R Language for Data Science: from Zero to Advanced in 6 hrs | Isaias Lira | Skillshare

R Language for Data Science: from Zero to Advanced in 6 hrs

Isaias Lira, Data Science and Specialist in Statistic

R Language for Data Science: from Zero to Advanced in 6 hrs

Isaias Lira, Data Science and Specialist in Statistic

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58 Lessons (6h 11m)
    • 1. Abertura R

    • 2. Lecture 1 Course overview

    • 3. Lecture 2 Some Advantages of Using R

    • 4. Lecture 3 Installing the R

    • 5. Lecture 4 Installing the RStudio

    • 6. Lecture 5 Citing the R and some demonstrations

    • 7. Lecture 6 R as calculator

    • 8. Lecture 7 Introduction to objects

    • 9. Lecture 8 Vector Creation

    • 10. Lecture 9 Accessing and modifying the Vector (part 1)

    • 11. Lecture 10 Accessing and modifying the Vector (part 2)

    • 12. Lecture 11 Vector Operations (part 1)

    • 13. Lecture 12 Vector Operations (part 2)

    • 14. Lecture 13 Creating Sequences

    • 15. Lecture 14 Sequences using Repetitions (part 1)

    • 16. Lecture 15 Sequences using Repetitions (part 2)

    • 17. Lecture 16 Sequences using Random Samples

    • 18. Lecture 17 Creation of matrices (part 1)

    • 19. Lecture 18 Creation of matrices (part 2)

    • 20. Lecture 19 Matrices using the command matrix ()

    • 21. Lecture 20 Accessing matrix elements

    • 22. Lecture 21 Modifying Matrix Elements (Part 1)

    • 23. Lecture 22 Modifying Matrix Elements (part 2)

    • 24. Lecture 23 Matrix Operations

    • 25. Lecture 24 Matrix Curiosities (part 1)

    • 26. Lecture 25 Matrix Curiosities (part 2)

    • 27. Lecture 26 Creating Arrays (part 1)

    • 28. Lecture 27 Creating Arrays (part 2)

    • 29. Lecture 28 Creating Arrays (part 3)

    • 30. Lecture 29 Accessing Array Elements (Part 1)

    • 31. Lecture 30 Accessing Array Elements (part 2)

    • 32. Lecture 31 Modifying Array Elements

    • 33. Lecture 32 Operations with Arrays (part 1)

    • 34. Lecture 33 Operations with Arrays (part 2)

    • 35. Lecture 34 Operations with Arrays (part 3)

    • 36. Lecture 35 Creation of Factors

    • 37. Lecture 36 Creating Lists

    • 38. Lecture 37 Accessing List Information

    • 39. Lecture 38 Modifying List Items

    • 40. Lecture 39 Adding and Removing List Items

    • 41. Lecture 40 Combining Lists

    • 42. Lecture 41 Creating a DataFrame

    • 43. Lecture 42 Accessing Dataframe Elements

    • 44. Lecture 43 Modifying Dataframe Elements

    • 45. Lecture 44 Adding and Removing Variables in the DataFrame

    • 46. Lecture 45 Adding and Removing Cases in the DataFrame

    • 47. Lecture 46 Logical Operators in R

    • 48. Lecture 47 Loops using for ()

    • 49. Lecture 48 Loops using while()

    • 50. Lecture 49 Decision Making in R

    • 51. Criando funções

    • 52. Project (part 1)

    • 53. Project (part 2)

    • 54. Project (part 3)

    • 55. Project (part 4)

    • 56. Project (part 5)

    • 57. Project (part 6)

    • 58. R para ETL parte 1

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About This Class

Hello!!! Are you all right?

My name is Isaías M. Lira, I am a Bachelor in Statistics, a Higher Education Specialist and a Consultant in Data Analysis and I really want Statistics to stop being a problem for you and become a new SKILL for your professional career ... Come on?!!

Why did I create this course?

Data Scientist has been ranked as the first job on Glassdoor and the average salary of a data scientist is more than $ 120,000 in the United States and is arguably the job with vacancies left over and without people able to fill it. It is the most valuable career at the moment, because it allows solving some of the most interesting problems in the world.

And if you already program in another language, know that the main language for Data Scientist is R for being free, complete, supporting large masses of data and having integrations with almost everything (SQL, Power BI, Java, etc). Why not take this big leap into Data Science?

These classes are worth thousands of dollars, but now you can learn all this information for a symbolic price!

With lots of video content, multiple exercises, simplified didactics and innovative approach, this class has made it one of the most in depth and most sought after for data science and machine learning on the internet!

Let's teach you how to program with R, how to create amazing data visualizations, and how to use Machine Learning with R!

This course is different because it is the simplest in this theme! It truly is a step-by-step for anyone who wants to start from scratch to the point of doing data analysis using R independently, without depending on others.

It is a 100% practical course, where you will:

1 - Starting from absolute zero (zero knowledge about programming, zero knowledge about Statistics, zero knowledge about mathematics) ...

2 - Evolve each class with real-life analytical challenges ...

3 - Until you reach an advanced level in R.

This way, even if you are terrified of numbers, you will succeed in this course!

I can not wait to see you in class ...

Register for the course and become a data scientist today! What do you have to lose?

Strong hug and I look forward to meeting you!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Isaias Lira

Data Science and Specialist in Statistic


Hello, I'm Isaias.

