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teacher avatar Harsh Thorave, NLP- neuro linguistic programming

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Walking the path of self-improvement and seeking to be the best version of yourself? Then this class is for you.

NEURO – LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING – [ NLP] the science of subconscious mind, also called the scientific and most efficient tool for self-improvement will teach how to reprogram your beliefs and perception and how to create your own reality.

At the end of this class, students will be able to

  • Understand how we perceive and how our beliefs create our reality
  • Reprogram the beliefs and perceptions.
  • Be the creator of their reality
  • Control their state of mind and emotions

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Harsh Thorave

NLP- neuro linguistic programming


Harsh Thorave is an aspiring entrepreneur. and NLP practitioner. 

Harsh is passionate about self-improvement and entrepreneurship  and to fulfill that passion he is engaged in spirituality, mind mastery, and NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING [ NLP ] - LANGUAGE OF THE NEURONS/BRAIN/MIND

NLP is a science-based  tool that allows you to enhance, develop, and program your mind for the betterment of life 

Harsh has completed his NLP  master practitioner course by MIDAS TOUCH FOUNDATION by RAM VERMA -  

For more self-improvement content. Check out harsh's Instagram profile 






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1. INTRODUCTION : Hey, everyone, my name is her story. I'm here to share the technology or the knowledge off middle linguistic programming and MP before Shelby, explaining what any pace. Then I'll be getting into the class topic. The definition off neural linguistic programming is the word. Newdow refers to the nervous system, your mind, how it's all connected and how it works. Linguistic translation to language, verbal and non verbal language programming refers to a mental software or script that dictates a certain behavioral pattern or relationship. So NLP basically, it's programming or designing the language of your mind, representing the language of your subconscious mind to be specific. The other definitions of NLP include the science of the subconscious. Mind as an epic totally focuses on training and empowering or in Nancy, a subconscious mind. It is called as the science off the subconscious mind study of the subjective experience that is the study off your inner reality. The study off their perception. It is also a science miss technology and the most efficient tool for self improvement and becoming the best Georgian officer. It grants you an ability to be your best more often, as in bearing direct access to our subconscious, every single established entrepreneur at lead. Anyone who has achieved great success or walking the part of self improvement is using an API knowingly or unknowingly, because an MP is all about transformation. And Peak is all about constant change in ourselves. And he was funded by Richard Brenda. He was a mathematician, John Grander, who was a linguist for Expose. He was the founder of the Just Talk Therapy Britain Erickson. He was a hypnotherapist, Virginia said, if she was a family therapist. But this group of people altogether created your linguistic programming in 19 seventies, and people give you clarity. You'll be more playing and what you want and why you want to do it. It will give you the skill of programming and re programming. Your subconscious believes your lifestyle. You will have access to designing your self image, which will later on dictate yourself. Value yourself fourth and reader stand in your life. It would release your free from the stuff that is holding you back. That is painful memories. Events which act as an obstacle or mental blockages that prevent you from moving forward so it will be will improve your health mental and physical health. It will be a tool in mastering the skill of felt. Will improve your relationships. Self relationship. To be exact. It is an answer spiritual life, and you will be getting the most out of your social life as well as you'll be learning how to establish triple with the clash topic. A clash topic is the reprogramming, your perception and beliefs. You'll be learning how we perceive and received out the world, which create a state, a state of mind mind, said mood ex cetera, a perception that creates a in a reality. We call this estate in NLP how to create a belief system that perceives the world more efficiently, which means perceiving, inefficient way that will help you become better. Is ending a belief system that will make you a better individual? By the end of this class, you'll get a clarity in seeing the reality you're able to create your own reality by creating and reprogramming. Your beliefs and perception will get the tool to change your beliefs more efficiently and you live access and control over your state and emotions because we live in a world where our emotions and our mindset is dictated at the outer hold. You will have the control over your own emotions and your feelings. Thank you for sticking around. See you in the plus. And I hope you enjoy this journey of self improvement because