. Bonus Root password break

    • 18. First Project Solution

    • 19. Understanding The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

    • 20. Essential File Management Task

    • 21. Finding Files

    • 22. Understanding Mounts

    • 23. Understanding Links

    • 24. Working With Links

    • 25. Working with Tar

    • 26. Working with Compressed Files

    • 27. Second Project

    • 28. Second Project Solution

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About This Class

This is an RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) Training Class, Which I divided into Many Modules. I am going to teach this class in Hinglish which means the Technical term will be in English but the explanation will be in Hindi. This is the First module of the RHCSA where we goona learns about Basic Introduction of RHCSA like Installation and "How to create and hands-on lab" so you guys perform the task with me, And This Course is based on RHEL 8.

In this Module, I have covered the following RHCSA Objectives from the topic Understand and use essential tools:-

  • Access a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntax
  • Locate, read, and use system documentation including man, info, and files in /usr/share/doc
  • Create and edit text files
  • Use input-output redirection (>, >>, |, 2>, etc.)

Note:-  Setting Lab and Installation of RHEL is not the objectives of RHCSA Exams, I have just taught that for informational purpose.

I'm gonna upload further lessons as soon as possible, so stay with me and I hope you like my course and I'm open to your feedback and suggestions regarding my classes.

Bonus Lesson is optional, It's not for exam purpose, just for knowledge purpose or troubleshooting. On that lesson I have taught if you ever forget the root password, you can reset root password by following those steps.

Thank You For Choosing this Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sushant Kumar



Hello, I'm Sushant from India and I am trained in RHCSA, CCNA, Windows Server Administrator and Networking. And I am here to share my knowledge to you by explaining and illustrating in an easy way, there is a lot of courses online regarding server and networking but all those are in English and I know most of the students are not comfortable to understand those training in English, That's why I'm gonna teach those courses in Hinglish (basically terms will be in English but the explanation will be in Hindi). And I am also gonna try to teach those same courses in English too.

If you have any suggestions and feedback, I am open to new suggestions and feedback to consider.

I am a beginner as an online instructor previously I have helped students in setting labs, performing tas... See full profile