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1. Abertura R: Well, I'm amazed. Is leader. Yes, because what follows in the family A Does. There come Domina as a family like yours Because there are other places. Performance statistics. The analogy. Dobbs, your post is able administration. All teams. Okay. Stop saying prepare. Come Programa delivery. That program is vengeance. It's in your eyes. So I have a kill and way too much for Plato. Opposite cigarette tweet you single motive. Guilty. All to prestige. Now that the Pesky's announced Does not Oprah, I could. Amir Vestar. This vicious impacto may bring praises as the preservation. You don't follow his own way to produce a knock $7 that jobs special making trouble Look away. Cities on Bush. Kasich 19. That was very accuse, Milord. Solares told me he would be so rich. Data size in trouble, Alec models does way. Wasn't tough, Alonso. I was taking care. Intranets, Modou the Dodgers. But Rabbi lying praises and so far in trouble Saiki, have you can see How does their models adopt? It must be a Satanist. A teach. The British technical started to cut this national fermenter. Yes, a farm. It's a e A supposed vice. If he took the problem. Second time their species is Memphis is a first started to say what you decider sounds. What there's e don't think. What print a. So in this conversation I green leaves. For example, he told me, Save a parable sake it. I can end up with a novel in biology. He problem a sound bite on Java if you can't run a silent and there's a Dodge, go away by simply toe the prophecy in a very quiet just a ballot. Soft 5%. So for modesty bash at a lot of strategic irritable tape of the Universidad Drew tens hours . It has a V. Fascism also have Assad on socked in You four months clean a process for your city dissipated if, as a seven star can also weigh in at remedial, just have been with my eyes. OK, is this a competitive toe? He took it out. Connery's got no character was a passive major Chiapas E. I will say for a low tech of I paid in which Templin, which is leaving Houston leaves, called Does Santa, stressing such passions. And I saw the way you know, because they were trying to decide upon the wound was suddenly another. He said I don't mean you. So the way it was about today's form, we would save the follow is sitting up lender from a simple but it s so are local. Okay, my little baby saadiya Since young diversification don't say don't say 10 A Georgia space where skinny model massages in mayors but commit choir stalls in the years following the facility that Okay, consider print day a traditional cemetery eyes you still remember. But the second will save us. Ever consider a printed form? Simply look how making borders you told the story. But committee they would even Sinanovic was another was If I'd rather meet for practical college guys eyes you would see that they seek also present Contra Viento He does with an American veto often America, the enormous Thomas C. Dodge president trouble opposite towards South elements This veto what is not a part of the or better so expensive it told she depression more part Mayes for blacks care patted him on trees is j only. And if it or is it was not my summer trees conference a or parasitical countries Who does the dad so regiment trees confirmed Magic drafted the trees they pushed. My perfect orders were seen at Time Inc. Where he detained in fact or exit. In fact, the war. But not so be a Hayes compatible with Paul tells them anyway, what's not so great that frame schedules on the roadways? Is that a frame song and Porto precip out that also calls. Okay, so which box that's ground at a framing from the same preschool alien corn, but not travel offices at a friend's physical suitors? It couldn't possibly. Now the sick also vote is in our compost returns. Progress for signs like they are really died. The Costa Winky Marceca's that? No, I was very clear from storage internalization. Why a simple senior Pharisees would stop Home Party funeral. The Crucible camp atomizer on. So it was nice, though, from which simply voting Nostra program. How program? A coma his name from kill If I split car to receive him starting a pools. Yeah, a lot of a sitting was up. Signs Oh, Clinton or McCain on and we invite. You want a product from a free No TVs have Tyler Tyler happy. My final TVO Correa cable system may not pay this time there's a metal piece article saying , You know, I tried to question it Will support for these my family, my Sola rosa you to feel responsible up sound people always. For he told us that space will support, not pocketing virus the point man disposition of our stand. Of course, you can always capital in the capital for your parent. They lose their your bag. Won't Caldwell overestimate toe? I don't say it was a major civil suggested causes. So the other participating nor a problem my school overestimate my single cables. Interesting able Same age limit on a sandwich in question. Mint. What? The March estimate. Principal making tables the crazy too much tomato. Marge's tackles right, my subdivision. So Mecca said they constant mental estimate. Masala motivation, personal. 2. Lecture 1 Course overview: follow a possibility is a from stiletto 0.2 controversial guarding a places on this very voice causes author school put us and protect fais selling watches his office stop resonating Don't exist, Resource. You see? You know nervous Dodge for God's basically such excuses. I gotta It is not gonna freakley artery that they couldn't know Venter and a fair maid Castro Valley. Like a lot of constructive, You know, this was the artist defendants Total is on this affair. Me, the Pacific 80 years of a problem is high school. That's inclusive, grand, easy praises to travel all the way to the possibilities. He identify trouble. Are Torquay softer in our buzz? He wants to, Would you? He won't be eight people, Mr by the officers graph was supposed to be a storm. Belarus elements troubles? No, Mr Matus in Arkham City always put a simple several, so I have more precious in chief. What? Maher Sattar may want a more stylish get a couple they told by talking So, Mom, total somebody maestra, which of course, is bad schools way precip are subject to Ramallah. Who take question three. Where he thing where questions will propose objets d six pies, but as a perfect orders. Metropolitan towards Rooms Trouble SEC races before Mustonen because freezes za Hayes Fuck Tories. Least that dogs use that afraid, Chuckie, I don't suppose you so, Epper Shagan. Not a free. Okay. Simples is a book of the toe consequences. Trees is cool which passports and coriander countries assessed. Son, What if you can't Fastenal para So it's quite some jet Moscow's dance business Cards matter . His name is present. Hey, Victoriana. Hey, assassins Elements Hey, what if you can't do it? Hey, fact all know by sadness aside for this process Inmates Brazil One practical Vita is this squad passing. The area has assembled Fekkai for the better size. Okay, the persons fighting without a friend you can you lose up Assad's message. The guards he was sick or destroy. This is element to maintain. Jonas elements destroyed says feca Confessor Persons, quails. Cypresses are Costa resource profitable soybeans. Yes. I want the ecological passed away. Your position they're called where he lead the quarterback. He was a cool story, was profitable. So is Carrie and not much from soybeans processions. That is the way there could wants soon. Assisted and see what that was. The particles studio give you scraped content because the prices are privatised. This was impractical. Depicted measures fast. I paid it. Then it's a question I wish script you got there, Michael. Script told officially provide terrible about police. Does it is. Did you develop a much larger problem ourselves Getting your paradise lost? E. And I got so whoa, you have a second way course. Soulful soldier Travesty Loops came with those Are those is that this is a terrible for equal. While this isn't making process with Cruzado as Annelise Dodds, you never finds a bashed is invited Star season four years facilities ish. Toledo Softer A pizza. The former house so now objective before it's four sizes for for secu. We're looking for the sponsor. Pass the boys commit coffee. No trouble. Long project. How probably applicant people say for you. It's still done today. Ginny stays out Okay away 3. Lecture 2 Some Advantages of Using R: the rooms seem bottom. Subotica commander Longer wrong LA Questionable badges will sit the way still up. So market, because social, untouchable city away. Nine years social touchable, Separate data by like when I was a kid, I was a Sabac emotional early. Which arm? Enterprising Georgian. I sing praises. Okay, Why is the market all facilities process the way the stone and was your policing power fermented? The analogy stars that the size is in trouble. That aside, school cake machine learning done May Nobody was caramelized rocketed away, recognizing my eyes waving the English past aside Machine learning abilities My step backward so present for solar system Trebinje Question Lunatic in way Belisa Oiler and my spoke plan that it's a discussing Foy a resistor teach FMI demise Staples Toe Big data, Internet What? A specialist in also managed that issue Stony ground Those old way preservation problems. What can important pregnant Massively dance. Terrible. A quick sell If I take a limiter, sound processor meat. They love I Costa Gilligan's massive stars either vestal softs to make. This was a little circle. Also, uh, what the feeling is Goldman's. Your batteries don't always Logical unit, which cleared the way. Stop Trump. I long for committing these rap remora. It's a fair maid, a program. This is true Parisian cabs grandes process. The president protested. Copra vendor is eating with Italy's most school owners. The way you travel a police will a proper price on stomach's gonna sing. It was a terrible acquitted Mustard are a simple way to Ramallah. Dracula made a terrible tragedy way, a key examples of such. There's some cool stunts he gratuitous Calcaterra stance. He vegetables apart God who don't know the best song personal bag another put in, You know, if you see a lot well, I got to meet another principles that some Okay, okay, Conversational away was that there was backwaters from seeing this year, so it's not as much Civil sick is a one hour special. Put example Such temporize with little back watching what they says. The city is a terrible model. Is leaning Arjun sitting well, Ian, if he they estimate him to travel backwards. Yes, Totals are so deep, Accords What always assumes the proper way was in a way that no other this way for clear actually that they had no vent supposedly avail Mutiny Dolly Nicest Recently seen transvestites by social media. No wealth and grandpa tissue. How, I think praises your presided system. President Rafsanjani Sprecher police official Away force Was there at war a pretty powerful myth that I was it our record? The gauge para deportees doesn't family. It's where he was still a very simple if the border is secure. Sitting trouble Acquaint my Zuma tables. Trouble a whale. Crisco like Alonso coequal robotic way. Specifics quote results. But the cities of these faster Pergament something because that there's a lot of fast chromosomes vented their question. Who's already to jail? Reverse processes. Operable is large, fascinate Queens combined headquarters. Lingua is the only one who went fast. What problem? A key NATO softer was the mecca of the path photographs to level with the Beltway. Press care. My sweetest like trail because there was no backcourts. Partisan procure Totally, totally normal. Otherness is graphs. Most Rocky got a little Please, what a praise. I don't think about trying secular just year, but that's all. We're just talking there. Santa Absent era thieves graphs Auto market. Well, that's all. That's also don't player looking that dissent. There's a fish in a way consistent with that. But the results are some graft won't go different times the way can I think there are some Hujara present. If I say Aceval, I think they're so quest Care by Theopolis soldiers in large especially s consent Trouble aka Indulgence Spacey Azikiwe