it will be probably worth 2. CREATING PERCEPTION & REALITY: we'll start the first lesson off a Class A topic. E. State ST It's all about learning the study off perception, understanding how we received the external world and our perception is created out of here . Is there some of thoughts, emotions and physical energy that is given at any moment of time? That is your state off? My mindset or move state is one of the most important lessons in neural linguistic programming, as perception is the foundation off our mind, it is how reality is created. So let's understand how we perceive the outer world on our perception is created out of it . The first days you went to one that's an in union. What celebrant? It's the reality it is happening for everyone else in or just for you. So that's why it is called as an objective experience. We perceive this event one through five, senses the visual sense. What we see the ordinary send sort three year, a kind of civic sense that is, our feelings are also always the muscular sense. For example, the touch you feel they were stated reasons, your taste, the old factor, since yes, Mitt, but we don't receive this event one. Just as it is our mind, our brain adds a filter into it. It's off the delusion, distortion and generalization, and this folder we create another event that is, they went to which is called us the internal event. It is the internal representation off that external event that is your perception, and that is your reality. So let's understand this filter. More briefly, Our subconscious mind can observe two million pieces of information per second, but our conscious mind deletes the stores and generalizes in delish in mind believes the unnecessary stuff. That's why we will return to remember 3 to 4 details off every event because their mind is constantly deleting. For example, when you're traveling, you have seen thousands off faces and cars, but you only remember the ones that caught your attention or the ones that you felt were unique. Then cover distortion. Distortion is about giving a specific meaning to an experience. For example, I liked the text experience. I like that movie. I didn't like that movie. I like that vacations. What I did not like that's for that is distortion and generalization means being up a belief pattern and playing that or behaving through the specific belief pattern on every event, for example, the new face and sent back or failure. People make up and believe that life is hard. They just doesn't work for them. One mistake and I believe of self doubt, one medal Ishan ship and a belief off all relationships going to work. For me, relationships are bad that this folder is your perception. It is the foundation off your perception and this filter in deadly difference upon your programming. Her subconscious mind is programmed. Think toe act executive. Everybody starts shaped about yourself and the outer world, and this programming and beliefs can be changed. They are bendable, They can be reprogrammed, every new reprogrammed this, believes and your subconscious programming. You are literally changing and reprogramming or redesigning your reality. Your reality is in your hand. You are the creator. So as I talked about the went toe, it is the Internet presentation. It is your reality. It is what you see off the outer world on. This reality is created in your mind. It's not really out there, but because off your beliefs you are shaping that reality that feels really so. Remember your reality is in your hand. You are the creator. You are in the mean driving seat and you design the road. You want to go toe your imagination, You believe designed the world, you see. So change your beliefs and you change your reality. They went to creates two states and we'll be learning these two states into the next video . 3. SHAPING THE INNER REALITY : this went toe creates two states. The first. It's a resourceful states, which gives you that happiness, peace, joy, ecstasy when finance me decisions making. So this even to creates two states, the first of the resource withstood, which gives you and the happiness peace, joy, ecstasy, confidence, concentration, decision making, love and delightful less the under social state gives you the complete opposite segments. Depression, guilt, fear, anxiety indices, illness, frustration, meditation. Being in a resourceful state will give you access to resources which are innovation. You get to know your true potential. Ulan look thescore of creativity. You'll unlock your own in herself to flourish. You will be in the beak off your mental and physical health, being in a little frustrated, actually going towards enlightenment and understood, pushed it or stuck state. When not to give you access to resources, it will bring you closer to having diseases endless and misery. So it is very, very important to stay in and resourceful straight because that's the way toward success. That's the way off. Moving forward in life. Magdala is a sensory neural peptides located in the middle lobe of your brain. It does the job off, sending misses Astrea body. It is also responsible for creating emotions that we feel when in a resource for state. I'm Adela. Since the missus off secreting serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, these elements are responsible for your state of happiness and unhappiness. Enjoy and under source for state will send a message to weaken the immune system because the mind and body are one. If the mind is weakened, the body will try to match it. That's where your immune system gets weekend as well, as well as your other organs and that cross core courses, diseases and endless. So how could change the state? How to go from an under source for state to earthers for state will be learning that in the next radio. 