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1. RHCSA Objectives: Hello guys, welcome to this odyssey, a certain course, my course in Lima, Peru, humble, but technical terms suddenly snowed. Basically, of course, Englishman enlistment, watch Gardiner though, update became Medicaid English loci getting silica, the workhorse building listener to Chilean loop bought calypso audits, CSA read head certified system. I administer Turkey object peak environment that kept the exam matter to subsidize Lab Google amigdala, but added CSA objectively. Emr, Bella website. This formula, new synapses, Ajanta 0x 200 given Amsterdam School. Yamada equilibria. Yeah. Well, what do you mean the acceptance notice group Nike exam later, Hector interpreting the next seven babies. Will a caucus picking value there too easily? Minute, Sada Yacco, schedule RGL eight pivot Anna. They'd heard Enterprise Linux equivalent to Chile. Objective meant that click then keep Jack Goldsmith, varName rule book three-sided your exam kid topics and upcoming exam, codon cookie CK, mothers give me now 2-SAT every task and you perform condemn topics elected. Horsemen understand and insular 2n operating systems, their configure Local school data, create and configure file systems are deployed, configure and maintain systems. Mn is basic network king, man and uterus and glucose managed security is sodden. Topic environments, subtopic environment, but getting it detailed, task mints and ego practice connected up Wu could stick acid lab create credit, will remember downloads annually, upcoming video admin like IHL, Ada, image or virtual machine. Cassie create fill-in like cerebral Cassie create credentials, click essay, install Quran, VMWare, VirtualBox, be Saddam, look. It is classmate nine. Thanks for watching. See you in next class. 2. Download RHEL8/CentOS 8: Welcome to this odyssey, a cert training course to practice to purposely left VA Medical Center, Jesse Johnson, couplet pump support. What loci were Schulman CGA said, Look Johnson Good supported on a doozy meta data or big duty, which really physically real medically legitimacy in the non-physical element. That means it was MIT network cock inside in Heidelberg install connected in star less than 8.1 ya St. Louis, 8.1, oddity or centralised midnight endless logo. Bucky solitude, same oddity. Losses, masons or St. Louis, that Shelly subsequently Hamlet audits shield guests or Donald would curtail those subsequent app ABS Ada Developers. Dot.com pin was Cocoa API, APA Linux thickness for the euro. Now put off going to download more downloads. The peak of the older downloads, magnetic cores hanging it 0.1 kind huge corona drop your downwards. But it's still a little update on top score, huge concept than my own lab beta avoid Qj law, could be 3D. I also declare click era, AP login Cleopatra, quake on banal top login collegial, and then name analytic create new 1 fifth clicker. Must move us up for username, human lead disbursement last Moon, company job ruined your password except having rents Next Fit. And the icon whenever. Let's go ahead and login continua mania carbonara crown due to my login communicative doll. Jesse login. Blessing. Cynic gear will quit. So could download Ohlala less objects if they are declared downloadable. Yeah. 7.3 g because of I'm no John tennis, CentOS gesso, downward crystal to subsequent Abdullah centralised d2 are deeply what's gone now, but they cannot send twists in the next duty dinosaur. Respectfully, let's go out up, clean up a dinner. Jacobian meters. I'm going to select collegial spirit by low Alabama. Safe plan. Well, yeah, modern downward to start with the 70 returned to its classmate, man. Thank you for watching this video. See you next class. 3. Lab Setup on VMWare & Installing RHEL 8: Welcome to this RFC ES6 training course to ask your classmates real miracles like journalists and big cache hardware setup. Now, Nixon, legislation that can find pilot G APA subsequently in US women seem to predict he didn't become a nucleus electron. Next, I've uninstalled operating system and your turkeys hit. Next. Guest operating system on the next step, Enterprise Linux. Next, lowest hardness, copper. Then I took the little browse for job other biodata. Nothing much has been given by the porch where they knew. The next video, grantees, Amy space, spiller 200 discussing R15. Next, customized hardware. And take the opposite negative adapter. And it was really becoming Abdalla and just made MS extends to maturity. We didn't let that drop fast, calm guy. And the CD or the kid, I assume, or we do IOS. I mean, you open their download QA is conjugated location select kinda clear manner. And that vehicle, they're just not going after falling on this virtual machine. Click canon has got the darkness. Which meaning the second oxygen which could move jokey like big data and reaching the automatic invoking 14, once again, hop up and down keys. Do a right-click guy would select maybe opera pumps and Laker installed it had independent Nixon or second Madame installed it at interpreting the next column stripping second character. The Joham install listen media image was gigawatt installed. We're getting up to a copper ten. Linda, don't look Bella selector or subsidized language whose gonna? Mitochondrion and Yamaha installed listen, somebody. Make me output keyword tools demand given my language, so forth concepts into a dominant American nuanced use mammal change within Japan. And we'll set up continuum. Shot. Done. Let's go out. And your hands are up close off with a good graphical user interface installed in minimum. Dummy opposite them. Listen destination. By decent amount that he can make automatic it custom to automatically classmen Mappae with Dominique classic costume parties and gotten the author automatically selected as the operand Nicole card clips. On video. You do a lot of what could be at CBC. The guy below me, an install a root password, set. The root password. Will you do with that privilege with side effects or docx for palm communicative, just let Windows Mac and Mister Yang primer, teaching purpose premise, putting phosphate groups going on. Abc. Tweak for Jaap, going up with the buzzword is 32 bits to systematically, you will have to visit them blends proven from my no copy, simple, fast. And you've got this app could do well conform collaborative. Seward had me password admins are thinking and they're done if at all. If you did PhD from the town is cooled, then when you say your name and a nice thematic, normally you'd add phosphorus. And that's equivalent to the quote. And thus were 1234. Is many learning and higher up combustor individual copies Impala for the welcome from granola, done burden. The updates had been my install this in computer network interface. So because we'll install energetically, starting again with any CEO sector for alpha, subsequent alcohol license, every manager select canola, is kinda viewed in the ecosystem. I accept that. Done thinking. Now finished concreteness and contributing more rapidly, you will get a non-linear you will either have put roots blogging for us, but password. But don't let that jabbing Normandy. You don't say login, password and anybody who is kind of nice live basics, a setup for coming next. That language which can run next, upgrade, typing keywords constitutes the novel sacred invited point. Then next, scroll, location services on finance speaker. So next, connect to your online and columns. Mechanized. Started in Linux, installed on their terminal via Hamada. It wouldn't horsemen important. Mrf terminal, PCBM Hadassah.com is classmate nine. Thank you for watching. See you in next class. 4. Lab Setup on VirtualBox & Installing CentOS 8: Welcome to the attitudes, certain in-course article class mammal johnny castle, virtualbox pin that spitting on CentOS and started putting my toolbox Flickr user just have well Toolbox, download picnic pgamma or law called removable picnic PDM, proper downloader start with autoscaled ABL install condition to virtualbox amount at which S two lab period connected in new picnic pistillata lab up John Ahmadinejad, the SMA, happily send voice 8.1 CentOS co-op concept cannot happen, happening system was colocation digit May I'm by a record, a denser noise of some anytime slim and next door Jiminy commended grand enough. Then you see a mendel usage out alone. Left was give admin. Next click. Creative went to a hard disk. Now believed me BI and data are located next hard disks, Corinthians, immediate come and then can you now savings, Pollyanna, knowledge go into six and my Jackie just send to us, they made a plan. Bulky side asserting score deployed for the Euro justice system tests. And my doctor of the contractor, MOOC daughter, top paper digital processor, biotech point chores that bus hint for not fast process correctly, sneer manner, Dorsey bulimia are pointing us min us Republic, which was what was going on, was came out stock Vapnik pgamma. Basically again, will ISO image could choose connect, then start picking up of America process. Similarly, Archean document epislon, plasma folder do attach evolve the RBI that up which meaning to data installed centroids, they mix it up, install CentOS, Linux, Java language, select. Who's going to turn to new though I yeah, my style, they send somebody a diamond curriculum. Was kilowatt dam in Algeria was killed, lot done. So first install they send destination automatic picture which could occur. Then basically, let's go over the network picnic concrete. Tonight connects info on the scale up of a Hamada sada setup fovea, just beginning scientists and victim of a root password search, easier or done was give up. Dfts you install, listen completely to scale out after the boot picnic. They vote voting system could give on savings with Jackie, autoscale out systems x and my Jacqueline. Optical grammar Khumbu daughters must give up Hussein lead postdoc. Any subset of Dick, just Eastman license agreement except collision, audio hop, dig me set then centralists, CAL license agreement, coffee shop. Competitor can get symbolise great laws that protected and escape to using a bus up users and that can login collegium. Eugenic flesh, damn huge gardening data is leading a basic system for fully spin me technically settings for their yada, yada, yada, how does that would be splitting? But it was give up ecosystem, but your listener will choose colinear. Auto-scale the viewImage after full-screen good tools going to activities picnic Turkey, then unproven Copan Fileserver and jokey homoerotic cause cough, sub-assembly and we will do is classmate man, thank you for watching. See you next class. 5. Custom Partion: Welcome to the oddity is extending course odds, getClass, Mamluk, costume parties, and give vitamin D in X-Men different types. Could five slipped down is neither satisfies blueprint Parkinson when distribute data that then your next static friction took on simply use gotta John peice of goods for no Derek does historical data. Am I rubric tool was kinda subdirectory silicon, which examples will make boot. Just McConnell files are moving. The electric filed suit then Saddam out there. Who? Just menus at home medic visual tab on your desk. The Sam, I don't want these men logging five-sided condenser. So go none are moving. Analytic pilot would've been a sponsor and central ignored kid with mindmap. One MB. Look, no one would mean the inbox World Bank might do follow one. Unknown one m I have gone, just come with low. Well, you run maybe by Joakim, one codon before can make dependent normal. Autumn looks a stumper. You use coat down in dominance hadn't happened. Aquino, DRP manager, in my view, has come at them maybe like dual of a home homecoming. Because the stomach it may use it. Kick number was predicting that that about gimmick caucus are interdependent that similarly Vd maybe kidney fibrosis com.com to learn anything that was predicting that the salient Derek and their mind isn't good for you that the operating system could affect me, but it down knowledge a lot maybe got his outer process while copacetic Das proforma Builder directly affect number. Because small parties sending negative with data inside a sub-directories woman on the side and you can look them up in different sub directories coming apart, listen up medicine for custom Party sentiment may drop of linguistic root value is going to work with Brooklyn to split sub directory schedule. And they kinda Madame and dual equal to Katrina. Activists are swept by slap k right and bottom inbox, couldn't you do Damon become a mid one GB of data boot covers are notified and maybe they need to reach the cilium. No, it was after our victim on Kaiser party center. We offer up assembly that can create custom tools, can then pick, must give up. We offer partly some tools can nuclear copy on British standard, are decentralist, LLVM for loosening essentially Latin me, your game's about thing about me is classmate, standard partisan She was going to do is go ahead and now put movements and scroll along with discipline, not the video. The armies, adequate passivity. And now my root Lydia's nicked engine. Now for other deduce things we can mom wiring and device us, diode, leakage tended parties and no more filesystem via the point x epistle. You'd find some stimuli to maybe begin putting a button whose kill out dot. So I have chosen to you skinny onesy giant to up MOOC trial, which was specific to our own mutual exclusive tau general case. Obviously. Gmo Hogan, SCU SCU out. Then picnic easier. Now somebody off tendons the craft. Opera discharge on the alert medulla check have discharge, which files fell to under destroyed Coco. Now book was written creditor manner. So push Mandy, VM Ritalin, and at this point is located theatre was good and not good are pretty extraordinary parties. And David, can you please go ahead and do ice can do IceCube exit this file system quantum mechanically. We're not going to be a lot except I'll just go out and begins. And so there's some good data. Let's go out similarly, this up by electron less angular velocity. Classmate man, thank you for watching this movie. 