If he will support the Nikola Systemic osetra Kamala trouble actual whale to the bay. The same with Porter Locadia painting. So keeping it they I don't really watch defendants. It was a close e g internship BankWest keep the president actually watched this divide. Ramallah was proceeding that dodge and their scale. For example, if he was because if I just think that associate Beckham reportedly waas less that bitch is adores students Parcel nyse want their So they started to scare someone who is for me to pass all the sound. Jerry A CNN trouble in one way. Yep. It will sell aside. We don't know Soundproof. So now bases are no present. He care has of a problem is troubling Cool dads, but happy The same presided was taken Anything. They put him in the same place A troubling question Family cracked wheat is made me like grants to say fight. Ramallah brought the potential that the daily Don't don't make simple said educated veg for new privacy. Saberhagen Odd years, locals a social basis. Families. So the sequel Eyes says reputational, postdoctoral sick isn't anyone is to sake. We'll take the process. I'm it daily. And while he was there because it trouble gradual passages that justify city booking the Lindy down system, my stomach Ubu process at the war on the water, like I know is over my city terms. The defendants are being fracking. I was sitting book would be more a kind of sitting out on such calls. Bill is, you know, as a storage montages quickly struck a probable say Ukyo himself a sunken video one day from mice. What began observer sunk your educational melodies killed 10 people Sesame belleza 4. Lecture 3 Installing the R: I just want ties. Most direct will say a leg muscle does it in the past past minutes Understand? Premier away It's not only Bashar Come Pharisees Concho star from Lance Vehicle Cocky A well, that's all. But the longer Kilic is old the talking Alessandro, you start to make We're connecting the wheels Yuki are traceable to part for two doors ever . So much exchange that? Yeah, Big city vandal fanzine. So Macro So if you want to arrest some was a key and majesty shooting about a moment Flick a wasn't followed. Okay, fellas, on the logic E toys there. OK, but I'll click up. But I Stella Okay, well, sir well, a saw the Jamaat e three data. Just so stick. What about it? Okay, well, so I haven't saw sighs, You know, I saw Happy Tonto We'll get the following the middle way because I used to really press season way the hospital sells. Always told those repetitions I sell away. Okay, So, Koyo, Nike, it's a way out of trouble. And why poor my way stood. It's of a margin. Ella keep frequency analysis graphs and numbers and so nice. So much trance Yankee a part of the secret stash court. If I provide a quick scripts and it's cousin and some troubling, which is on the scene, my circuits is no why trouble like, really, that's a four. It was always told you gave us away. May Laura help Donna mice, faster vessels. The sound the school is. So what is the most prosperous, even cross my all of the Washington Times. 5. Lecture 4 Installing the RStudio: Jessel where he got his way. Stood You receives a studio? I just told you Lucky. Well, I said, Recognize? That's don't I still got a subject that's a key political your way stores the course. Developer Key! Hey, soldier! Free! Much of college 19 v is trying to set. Those scars are milky. I will say so. The Asics for Mac brushes to bash. No, I left Cuba. Meisel 12 sec. Ekotto Bashardost said the 15 year doesn't deserve it. Simply better. Contestants, all incandescent pedicure. Go sit! Kenya where he stolen Once the police coerced Ali Williams you'll never see Uncle Izzy. Jackie. Fresh photo. They're goingto also value. Goodbye. Show there. You're going with Kobe Criminal Mr. Live Water, He's told you. Okay, 8 to 10 minutes, Saleh. So a few months. Okay, well, Yankee Hey, still you We'll be recuperation today, Okay? We still have you killed Most aquatic. Your nail is defending the way they can. Someone What's really cocky car? The one that Is this a key? Every script also block within office And this script people said by President Clark Akio And so not my script. A key analysis petitions. Okay, Your scars from Associate Secure, for example. It was like OK, case. Akita. My second, actually. Captain Comma Safety exam surveys Truckee, the Brussels airport. They solve Isis screech here. So back home got a visual Saberi, where he's to divide the most unlucky with the script. Their saints was every less but have more car trouble. It considers the scripts a city made. I think you'll move most. Another key guavas. That's evolution like he was talking. So yeah, a lot of for more than just keep this. She's has said the three squad group, citing Okay. Part of the day that so scarred a wonderful sale of Dad's recordings. The council also part of script in Sana, support the mesa. Listen, I don't want to play for miracles as if the citizen Alibaba cut most trap set This original Lucky. Because of that, there was elements carry on Cleo Hayes trees. Let me. It was a terrible massive data set Too much store. Zeki, for example. Massive geological trouble in city mating. Creo hold on here called said says the sick upset assumptions Riesco. Usually Arvis, you give us a particle car. Kari monster, Hurry that I saw today or I'm a order mustache. Pakistan's elementos and carry on Don't punish past anymore Some of these key making make stories zealot means catching creo Oh, staple of decorators disease It is that keeps writing historical just months before the holdouts try hold like you it Nice critical months for the Massoud is making you start. So he bought on Cashways was apandi so that bad? They're lucky My person has touched Have abandoned the promicin Ficker So being a que council Africa set up a Seema In a sense, we start for men Set up Oshima because Africa 1007 turkey about adduced article Okay s Aquatica Jenelle aqui seven for the traveler kills helpless, for example. Okay, for some Neo I think I don't it got so you longed awful song Artificial bodies I live every you help So the scuffle self by the dog make the sound of the program Unless it's simple day A prison Creagh she's photographed Good affects It was the right thing. Help! Your judo's photograph was water tip TV is all the song uh gives thereafter Mazzella. But most of the key wasn't there a thieves? Marcus So far, the port implanted by the main issue or tricking fewer cubes, consider visual cues. Our courts was like a city of is a lizard, because just a larger prison stolen back with the key ways or and the Aptiva backcourt. It s a little rocky, you know, to Mark Carney. Cancel job. I got involved because he eats l. A said by shop 1/4 either boys. A developer court. Okay, It's because you're lucky Your photo by shards Okay, was sick. LICA, Who has improved you this back? What? You said that civil court still don't library, was it by Bashar Go? The shock is stop 1/4 stop thing says he says Procession for eyes Sopa quantity of silver TiVo, Pakokku Literary this status. Okay, it will by ship Chicago because basically think OK, Elizaveta goggles backwards because they east along park watch basic cervical. Cocky because music a Seriously Yeah, sure. Okay, it'll I saying they I think Hector's soul now in the ami the key issues in it and I just broke without backcourt. They are productivity and us to sit back and so cocky. Alesana Mestalla believes the Mestalla in a barbarous Zabrocki. It's the least little society at in open court, We don't leave the Red Army Tiki Liberal Elizabeth Water that the mucosa party is the PRA cuticle clots support. The are only top Max Purcell usually espacio this quantum official. What is implicated? Saw? It's a trace. We have pate. Got any asked to start strays? A key. Kira wasn't The result is Get it face okay for Eastern Last Family. It's where? Here in studio. Yet most Radanovich Zhao call musical. Portes it with fermenters, but I stood there. Won't be eight freshest away from Premier style way points where his store yanking suffices . This a squad journalist in six. It is a 6. Lecture 5 Citing the R and some demonstrations: I haven't sold a miser. He the dumbstruck by like Sita Sewage way Pacifica six A father have Fanny's this way Normal meant if I this nonsense only be blogosphere Pacifica, local scratches La Cucaracha cues away where they can't bash away Scola capacitors So go ahead. What happened was a weapon progress or someplace like a local and scrapes. He also goes away Lays and say What are some top? I don't know the Parliament for propaganda like that. My father was the most of stories. Graphs respectively. By the way, their key away kill occupies the laser home drop way by that place to do so. Cocky Citation site show Citation in November Say sick You okay? Don't wait. Wait, No, The clouds quickly monster anymore. So wonderful in a definite way Mauling, watching price That is complacent. Now you're full of So unless you consent Reliance Central's adding Vienna Now Yeah, Q site will sit there. Might be for most of the way are key Despondent. Pass all the visa. There were some went to these carefulness propose ical ical analytics. You waited rotation of May. That's like a terrible basically Is the sum total following you know the taste. Five. Better effort. Baschuk, Rod Holm, Former matter Marks and the mental ward. Those were cetera. Balakot Technique Center. Latex. Since I got someone to these second seem Littlewood prophecy, I suppose if I call a car a lot of the blogosphere cervical Okay, secure. I got about a dog was emotional. Soldiers away. Call Akaki Demo Best speculative off school Issued McKee perspective at the I'll pay water from a cyclical walk was abolished COMESA in bed prophecy Local No interplay Marston is that purpose? Cardinal? Kill mostro. Obviously I was a song that was So are Asia's become eyes But of course, cargo anti Obama strand selling You could kind of understand victim support them all graphics It's your fricking realism. Okay, Like that is sent with the graphs graph the pizza box Blood group The guy man are key Put His implore must set about our cosy Denki. How long? Which means, for example breast are so me Is breath, Mr Obama saying on a graph is a dish best song It was about the abs record is secure Helsoe into Yes, every other. Yes, about the question graph. It was my summers winter what a TV. I was young without stopping to bash. We mice, you know, if you just best song. Okay, but on 2nd March, supported take way was not told. Time bonus. Okay. So much. Simply much less so. Legitimacy. I think they exited Pickaway connection. So solid garage get part of the doctor. Pro dude isn't over the course. Sochi, Our family. The multiple bled US support for the upcoming. 