4. CHANGING THE STATE OF MIND : So let's see how to change the state. Hard to go from an under resourced for state resourceful state. The first matter is as if it's to assume or suppose the first thing you need to do is to change your physiology, change your poster stand as if you are feeling good. Sit yourself. How would I stand as if I'm feeling good can display. Make it straight and strong ginger and make just the way you are sitting changed the where you're standing. Make your shoulder broader and confident. Change your breathing better breed as if you are happy. How will you breathe when you were happy? Read as if you're confident. Breathe as if you're motivated. Choose the facial expressions with a big smile on your face. Have a confident face, have a more direct your face and the most important thing changed your internal voice changer. Inner voice. Change yourself, Doc. Save yourself. I am feeling more and more confident with each breath I take. I'm becoming more and more happy. I am releasing all the negative thoughts and emotions that are coming into my mind when I am exiting the signs of the end. This is our mind and body is connected. It is all interconnected if you enact if you act. If you assume and if the body is doing that way, the mind will think that's the reality and it will adapt to it. So you need to do this thing, and it's very powerful to do this matter, and we have a second method as well. It's bad, doesn't breaking. It changes the pattern off her and my mate. Well, the lifestyle you need to change your visuals, your audio and Afghanistan tick, and that is your feeling. In weatherman, you need to change what you see. We need to change what you hear, and you need to change what you feel. Start watching, empowering, reduce, start watching, empowering people or documentaries. I started listening to positive stuff and be in an environment that makes you all feel so good and change your regular working pattern. That is your routine, Or should I start waking up earlier or ginger routine pattern that is making you more and more efficient or taking you towards the room? The third is changing the rental, changing the event or changing the reality that is in our mind changing our perception, and that is accepting that you went one is out of our control event. One is no dependent on us. We're not controlling that event. So what is in our control? Our perception, How we perceive this, that different on how we create that different in your mind? That's the reality that we're creating. So the first thing towards happiness or any other success to accept only thing in your control is a perception is your beliefs. Is that your even to is in your control? No one other should control it. No other person should be able to control it because that's your reality that takes place in your mind and re programming your subconscious belief that we're going to learn the next radio. 5. REPROGRAMMING THE BELIEFS : Let's understand how to be problem the subconscious or reprogrammed the beliefs. The first thing you need to do is to start questioning your reality were seen your belief, Better Russian. You're thinking better. Why am I thinking like this? Why am I doing this? Why am I feeling like this? This questioning will create form of consciousness that will lead you towards self exploration. Self of enemies will get to know yourself a little bit more, and it is necessary to change. The reprograms certain believes that the society has embed upon us, for example, like you have to follow the crowd, have to play it safe. You need a college degree to become successful. Money is it would cause off. Ali will just asked. Is this belief in universal truth? Is it an opinion? If it is an opinion and I keep it Hollywood hamburger, my growth. Having any regrets? A. My feeling, any guilt. If you are, then you need to change this belief because we are on enhancing species. Looking at out history, we need to grow. We need to move forward. That's the characteristic off our soul and spiritual life. We love self improvement. We need to move already in life, get the part off enlightenment. That's what makes our soul happy. And what are the empowering beliefs that I should replace with the old one? Write it down. Practices, beliefs. There is an effective way off reprogramming your beliefs. The first is to come. The men enter into a meditative state, deep ready to do state. Simple breath work will do the work. Simple breathing literally is the vibrations in your brain, and it will make you my more comma been. You have to visualize visualize your reason itself how you want to be very You want to be. Be specific and use all of your senses. See what you want yet what you want to feel what you want. Smell it and taste it. The fascinating thing about the