6. Finding Appropriate Help From Terminal: Welcome to this artist has had training course asking plasma and Janet gaseous systems. I had planed and it makes my boss had a Kamar Lucan on sidecar, Marco, Yeah, that nasa and many of them are added it mix enriched data up coincide command key Jan carrying on each dodging plasma MOOC jammy, gaseous systems that help them without QC indemnities are moving here. You get added CSA, John map or SI system events man, internet neo, Our main talking start kinda sip. A lemma of cool basic. John guardian, a child on like on sale gotta end up going up or terminal declared up control sift plus in Yonkers or ten. Control minus, say, zoom out. The rpois command, ls, lips though your terminal pap come on LinkedIn. The terminal Kemal of leaky is command coworker ikea to escape bag could make program or dad jokey. Silica is command collate that are intergrated, but who's got executed could be oppressive up has gotten really good data that are well moody outputs. So Qurta ls, a command and jokey up, cool. List of files, the cut that current directory, my current directory technically PWD DESERTEC project working directory. Celebrate down Kalikimaka permit command syntax key January on actually basically command the embarks on by allay command. Like ls, Joakim, at least profiles, they gotta do Sarah resorption. And the Fisa, its argument to opsin command can be heavy to commodify occurred. For example, ls minus l command click execute is 0, the whole long listing files the housekeeper parties with the haver arguement, your data gatekeeper conquered that neg command and convert executing an attack they like, like root, u, d, c, d MRI, directory, the directory toga, the command is directory be execute data to tell you about assembler Men Dao, pick that then the many systems have the embedding yourself by law. That lower DES query combined liquid unless the worthless command current brief overview data. Yup, there we use. Those commands have immediate only other app command will cover unique you only to output data helpful layover. Toyama perhaps takes a user admin unless obsession, I'd be managed with their hopes and earlier square bracket Islamic levy of smell are required to. Paradata is coming up upset about motorbike dams use does it then maintain domain because it can give out gas? Phyla? Yea, yea, I met Guatemala EV obstinate or liquid very dark. It's going look similarly up, didn't it? Than just name I might develop either. They said it was brought up on the trading desk. A comma WAS EMR SAR adoption Galata inducing very best by AP later on. Amara SART often Galata or at our desk or a long ops and print out that the opsin revealed then start-ups and long opsin. Clear cell after nuclear present them unless there were less. Bible. Unless yes. Commands a biopsy, delta ij Amara command a schedule on Portola. Will you, by learning about, is commanded by again in Portola. Yager Hamada, head is cardio output. Hola is combined COP in Buto. Basically hey, microbiota or less, pager, number, bianco, convenient women lead connected to output data. The way, the way our quota was around to school because they are limited because that QCIF, Julian do steps and give up their pen. Man, man, ls, the immense do daily miss of goods. But IRA man, Gnostics and multivariate data is getting unloaded. Tell me about a brilliant German BMI, lose House. And at the exit then could be Damon cited cheesy. Cuz it. These are Amara, user, USSR. See a dog. I may sell what make got that joke system and package installed, manuscript documentation, energy because of the atmosphere. Ielts exam point of view see important a spin up orbital on our particular data could be method myeloma obtain a MapReduce that ugly ahead of many columnar. To Telemachus is settled president and you have a Dodoma. So CD, change, directory, stack tributary, Yahoo dukkha, and entire documentation. Who's give out quick documentation was good Jewish belly digital, due halfway back isn't expand inside of magnetic that documentation read placenta, sip at him alco Bascom piece and go I'm but others will spell which has Hilton as complacent. Do Linux me by default the package installer seek out icky, quicker, mindless, notch out there. Go up which letter? The HEA. Like, for example, man, you say, Yeah, I'm doing sigdang, Biafra dude simulated. It's an coffees had what's called a MAC dandelion law. Do you Nikki is L1 indicator w i belong to output data was silly, lifted Juju works and who output decline diameter, the example ample. Use the majesty. I use the dom. Dom. Today you were completely again best completion because this was kill out EMR files handles political innately bad characteristic. If you file it cannot go Lu Ben, upper WHO file case we adopted the other. There were depth-first and they could do watch new four-letter or Yonkers article Mark, case sensitive, took a little caps lock medical endo caps documented medical dad though a complete because it will find may be present then cleared up better up arrow PCR, previous command. The extra thing I'm going to get there that yeah, a lower Nietzsche asset that Mara ELA commandment in second last one, you're dead Ghetto was given by a huge curtail. This beta is called the extent that you say is e to the u, the aspect of plasma. And I'm going to Ghana, didn't help desk man these ASR seer doc documentation file. It's going to be the main thing. They have systems. They're desperate to ask a classmate man, See you next class. 7. Using Man: Welcome to this arrises you're telling course ascii plasma and Lu men que bimodality demand K total 96 and 010 or ES6 and a level of topics for deal Coulter as in the next administrator, Of course, if paella Path4, our art on 69 Nigeria, mainly Nokia Amara, user commands related pathways, file formats and file systems, or art my system administration and privilege command gives 602 huge canal you Jana, coffee, urea, let say for example, up terminal pair. Quaint item could search godlike man, followed by some item like intro to EA in broccoli. The subcarrier side is six and me, John Harvey belly Malala who sex and Google decadal autoscaled. We'll stop with August 600 men, Navy kinda like in-group R XX and first mistakenly till nine tuck in Drew commander in drove basically Contiki, a specific section disembodiment Christian historic could delegate to collect sequence specific to outgo miserably, like nova man, followed by sex and number, let's say. Or of course again, Sequim sex and Catherine do declare key a second section, kissy, kissy, kissy to ten-year IHL, 8-bits Altair, ergonomic demagogue, anticodon, lock screen at Ionic lists, giveaway overs, steady click, Login, creditor. Don't know, correlate. The traditional propellant man given enlightened man, man, sharper up Commander retains the Graham did by law you doc is a man who Bessie threatening you do so I usually do Slack is a followed by a legal cases and mangroves can never. Now percuss districts and the our man Guatemala or the appendicular total 96 and DRY. Basically opcode first executable programs or silica romance was glad fifth file formats and conventions. Who's got it? System Administration commands basically was Samy regimen a law or a PKU while getting your aluminum tricyclic, our MATLAB, Samy broccoli column, this man, yoga, square. Rebecca Whitman. It's comic look, our obstinate layer. Abused calls me subtend a huge concept, AARP, the cake allocates yarn, full, double square bracket. Yea, huge cursor. Under your huge cannot be used for September will dictate ERP. Luck is a polygraph. Yada, yada, huge TV or to UGA, don't know x hat need us at five commonly via Uta, either this one, either this one or not.com. And look up the options multiple time, repeat kazakhstan Ali opera one-up could do daka, da, ba, daka, icky up 601 to q prestige while opposite America by the IRS. As man in growth. These are permanent marker but that a man into the data. Do your first section, carpet is addicted, yeah, for plastics and covertly Claudia and reduction to user commands, seminar Coverdell, cocky, you drew up whatever diarchy. X and Y cross X and gis dot pico delicate. Saturday dxmA, Alexa 600 dignified ten, man, followed by 600 number, let's say five in NICU. Now for apple pie bigger, top six and number five ban. Intro, introduction to five bombers and pilot system. Liquids are done later. There's a man user, add 68, bear, use it aired command useful. They're creating a new user or update deployed, new visual information environment. Headache, men, policemen up, go up. But if name, behavior, you see, I'll discuss service Gibson, muscle, database, miscible into an electron and Bhutan lucky man desk cake I used cut Newark or database message. Gotta do basically rule the name or the upper description equal bus stick dinosaur description, whose name is such filter this man, man. Yet a half command, best ski is set up. Cool, man desk is followed by item luckier, related to all role_name Aaliyah Harper? Yes. Documentary but the appellate keyword database miss such failure. Due database was ignited limited or that brain database name or their database and bus, the starved Nim, audio description, Jaco, someone mattered. And actually German democracy, the comma to deliver a person whopper manually. A bad, abusive opposite it, reverse combined with Japan. The Amarna sign-ups is descrip Sandra autoscaled opsin, opsin or description. And you guys make a specific option. Like debt. Tending. The default will use Nodes configuration, Likud file, exit value, Cl2, some dams as outlier like this abuse at edX and a such yeah. Do you delegate significant then you have a data.gov is I'm not saying interested only keep fossil cook AC modifying your password civil lifted the rprop OCR. So maybe declare like faster Wudi footing jumper, you will see therapy, a level of command, a level of upcoming exam. One could be the acceptance. Do you basically recommendation and manifest your daughter? It called featured optical member data down. So the Berlin man based fuzzer down, the best sailor who Amara documented. But I'll talk OPC, let German combat some Arabic default cellular data up, sifted GPS delivered to basically indicate either year there's the appendicular basically and datam or civic gene, basically diverse monument. And you can see if G bursty, first face value. They give quest page essay and thus obtain openings. Or like, like it nestled up. Mosaddegh being MacBook, which specific gene deck now? Two such designated Scalia, BoolMin entropy battling, pressed HBO or APA help and declutter the rprop baroreceptor. Discuss gainsay, kick out up permanently with data. Capital GC. Now put the capitol DC grow to large land on, while. Similarly the upper Now put forward less desk patents as such for such formatting land fertilizer courseware type videos such that they are to Cusa proper data sets will be the photon cube alias to Jarque-Bera are either such economy. Anyway, to quadratic sub-band. And I'll put the color and repeat, repeat previous search. Research. Atlantic IRA AR predicted Caps Lock NP, and he kept an admin or previous Vedanta. And she did take the ten. And then the IV that the data are sift embrace failure to block B2. We dealt with the pattern. Please. Classmate nine. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 8. Finding Right Man Page: Welcome to this artist's teacher training course to ask a classmate with Janet, are good name Allah wiki concert command huge. Can you see a specific task who perform connected? Don man cookies properly huge. Got any year Janning ascii classroom though, cuz Gilliam, both men deaths, KDKA, huge cut down to mandate surgical type data VC. Second Monod coefficient lecture number data will name or would you start description of data whose scope would've meant business such that the reserved data for Lexi like Mandela ski up good password, elected command Khachiyan, password. Letting appropriate to methylate Amanda's gave UGA. Nothing appropriate. Si is mini Kiara Yuki per database updated name, it mainly homicides how WTO over Africa system firstly, installer yet automated Java. Don't login per database can manually update gaming to manually update connected up, go rude users login on operator that assumes there's little beautiful phosphorus Delhi ego. We are particular route now permanent will do Littlebear and direct localized you system Gangnam over here, home directory. Now, ODA has said we gotta rude UDC login, ya daughter sanding attack. Normally you learn to bust man BB. To the other year. You damn Leila. System, good performance for dependable Dybvig did not. Jamnagar must relate. The arpa leaky database men 77,480 do manual basis were added really scheme Gallagher of receptor economic man, unless you do it necessarily very dagger, lead canal as omnia down those choreography that going to be the lead and gain by the Lucy, basically by men and Belinda, databank is scheduled out who taller? It's command input over after your donor skeletal word count. Do you have to do gate lines, hookah or the word hunger, metacharacter over two, if necessary, line carries OTA. Was my bird known as unnamed. Don't look filtration guy who's going to reductant Gaston mandalas of therapy pseudo L. Five years had been grabbed. People usually jag universally next Pilgrim, Euclidean, Leishmania, one-sided. His argument for him dedicate our lives. Usual eugenic economic system administrator Kakar motor output module eight, recover wave is at the higher deselect updates and heavy public safety. Nasa clears the karma, will say US getting by on grape. Basically I'm long TR been User Create classical 90 m such that grave. Create leading Economist article to output over input or don't settle out on two Japanese coffee, communist entire parabola except NGO message that latter like add, a new user upgrade, deployed new information. We are upper y2 up add usually used to user Eddie USDA, create user connected. Instead it is not quick command co-ops, surgical, man, desk eager, huge credit. Base classmate nine. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 9. Understanding VIM: Welcome to this analysis or training course, the asic last man, look VIM it as a1x administrator up, VIM reduction, guarding Ana Julia, basically VI emic vehicle improved care given idea. Yet defaulted retailer described mainly used jazzing up VIM command, followed by the filename, other file already created over those. Go open, Godiva. Yeah, I'll clear declare their senior VI him start his era by saying up command mode barrier was killed. You do think an equally distribute gonna play up go insert mode manner over to a level of debt again, like high-prestige. Yeah. Oh bless vision. Insert risky in certain Medina. Obscured up may distinguish nuclei. Garvey lines up really didn't done ganglia. Chromosome Kroger does give out my legislative Grenache at the two opposite commandment, melodically, our cookie skills-based granola, autoscaled files here connected cologne, w, q is coming lower, right? And cute or exclamation, fine with this academic, scholarly over Gid up. Eurozone CALEA widening sworn equilibria basically lived or QQ forcefully would write a book or data up, usually Hecker Dan, a little bus is now huge cut there. The other huge warning or coach either or Castorocauda is claims with their forcefully file called DMR, common command nowhere updating the Gulf is either become a coffee sided Command D or like G2D, dark cotinine. Mainly Maria Kodama, Yukon concert command up Korea, Nigeria. Different modes to learn about. Icf, insert because it down or OC update, insert cultivable land line. To do that it can only MRA in insert mode melodically escaped of archaea, back to command mode, Manasseh, cologne, WQ, say write QED, cosecant, sift jaded basically gave me up, lived in exempts octane. Aaliyah. Our our forcefully like exempt cannot attain to Berlucchi some point in Mandla, the finger purposes like lifting up God rental, like copy-paste guard as a huge Connecticut. We didn't really use Hegira though, replace VP Java command more than men. Do it up complete lambda moveCursor. Why do I see eight? Lang yan calls it the yangmal. Basically yank or same TJ Linux mm Luoyang huge curtain, basically copy Kannada, DIV, one, lang yan career and yersinia DVD or Weiwei command huge kirtan. Do you basically remove, took either the mosquito or the memory Missy would as a buffer. I'm gonna delete here. We're basically just up, could be placed on our group-based good data. We illuminate with cultural mosquito. You see huge goes into actually requested to visual data, to visual Mozart. Blog could select concept, damn, lucky, risk loci are selected item cool is similarly is, is status useless at like BBC selected block vehicular or why you, similarly by utility or Duan Kodak reality copyright ever is going. Uts. Managing government like apneic arcosolia commanding, excluding the ADA who opposite droplet in this key, I will present the upper walkers and make an LU huge gonna, wanna spend backward to appeal a huge combined moment of apneic office at Stanford. Backward who use gonna wanna step forward, Janna to control, use colocate locals. Lives happening, massacre on our posterior naked. Darpa Scotland few years Turkey up executor septa without saving forcefully exoplanet Gulliver says Columbus and binding which either to forcefully exhibited a Iike all useful command like we were, of course substitute Ghana, Buddha file may drop command more medically colon, who's got percentage as was good forward slice, like your word have old codeword, whose co-op Jenkins gets in new Waldman, yada, all war that would apply to many such due to numerous other algae looking globally. While men who are all began cyclical new materials for Islam and I'm not a huge content globally to ask a classmate name a little XML Member download beside a command go huge credit or VIM you didn't pay usually been democratic demanded camo. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 10. Using VIM Editor: Welcome to this ISFJ and encodes ascii classmates. We am political unesco giddy comma R VIM leaky, followed by we filename this clock we did already when our colleagues to abandon the Hebrew Nova, the Warner while clear could it goes names like, let's say myfile the ground, Islam, say qualified name, updates, a talisman to equate filing. My VIN might finally coma is namesake. If I look weird, co-develop updates a day after my client knew quite olive oil comma tops will decline, could be hidden mania. They offer the Carnegie DIGITAL_IN pin count ways to government inserted Christianity, insert like Yamada and we combined moment to press IT really for insert mode, jazzing up. They are predictor Jarque-Bera CPU counting. Start with ever like one. Jackie MAC, first-line film or fleshed character film, Melancholia joy to Lightman cushy accelerando g 12345. So my neck up QPSK plasma but data key, DDC, delete her abdomen, insert mode, mill levy command use clinically up could combine one man, our scaling up escaped wrestler, Apollo, upper, arrow keys up and down to they, Islam Perelman replace phenomena occur though I think you will enjoy your RAV manner by the attack your belief Miata oboe, permissible data in memory may say VUCA or McKendrick. Basic ANOVA planning is observer lab called insert more mad ANOVA command, upper Unilever data openness to new land better the corpuscle I'm and a new land value, insert mode mangroves were newline pre, the New Land barrier up, precede combine morbidity, escaped a command worked badly needed. America, would you manipulate gear? The land will see Rhoda up query, but they are taking money up and look acidosis than MW opposite will see, they will see banana, Vedic, wildland, less principally level, really usually, usually they are locally control our undo. Let's say Gu Yang, Yang McCullough, copy iota of ima combined moment, which means NAND Laughter. Wr Weiwei, riskier, Yang Korea was go out collegial Kony Silesia year for scaling up in certain more man-hour IPSP and certainly into the wacky dapper Riana put either escape place could be combined more dagger that visit below a year. We are faced with a visual mode critic Aldon rejoin multiple UV prestige, just got lucky. The app may select CALEA set of characters, that blog, you'll be glad. Of course, silicon megawatt, diesel release, anatta YC, the ankle, Diana. Q. Coffee outta be prestige or do you believe Cordova deliberate idea, outcomes-based collaborate to be best year and our purpose will kill him and large outgoing substitutes underwhelming but add-on to substitution, CALEA commandment bell every day, arpa, colon, percent forage less, lead. One group, Caps Lock 1-mer, manager DON. Whether globally genius year, individual, very small marijuana tau, capital may capitalize yoga, Sida one. And after we declared three subsidy, okay, LAM, dean, substitutional and Jalisco circulator, cologne, WQ, enter the Yamaha silica glass classmate nine. See you next class. 11. Fixing Common Vim Issue: Welcome to this audits user training course to ascii, plasma and loop. We do take e comma e, so give ultimate enemy the legacy up. We, I am ready to call like Renault fiber may come coda, tom myfile, 2sigma, cool down. Vim, my file. Myfile degree. Madeleine down. Like VIM. Common issue. The next up, we'll look it up in appropriate remain close coded and IDRC cosine z. Just like when login data that was File Open, got there. Like me, I am my file. To the cap. We either Sura, two-year Mara, VM code communist, saccule into w Shockwave file, create, curtail open. Gotta do VI emic temporary file we created and jokey suave phylo die like the appendicular yet Amara. So F5 toward temporary file level of purpose with them like phyla, the Galerkin lemmas, ano dagger system, Glasgow, though we'll find the coconut mass. If you're good, you erbium low literate demos, five min, Masada suave, I'm Missy, up, a legwork man, the efficacy data file. So I'll fall may Dido data. So you can put in circuit icky, multiple user, same time PCM file open knockers again, like let say co-dependency camcorder or another Eudora woes go open gonna glucose is going to say sweat file, Malala Nucera, Joe upper VM editor up inappropriate women close to either, do a just swipe file Abduh, who up now believed Nao toggle my input or that I can keep up no inappropriate way make loads Jia, IP Abu Sayyaf, pretty coworkers. Again, they can happen. The exec DAP, iambic per sector. Latvia will guide you in multiple user Hangzhou, come loose Raja, grass. Well, I like money, like many inappropriate women close to the LCA tool, it vast omega minus say winning Piaggio file allegretto to output your dominant yellow via key opcode concept case console scenario. Either queue datagram to just like number of Jon take me I'm loaning inappropriate women, grows yotta ECM logo you, wyoming does that. Other Apgar gives multiple euro outta damper open overtime cuz you just read only give you some damping. Same file group. It cannot questions during this Heliopolitan Leakey's EVA, Mardi Gras will yeah, I Legolas scenario, dominant, ER PR recover Columbia, dharma, I do assassinate UA is Ma'am, no Anna, inappropriate way McCloskey attack Islamic political opening. The articles Futura with current bolder in there to continue to really Qian logo Julie criteria, I'm editor communism, where we are coming up with the grant UP will swap file Meseta is appropriate. Women lose Cartesian CEO curriculum at Fisher who see Falco open, guarding it. It'll be up away either they can't do chemo swept bell, oblivion, whopper of opcode manually delete to delete condition. Now print believed, digram deliberate about Cooja file globs CALEA to explanation point. Cordillera will fight up, go either Navy domain, purity scenario coma summarized for the atomic what we say subsequent up, I gotta go up warning diktat, subsidy, political work. Aegina was given CFG Hegira properly. So you can go at three. So we'll file open. Who's gathered will granted swipe file could delete residual per se it properly. The Oscar ad-free shop open getting adopt GU either our warning, namely care to ask a classmate nine. See you next class. 12. History Command: Welcome to this artist concert to in-course ascii classmen. I'm Luke is shrink them. I'm Development animal subset of electron. No open Goldman is to Biafra liftoff command dig down through the sticker mindset. Bostrom and Giorgio command execute gain. Will they accept them like you combine manner, Bossman when it is u cubed here, there are some INS system or open throughout the output terminal close GAVI, GAVI. The board decided to command update quip per year is two element Agassi without them by deployed a coda previous command zeroed them up. Nick grievously con concept Ramanujan was clearly up, up and down arrow keys have the eggs have been yeah. Numeric value. Jan de Rprof takes a list of number the exhibiting each year for it to him and have him might value that up quite a list. Use yotta, it's madness. Usually OTA, seven McCleary use yet that leg summit card number to use another extremely innocent foreign oil was worth combined number like card and the ls command execute caldera, a veto, a Polish dream list of command staff become indignant. Lives of both side. A command set dot backward women going commodities such that night out there, let's say Abimelech which come down late. The manic which command Democrat bagasse, Edgar, the glimpse out backwards. That's got their day users who there could be our predictors at Yahoo, indexOf being arpa, if you did a hopper used at a reflexive backward women's such Senator Dodd, subsequently controller Dojo. The other caregivers IS such a digraph was George say related commands such Canada, age to play them and you'll have lexeme overtaking. You deliver such minima. You debate the upper dq, the heat command, IBM miami DES key user get V0 allot 60 number next year, LMA, upper year telecommand, GFR recipient Ronaldo Europe, Vivek, ER Korea, Baraka is telling us up backward remedy such specific data. Just say you've got him says NMR is current system, DNS added combine Agile. My name is done merely Madame again, usual combine their OB is to find Missy. And meanwhile your VV memory mass like that up to certain open cutting it was Mather up is to debit them to use edit command may be upcoming in the cavitate down and they overlook that dharma to the app and excepting VM might indicate a human, a server deputation ADHD that audio decided to combine minute you says and make that GitHub will Navy gram, do you do dominant logic? That is certain government glows for the WHO budget Mahalia memory may Exactly. Hi Missy, would Angular is going to grow. See Dojo lets it got into sentimental commands. Memo demon, Syria was grabbed belief cannot have got these three. Des c. Again, Tokyo decided to eat whatever Jigme designation. So evil, maverick, quicker, they accept them up, put the camera, do Yeah, these two piloted McMillan person just DR is humanoids and delete will then do is to pilot the Dukkha. Now it was guilty article in Windows, you skip up, up history. And so learning about his dream, dashed DO loop. Always cheeky here. Decided for mind to linear algebra. Yeah, Harper leads to for getting off and I'll be me skim MOD Mina is gonna insert a new melody maze layer declared out. Magdalena predicted now. Now that here these two biasing, the nuclear dark porcelain maybe over the goseq district command. What it got that. Thank you for watching. See you in next class. 13. Globbing and Wildcards: Welcome to this Odyssey's you're telling goes to ascii classmen unblocked glowing and wildcards to eliminating wildcards per use conducting gloving Galata are wildcards, filenames who match clinically used. Up. It's got complete overview. Man seven globe medics at six and number seven to ten year blowing Kikutake example, they clip them to Pella example EFSA, ls, followed by host. To boil calculator is going to come at lower pH, less and less mental list of LD50 present working directory man, year while guiding Tennessean up Google file declared is Can-Am oocyst arco taboo Scott could be random set okay. To host them, let's say host, name. Yeah, say hosts to make about which views that down. But let's undo, say example declutter. Unless question-mark OASDI, coastal america, you can estimate lower GI character, which we'll just say Apple are pulled the hydra filename like boast. And the lowest, or which we'll support that these legs on particular data. Unless square bracket men and Doctor, huge guy who SD is governed. Look our yada, yada, yada, yada, MO, host Hawaii at almost over. Yay, don't know phylum aquatic islands are Goodman, Julia, oblige, ample declutter, unless scribe record, exclamation point and gem or SD. Exclusivist environmental nine h was abandoned him MOZ like post-war laws, tours at what host or most Nala loved Anita, square record Jews in nine meters in which random, which is commonly Caillois, you lean so-called Covidien oscillating. Nine took aria APA reduce mandate to Lidia. Lidia 2-3, some joy. Ar Purdue, SQP cargo, DMAIC, which example of wildcards, thin Julian looks system per cell tower wrapper map called the Hammacher Candy cause they don't elicit amounts are coalitional files. The Kata, Let's combine used, followed by query target that activities have been gypsy Amana, UDC directly use the EPC directly on Linux, gay configuration files, crusade clinically used that, that up I put man will find the mantle. Ngo, ESA start to UGA, perpendicular, permanent decline, upper year amaro clan name. Inside of digram, buddy are predictably our pervious autoscale self-contained via the cauda aesthetic Domingo content have yeah, probably like your daughters and the cryogenic man normal deliberately use ANOVA. Is Nippur Mason denied a better man who would say login OTA domain, open chronically data Lexi up this directory click and again, maybe not at the bus up, just non-living matter thing. Was kelly up unless there's B dash December subconscious economic data for a statutory body oppor you blue and exam. You direct green or unusual wildland degrade EBUS. Now, you do see alternatives. Now degree directors can also contains a level of solid, violent Do you do blue analytic directory? Now predicting what is your wine dignity you must fight to lead to segment will unless, unless there's been. The DC is currently working above wave highly kinda easily startled Dial Vision of which views? Thank goodness, echo character who is decay is iStockphoto. Now, but you see in Norah lucy example, none the less. It has to be anarchy is coming to a insist October or bismuth character work wavy random, whose got a put Ashley astronomically Harper, yeah, precoded pellucida leaky there. So output syndicates, AC Stark law, where we Character Scott, it was glad as Kwame novels of Diablo, similarly upper limb loss, I gambled on the Mac which phi paper down dials that you defined create clinically used geodata. Murdoch's host, lowest, forced, roast, human, Air Force, most forced as economic child while Medicare next a day unless forced, most forced to those chat and do finally, big Yamuna Democrat was it lives a use of the ls question-mark, Bu ISP. They sell clubbing query API to the hitch ROE Kiara, let's say the LS squared record, HM, OASDI, that they give us y2 and y2 MC, filing away the hotter than any host on most only Bacchus added you have post lost nearly half a list, square bracket, exclamation point. And the A-bomb co-host most yellow looser, both lost to ask a classmate and I, thank you for watching. See you next class. 