7. Lecture 6 R as calculator: I go to this? Our boat explica Who passes there? No possible way, the body, not romantic, Ochoa said. My Zoi toe our keys overlooking mush. Oh, the normal mice technology. Little image was other man's various think visit. Visit your stories. Single akin way in Los state of people that you are an organization. They well, they say back ecological A. So a set of Foose Oprah Seema we'll assess was with him so much, But they takia through My it is well, Satti, this is, said my daughter Sequent. A quadrille. DVD people, Saiz. Nobody. They brought a civil suit, Physician said. In my Zoi toe is generally men's safe. The video we'll see Well said. But I got didn't think it was a calf as a Is that a meeting Monday? He's also beat Russell. Well said Think further seeking Kalakaua. Arctic year. But a simple Urquiza prenatal. He was a would be tyrant department. This think he's on large body. It's a chemical, OCHA said. He's my body. It is caca is somebody because it in bodies is okay. Still a little fuzzy j today really, because there are. But as far as a motive, Flicka so coming from abroad, Daddy might opposite of positivism. But first Soma brought guarantee. Was Caiaphas A? Is that a major killer? Kill a cow who was upset? Miso? It may look faster, said my Good Friday. Pushed fuzzy. No human sage. They pushed back a photo. Inevitable. Seeing what is a lot of mayors that will give it to see I Only the there's a parasol is so I think he trouble whose parents? I don't mind Mendels, but say lavado the trays l a father shopper Key level. The do is settee. Elevate the trace. Wait. Someday we'll save right. They are leaders. Such full songs. This is a paradores basket Well said, Right there for such complete example, all absolute RBS. Such brothers able absolute demands way to myself for a fluid get but opposed diva a poor example. So pick up with a cure. High spot. Rather SCK as security, didn't they? I squad rather do it Anything open a secure a day didn't noise as you get there the same quality quad squad. Rather, we'll send sandal the quiet Antah course saying, because Sandy Frink, but I'll go to the door is even lower. Is probably Trita Vases squad but I don't think those Lorries said treat of his street support for the praise The Lord is due to the Quadra Valores. I was called some problem which turns logarithms the Quadra numbers days We got it. Move the quadrille. Listen, about that door is headed the 10th and others days. Beautiful. Some Qingwei Fattoria is Fattoria was a Sabah care. So he's a from rodeo the single a single visit squad through with strange business doing business assessing factorial the Moscow cocky of fact Orio Factorial the single. And if I could, I would say that said everything was quiet with dribble drive is, um activity. Audi says Santa putting out the finch it Those are like, um Coppola, daughters of a producer, my eyes managing his own Beatrice So pro do toe Levada committal Baywatch for such protege proper way. The executive also some promise 8. Lecture 7 Introduction to objects: ironically, assorted sandwich by, sir. What about the monsters Precip I zombies education by taking away the mayor's in metabolism towards Soviet tours? Not that that considerable local Dodgers that's called with some victories sex sort of it to Vegas with the fans for to remit remained Kush, particularly Soviet towards prescription better by local school coriander Little FIRST AREA ASSESS SEC ways is that places So with those as Krista Trouble Learning Program a song CREA sequence Stockyards Proactiv Most Arzo be jabs, either presuming trying problems. So in a part question force orange is the most important. Hussein Taylor Correa wants sequence. You select the bacteria. So Paula maids threatened Apple's iPad. Sewage. That's sequences or most of the stories coming. Fi cities with the most drop pass a pass math threes On seeing temperatures, Coolio territories publicly address tomato make stores that are stewed. Ah, hes for Tories. Least that a frame Premier Viktor 9. Lecture 8 Vector Creation: no major normal made bad strategic from a little square for my toys and for my story subject, I was DVD subject up tomorrow, for example, so very Prabhu, former soldiers and for most of the activity is a very obvious for most people. It's about that the key. How about the dark? So the cows qaduli Endesa cow Very physical team will deal cause on guillotine or kilometers fully through selling Rather's um, I got best visible. The employees voted body Arvis el Oso. A cigar was ago. Monkey coddling. Ever see because when the video only got the most route plant upon so hard to put See, I can only that a more structured set of Somalia you gotta for muscle death, thes convict toe present, silly rather's. And with it Oh, he gwahd isolated. Rather's told us this cows We'll see my thing. This with toe. Well, they look presence vested it that a cure said that the bill is eternal and we're talking about that those results This is OK. Listen for my stories on the torch police four separate sees happening. They way you were the most likely where the fees that fast America's government funds A apple in the area is Victor's Waco career with toe The dads, for example. Get on America. Make a crew toe. The norm is with string, but as in cool moment, Deepest. Always People say we ve gotta start someplace. Okay? The only normal, for example, It that Oh, he does industy. Just toys. A key course. You Daddy has sebby major key who has sadly gone. So we grow was a Gorcyca Lagrassa But I can't that I scared them. Do it That kill Morning Major key isn't normally a very are you normally do, Vitto by the semi whose coming was cool My point is pass nobody day presently Daddy, do interest processing except you start excepto June 2 point down the line. Okay. Daddy has said Yeah, your vocal locals for lords did that safe from Catania Copa Miraval. Oh, minute Razan spent three seasons. Good old people Don't wait. Yeah, that thank you. Start really over dental trace before. So it dressed in the Watsco decision. I don't pose for the seat. Former Doumbia daddy has said the school are very fish, but it is it don't mochi went there in a rapidly cop medieval Jewish Costigan. I want to know what their no visible signal is our political backing off Tomato quality cuatto the doors into Jewish rage. What ones brought that circus up? A rocky I know. Possible local P. D. Did you don't? Dad? Those support Ramallah? Dr. Kohl s a coca tonight. I can't say usual orange. They belong expensive for funds. A move. Our law, the symbolic because of the semis. Quad toe Say no. Those are people. You, Scarlett. That Speedy once said even Lord, you figure so called dead. So I just want a volatile session. A society. But I've built the mode of it all. I care. Fascinating. The product was sitting trade for Lord my city of Axum. Ghetto trans enters new place because if I saw Bill, tell me this veto after a vertical model length late DeVito security length they that next I don't trace book. You tweet rd Anything crazy for my son Suki down one of its key. She's, you know. Ah, school trays. Watch swallows. She's lucky. Automated. She's Nate the sheath. Are you Stop music. You were a student just so, Jerry. I was full song. Is the labor pre ARV. It'll know any fees are fast. So bashful since the moment of itto bad Asia s a B able sequel Walker. Well, with this separate poor Feagles follow because the smiles about a port Asia, Asia the mood of it, toe linked medical create equality. I am I was still in town, I think. Look, I like that they don't go to the sea aside. So it's actually a solo vitto America Circus Ask area with toe nor miss this morning. That means that you got that. I got a also streets That's home song sacristy collectors Most numerous. Yeah, obviously choice for her. I feel a personal five year way. Studio Waseca Loca now is or click a spell check. Local Must've professional Professor Joe said Don't attack e vittel. How fun American toe the longest. It was enough for some sake. Clear sound this stressful where it is Strange objects they don't belong lawns. Lucky maybe Marco is a linked no longer for a ling Points nos links are gonna funeral trace three former so little moans The s s so much to its former sat available Katrina yet Rivera Triska He will save I put the course three Soweto say Jay Lee, the numerous Odin owns 10. Lecture 9 Accessing and modifying the Vector (part 1): I want to say exactly over tour will support the society for most aggressive NATO presence . Was sitting with Toe Queen, Majesty, dozens individual a prosecutors. Some people has them quite that do, doesn't they? Said David. We just made the really, really visited the number. Cinquanta Kwan Antah Yeah, you put assembly comes courtesy of the hard way that they look possible. Difficult plus visitors for most of it. Or is the prospect Ecevit told the Dodge Multiple couple days prove each divinity sage advice. Very gore toe a key. Boca Grande. There's implore Daddy's. Okay, does Ian Strays? Ian's? I told you. They save it. Toe it. That's C o clock are linked. The gods go toe to my little thing with local na'vi former sons. Was it about their says? Okay, what does he form? A solid promoted FICA support Hated. I was there. I don't remember God. What? This is for Muslims. We die. This Abu official, of course, shades talker and is a weensy. I started the embassy three this set of a loaded vehicle on the order, you know, Welcome Serology Todd for even quad is what apology that small is that they know procurement to something before my story. O N e r dont pay Kelowna alof de guys Lovely dickwad. Don't they say? Because Saporta says, I don't want that for most people said you toe, although this for most say, just like the dentro de made sort of a tow that the total complement of itto now that the lockout days a keep because what they know all mostly it'll be possibly divulge. Both. Wise involves this. Also post local fashion It does to Premier Apology TATO Tokyo When they see those points, what they don't want Kim to the dance. A lot of keys at their loan course. Don't don't oppose assess. Our deal is on volumes bone twice for this that quad fascists don't turn the positive basis because the fashions of posted me out there nods School Quite so. Its eyes, using a scoop a girl came or to seek, would help him. Also said commercial normal from FICA. I don't well said belong of Asia. You called the police who extra That's all the single number digital for Yes, it's crazy. Saturno, normal for three days, raise without a little revenge. You deserve a little for me to squat You knew that will support the assessor Those elements do toe provisional defeats trade for example Water body Tomei Fyssas Quite Rohit present for the say so they are Catania Quad You it What? For the south? Well, Guatemala, you know No apology Stuckey, for such a straightforward was about the assessor as formal social Vitto. What a comical first promoted thick eyes is for my son. How come you dodge? You care Oprah's employees? Hey, with our video feed it looked a video that image Quattrone's took my Coface societal a farcical dads we don't with a lot begins your father his sebi did you want Don't we have overloaded? That's no no I digress into decorous it. So now you know the comfort of your time The beach Quite price. Well, it does look at here with each crab because that's more difficult Original. Look, I got this normal assisting Quinn tones. Okay, I would figure out the mayor faster. Sookie said one more v I woke tray so can access those young's okay circle Arkady won't raise has said that those we want to separate those opposed Chemical, aka the won't raise has said dozy at their new straits. Does the take A to Z Prescott? Those three scuttles Lewsey. There is a cup. Does the Walt Rage has said Be a second said that those at the couple's will follow my simple subsequent stand by the Sigi my spoils Brooke Barcelona sour Different Like a move, I said. Size for most of itto a television fixed after of age. The devils who's no matter so chaos since you want to say taquito Ciego do you know? Seems like a motion this little it'll Bay was supporting What? Ficker? Former What sense? Okay. 11. Lecture 10 Accessing and modifying the Vector (part 2): I'm Vanessa. Party assess. Sand emoticons elements Support for the for example. Close on the part of it. The simple as in turkey moving three daddies intento Myanmar v and they know me former stories. You carted up a simple test syrup in the vehicle. Go fast. Thank goddess and co shades Oclock males, please use your head teary this sero it didn't the Civil War a little digital? Okay, lucky local aka is if it does, sensing Formosan we're doing that is they're lining more difficulty with tow it Dad's with or not Say you. They said let me Corbyn s victory doesn't limit your God Dad's more difficult hockey dads. They're lining more difficult. That's morning, tele. Between that saying this any form also para linked the that is Mahdi. A widow kid finished the dealings. So until the small hours don't bacon If it toe indict this we form or something Said lucky printing nor the former sewage corrected Scott Sage Castiglioni for my sake fast. Okay. Cokie. Dad, this man is Do is But you had toe say yes it for muscle or hips. I keep hitting only former someone supposed Tomei Addison I for myself so sick he died. This the novella means more elements as a possible clue in my zone becomes key because the limousine driver started 20 days. Theis base music. So that went in with another law. It was apostle. Attribute. L'Opera teleported Roca 20 prisons My dollar In the prisons you link the west of mine over cities. Hey, Kofi's a pig over three dads. Yeah, this