RECORD and CREATE your own HIGH QUALITY MUSIC from home FOR FREE or Fully Funded

Stevie Harkins, B-boy, Musician and Content Creator!

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6 Videos (38m)
    • How to Produce, Master and Release YOUR MUSIC intro lesson

    • Find YOUR creative process!

    • Recording your first track with NO MONEY!

    • HIGH Quality for NO MONEY

    • Work and Grow with GREAT artist's FOR FREE

    • How to GROW YOUR STUDIO!


About This Class

Hi, my name is StevieHarkinsCK and I will be teaching YOU how to make HIGH quality recordings and mix and master tracks so for your own personal music endeavors. Whether your a Rapper, DJ, Singer or Producer, I will show you STEP BY STEP how to get started making your own music and mastering it for that high quality you want to show your fan base! I will also show you how to grow your studio from 0 dollars to however much funding you would like to put into it! Lastly I will show you in depth tips on how to network with quality artists and producers around you to grow your fan base and support platform!





Stevie Harkins

B-boy, Musician and Content Creator!

Hey, I'm StevieHarkinsCK a 22 year old Musician, Dancer and Content Creator from Chicago! I love to teach other skills I am Passionate about, Feel Free to ask any questions!

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