14. IO Redirrection & Pipe: Welcome to this isu sectarian calls to ask classmen look IoT, dioxin and 5Q Island and ivory directs and input are put to the direction along which it is some supplement by q and Bhutan man of Bolivia Capet given but actually bound by which somebody rotor, lift some adequate commodity con, man, desk k, users by less. Do you Joe Mara, output? Yes, standard output as 2D or discussion output. Input or well, in world. Is Omar commander to schedule our Portola standard output, RBA, 5-years clinician standard input either come Gulliver is command to basically a bitumen and visually lecture may be huge by Haji bound to tell you our mook and put output u direction UNO and let them, Dean hat, standard input, history. In food discarded executes the magazine wellhead less than sang, a standard and put normally do keyboard subtype called Dan. I don't know a way. Normally standard important, but up is directional, huge, critically less if we file say, IoT direction is symbolically huge, karaoke up Standard and Poor guitar use Herceptin looser Amara, standard output is to leave out the study directions in MLA greater than, yup, w greater than my day moment Bhutan working governments single huge ego WHO normally Joe standard output or who are Kuskin predicted? Flexor, John Marika was valve are conducting way MR. normally a standard output but up blue directions, symbol huge concrete oppose our put-call EC file may be sub Dan file co-directors at Dan Zhu output was finally, like I say, well, yeah, you Ammar a direction or a standard, either the direction similar to greater than sign to normally up, quicker mind type, ellipse Apple regularly, DSM-IV, WWU jumping around. Year Arab armies and denied or random drop on normal, erotic, always facade or could we declare, took work AFI and redevelop that? Do standard era, the direction command huge Vedic era. The exam output rearrangement will either cooperate direct cursor think a pilot begun QC, a Laplace bit is set, assigning of a Jew or put up assignee Cindy exactly lead gossiping easily. I'm basically standard, eternally direction huge filter. Tertullian Luke says temperature or Rubbermaid Democrat getting cut down the telescope supplement bipolar because man, this game, by the age of Amara has scheduled output over a scarf in bourgeois, tender ARPU discard, discard Nutella, you dig them up. Electromagnetic Capybara beta2 count by Julia, IoT directs and give island bicycle that tend to have done think ALS than Luke list of high-stakes at present working directory is output hole itself calcified inquiry direct cannot happen unless we mapped by non-linear. Now qualified nominees, unless phi w Kelvin, you have your output file meta QC, whatever update command huge Medicaid was filing and local content decks of Dan indicate the draft go out particularly foreseeable. Yeah. Who come on South Korea? Dick Tikki, upon subdominant the calm CUDA already gone. User work around, let's say, who are the scale could humanity directs, got down unless file mercury single greater than sensical, if you joke, Baylis is usually contain Tamara is go override Curriki, Jonah, our quota whose cooperate better, politically dominant through cemetery absolute, absolute. You Purana Allah content also remote Galileoscope override Vaidya to elevator sign up w. You have escaped Batman up, add Canada, Alexa manually via among WHO signed. Usually the hostname is 5a content Amara. Unless autoscale admin override, make an extra line AD gonadal double greater than sign you Tegea, the Less file. Galaxies for inclusive content goes via the Q. The sharper add Gaussian override make IOS file group is helium two w greater than sangha add economically use. Giulio Romano, standard Aragon, ethnically command in Tokyo, lex them and commanding in Tokyo. The low ROE. Such drink, coffee, Sayyaf who periodically been missing, denied office. Are they acquire a degree. Land lump-sum either to recopy, unreliable, are cooled technically to man, eliminating nudge autonomous standard output and waving match our Dong Du, yeah, former standard eerily directs and huge silicon decided if Nikita took a input or output or a student like me will lead a well-made Elliot gentleman curiosity in that town. Honesty artificial maps, that vector then sandwich, Philippi, dare, devil null, especially device and in X-Men, jokingly direct normal contaminated. This naked Willem de arpa, get up, are around sedate. By era, you had up kinetic S2 money. Do you declare a VR coffee, sorry. Benign directs and gave about arsenic standard output. They said Islam low standard yearly direction got huge gulf than the ISG classmate nine. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 15. Bonus Examples of Vim & Globbing: Welcome to my course. Ascii, we do map home with him or globin, which in our example, the column document which the electrons are gonna Boolean data to sub-sample emetic new file when our mmm was when I push down example, good purpose in this My Math Lab commands. So Corolla. I say Insert. Oh, come on, what are recent? Always thought it was said that it is going to be a skilled man. Weiss a yen couldn't allow us come on more. Dominant which are mapped goal, which man come on to? What seemed to be your daughter. Let us say a, a hopper is 0, sifted d calculator is point silicon. Yeah, hot dog. Sorry, I delete data and encourages, dislike pay, conjure. One is wines the operand, any caldera, Yasser, liquid inland duck. Sorry, I've deliberately seek to D, yeah, D daughter. No-no. Same algorithm must example the heart. Sift be the Kmart and beliefs may use undo a step backward. Facing up with the gut or do dollar. Bill in d plus Cronos was the key. One has said, architects are at Delete over criticism. And Lubert don't do Slack command head GG. December. Starting point is entire file. Decay. Starting one again was kill other hand, caps lock D, capital D set up. Is fine. Okay. In length, bang it. Emr and landing apparatus. Tosefta G.com, the Coleoptera and lab mileage is filed. The quiz text oppose such Can-Am arbitrary apropos, travel documentation, basilica, well, let's say Barbara finance map, which particular such Quran led say manually page Alice, amino basic Google search. And now W helpful upset that will yank pull forward slash was good job in text up such kinda chat. And like for example, my commands, DNA kit commands to the cochlea was killed in WWI. It forward slash such that that will put us in the TQM. Go into the next reason they can do The into opera blink monitor lizard is that they can do so I decided or acid again, there's only the cholera, of course, checkmark on which text sets like 40 numbers such that on. Let's go and enjoy your tissue. That's going into the kidney tissue. But your data schema then carat symbol Duke E6 can get it. Symbaloo. Who say OK, AC line. I will manage it quicker as a starting point bellow. Six dot on anarchy, candidates and the good slang key starting point Barium. What other Islamically independent than outdoor, put dollars and get darker dollar input canola to sift for the long way. And if you dollar, that gives Lanka India point value at year Amara when cockroach command human beta1 of data. Now our way up hold blowing the example. They don't ask for sale credit, tom sift, command mode, market, sift and gendered. Say we're growing a huge cookie. I'm login multiple files, monastic, F word jumper. It's got this script namesake or multiple file, this NG skimmed zeros, 1, 2, 3, skip forward. While silica is clipped, handed the minimum to 0 dot, dot and dead. The startup file up there listed they sit, then decay, skip, skip the one. Who already are. Similarly, the script 100, the Yankee it over your glove and valued such. Such clinically we use square bracket 0 to one or square. That calculator. You WAV file search, but in a scripting is married to ANOVA and 0, yeah, one or two who don't know when you did. The helium is clipped to L script acting. Skip putting a similar gap file such because it is classmate. Now, thank you for watching this video. 16. Using Cockpit: Welcome to IS HIS a training course to ask our topic using cockpit uptake many CLI utilities development, but I'll still call it via cockpit CLI utility now and think about it. Be at NCSA point of view, sit up, go I know Nancy, you to tell me and they tag the cockpit, gets a huge cut them up terminal Twilio's give up your commodity ecosystem seat, desk, this called Build ischemia up CFO, Luca privilege on Archie postcard, authentic is unknown and see the decay authentication mom grab the password root user ABC, because nato up, alternatively up route either say login curriculum, our pool, Come on, tell us there was a cockpit Socket Cap, service, activity news crusty, scaly up command-line systems is system CTL status. So good. They are properly cry, indicate status, active listening. And they came port number 9098, open listener gotta took off print utility go X is connected via Apo. Browser open can now try to DataMonkey up Rocco Firefox declares quo open Gala. We are put up do indicate upcoding, dedicated local host is a host name and local launched the word Eliana, who's got the port number, the local host. 1992. The year they are put up, CFO got pink, kind of histogram, do is go root, you just say login continue. Yeah, from Kaizala options they diagram. Now predicts it down case IOPS and yet our system interface, the job but opcode system that currently have indicator, like CPU uses, memory usage, disk IO network traffic. Yasi happily starts, I don't know, cursor can scale out the log interface. This interface, the upper descent looks cool on intercept then likely syntactic Dora. Who's got a Storage Interface. Is interface based storage devices become cursed at 10, just like the RPR, but the cranky storage device monitor aura or RPI arpanet story. Because a natural devices. Duke am logged later on course memoranda, skewer, then networking is its interface on network or managed because heptane now predicting, monitoring with the Kiara. Yeah, put firewall opsins with the crab. Cool. They can all be Sadie optional declining like networking logs with the exam cool. Which give other parliament containers. Dialysis if point-of-view, same what NaN or letting it counts. Now put up a county local meniscus at 10 or chapter now you typically occurs at they are predicting that create new account. Now put up full name, username, password daddy, create, customer. Or user can manage because at dance it skew other services. Is interface pair up system D services called managed Kazakhstan or different services the current district, could they extend? Degradative learning? Here's your service mama. Applications. It's Interface installed, application conquers at their applications cockpit compatible or not, she was kill other diagnostic reports is interface self-diagnostic report create concept down supporting particularly historic data was gathered catenary dump, kernel down BAC or cold turkey. For that, our customer class would add data. To quote, unclear, it was a joke, IDA, pit support, good Doran and ikea does into skew either SELinux, SELinux it up SELinux security regarding uptakes at their logs. Chapter 8 problem and they accept their software updates is interface pay up Joe software update of L1, only two up going on, particularly subscripts sensei up. Current subscription status command is because it Dan. Finally, terminal opsins. Nokia put console provides a convenient method. We had remote machine, so cockpit qx is going now. Mina, SSH go huge killer. Toyota. Brief introduction and thank you for watching. See you next class. 17. Bonus Root password break: Hello guys, welcome to my odyssey, a certain course. Dmaic, bonus listener. Easily cinema apical, but dumb luck. Guess it. Links it up. Load capacity, Boolean, up route capacity, coworker, Amy, that change pitting. Guess yeah, but it would say login and password for good culture that they came in a normal user that ellipse. I'm going to do this. Next, Next, Next skip. Display settings may not onsite. Tennis. I hope. Detail. Don't know. Well done. Yeah. I switch you look down the road capacity one. Yeah. For optics like day I will Goldratt authentication failure and then keep password wrong. Domain, which is helium. And I've got to reboot corona. Auto skip, squat down to the key, Inaki gets him again. Now, you know what a Append, Append down arrow key, up grip could interpret easy. We login to the opera. This perhaps we could add plus e to do does selected item IQ predict our Linux on a paradox, spit out an arrow. Keys, are getting dark and bleak. They are called the crab press Control X, timid The graph will recover. Press Control X to start controlling execution. And this is a single reducer. Many it would go up. Monkey command. Curious, I'm a polar bond. There's o comma. This. Now, our WCS root UD mound was given CH2 group. This node layer of the ampere. Password typically be a root command Diigo pastor 3D. Movie. Drew up password at metatag will have BG Apple Mail simplicity it in ABC. Another school for a coma. Now premolar or bicuspid, discolored debilitate comminuted is useful for all and tokens are related to successfully and a good password change earlier. And whisker order 11 incunabula Dutch, or go to the Dutch or the liver. This was a reboot for the DMCA. Well, beach mescaline stockholder. So the area in the key process computer here. Yeah, man, normally you just say Login, cool it down. Your password permanent. Abc and T4 are managed route capacity are known as code switching. Password again we see 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The heat Genova is monasteries and meet nine. Thank you for watching this video. 18. First Project Solution: Welcome to this audits. You sit to an in class, the ascii cloth moma project, Casals and Lula, the optics that day Amara class at NCSA module one. D Amara project DRA, bilaterally PAT, simply lack clear kitchen. Looking back, pumps supported Oh, who's UV RAM, WGBH, heartbreaks beauty, Dr. network card installation media, attitude eight, Goryeo CentOS, it go. Yet the man outgo lesson number three and less than amorphous. Remember Dodge. But tell me a second number, definiton symbol that install IHL aid CentOS using custom party center to the graphical desktop biotin than a key GUI configuring. Then D will route party, PSTN user 1GB swear partisan mix. You know, more partisans are created, at least 40. We'll discuss basic unused. Set, a root password, ABC understood, 1234, configure the network could use DHCP to jellybean. We're Patel ten ulama, colloquially called Tom opcode. Two sets up a level or Turing machine created. Typical vanity or next, I will install the operating system later next year, my Linux or redhead, Enterprise Linux, it 64 Bhutan. Next file browse for the data. Copper up QCIF can now next store virtual disk. Every single brand busy with an NGO UP, jacked up 15 dB. They said thank you, Kiama bus. Then deeper root parties in Syria or Iraq by August you are charging EBUS unused on HE took proto f2 individually sufficient. Next, customized hardware map, mm MOD, who's even becoming written, ma'am, Jada Neumann type system. Hashmi perform career. Glows. Honesty about ISO in waste. Power on this virtual machine, the clicky data was going up and down arrow keys, the parallel options select moderator, interpreter mimics a pipeline into the IDEO language English here and continue. Bam Annenberg to Joplin localized and walks by Jesse, seven per year. Codeine Plan 1938. Ij bar, chart. Daddy parched my hand. It's got a donkey. 