is only a miserly for myself. My very Terrapin. It'll hit today. You got a personal home, Donna, Your post follow city called dad's sicky Dad's I got into my days with polka dot is days almost it. Those are the days of those e So, basil, those crazy for my toe There, There. So he does. There, there. I know that also hated are nobody Sonae form astonished on the veto, So pick out of it. So it dies. Agata in think what's the foremost going about? My late dads think those inform us on is a top police. So it that is crazy noisiest consulting those the former So it was a possible area is exactly a c going that water Kelly died side, you know, And so not little say Coca from Coppola tomorrow is they might those who can't so name is only for myself 12. Lecture 11 Vector Operations (part 1): I got a question, Jack Radio The door support facet of their parents are receiving turkey Took over those ears. Rezian's me with a tweet that Hey, Seki, what's for your better? So is well remind. In the case of pastoral d'Oisans you will se que apologizes dodge those of I think fas okay , the doctor never made race. Takatoshi and Zacky keys a key metodos of the Kenyan kwab for various in diversity a single molecule support for the it That's my stories Those elements back here it does my stories figure those my stories, the capitals crazy much do with the keys A simple the end Also my look at the planet that much of you so much you pasta made like I mentioned noise Mellish boys cada let me to do with the retarded Mississippi tried to do is if you can't. Those minutes, though, is that the ace Trezza mentors do is no vintage doors managed noise. The beach? Yes. Imprudent, sir Bustle my possibly trying. It'll be possible. Tickly calf was partite. Dads visit trace both xylem is, um you got a typical bootless. What's Tom Brady relief? If the poor boy's got bigger, I met. That does is Dad's. That this does DVD the board toys I met those dividend will do is say crazy. Did you do? The poor do is that says? May you vehicle doors. You do? That was a body Soma Flicka defeat Deep purple stuff. You post on May Karaca. LF Grado had always thought followed the does those e What's it gonna dickwad Trays? L about the father of the sea. Incessant in or V Jawad Rod, the Quite since you to do is 1/4 of a concentrated, equipped post level trays. A prospect like your SK eight day The bads, the tools is God. What's going on? Walking through this dads so better social support Fuzzy I was It's almost depressing because produce the main trouble like the so called days was a possibly it. That's the group. Dickie s Zeki. So is it God, Just look what I dodged you it that is the engine has said it. That's apology from pride. That's you, God's Jew. I was hoping I die this emotive Flicka full doj's What is a Kisa in darkness? Shindo is Yes, it's like your eyes. What if the card is full of toys before. What that issue for Lord Don't this follows? I thought they does. June. It is God's will does. But with the defendants he is a total followed dad. Biblical, Jewish, De Finicum said Listen, or Nikki? I will get a pass for the opposed. So my story towards my that's you should do is are some of those territories. They brought the key issues. Thank you, said the major with a minor My ginger quiet C 24 months. So the medicine this Seri former sold you my that the city for most in the world Best castle one because urged The very limits are different number Put this if it is assumed the day give it soma dois men's what they for muscle. Do you? It was so much cool with the either judo is seeing quite a form ourselves Rubin and Assad It that you do is a cure. That you do is E. T. Rowe s a quality for Marcel Us Castle Quadra say's equal Quite says granted coming up also mouth They took a quantity may so it's over talking trees Don't think home scaled back year lady. So any Ferencz do you think they made with the mind it only for Suma for some politically car in that my seems present noise. Yeah, absolutely. To get out of it recede well. Ah, fresh, Siegel said. I don't think so. She's you. She's busy. Those with strange see quadruple single change, Siegel said. This is okay. I'm proud of the derivatives, but separate Detroit with George quite a bit towards. 13. Lecture 12 Vector Operations (part 2): the main. A possible attack your dad's you Didn't that show Mocelin his gods? Most of the show? Minimal. Unused. That's marks roominess. No veto. She's masal. She's if you're single or ill official who must move the absolute So said he said, I What? I said, Yea, organizing it Sortie? Absolutely. Although not weeps. Lucky Tracy said a patient for jihad or another was still tiny. Dad's does that surely she's Lewis Katsuta. Mito was a political Akio Does say this girl Where should be through the quad? True, Keesey, It was okay. I already sort z. So what is it? Stay over. There were iPods, agenda with the chemical Facebook. Okay? Or did they could've seen Locascio sortie Alba Berlin city for its beige book. You comic fight the crease house, don't you? So what is it? The Chris Fast. The Chris Minto House. Nobody knows a god s age Circle, Latakia. Truth about in I already day crescent. Okay, okay. Keep problem. Made that parasitical Kovanda now seven. But the crescent bill, by trusting all the decorous ain't in those who was sick a locus or to see Padro auto might commit is your most of your depressing as a possible Akaki. It is true physical kind. Gordon The message. You said If you have one, do for that. So that there another full soulcycle, aka colorful So ABRI official parties clock Anwar Douglas a once daily don't work e. I see most are lucky before Kufa. Zia's samples less it'll self. I understood Isabella Social support for sicknesses. Nieto was Cleo's a party present. Broken. She's it a week. She's in my archy usual. This is my architecture A's and she's got a bag of primitive. And she's a marquee capsule that the stubble do is American Trade Force. What through? Am I OK? Siku fossil? Siegel Marcus, 30 Fossil was say she's a Min Law cave so that it is better to do. Is America Trees? Malagasy? It's single, Malaga said. That the fuzz and she's a mentor. Capes. It's all this. She's egg! Whoa! Equally well. A useful physical. Six. That kind of this table that they work with a key. They start I will Dad SoCal, aka she's equally so. Proficiency. Follow the absolute tapes ecological issues and made him a quizzical for the CIA has said it also think call a car noises wise. She's a great she's a guy. Absolute dig a safe Azevedo data off events here. She's a go, I hope so. And Faust Okay, though, is the way God trees while through No, I go see the secret, Watts said. Mystikal, aka Nesirky The Civil a Mitsubishi's a ghost limit the possible cause. She's trays big. We will, uh, voice god, bookie, this element. And she is a single using Willamette deep. So the basic, specifically civil succotash Eagle Dad was think color Cardoza wise was a captive. We follow So they, we absolutely must develop was so cool. Walkie. But they set up a Saudi. She's they go was just see She's a different 80 for myself. So I she's a defendant to the absolute with the cloud told Oswald was a cure. Does the defendant the trait c Quiet The defendant S e C. Secret Affinity said. See, she's evil. You post a big palooka who knew new the K She's beautiful, who knows noise. So I beg those elements. Thinks she's those squad seed trays. Single said. Very keeps little measured, elemental. She's still single Goofy's on you in local okecie that sold groceries. Cuneo celebrity? Oh no. Does element dish easy? Absolute city? Very elements, operatives, mochas a cure. She's still a little secret, its ultimate general seen secret fresh part of those toys. But it's one only number. Caesar. You hippity industries for preparation. Ladies don't So, Peggy, she's ipso fatso. No individual. Those element dishes Those elements deeps so fast herself The sect So you turkey GMO study . She's almost a deep sea Who sequel Top presents Belushi's What Lewis don't Circle aka Take Take more cheesy Absolute Well, I'm a do see some with border You can get a fairy of the wardroom Secure date iguana My script in defending if for this. But if you know I said said that if quite a finance are so she's quite a finance. This you do is gonna do the fair answer. No omens, old cakey cakey Because that is the key. Ah, number Does the quad gonna go see this s o I C was lucky. These elements Keystone don't Do you go to They broke up with you think Isaac, you the web. It'll work fee G rhetoric towards a single day. Okay, label on Maki. I think they keep some support for the She's a man, I go kids. Well, she's my okay. You want me for months on Key Sudoku Morelli SC Probably facial. We'll see more Stratus does everybody asking for Riyadh is at the moment. Was it Zakaria talk a bunch? Possibly more than don't boast spectacular him moving in more absolute him because she's a move Usual. They're moving him. Oh, she's a more him Caliphate Tweet that she's in the absolute. The question Julia Louis apart. Stevedores support three hours apart. Would Ficker support assess? Size elevates but for their parasites with a view towards it a made for TV movie. 14. Lecture 13 Creating Sequences: brushed more sort games, fallout and subsequent says secrets important spoke a Hamas nlf second saggy three of it Tories knobs like he's so sequence city normal. Or, says former sort of a tow rope. Art cinema three reports a bunker. The Dodge the meeting partner will separate the sequences. Hey, can also the feeling those points sage elevating the coast consequences You at the same invite, the whole those straight squat sixties. It was only so pair of the work he killed. Those forced a pair of those secrecy How particle Okaka can were a key you can go through other Yes, apparently second. So maybe you killed by don sequence the one fresh Guadalupe Think, say Sattui, sequester the one my sickle moon I can way we'll stick it on sequencer, you know over passes you the consequence supporters In the days of each other, pastors email you. They want sequence that the days a sink winter our past 30 days, days in days there was a couple of days off. Second, let's be complete, memorable made toe memory failure. Opposite noise at a little super Leo present plume days. No question on Second City does our days Big Brother The door Straight squat secret at the vehicle passes you Padro Also 2nd 5 probable say a past due My civil sick is a out there. Ah, I include the Serra who made this for some pretty volatile, minimal Marshall listen devil Diabolical sect A canyon doors at the days are passage The bluish they divided. Noisy, though, is that there are no metal base. The door is quite to Cezary today. Between that was the thing sick divide the memory failure. This is a volatile mother superior bicycle walk up in a does a home aids but as a procure DVD sale because three consequences is that amid this interval already ventured, I say my spoke about the role of a human. A parable difficult eyes suppresses. Oh, and so on this a document here which passed people survived and put it in a propensity days girl Dizzy, just say days in this be trained she was like is expressing because a big well, there's no one is a seizing the region at the scene. See, Focal does the days and a so called Tokyo. The eyes from little Sape resemble So must you veto So Mr SEC wins do it will say you go whole length this sea from the north. Listen, Overlords fees on second city of Into That saying about today says he's seen or followed Medical Okeke, second of each of the same a passer de days. So I think that that means nor the followers. If it'll make support. A Tripoli is the second on a little six year. Many well, she's so what? God dies! A sequence in the ghetto put as applause was for second Gaza's in March. But a simple VG out there. Three a passage is they're both single. He's like you ve pulled single video ritual, bouncy capacity. 