brain is it doesn't understand the difference between imagination and reality. What do you imagine? The brain will think? It's really and the universe will make its way to you. That's how the law of Attraction works. And the third thing is debate. That's the key to its re programming. Your subconscious mind that believes the subconscious mind is a habitual mind, constant and consistent repetitions off thes factors. Will three program is subconscious man, and it's believes 6. SUMMARY - CRAFTING YOUR REALITY : the somebody off the classes are reality issued by our perception, and our perception is shaped by our beliefs. To shape your reality, you need to shape your beliefs. You, your core believes, will determine how you perceive the outer world. I remember this. It is the word within your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings under imagination create. Get out the world. You are what you think off. You get what you think off the shape, your core beliefs, so sure under to get a reality which is financing you are making you to transform into a better version of yourself. And the most important thing is stay in the resource. Wished it read a belief system that enables you to always stay in that is so sweet. Being in this state is the key to have greater success to become the best version of yourself to always be in the peak, offer mental health and to perform better in your work in occupation and whatever you do. So let's look into the last position in the next radio 7. PROJECT - SHAPING THE BELIEFS : the class project is about writing, then empowering beliefs that you think and feel unnecessary for success and in our happiness. And please share them in the class Project gallery. So it will be an interactive class, and it will also be more debating for other students. I have listed down 10 empowering beliefs that I think and feel are necessary to program into the subconscious mind for the betterment of our life. The first empowering belief is self improvement is sticky, constantly enhancing and transforming ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the key for being the best version of ourselves for living the best life we can. But achieving success and for enlightenment has been second empowering. Believe is, I trust the universe and the divine. I trust that do any watts of power is giving me all I need. It's working for me and it's working to me. It's providing me, and it's guiding me through every opportunity. Are describing me with life as well and being grateful for because universe loves a grateful heart. The turn importing belief is I create my reality being in the creator citizen in your own reality. That's what we learn in the class, you can design your own reality. If you hack into your beliefs, you have to shape your beliefs. That way, the four tempering belief is I am body saying to us that I am worthy of everything my mind and body wants and desires. We are programmed to self doubt. A subconscious is problem constantly taught us that we need to change that 15 pounding belief is I am enough. This belief will give freed in your subconscious. It's a conscious will have faith in yourself, and you will feel more empowering towards life. The 16 pounding belief is I have all the resources believing that you have all the resources to pro to enhance. To transform will enable your subconscious to seek more and more opportunities and more and more doors for improvement and towards achieving your goals. The 81 is I'm in charge of my emotions in our field, accepting and taking for responsibility off. How you feel is the key for staying happy and having inner happiness and satisfaction. Enjoy. Start living your life and stop reacting to a life. Don't let the external world dictate how you feel. Inside. The 90 belief is Life is a wonderful journey. It's a wonderful journey off learning. It's a wonderful Jenny off being the best 3 10 It's one life man. Enjoy. And the 10th belief is I work for my happiness and not others. You are not here to make anyone happy. You are not a people pleaser. You have to work for your happiness because happiness is a choice. Okay, you have. You can care for others, but their happiness is their choice. It's depends upon their perception. You can only deter their unhappiness. We're not here to make anyone happy. Happiness is a choice. We just have to choose to be heavy. So the next video, Billy will be able to find and thoughts. Thank you. And we recommend you toe, please do this class project. It is very, very important to re program your beliefs as we learn in the class 8. FINAL THOUGHTS : so the final thoughts that execution execution is that you have to act all this knowledge. All this learning will be off waste. If you don't act, you have to learn an executive. You work alone and execute. That's the way you are going to move progressively forward and please complete and share the class project in the practicality. So I will take to know that I have been successful in changing nor leadership program in an efficient way, and I am helping someone grow and become better. Thank you so much for sticking along. Thank you so much for watching the class as we bring in more known linguistic programming topics in the future and in the upcoming weeks. See you there. Thank you so much.