0, time, select megawatt. Artists, do other, PUT. Us elected already, done. Who's got Gattaca because some party, some silicon occurs donkey, donkey euro, autoscaled. Standard Partition 2's together. Let's go up and down arrow keys up. Now select because acting upon it, Amara root, NGV, ag, mom, point2, click era, which give out. Let's go out and my swag faulty X-Y brca one. Let's go ahead and looking up at every level is spaceman Deavere Smith Ebola. And therefore you don't achieve DMR's requirement. Would oligos got done in Kenya except n is between 0 was give out, was Guatemala configure the network or you dock DHCP network. On career, then began installation, has got a root password, ABC underscore 12341234 is and there's the 1D. Now put up a warning defect in fee, simple password and double-click figure than men. For the utopia. Those NumPy as our Tasman ideological periodically era killed ordinary user are not going to again put that up, Rudy, listen mostly work making yellow Joe Little w u that value to the data. The nice mighty password or sand it down just for 1234, $5 done. Scott, the way it cannot against Alderson from people that did they KML installers incomplete over bus up, simply reboot bit leaky data. We shall say that the graph license settlement that close that. And then now put subscripts and manager the DEA sediments, Leonard provide Corrada Santos, make that joke, eat birds. Escaped through Loretta. Many software packages provide pinata. But attitude saying John Mann acquire associated emulator. Jokey. They've had networks is subscribe Nao, dummy Subscription Manager bequeathed to me. Let's finish configuration for login collision. And this will not be to quote, salt will come next. Next. Next is good. Start using glue. That's it. The Giulio Romano, The suddenly ten. Locate the right map-based for information how to set a password to tell him books which temperature ten. Men faced a huge PR campaign. How to set password search by now, domino down ten man desk, huge goddamn loop inside of cases men, men, desk, password in a loop. So at grid, you can use going again. 601 million Marlow Mikey, come on, Hadoop boss, WB I'm not quite maybe could reduce range, but now 650, you'd fill it down. Yummy ham and maybe crab. Now say Yandi in Asia to engage his men during the tech command mode, then we'll use that photo data. You can mandate a only mannequin database. Civil come on articles costs are description may seen such that what I am diabetes in a search, you see I'm not related command use than any. Clear could really get command. Just a huge yoga user, Add, User, Create connected. Yam loved johnathan already. Finding fragment basically listener but data user, active vitamin, whopper MAN output because cocky, you didn't need connectivity. Command better search, but their mandate, kapa H W, dopamine that are Kamen, man, you just add up the exome. Thank you. Didn't use a choreographer. Seattle, so 600 Philadelphia. Sifted yada, yada, yada, yada, user exit simulated digital command and Yakuza he also sex and when the codon, the opera, the exit, the positive Ruby. Either idea to 22-year Furman boss. Wp, yeah, predicts it and update users. Authentication tokens, love your password. Update guys is commands, it is steady case up. Related command, gummy, huge Curriki up, do silica mine such gossip than genetic Laplacian. Use the man page for user egg. And as clear to you that the manager, every such Ebola, man, you that fed, well the upper command basic thing, you get opsin login, and you can login, name guido a euro. Or if you look at Giza, so spaced kidnaps him. User add debt. Now Cooper Mason denied data. Who came out of the ordinary you, there's a login escape us writes mania, utopia, omega, ECM en route either say login monopoly on scaling up as UW learn des password, you see underscore one v equals 0.5c, you got em. Although I caution declutter Boolean, set the password for the user to stage two, abc and those 41234. Though, passwords it clinically available to women, they cut positive data. That boss, though you'd be based on your upper password. Abc underscore 1-2-3, coal industry underscore one v2 for doing our parser copies in policy than bag bazooka, whining outta my ignored the doma. Obama Ruby, Republican Eastland Mulago Kodama. Obtaining declutter. Next question. I love already use cd root NVC to make UDC your active directory. Cd, UBC, either KML, UPC activated to Bangura. Use blowing and ls to soak all files in UPC that have a number in many clear skin called the ten globin huge correctly, your DC directory men go file such banana do you can name a number containment would go up Ls as trick scribe record 0 deaths, nine. And then he starts getting worse RNA. Just men number Joseph Nye Nadeau. The Big Bang satisfies the Cauchy, unreadable, massive, non-malignant autonomy CDMA. Scream, gotta Cayman. This bead is they are coarser NAMD Kayla, beyond the kid number contain canola by luck. Julia, radically better. Still from the directory UDC use the command LS does, and less deaths in. User pipe will display the result piece by piece next type. So you need to go back to your home directory to subset by lab Coppola, ls, l u is going negative. And less deaths is a long listing quiescent properties. The Athabasca was given Bullock based webpage, technically ls, ls, l albedo, busy digging a glioma less common for huge button. The Bayesian Amara beta Command, Spacebar. Next phase B, dotted arrow, up and down arrow keys in one line. Nietzsche, who put the QC exit? What's gone? Home directory, cd to you the ketchup home directory para, developed and large, Costanza USB input creative file with the name user. And in that file add two lines containing the electron Alexander to when a user in the KML Eugen map file or insert mode Majdanek Lee, I passed what's called a Lexi Alexander, who say combine multiple diagnostic, manipulate. It's got to sift. Save Olga accurately because I kept utility by US curfew, bag user.name, electrolytic didn't grafting to his classmate nine. Thank you for watching. 19. Understanding The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy: Welcome to my Odysseys hips in and goes out scotopic L, the next file system hierarchy, which is Can-Am, CVs and the file system hierarchy, I mean, yeah, but data in the next MAP directories, Cassie, you to adopt a standard directed effort basement defining. Our effort is Linux Foundation though I maintain octo, sorry, Linux W2 is unlike Carly who burned to CentOS Fedora Linux, finding some good member or Linux Foundation is 10. Dietitian was sodden. Linux distribution. Good. Example, goodman, director directory steps, king, almost same over and took a directory has just do this at the killer. If it is a starting point. So Linux system ended levy Tegea exists continuum, we're root directory Kendall. Different devices in the upcoming concept explained got down to Linux file system is Mona hello directory, the root directory. And the directory is unlike boot directory, folder. Or directory isn't. The opera file system hierarchy, the exam be Nike, do I scheme? But Linux environment may do S is a huge gather septum Mancha, huge fucking mound Linux car, fundamental concept that joke you by default user. For example, root directory mounted over like to do we have adductor boot directory. I let the spirit that div sd-wan device home directory called remote server divvied up as a scepter like NFS server. So yeah, Montoya, sort of word cologne, less homepage. Your remote Celera was called SAM. Molecule 10 or var directory may be different device pay. Yeah, maybe dedicated Harpic spill like div, HDB. Mancha, you'd call cam lobe Linux file system for flexible, but after QQ device file system, easy or other object, especially dead to route data, the most common concept used can kidnap device, add cosine or host directory go up Matt dedicated. He's had a quick LS command, a huge country root directory called cognitive decline. Um, lone mountain viremic RP details if I can get it on CourseMatch, a weekly it not coffee. To tell him up. Cool Linux file system called contented cotton was Kellerman wrote either say login on our cookie ordinary, you just score system COP would axis name of the two roots a Logan Canyon. This to my routine has a login to the ER to hashtag the 2-SAT proposal that yap routinely us along in a per dollar. You just now slash slash root directory and file system. Or usual route to grab the home directory root either got one root directory, cd. Now for the blue home directory, root, routine care home directory, cd dot dot Corinthian, Jake, level up T9 and Accumulo the root directory which lay dying. For assembly workers. Home directory. Cd up, CD less is severe root directory. Yeah, put up with the grandeur. I'm a route directing a content degree. You, Sarah, low dielectric or content or AMA, you declared equal directory, different colors have different color, aka clinically. Unless there's anything in your property is happy. Yeah, permutate the Gracchi cuz directly and you like bin, you see artist Kara, technical term huge current to bin, symbolic link, user bin. Similarly, symbolically per user and the link you are a Mamluk later on horseback, but India, yeah, upper map Gu, a root k was important. I'd like, for example, boot direct, CD, boo, boo, boo, boo me. What she did the candy to the next system cohort connect literally. For example, VM lineage 4.18, a Linux kernel jokey high-tech operating system call the schema, the CE OS interact with a computer. They're harmless, their properties, they can't go to the upper up corporate, artistic. Alka, your mother art and began by slabs Bookman, water-related coffee and promise and a garden subsidy. Important Islam and output. Directory, div Directory devices a year. Unless you sorry, interface 57 UK, huge hotel. Communicate your dog to a specific hardware devices, for example, and BMI. Hello everyone. Made a hard disk and we do N1. Alcoholics may be SDO is so-called permanent, but I don't advise this files and the schema, the SAM communicate because obtain specific device heart Dixon null is given the unique device file. Didn't cookie or Joham look device Falco at discouraged after really Mamluk can do like canal Maria, Hannah, lended. Damaged archaea are polluting. Turkey device file cool x is cosine. Estab cool properties dictates it is proper damage up normally Files hiding the 10 like gaffer, Whopper up, cool device file, major or minor declare to Duke economy level identifier, Derby device for a disk or not China, again, testing directory or UTC directly. Utc directing confusing aisles is hiring countries and 57 is directly case. Congregation and millennia. You to see that edTPA, Cassie, take the upside, a composition. I'll go read concept. For example, caret on past WD path, WD, your user database to upper updates or sorry, the school junkie tax system, but I'm losing. You just go out in more detail when I equals one. But in another example, kept on Radiohead, Yemen related content words in the number of takes a lead at interpreting next week. 1 DA Amara, current world in RHEL, income per head. Always going farmers and their current operating system, you can use color that. They use Kelvin scale in 8.1. All the other information they're operating system can pull home, normally either cup home directory, so time darn. Are up CPU, do home directory. The cookie operand only do is live on donor user only to declare a variable whose value that we had got down. Do you automatically ignore home directory up announcing his shoes on and on? By default? And land potent, ideal user, dead tree, yeah, usr directory. You just like Windows Admin program. I'll get the upper side of this finance are separated and been an S been, been been been been angel, ordinary boundaries, clear Yardbirds, AOV command. Normally we use kid around, use cases per sbin system, binaries kinda see. This is his domain reason. Incur huge clinically root either on a jewelry the way up. Amato use carbanion. Important var directory. What makes me Udot type dynamic data like the nicotine. Awhile we subsidize permanent director, log, log One, Love Me system log file the kid up ten is also important. Love Island message, message. Many briefly, rootkit content J important Directory and like boot alderman Emma, we took what I'm going to describe here are lastly, Malcolm manual based hierarchy got the 100 Java was CALEA bookmarks for now a man. Man for manual pays higher whole hierarchy to output the graph. Man albedo. Now particularly higher description of the file system hierarchy. Now particularly less. This is the root directory. This is where the whole tree starts as being this derivative contracts which are needed in sigma 11 more. And when the system appropriated to decrease R&D devs a person pronouns in details, it is classmate man. Thank you for watching this video. 20. Essential File Management Task: Welcome to my eyes is a training course. Our scotopic essential file management tasks is less than a map book which essential commandment ombre, admin, admin, Iliad jokey necessarily yet, the bi-layer Amara ls command, ls command list files in the current directory, files and directories. The panda, like current directory file or directory Aeneas at it. You can list up with the car. And this desk in current directory listing the proper teach gesagt file, go organized pendant, delete a directory I use can now sends went down. Just like you have dignity is current directory. Both sides, a script, file Bonilla, both. Our file stamp to school is sada script file, call it direct in America, Turkey and blue will, will organize per second. So dialectically it connected Diablo, MKDIR. Mkdir is download directory read clinically used crypto domain is scripts Naram-Sin it Directory banana, Live Script file. Later on is we determine its Directory Admin, move customer, document them later on. They can get easily make empty directive and are now MKDIR are huge but you elicit links at the paper skipped Salaam sick or decay scripts, namesake directory, banana, MKDIR Karla example. Let's say my entire pathway it can match up, down, for example, knew my ER PR courses around the egg. No direct Domino was get into subdirectories scripts MIMO. To be q. Cannot clear, direct, no such file or directory. Diopter New Orleans, make a rest day as I will binom septa. So the news is cut out October data. These can be put an entire octave, an acclaimed book, Das p-values. There's decay. Come on Saturday, September up a new one. Just kinda, they get endless. Here's kinda scripts me subdirectory within. I'd like a magnet cp command. Cp is commonly used kirtan copy kinetically CP DES, des by S. Now practical uses the graph. Now they sit, they uses CP, obscure the opsin. Uk ops man that cookie the case car back at man is come at lower cap US curve is at 10. Let's give out the key source or destination and the key CB, Give it up for source. Input can ask our destinies and B input can, for example, use MLA or APA shutdown. For example, CB, DC. Course. He discipline their job hosts while there was go copy that data or your dot. Dartmouth, the current directory. Now proof-based for the leaky Alaska cohorts founding Mercy peak, Amanda, huge burden that because it can, for example, cb. You see h dot u command, calculator key, ETC, directory. And it's announced a JOB phyla was cool. Granddad treatment based on the upper integral Cp are not a specified omitting directory. It is CHP and directory is CTAs home toward the Bacchae satisfies the post name based on the Dixit think which wasn't dot com hostname, who? It's a job We didn't pile up with the guy and do declare. We are purposed for Japan and that app directory South coffee consumption, top code, There's a huge gun. Deaths, Armando recursive. You gathered that key directives South, South who scheduled content or ascorbic competencies that are standard follicles that are not uptick here to Opera, HP collective indicator. Unless it's beyond the KHP Medica, skin to skin turgor file with copy paste culture value. I'd lie. I, lamb