15. Lecture 14 Sequences using Repetitions (part 1): water for medical consequences. It was a little bit soy. Okay, I've educate er consequences. You want There is a possibility. Days viz number Seeing Cooper separatist Dave is Palavela. And your own, for example. The possibility. Okay, Element she's with benefits It a break area sec ways is up. It's only was those awful? So happy habits Toys, decay present Normal single one that raises days Raise if you stop Mercy Who? Happy Two days res A poster maybe team a panel after Uncle Joe Daisies Your post obey Happy to Maseko Asia for a cure. Help! If we don't sequence that, do you A fresh single raises You start Asia a second. What race? Those trays Happy to see you move is never say other strays industries, holders, trees Oldest raise quite reason UKIP surveys mysteries The U at the days do injuries Traffic Are you want Today they put in over 12 days a possibility The main Roberto presently cream with turkey. You got this? I see little vhe He would resign if it got re teeing. Audience space of it way need to rez Original proposal happen T Yes. If it toe it, Guards would is difficult. That is You see the face A positive pity Quantas Visit his ace Vitto Package sizes the disease I feel so happy l a team. They settle homemade? Yes, it cause was sick. It is a pity card. A numeral do is raise Treasuries present low first and second city Want trees Afghan Strange happy to do it freezes securities of you Don't think more strange noises I gotta carry pity candle number This equation each quite true is you don't number We Which a sequence said you want the trees? Numeral SAPIEN Quadrille raises murdered. Always say pretty quiet is simply aren't remember Treasure Pity the quarter vase Chemical. Okay, consider homemade lumber doors. They they they proceed ahead. Peter sequences. Do you want a trade? Do Idris. Fuck you! The of the trees. More vision you didn't want. The trace does raise my eyes Got in a little The settlement liqueur. Each Quattro is God. A number That's a sequence of s a pity God always is. What is God? A number Soca Locusts sauce. A queen you work with because you're singing care of Second city wanted Trish. That's a pitiable groceries. Muzzle Karki Cardella made this a queen's prohibited gaga ways. Quatro Quatro Door is quite visit three Well, they sought help itself Seconds of a say pretty much throughout the world These so can hepatitis also include Kyohei Peter is so fridges If you come show Mottaki reach Paradise President got the number repeatedly which is Do you want the trays? The other threes? Can I make a pretty good business? The wound was is does does raise Treasuries product obsequious What region? Carol Electrician is the weapons in Iraq Will those do is three stories Yet this era of age losers Frustration Uh my between Komada Happy so happy he will say it be The Coca Cola is the keepers and Kirky will say it be term Apollo different dads Treasuries God does that my ultimate prosecution veto the Normans Nepalese applaud. See Dad's so do his Cioffi pulling the The president will see Dad's a Salvador. His feeling positivity. See, Sadat's with So Siddharth is some of the ways. See if your Linda there's an image. Please veto yokel. Okay. Each dois karaki, Peter Cardinal and made twitch with Africa. Salvador which raises his It does raise all injuries escaping quirky or Salvador's off a door to see if a si fi all in Delinda cynical Okecie each really happy t But that is really happy. T oppose Waldo Salgado s If a leader the personal Salvadoran see for Linda okay, will help 80 cattle emit wishes. Expect anything that is a part of the hip. It so it Suzanne, do a segment each. 16. Lecture 15 Sequences using Repetitions (part 2): chemical. OK, Akio. Hey, Peter said Dad is Siddharth. Musky Candle emits a reputation which raises in town. So about a message which raises his C facility. Raise your injuries, my circuits ASIC. What that's different is the cover, Siddharth. But as himself a dork is a storage raises specific. A single raise your leader possessive days with hip itself and Sarah was a school monarchy . Betsy Dad's I look at this. Each cardiac, you say trace Cinco is said, for example because look, a traditional nurse okay said that something trace elements to died. So Vado Hazy feeling they don't bagging up Premera Middle I made this with the hippie The Treasury's We'll see Google. I made this way to repeat a single ways you this element this with the web site of its cakey well in Baraki. See, that is Salvador is if you lean Semedo, My separated mother racist raise a terrific asado. Salgado is over, though I were his safe Kelsey Goon Do signal. I made Vettel see Dad's by say pity to see go visit on what they say for his safety hissy fit! It's safe. Yes, If secret is your leader, Satya Vista and all in the Sierra momento Romero see Google. They sail, particularly in the hip. Petitto certainties for all in the hip, et cetera, is ridiculously either or lean the hole in the civilian certificates. You told us about this equation that's a 24 months old, my zing partners, and for most of my society problems, Serious equation way. 17. Lecture 16 Sequences using Random Samples: won't reform Medicare sequences. Demon Pass acquaintances Where I'm more sizzle it toward a school problem In these one secret city, numbers are left towards you. Call Mandel Corker capable. See sample in his Avi's unifies or the girl couple ever look to get their someone come 0.3 Doj's e Sequent but is empty introducing Seek winter It's cooler. What rumors? In virtually Aleppo made in three member does sink winter, it received their body followers Quite rumors. Yaki. That's a visage college in orbit with that regiment. Eat Raise the was around over Made was Vicky s common example Told a vision. Almost defend Angel. No remorse, no remorse. Other people say hippie dealers in almost defending was a much more plays. A key DVT s equated Skoula There's rumors Lucky No water stays normal today. My safely 80 sequence before you with devil Got, if any. Are we serving cake? You don't think they want habits? Otavalo, You look it doesn't deputy. I said what? That since it was so imaginable. Stuff I don't. So Caza, Um you gotta pay. Sore has I don't know the especially not Salek. I don't discern a little. I call local told is not cycle. And those magazines? Papers, you know, cycle. Who is? So there's neighbor on some trees off the others. Yeah, they just want for these one for McQueen poses some once in a deal primarily made Romero proposing all of our low miss because there, Daisy comes before. So this is that for seal and freeze Audiard Circus? I say so. They had never made heckle Aqua Navy Seal Morse equipped with some You don't call footed out. We'll see Google and Manto yet they want program. Dad. Really? Is this what they are? You could put the vote on the sacrament is almost a quibble. So successful as a so so Atacocha Kyohei plays true, Neil is they have a facile more Stir the trays, warlords D one days My God official said he was a heckle. Oka OK couple This turkey in T. Rowe trays eliminates the one days you know pretty mayo for the murder toys and hair color . Cool 40 Rousey Google I'm a tow. Nothing Novi proposing the first day I seldom outrage Coca Fuzzy, but the old equals even Sister Mary Cassatt. Okay, okay, okay. Hippos so true. I don't want to politicize took Is that safe with so sick o clock? Your boss Lucky Blackie's Satyam Eight Steps and Cities Don't think alongside those numbers wise Tecumseh dimensional Numero Ridgeway's book A Theatre You Premera numeral for game for safe. Do you want the ages quality? We'll see. Yes, it's Cesar bicycle. A cuddly voter, The circle. A lot of papers, you know, invested Hogan before he don't wanna 40 that was sick with the numeral so right They at the lowest rage. Quatro Cinco No, but there's such before said with more because, say, for 80 rather premier premiere Haiti Rather noncommittal Summit premieres. I see. It's a little northern free Love the metaphor. Agora. We're gonna put it out there. Sell some might say It's a number. Turkey. Those strange. What? Single said boy, today I said, Well, said you some more strategy say hippos Song A T really made toe, you know, colloquial, devoted, the most freedom. Orson, you so fast. Okay. Amazement DVD. No suggestion. Also not imagine Base Brando oppose this. Exactly. And Vittore prison floor, no matter the secure. So go camera. Okay. Attacking Cesar Copts School Mother Key Cutter's way. Pito Elisha Aaron follows difference now. Mascot Loco Loco que monde. A few songs sample yet reboot his dad. Well, I made accumulate on the jet. If I Gwanda I can almost the local cocky. You know what that strange mix for Girard's? The premiere of fish. Yeah, you post. So then our Gugelmin sort or for some sort? So is it they Cruz Milwaukee? Because cruising, they okay, Because they want Dicus said you call. Okay, Sabu. Mandoki The capacity better or the customs? Because they're not crest Satan. So I could write taking people father around and find out dressing sort you got a personal is s a path, your morsel A toilet. What is it in fact so hunky? Well, haikus again from my Savitt told and in more metal. The kikhia, the treasure overlooking the color squat on the metal, said in a little days, right. The Kuiper said two days ago spoke local Kommando hockey, the numeral magical. But the dozy trees Fraser No middle. Anything quite Saturdays. Santa Cute. They say they're my hunk. My own hunky one of the core is my Oh, no, Middle it don't. The settler made toe into my own hunt. His other meat place. Simple, though. Are they killed Zeki numeral? Um, with it too. Operational matters is a what? A part of normal trays. Sage noise. You There are a number where traces raising tropical hard. The number the hunky the Newmans. Whether Guatemala so as a comet. Which hunky skin to my hunky my heart and my own. Newman. It's so good. I meant into my own numeral. We'll hunt my own. Already has a committees will save my hunk. We'll see Gold, my hunky Hello pretty middle middle people sink in the middle three there assessing you days Small middle hunk eating a little hunky Did a little My seat tray Squad toys Songs in UK Kick the my hunky monkey Quattrocchi kicked in my honky kale soup with my hog In your element. Get this in a mile, Harkey. Little things. You waddle hunky base. They hung Kikyo quad through the canopy. Quarter mile hunky don't Premera signaled. Opposes so little number is a committee supreme era signable sound. Don't bring Mary on my own Near Moscow are key. I also sent a persecuted trita does into today's is the vomit comet is unity of what? Through three doorways we'll see going on my are they said Oh my are you gotta my off 18. Lecture 17 Creation of matrices (part 1): Pross Melamed Goodfella Some sobre geometries Sober jittery mood Important Second way Armoured bulldozers Matt Rees Mogg Washbasin Soviet oars Organisers Alias Going Car loans I said Don't touch points in America's over Tourists economies Cree AKI Beto Villa does e three the evening It's every one of those three d Vinge Just get over it boys with those was saying three for says Santa. You know those three to reach your goal is three. Doesn't Centeno vendor Cocoa Mondo a bite call off if it though, is that sense again? Cocoa a bite It was improper. Ciccolo car was towed If they were toys about field aliens, a binding it. Oh, I'm gonna size you. Don't tortoise Elise, because I keep consider for a moment trees. Police came out trees. Not, um I said give it towards organisers. Salinas Oh, loneliness could the minimum for Michael Murphy's a abide plus Fuzzy said Bind said the colonists. A willingness, said the colonias. Eddie's Focus Abide in the violin is Okeke Beethoven? You want Kelowna? You talk. The DOJ's you motor called one of If you start said bide. Very medical. Lorna, you could do it. The defendants were a bite It's Obaidi. Everybody a broken is our alias. Take a zero a duel. Junius, he said by the the Kelowna saw say they called Jonas, but organisers they were doing ankles opposed is a key issue He bind M. Omar Tereza. Well, um, it what you said Bindi Elemental Bay. He thought they were in May. The waste batteries. Several local Accokeek de Beaumont kit. That GM is some? Yeah, Ian says. Well, Salemba trabajando convert authorities local model length. DeVito face creaky. Him later developed without a minor. Wanted that. Della. Mr Bill. Thank you. There is elements late Compliment Fraser promoting my trees in a little selling. Who's that? Dean Jamison. Local card. India. Right? They want that really is called that wholeness. The wise Lius Someone three something was leased. A summation. Wonder wish it traces car loans, war histories. I got a mattress Be. I think there is needs. Does color Natsuko Cocky Dean debate. Why does the committee's trays llinas to do with school loans? Simply, I have supported this commando That's a full sounding the lease eagle illness, loneliness like up to learn support geometries Costa Rica. Victoria's Secret story, for example. The DOJ's mother organization is in coolness willingness, much 19. Lecture 18 Creation of matrices (part 2): you think about the following the news that would say that'll America move it automate known is it was a little cocky. I see a si fi Holy discover, Cool. We'll keep it dois Sandhu Original street you're about to sit by the said Bind. It are uneasy said by dinner. Organise Jonty in Kaunas, then the American over Tokyo. Enormous, Even though Soweto Coomer's you cons are a loneliness, somebody took up a by apple millions. So in regards, Yes. Google. Yeah. So large numbers. Basically a Gattaca messy party sicko Michael Dods, Equestria Gore While Visa on my O. U Bunker the dads. And no, Mr Siddharth is a photo made so different body average But there is no medics whether it's got a gorgeous So I said she finished by the article point job. Uncle did that. 20. Lecture 19 Matrices using the command matrix (): water. Former of secretary mattresses, Sonderkommando Awesome Song Matrix. Most Roma trees. SoCal numbers. There's the Quantas lineage to his lease Equities car bonus. Quite colons, interferometry, stargazers content do is knees equal Tickles if you stop so much. So desires called Westley's got calls. Disease got goals. Take a look Archaea trees content. So no, me and a simple Okay, The grizzly is aquatica laws that'll make political Akaki sequences or karaki do at their bench. Don't operation Lucky do a TV at their complaint that was leased. Squad car loans and camisole, though, is trace squad at they way toe. Okay, once you're going a little complete towards God, Cologne's city Vesco Cakir was leased. This car loans para billions. I said McKee raise trace Asian tragically face. It commits. So doing for paradores for portrays Continual told us essentially ends up America. Lona El Paso Prosecutor Kelowna Quite six age. They pushed them. You told us anything. Is that gonna call overnight for petition the premier Nevada? The operation told the sec, Alona. But the post financial see with the Kelowna the positive. See what? They're calling up a whole night operation alone up a home. Those because as more difficult is so because that's scary. Appreciate. Spring made a genius raise a separation primarily a product Posey prosecuted. Alina Pressure Paulien I read a principle called on the committee office next year by whole true two days. Is that geometries? Grizzlies, trade, schools, any home and the cool? I would call on us Homo Barkey, car sick or loners, Trainees. My separation. Do you want having it told? We spoke earlier. War. The only friendship Quazi precio aboard Marilyn went across Molina Cobresal. American citizens say such a top daesh palatable dockyard Divvying up there three. Well V individually, don't trade quote. Then look milia civilian. Be safe. Such your Northam was with alien from but the civilian three. Kabul, The Eureka. Kabul three to Kabul. The reason is observe Akiko by whole Premier Isley is so tost. Market is secure. I will admit it's all mental. Led a plane ship Miro Gracious Premera Kelowna. The boys contain that miracle. Only a prosecutor Kelowna. So I keep it pleasant. Dia Politically unfit toe A cure there, Domenico Model made to support the area. I was sick. Wosik in the Tora se told enormous. But as a raw Kaletra Little bee, Let us see the third day Conformity marked Registration is sick. B c. They got bone. And what The pretties. Ah see, they Kabul police, they say Do is least was called loners. Brokeback will kill You can laugh the visas again Here killed otherwise was a possibile population trays music single only with a kiss Elements in geometry She's keys, elements, my keys elements like you know something quite elements by taking happy t escape Very Zakia well ain't quite know where multiple lumber dealing is your office This is a data Kiesel image will pray she quite image It's not better get coast Ressam, Attridge, Jack Kelley, Wanda Caramba! Any photo Pyrenees Kabuki or Obey said they photo said the secretly and no more sincere focus that I made with the elements. Water emits, though is the set you no matter do is lease it with Collins. They said they were talking up in Kelowna because escape plan, she's poorly in my whole you grow up to it is a B linoleic. Miss Williams said they 21. Lecture 20 Accessing matrix elements: I got a curvaceous sub Guantanamo. Three schools to geometries. Otra vez inventories. Motorists Vetoes. Bowling is O poco Luna's vertical model matrix. I got Oprah system or struck a massive size element. Garlanded Kitana to civilian Aquatica water. Why so solemn? A ticket on a premier Alina West Kelowna? Yes. Good places to find water. What color are my three education? Mile of the madrasa was world physical. And I said You come on, mate. My Selma trees saw the single What really is the singleness? Yeah. Ace three Saudi singles. Aquino, Matisse. Odyssey contained Natalee's. You think all owners miracles Mechanic will see. Assess E source, please. I don't suppose. Take a look, Akio. Fabric! Oh, shit! Was it a political Ocado? Zarco means premier account. Starve. Eula, you see, will care the pores of England Voula. So as Lius o clock Akio Trace Elliot, raise Viola Kelowna single internal and external to civilian like in Kelowna. Most single. So call a cockeyed on picking about. Discuss. Um hello. Calm geometries do at the bench. If you got we got number two defendants now. Got a possible so much clarity. Battery's up. Well, im it started to settle in you in a cubicle Keeps on the Sedalia Kita Kelowna number Design RV, Istana to settle. Here, you get a gold on the vessel. Yasha linking the Kelowna. Is it over? You prosecuted it. Vesti gone. So Dr Chris is a local Kenya vehicle. You know, like a little extra. You don't get on a goal in a secret, Osama. Trish. So it's much quieter. Followed is a committee. Since I said these words and our revenge don't have Pitino. Civil sick is a most ran. Does those elements, Keystone? You want the time? Another Kelowna Circle, aka at MoMA. Trish in view political Luna put is it for those elements you gotta come, Peggy Calumet City era. This is so number telling you you're always racing quad Akkus photos. Elemental quad through second with important issues on trees. See how the vegetable or sports wise accuse SC and foreign travel the car. Okay. More story. The premier at the central India. Yes, do it from a discard illness. Uh, Premera up there at the Cyril India. Your questions. Collins was a k okay. Like you could look at the trace at their scene. Gigi livermore stra remorse tra Iselin. Manto. Easy, easy. You stood up a little in you. A little more stocks. Dunusinghe Wilder for more sex down at this theater did almost that s on. It's a particulary coca keeping. It was through a separate us secure. It's a super maturation. So the question of the summer Trish Cuchillo came into the world. You want race? Presley's more story as Leon's What? Trish Equal Ministries, A sing in Caracas Elementary School Put the piccolo cocky. Tomei What was impulsivity do? Is that the quadrille? Do you that Trish I ST Mary School newness. My saw as Leon's doors. Tracy, Quiet! You start. Okay, Settle keys, sequences Leong the stray stretch. But see Fulani far south because they Schooley, Kaunas, war, quisling, etc. Cynicism it nor all day gonna need you care, Ola said. You can't get enough. Yeah, British planets. Carolinian Acute Perimeter. Elemental Key. That's the vehicle. Ellen you the car's leanest race. It's single. No daily. A single crazy quad C. You can just call in a straight E. What Ramos Rocky was elements. Keystone That's going crazy. Quarter my skin. Stone azaleas, trays, squat trays. Keystone is called mysteries. Any more services elements like you. The book is asking more stress. Italian dois alien Cuadra Little did I saw Lucky Coca could say, though is people in the vehicle Morsi to get out of school? So does this call National Seymour Stratus Chemical OK dicus on called Lucky Machine Bronco myself. Care social. I'm Israeli. Enjoys a quiet little pig was a limitation on your toys. What? They don't know how the fee So much that seems only this was supported. They put a simple number The car Luna's Reza Any cool was a part of mental numeral Deleuze in the hole. Yeah, in total. Matt Reza A lot thing sink or Luna's quadrillion us. Is that the media Seiko Kelowna ciguatera lease? Because that's a political candidate. Yeah. What truly use is singleness? Commodity? If you made an emotional but really issue, nobody calls 22. Lecture 21 Modifying Matrix Elements (Part 1): I got a call suggests a become Kayama trees who must South says Element got accredited Amazon. They could become more difficult issues elements because people sit down my trees. E Campbell down while I made Guajardo becomes key. More call Only terrorist I had was a camp mood icicle. Wanna make a Fate Way's Oklahoma trees? A key from my idea. Do you want the V? My, my what? Early in the sink bones Tom atresia in my eyes in the cable said 10. See Todd Wellemeyer Teesta Akil it's normal Mechanic was attended are really hard. You said you don't know it might have had I don't know Fanta Microsoft I'm with you guys for further city coca view. He will say predecessor Molly in trade for this April in Kelowna Kwaht because I don't trade trade where they sell a metal keys. You don't kill him into a small city. Too hard interna primarily in a hysterical Mona. Those Arabia cure me Earlier in the day, Sara Kelowna will save my more difficult failure at that we overlook. But as a cell, observant, sick, a novena that was the most difficult. Well, I mean, stand up immediately into spherical working on Oh, I will say this cargo are nothing Work record or summat. Reza, you stop. Well, um it for superstore either. Nor Banta, right? Bata ssl. It's a cell. Has Serbian or Venta don't elephant Alizadeh Branam. It is a combat FICA element as a magical colony. Data I had I was sitting for a simple one Key forces been sassing positional former diversifies a happy doing. So you will see a further to your face becomes care Colin a trace start to the ICO head gear total Kelowna So dazzling is still not over you don't call up another que a passage Ilyushin Caloocan Odd like tortoises Lee's death cycle trees He did kiss song There's present the old a call not first goes to the polls there The single incessant I got stuck with numerous key so much cooler heads for the center for three and 1/4 of the sequence essence Look, a bit more struggle will say more difficult element over the Zika Michael It there was a thicker. The photo home would become well in there Problemas que Gilliam's Sakamoto Chika Chika as a signal of unity The one who made mathematical billions Koroki, dois difficult illness was you pickle carapegua tortoises called bonus. But I selling those elements. But a settling adores versus it is to read a book saying the discussion, saying You start Dona quadrille. I say, There you go off back here. Totally a quad for sufficient with oppose. There's you don't ieave facial quizzical. Say history. Well, I meant because history more Kelowna. Because thanks to you, will you my circus. I see this or not Well, Norma Koruna summat. Reza. What? The problem is so sick. Lonely Toki, you can't. They issue follows this in Oracle Luna, but his employer, God. So Nam got centers. What says you? Yes, I got. Since you know Kiev's, it was Insuk wanted. It's a bit quirky. Mechanical stage of Pras. Michel Luna. You say they're demons, Sonya. Some quite releasing balloons here. Our toys. It's a normal trees. Was he said binding? Uh huh. Over toe V. You could say so. Was a signature hope a gamut? Reza Vocal cattle. Adela, formally called ulna. SoCal. Okay, said by