or MB. Me. Yeah, nucleus cut them for example. And we script and as drug reps, don't get Navy is clipped, corrective, fine grained directory main was called scripts directory. When you do excuse me, is it makes your Kentucky Derby work today. I got to hamper skips Noam Sagiv directory exists, w0 domain cannot move scripts to subducted of itself, skips skims. It get actually is due to the current directory scripts we directly see directing a movie, a person, Donna. Well, essentially when data is less for the Omega, the Bacchae did navy script file tells where scoops men move, but it does say ls command 7 takes the case Arabic script file says Alitalia. You'll be done by operator skips five jammy have the scripts directory, ls. Then the KR, Coursera MOOC. Likeminded our MDR, who's come long, huge kirtan, empty directory, go remove canonically. It's got filled him dead. Number two is career in mooning or by Kiki directory, antennae and skinny, I'm Capella. It did manuscripts finally, us could do you can know who's killed Mamluk escapes, escapes dialectical, delete cosine Theta is, it is limited in IAP, Cooja up with the new directory, scandal agile. Empty directory is co-op delete cursors, Dann, das beaker, use entire body which could yeah, dopamine in R&D. So typically a calculator is Phillips has an empty directory. Delete Goleta, new Kendall who had just gotten new data. Yet the sky huge. Rmd air best D is risky. They are called political, they are the same. They chaos in Gnutella. My name is commonly used cut that file coding. For example. Almost the same manner. Host star on this community, host.com, bless them with scripts, can get your directors could delete. Is coding it connected. Deaths are going to discuss done in upper recursive. Yeah, Per we use yellows and is a recursive motor vehicle Turkey scandal good at it and every file and content elsewhere we delete credit Diane, although directory go delete. So of course we didn't it because it does f effuse cut that forceful limited clinical attack equally warnings for NACADA it is can be a row, a few script that escapes as the kid is just directly target. Say they are Dixit, Thank you. Guys. Use coffee dangerous or sometime, for example, when you do, Do you just allow the ileum mass which usually SU does, Does root e command as you root directory go delete connectivity. You do slash Apple degree. Yeah, rude, jerky. Entire file system will contain got the yeah, but they can go on Instagram, Yik fail-safe, and the appendicular. It didn't damage to operated cursorily on root user, no quiz. To override this fail-safe, a very commodity. We use ganache up top, we commanded now, I do fails it. That was overnight. And then Gideon, the EMR, pulling ergodic on market gaps for these aren't lanky man dangerous or you put it in a file system going rather, the system gouache, I'm going immaterial is lemma here. Come on to live in and the company is listen made man. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 21. Finding Files: Welcome to my IC certain impose scotopic, finding files, which commands you're up go file and can help getting you Bella, which which emit boundaries codon into Search button search but list out diag Trisha, your kidney next search data, debug command economy, for example, which usually IACUC complete, but the current user id command go now updates it. Notice is 80, which sort of bought pink, I'm gotta get Armada bought. Next bottlenecks. Are you idea what list dogmatic t-score do find, gotta know, kinda next set command, command S F, which we do. Keep on winning yet. Welcome, I'm kinda named John Doe. In this mRNA is a little coin name. The Walmart commanded the name that was given is basically an upcoming demo going to be the codon. But I don't put my game. Can Tom been scripted, Donald eyes insert this sales script up, could breed Candida, helloworld, Keita, not Dhamma, heightened. And this decay and no vitamin C. It is file called CH mod envelope details happening in idlis admin. I legally up it. Nikki. You command Brahmi, Sunday rose file execute calculate plus xy plus x sin execute does excellently executed. The execute permission data and negative updates a day unless best indicator Hello file, it's going to get executed. And from this point on 39, document.write, amaze file code is going to be a process goes down and the appendicular command not found. Yuki is clip path planning and sharpening age of botany up and in command rending papilla is current directory silicon or too dark. Hello world up, Greek veneer, current directory, say it command to execute or perma, which damper they can know Hello in either he bought easily such legal power. Jokey which for limited but after like a minute and look at the examples is located. And then locate cannot astute no such fun to decay and locate am located dot db is not like your database. Good evening. Database update, chronically homeless, update ED. I usually know the handmade Akira other app, the bus route couple of building and talk database update an interceptor database update clinically approved coupling. That's necessarily what a a hopper man. You don't usually say login is named. Rudy Virchow. Sided file exists or is a such poor entire file system that person can go Salinger Palmisano on normally lyrical name iota, disclaimer Rudy going to go down to updating the semi upper database of data could have been database among other maps, we disable command. Usually do the careful. Up. We have. A digraph is systematic naming user adds at which the walk, when you get, you get at the root handily apathetic egos and in such an LEA or the copies are a little ALU, such aliens name. For example, if the tongue file indefinitely or Tom, what a young play fetch. D by a man Locard data is located and B by two identities. Yeah, KA database may update kidney easily look at commando limb table data, domino column database, cool. Update contain an operator like the 75th. America. A time divide. Looked at Cardinal indicate the ISACA limitation and APA. I'd like a minor. Find the Garfield one's command that is sell coffee, which correspondent Dan? Example group map with the codon is when my coffee sad example, the armor. But by the young politically, it's fine. Anarchy, a rude go directory, command capita, get. I can find a row in Root Directory Admin Yuki file, put our entire file system name. Yuki hosts the adeptly is names and you'll be fine. Root directory man, muscosa, it's going to be willing to decay. Now put a subscript gives endocardium. Find. Other man. I would be like the host codon, the appendicular region, January or appendix. And then you inject the way such Julia company call ligand at the opera, dot blooming. Blooming go. For example. I'm going to post start codon, deal bushes. So delineated Yomi her Messiah cosets of his hereditary executing a dilemma if I'm for example, the photon uptime busy city such as exemplary jumper, find f MATLAB file size plus. And I'm going to file and go back and file directory. File, file goes article, discuss size, and didn't megabyte, say jot down. The misguided finite discussed size, 100 megabytes each other. Example. Find user to your command O file such gorilla disco ownership. So RHEL or file choose RHEL on scum Modelica can take it out of flight. He's gone. In society. I like. Fine. In DC. Exec does an early versus semicolon to your company. If I'm command cantilever, the subsequent IV iron building up your DC neck treatment. Or a schedule. Reserve data is God will execute the command a applica that is called your output was pretty a grep command to let R do a grep command, yeah, per gallon that icky will file such that it up. K output man. This man sues RHEL word contain Cara. Exactly. I'm from lunar use is CALEA. I'm local command cook clothes can hamper backwards less semi-colons, a ampere. The command crura. Gilliam opcode takes the 10 coffees are either output data is output goal, it will monotonically, I'm low. You either have Bosco different elements and continue forward to two. Greater than sign. The note. Decay. Or Buddha. Yet either grip Commander US GAAP giving BM blue glass at 10, like the RHEL. Take the good Angelie. Here we have cosine to find. Come on gases. Hello. I'm Doug lived guy who's going to give me output and the guy later. But notice. Yeah, but I'm looking my develops a huge cause of death was cleared lands example monday dot, dot, dot, or a more clear idea like find EPC. Site. Yummy, yummy, yummy momentum because it will give me plus C. Here. Yeah, Let's see gemacht lower key. Yeah, profile, the profile giga, discuss side 100 characters in shadow, do sub-domain 100 by its Siddhartha. Yet to return to AIGA IN UDC size is Scott was paid exec among tiller, execute curcuit, you do grep command is being executed over the scale would be two-year. Which advanced example. Tom, Sorry. And you do a lot of good kill a man who's going to get a leg up my dipole execute exit had to use gut mit paradigms are a number of wind. Dc size, does three things. Pr per gallon. It you discard it never your output. Whose pay exit command to layer. Though? Yeah, prokaryotes cardio output. I will use a scope on picker data. The particle or as a core temporary is less your DNP project because there are a many slaves yet either. So current score output may not either go forward to the exit unless the idea here is already filing happily. H2 takes the RNA are permanent, decayed. Whenever that I jumped exit command to love them, they are wrapped goo. Goo closing cannot disappear. Money after exit commands, latter is eliminated. Or Windows wrap, Cluj, ghetto, Dixon, find command goodnight, ones that did not. Helpful hint is classmate nine. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 22. Understanding Mounts: Welcome to my ROCC training course. To ask her topic camera, understanding mounts, mountain Linux hike, essential concept and device command, classical horsemen. Without them, we must may mount concepts from now on. So the next med device where X is connected, it was cut directories are connected or not generally. Just again, look balances on to Anki, the next Borussia root directory OTA, Society device connected to the cecum mounting the device. So device current directory say connect on not just say home loan was caught, x is cosecant mounting Galata Linux file system in multiple modes. You looked at Jessica root EKG device, Botha slash boot device proto, different Typekit data observed different device built ten, or who's keeping current home sick tau, for example, security security hemoglobin for example. Going device helped give us this map dangerous file that I restrict cursor down the hopper up. The local devices cost, security less strict was the second most of them energy utility, like a specific files or a specific TypeScript file, eggs out on opening and different different devices spin around a specific amount. Opsins be huge cost of ten joke equals cases are good cases. Many Linux file system and up multiple directories the victim. But each of us is closer to his classmate, man. Thank you for watching. See you next class. 23. Understanding Links: Welcome to my RFC set training course. Our scotopic understanding links, links, linux cup fundamental concept that link pointer here you see me, I'll do kissy different location or link. A huge Linux file system can organize some quick, easy but not that. Canada MATLAB key, qualifier, different logos and the QC all lowercase and baby to be enough disk space. Do RSA, uj k with linker, use herky-jerky with location. Up linux killing, compare cursor, 10 windows case, a linker huge file called multiple locus and grasp their Linux Mint door type Killingsworth that hard links or symbolic links up hotlink, create curse at the lm command car use croquet or symbolic link, All-in-One. Sky used cocaine, which looks symbolic link coast salt link, big bold tag, per were wrong terminology up a method Handler kava is symbolic link and soft link name. Chile wide would pin map Kubota, topic castle, the next link I use them. Lingo someone nuclear file, collection of blogs, jokey written OTA, up file been Honeywell, it blocks the Janiculum, administer some good job with our administration. I know that my mother, I knew Linux can have rakefile come up now. I node number document and Nicholas and will demonstrate they're getting commandment. I noticed I noticed Table Mountain an audit file system up 90 day window. So basically behind the scene, the next ion notice outcome camera. But I'm not people can inconvenient menu. Name, disco him look Falco, a disconnect. Lee use Caltech. Like I will note when we name or name Lynette fear to multiple names used cost of ten like name one, like the era name put names second, named heard. Multiple Nim jokey point a minute ago. Like your name named named via multiple named Jonah Egypt point for the same I'll know number go. Yeah, He hard link, hyperlink Min, firstname, name, name to name three McCoy differentially, cookie hard linker directly lace and I noticed a year I naught r i node may hardly encounter with a team name. Is I naught given silly opera. I note counter o, the decision, but that'll target kidney. Every level. Other op, original name, remove. Let's say a name. Deal to simplify. Must ion note up now hardly counter change Bolivia. Like clique is over. Yeah, But are you joining our eq-num disappear where a hard link Uber symbolically create because that likes, let's say, is link symbolic being one. So I've put the crown prince between symbolic things and hard link, symbolic link, hard link data. You just symbolically in your point, Quran, hurdling, goal, school, or hard linker directly recent time, I notice it. Or symbolic link I know to Arabic, which means it must point our Lincoln or hardening. I know coupon for their symbolic links are i-node said direct relation, the end. Again, I'm look, they can get the file system administration when symbolically. Symbolically coffee flexi well at QC ERPs could cross device per huge concept. That electrically we symbolically and create cursor time for symbolic link is not a problem. Ergonomic is output wrong with that. Let's see, and name2, excuse health goes wrong with the removal there. Just for your symbolically in him too. Yeah, removal we're working in Korea. Kim key point to keep existing able to easily work needed. Or history caisson, Linux linker use Cortana and lilies and may come Ireland, but they can get link speak acid comical 10 to his classmate man. Thank you for watching. 24. Working With Links: Welcome to my ROCC training course. Our scotopic help working with links. Unless I see force. The aperture IN, I note Killian or L her long lifting Gilliam. Couldn't Yeah. I know number. Linux man, headache pile up now unit I know number or yeah. Harper, do I note up with the EDC quotes? I know number man, hard link read in the data though, hard lingually alanines, but the LM ores are holes the year your DC. When I gotta load arrows, the theater to balance them. Unless minus, minus ions, they are perpendicular Indica, a high loss is Kentucky, I know number thing is I node numbers a pretty stunning. I don't know. I know number same file property, the same amount of pixels. Don't August same size. Must name alone, DC host, MAC, which line? Ad cut down like this. Then no, they don't. Cervical down. And then come on women and save again. So if we suppose to happen, the kidney donor leukocytes in keto tuba, you have given that you did was Escobedo to get the anodic same file that was 11. Now that I have explained the data wide-open, Chilean Mab go symbolically and clear clinical trial. And then does is his same thing, host yarn, symbolic link. The most important point, yeah, per year I can jump up symbolic link, create Quran, the absolute file, normally like the amperage of ETC, host file, the absolute file name hemophilia up UTC, direct image of a host file pointer, kitchen molecule in absolute unlimited and Nigeria. Today Larry data. And this length l. Let us IU those. Hard ghost. Yeah, update Palenque is symbolically cleared or via the kid. Autozygous edge ten byte. It's got lucky. Symbolically, target file, absolute name must be stored at the LED. Yeah, absolute name agile, robust, symbolically increments, dollar, ten byte. Yeah, Per up. Cool, new i-node number with the graph or syrup or me send me lava, right? Yeah, for the kid gets sick thing. He completely open and QC is link bus upper right location in the data, like a road sign caterer. So permissive symbolic link for handling of the target file built age of time that was spent permissive and a little EMRs have Gu was located centrally data. Let us remove your host while he said. Yeah, but I put the crab equity either a symbolic link is not purchasing host still have Alyssa appendix hectare and there's already a baby at this. I can have John lanky, either the QA, QC 0 spine. Good job of existing ontology, seminary, schooling MOOC idea Tony, I just click see more. To get a no such file or directory. It gives grow was part of building up our easily Piero's take Wikimedia past due. So hard link route, hard host is going to get pretty standard linking the top. Let's go to bed, an equilibrium sake hard link. And then load R goes to principal or they can repair. It would hook as examples are somehow CD unless feminist them. So yeah, but I'll put the graph in two. So attitudes 7 Zip and then bin or a user bin directory at it till seven, I'm sorry, binaries file called user bin or service system boundaries core users, sbin. So RHEL seven been used, have been donor eggs, anthropoidea. Imagine Kojiki up the process group had jokey bin directory for parvo of adjustment that that term looks in molecule into huge, bulky whose problem could easily solve the same problem data. Yeah, but I'm alone and being symbolic link create while they're in Turkey is scan the hyperlinks would not common name for some world-leading, very common and are used to put it behind the next file system. Two is less than 89. Thank you for watching. 25. Working with Tar: Welcome to my course. To ask her topic, working with tar. Tar is the tape archiver. Yang said darken num either or both Pelham and I get by default geodatabase accomplished naked that QC, EGB or banana. The backup typically a streaming data compression involvement. So is CAPGI idea yet hockey, sorry, I'll call it came up do syrup body, but it's a backup tape meetups. The other darker basic huge had complete a threat. For example, for example, dot cv of my death, I have dot, dot UDC. Now proceed, create clear we were more skilled OT file gear or it was Kim other profile cannot specify, can do up, create cannot shut down my data about this file. Up backup banana tap, slugs, homes less EDC cup. It's less home. Slash, it is yellow. So basically you come on back of your job beca phyla slash home or in TCGA? No disclosure of Daesh, huge current uptime to desk or use an a because the tenant estar commandment desk, that huge thing and I've gotten my name is Pat Kikutake command with their jobs and gets out desolate unofficial input two. I've cleared up very high cosec. Thank you back here at work in the skin depth, the content, CALEA, you'd get a yay Joby up, come back a file. Doublespeak content descriptor T foci of good content. Your command was verifications and purpose clear. Command tar XP or Archivo strep career current directory can keep that content. So other extract getting it to arm is up current directory, right, or up, or put our change cosx Deci, deci, a huge concrete. It does seem to have uppercase man die by default, compressing the pyramidal compression add cursor Dan, desk Jared. Thus j small j, or desk capital J is going to gain a level of compression utilities giddy, like Def Jam, d argument but compression utility but radically up January, desk chair there, DGA or desk J small J BGP to CALEA or do capital J extra utility here to tell you I'm a command-line tool, don't put the atom darker. You can see here my car, dot, dot. Dc. So basically you command categorized key, my target dot, dot, you joking, backup file. It will create gorilla embed compilers slash home slash UBC. Or your policy, create meaningful world wars or F or verbose mode, lucky drop command in usual commander, he was the mentor, the volcanic auto. Opposite way. We're both ls minus dot, dot, dot here to archive file content, technically Verified connectivity. And look DB Cortana, the second magnitude here with that monopoly, but that is a key up her desk I use convinced that their name because they are independent, dependent Qatar, my office had a financial analyst, but they still use it good or bad cut down my NAPQI. But that Darren, I relate to sober up is check coding it. Gorilla, that current directory tool to extract clinically and look at them. Dot x, dot, dot, dot. Unless it was two things that Dan now but the kid, DC or home algebra, audiometer dignity might dot-dot-dot liver that it's got lucky in extract warning about the body known by the telemetry MOOC Codon, your DC. Dc on my extract got Dom desired output, but it was CALEA udacity dot, dot, dot. This PMP mass less BnB bed extract cannot shut down in a desired output button. To kill a man. Ls visited but don't put the grams. Dc police typo tuba. No disk image of data. Domain extension, Berlin, X-Men extend some US, Canada, UK. The next Bina extension KB will file could identify key step co-pilot to limit the codon jumpers here. Mv upper move. And because you don't know, but the name can be huge because the tendency might dot-dot-dot tells command, might Darwin renamed around to the, well, yeah, yeah, but it is good. Down my dad luckily, the bus file technically $5 hot up, going up and down to his classmate night. Thank you for watching. 26. Working with Compressed Files: Welcome to my ROCC training course, advocate topic. They're working with compressed files to subsequent material, but Alma compressibility scar. So linux maintains had a completion. Eucalyptus can kill the next open source set cookie I've jumped in open source Menlo joke and attackers answer is lame multiple product create one different compression utility, a different algorithm use but David, so yeah, coupon, newer concept compression nucleotides, huge ganache chapter, digits of zip, Coleman and compression UPS, or subscapular on vision to identify to utility that you develop easier what is meant, different comparison algorithm used and efficient via efficient Canada MAC, Turkey in geochemical, you compress file cut. Whose class sides come all of those coefficients, dB, every liver, they're given those competitive and syntaxin discovered literally next elements can be difficult because in text copy different racecar, I will add extra external, relatively new, or more often huge Carina Nebula. But I think our upper limit that I kept constant utility Whose ganache up there to telecommand length, mapper, mapper completion, utility score huge could get the cost down. And let it has. Now put a MANOVA might dart player was come and use completion utilities, examples for connecting it to my subsequently GDP utility score. You got any cut down? Dense? Yeah, you just map but the Jeep or file canon standard, the rebellion domestic chip, I dot abiotic symptom might tar.gz it Yuki compressed. I left my darker developed, easy to file a cook complex clinically used Cortana to automatically extensor, log data or alcohol Castile takes it. Or enough complacent man, sidekick Nakamoto. Our original file delete view via either place categorical compared to files in our app is called uncompress, cannot have things PDF. And you can know DR. Orton t-shirt or a less than now for the upcoming year because it then you could not come. I'll size, let's say up, companies can think about or in their file COVID at UCSC, giddy up ops and it goes up 10 desk desk. Gave her my desk is the appendix into my TAR file via autoscaled accomplished finally will be Chilean membership to utility by US GAAP getting cut down. The two DES, des u command me similar to our file, input can now support desk. For key original file, correct? Negative on your desk, desk fast. The lower level get complacent Grenada but asked complacent grader, but low output GLD dealer. Or does desk-based common law, if 50 small as possible banana or output of the efficient banana, whether insulate our Woodmont time, they are tender music to cut down. On the tip. Who does good? My up in a dichotomy comfort dimly digit gamma globulin toward others other than the appendix into the ECM to be skimming College native trillion, a loving, extended dust inside of a political system takes up, is similar to tell you much better to use, but Dusko exchequer does get my data. I've noticed current office or Nano chemical, it takes coffee. If he seemed to me that you get nothing comes out of the music. Yada, yada, to his classmate night. Thank you for watching. 27. Second Project: Welcome to our excessive training course is redeemed them up. Cool project Duma, you do can disrupt projector is projecting up cooked jacket. And now we'll member tamber bellicose China app called creative directors that check BMP files, pictures, KMP files for those act AMP files, video to ABC code directory structure here it cannot. Bmp files picture. Dmp has four trajectory and people's videos got a question, I've got copy all files that have a name starting with an a, B, or C from ETC2 BMP files, tab cool in B or C slash UDC. My files didn't maybe go up accomplish BMP file Smith. From BMP files, move all files that have names starting with an a or B, to BMP file, photos and files with names starting with ESI group, the MPI file, you do it to our quiz maker Nike. You up name pilocarpine ikea, UTC say ABC, FIFO. Cannot be startled our scope TNP file for those men. This Can-Am, CSI star hotels could use meth lab project icky up, Cool, Sorry. In diesem, discussed size 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 scope copy cannot be amplified. Pictures, man, I love questionnaire and BMP files create a symbolic link to class who are not good. Pnp files may exceed melodically care less for outcome. Creating compressed archives. I looked up top who complete archive file slash home directory or the lab coat was girth get up cookie sharpening complex Qia slash home slash TMP. Yes, I reproject could create Gherkin of video of an acid. Recall task and click on our Moodle links here, Herceptin project. Other up to up solely on Sunday, September, ugly lesson for solution but Alma. So thank you for watching this video. 28. Second Project Solution: Welcome to my ROCC training course to easily do my mouth Kou, just do stuff project, second project. Whose cameras are you somebody to pile up a quotient created directory structure slash TMP files, just last TMP files, poor toes and template files, videos to my MKDIR less than the multiple directories, kid Guinea. They are both with the granddaddy. Did Bernoulli's law is clear. Ecosystem domain could even got a dot in India. In files shows dN by dS. Got an article here today. I didn't know such. I don't dare to put it in the key command cat, but I mean, it just goes, it's got less MPs, less batsman, your keys last input files subnet 2 yet will exist. The classical able tonal, entire octave, an umbrella to keep files are big adjustment period. A man up Kubota, vandalism, ketose CALEA, go slash p values cannot be a better superman or control. Because of course, starting 1 billion views grouped on Monday was given up. Enlisted. Lives. They decay. But that occupies wigglier tool goes Can they be clear to them? I've got a local Santa copy all files that have names starting with an a, B, or C from EPC to the amplifies those Gilead or DC. Or land-use going to be the incorrect MPI comm picker data. You've just gotten up your CC, ABC, who are able to see ya part of India. As tricky ampere. Why encoder? Jokey, ABC Schedule B number startup that was called Boolean. Always give out complicated. The MPI file smith. Yeah, Prop couldn't occur. Message deaths are not as specified. Omitting directory, download a questionnaire into camo aisles cannot copy directory name. Is Lynn condense our other directory, Coptic account at a desk are a huge part. The upper Chile have law question. From BMP files, move or Biostat have nims typed in an a or B to DMP file and photos. Dong, spending time, dapper, get a JOB on ECB, ERB synonymous, starting to school more easier. Bmp4, those Min is men are C-Cl MOOC EDA videos man. The method AB as junk folder. Create a new deals. And this is the base and then the kids out in Biophilia. Now we will move or to get a particular ls and it will list the other lab book Oceana, find all files a EDCs less in DC that have side is smaller than 12 million bytes and copy those to amplify the pictures. Don't know, find a building in epi seeming disgust side is taller than 92. One policy does seem like loci 1 00 00 00 00, 00, 00, 00 was big executable. You do fire usual commanded, not executable on. This is CB. Big just shows, go up, command grows. Less big, just did except that. Now, but if you cough is how to find the graph Gu, Aleppo sent out in damping pres, clearly symbolic, symbolically to war. It was Gilliam, no, WMD, dominant damping. Elon. Does this symbolically. Good. It was good. Water cup now, but I'll put absolute filename music Ananda. That Qian put up a symbolic link, Theodora, a Laplacian, aka creating compressed. I loved the home directory. Too skinny and darker. You just getting it was given to CC procreate for DOD a particular manner, bullets like, you know, small. A, small b, capital J. What extra utility get ellipse gotta do, yeah, Burma editor that you don't have to use Garage is Gilliam and capital James got around to see full grid. Good for external Utility Commission v for verbose, f 4, 5 dot, dot, dot exchange. Bellamy map Kubota to gunky up, upward extension, huge coming up. Legitimate media, Linux, Buddhahood, Jonathan. Yeah, good demonstration, purposely declared Turkey. So my man es equipment that in scale up, discard cool backup like clear on the optics here. And let's now put up cool. Creativity by mosquitoes can extract is composed of interrelated in PMBOK Guide to 0, pixel x we're extract and Italian home. Dot-dot-dot shed is build up a quarter or extended gonna, it's gonna get widows. He was going to spend DNP. But do I have submitted to link these things that depend on within DMB archive, subnet into the ear canal, edema control and along your body April monthly credit on by pi, semi-colon, semicolon, kind of tacky semicolon set up multiple command link setup time to operate cavity by the commander was killed, followed by J command as his semicolon OK, which are linking it to scale. And we'll come on to body where to sit and wonder and Mandela up typical sector. Unless the upgrade appendicular, Anki and a guy back, good, We're only good. What kind of vendors in This is perfect. Magnetic was something Thank you for watching.