conformity Kelowna. At this son of a trophy zone, it's quite followed in the cookie totus on over my street devastation. Mother, the art do is Tom atresia geometries. Otherwise Hezekiah Demons Sodomite Reza a quarterly single Luna's Muslim a cinema Teresa Lewis has Sage College Quarterly in six columns. So I was observe a Q But misery now. Are you Amatrice Bay? Geometries are, though, Is yes. Ah, that's another more Kelowna V. What's the baby support the car? OK, so, Leah, I am a tree. Zaki Okocha have dois receive a mind. Reza, the movie We'll be saved this year for with bottled lucky. Okay, What s so little? Very everything. Quite relevance. You took it and call. Okay. Like bras. Molina Key was as Liza Key to Reservist. A single elements that Oprah study them as well. Amid keep Rafi. Don't look a cure. Very single joking. Calumet cannot take e. I think I said Luna, Mr ST I would have seen really secret limits. Your post. Fuzzy. They bind the our Quest city. Billy's Reza Reza Do is major combat Reza dois healthy. You William eyes 23. Lecture 22 Modifying Matrix Elements (part 2): your post a meeting that a Saudi hidta One linear weight around Well, a man to hit it are Kelowna. You made first father used looking way, but they're sigma trees are toys garroted, isil imprisoned. Could go fast. Noise hit. TT beige Akiyuki, Elia Villa, Kelowna targeted Alina. Single liking Talia, though, is street squat. Sink working, telling hitting Catalunya by night. Eerie. They walk alone. It's so they limit the second Tellinya. Don't you stop! Did you tell them in a cell? Yukio. Rather. Okay. It was a pretty hated out on May. The Saab toys members do is that's a cyclical single saying said they're required since the American packing. Once the vehicle check emails leaked. Era was so excited. I Kelowna, Let's take a look at the poor Saviola. Men's U K People Feeds was exacted a 1,000,000 yuan. Karuna broke Akima. Tereza Garrity wrote the Sedalia Aquatic Alona Tofas. Okay, hit TV Brasilia. You feel me and some of the secular stuff saying it's a Cicilia. Let me start 24. Lecture 23 Matrix Operations: the minimum former Congress simply compare So injured consumers are parasites. Conflict towards Somavia towards to be trying towards was a better Mayko signifies a sake away. Trouble in common trees looking at your mouth reach from other he must say woman priests or deserves the single years is single So much squad Rather single using wholeness. It possible is simple at this On a codel aumento the summer trees I want to start. What is it like you much squatter? Those who sell image Dermot Reza who said so. Not Cuatro Yaki that was Supports Umrah. Super Cray Reza Comm. Possible. There's a coca I'm in squad. He kept zero men's squad through their men. Squad does limit my superior Human trees are contained. Toe 40 days Days into Central post. Fuzzy are mice days. Discovery, too was for the AARP Means na'vi. Yeah, those elements, they are minimal. A Possibly big Osama Tereza Emotive plea Copper will start woman to pick up a trace. Those limits tr with Straits of Katrina told xylem, is the are vases. Main streets Today positivity those elements The up I started thinking they said that because the semicircle cocky A DVD Topol north we really right into the semis celebra from being more middle. Those elements the olive other do is it also limits the Oliver the trees Postiga High squad Rather escaped. It does elementary A. It's quite a two days. Thank you. Nice weather today. Such Carter today. Such quarter days Monument trees or something Days That was in two days. Jackie Logan told This is our Lord. Yes, It's so bare Assumes that it made Reza your post Obey trouble A conduit Trees Reza My God! Show Mama Trees Bay Monsanto I'm UMA. Trees are visage squadron. I don't raise our geometries based. You're not reserve is quite small trees. Your prospects are mice bay. So mature trees Norfolk, Suki, Islamic bookie. He sent up Middle Miracle Luna, my system. Otherwise Istana Premier League Miracle. One of the older batteries s a limit. The key. The primitive batteries between understand Medellin, Sigulda, Kelowna faces a model. Well, images stand up primarily in a single cone. The sympathy it'll amidst the measurement poses some neighborhood can think. See my resignation Muddy mess on their local. That Lisi miracle that cold. I just wish so I might benefit coursing, Quintana told okay that some other days inquire. Enter, There's for quite anything poses for this line. Was it so? It's a quiet, mentally empathetic Alona. Perimeter Leap Miracle Another. Whether simple yards post them before they are meant to be unseasonable bigger, not Rezaq. Today's difficult. There's been squatting time in ST. There's been squatting in ST Apostle Lividity for May DVD players elements to be checked in basic wanting to do ethical. They defeated Corrente. But does that portrait single there? You could enter their potency. Africa. Why did it upset a slinky six ideologically Cardoza batteries. Paga made simple something because very food they squat. Enter. This is quite And what is a procure about? Aaliyah, Signal the Kelowna multiple card. Bela Quarterly Cyclical. This is his momma tomato problem. Democracy. Oh, you know im with Flicka. Limit Buswell amid the Metropole. Sala, right. Okay. Secure. A coworker have seen with a percentile. How do I pay? You know, beat either party. They see this is simple. Zakia Scientology Vase the vase. So call aka 80% parties. Billy's you stop. McPherson is probably about how well improbable. See, Housing Ito s C. This is a you see, my Issy disease. My issue visits is yes. I think I can't pass up in Italy. I the opposite big IHS disease. The Pacific is disease. Yes, see beauty in her problem democracy also said Allah. Allah, remember, it's a party problem. Odysseo ck ck problems The element put a limit patients for this. So I will said Nobutaka, is sports in 30 fuzzy element. I limit It was exasperated Mother, See how Buddha Bus started formally, Coca Cola. I will say I could say the support Scientology that's either poser studies. 25. Lecture 24 Matrix Curiosities (part 1): you gotta clear fall operable, Say I wish. Kudos a Dodge. He's supporting these vehicles. A follow a model threes The second way. Miracles, Dad support painted a sudden Joeckel out that time innards the batteries. Is this thing fired? A stick? Because precision the couple out of the dominant Who wants to start thesis but a simpler and I take it so that was with Parliament was like one says so it Coppola that yucky Louay Coco cola. The time you know geometries, no matter sticks Cuadrado's sub. He's not interested. Oh my God, the father Other key made Scott Rather called a quote that police egg work with that column was erected in what they see single years. Ihsan Kahlo's has said it s Ahmad Reza, the geometry squad radical sequencing Collins Dia single using colonise. It was supposed to go below that I mean, not a party that's a full sake that they are. But I know that some of this is there in which played a city that they may not. I don't have the love of the matematica eyes and with FastCo clacking away who has a measurement? Reza Prosecutor Sabih. Quite some elements just on a D Argo, Now principal cemeteries Circle cook you the RG the uh so the limits stone idea Go now. Always the double anarchy. So the idea althrop Sotomayor supported they a summer. So tell mothers put us in. Procure Vega, you vote era at the circle Russia, My psyche de Bay. Monterey Bay. Am I saying this in Oklahoma? Don't be a frequent sake. Where the mis sold eBay? No, I would rather have the sequel years. Quad cores in Kelowna. Your post Don't care. A formal care, Elise Address from optical illness. Essential motherly. Fresh for my tree. Stress poster. He Elia Vehicle Luna, Your transporter Cemeteries Support for today. Carolyn Ennis, Sitter for Mari Goals Turkey How much will be posted on the Metro? About a baby. We'll see. The l Camilla Out is now Intersport. Well, no, Premier Alina say Jesus says even tomb. I got every miracle, Luna. We'll see decisions. You care. Alina Vero. Kelowna. Best civic, Super gaudy. Mis sold eBay where they're single years ago. Colonise. It's a big argument. Sandy Bay Trish forced chemically leaders forces, but the quad truly is is in court. Vet. What a cool is Dad Yeah, Asia, but applique car batteries and a part of the processor made Imagine. Ties I Z marginalised ink pixels. Yes. It speaks of spots. A transit coma trees Does it tell? Uh, he s a tele pro? That I'm not imagining. They never defend it. Be source. Don't sit by the big guy. One month risk, OK? Yes, I'm not that he's up. It did that vehicle Mycological border. I imagine there are comic seeker. You so imagine someone Reza Superga Gor mo Jessica sama. Tereza Who? How many Thursday for Louisa Kida? Any Miracle Owner Musical Luna. It would be sick. Social Lotus New does new. Well say so. Evolution. You perfect work. Okay, Magida, What I'm saying Medea or sequence. Okay, Magida, you confirm what she can't I Medical voter for modern geometry. Za. Well, what's he gonna imagine? L someone residing process I made. Imagine these guys got the elements. The key one pixel se, but maybe disagree City Cordish. Some would figure cure. Uh, pretty middle. Lena, you could kiss Asia decision, but Hezekiah three there. What sense three open the single worst. But vente. He said we set them. No, they won't. There are Sigulda. Linear President, Noise Parliament, Another TV ministries. Norby existed, I think my Mohammad Reza book Modificados your first major area or listen very lucky God the lumber today. So I think so. I mean, did you kill more? Just a little something that may be so a post. Um agree on my magical Leah's the Summit ridge. Magical. Does Imus songs the ah optometry za in this conflict within even a few. Basically more so figura Kony's into regiments storage the dimensional form a couple This a lot of speaks of civil self there I somewhat reach, will sit there may about that ice does a Does it want They took you music Yah, They settling you. I see you. No matter. Do it. The watch was You see? You know Madonna the, uh don't you? Is there a common thing? We to theirs and phase one. No, me Don't book us a safe. Okay, Sarah Karabakh Minnow. If he was ever kosugi out their eyes, there's in conforming. I moved in seconds of a visa I think is a minimizing three dimensional now, Reza, So much to coca. You see? First speaking, a little the physical part time and I called the same much to trace. Miss Sort him out. Tura would complement. Is this to book? Did that some other vote? Okano, Bocaly, Dad's things. Your antenna made away and support that stoppers in turkey. Medical marketing. Cocoa in major. Okay, No more threes. Oklahoma police members that can phase. I gotta woman is by a mile. Support the Korea, I imagine. Yoko. I imagine the summer theories find nation Yes, sir. Amy Dominican for seem because after did they bear a tour? I mean, I think your boodle is followed by my doctor May wish the vision schools in the visa keys quarries, the sun cools. Want to mice? School? Follow most of these two. The coil does au Englishman sores are really more so. Cooper's in Nevis Is it one super sees? And what does that please? Stupid generals rakyat Talk about cemeteries The bay The mission for more secure basing his day Reza poetically upper somebody So Omar Tokyo survive There's any Thursday sample Is there some good after geometries? But it's like you can't want Look Yeah yeah School was in near ISS Luckily, the same eyes out much by show Kalamata beat their southern topographic was a little much reason way. If God is that process, dishes are trouble, appointees will sit down Prophet otherness. 26. Lecture 25 Matrix Curiosities (part 2): watercolors, Dad, it was supported. So not enormous has called in the cemetery. What the May Norma's naturally years. That's about three geometries, a key looming. And so my police. These airs Grizzlies, three schools. How formidable is that? Cinnamon trees s physical of equal numeracy. Seema must call Wallace even know miraculously. He's pretty casual. Either Became the first and second Associates is parcel villain ghettos as lease. That's a call along former. Difficult is actually is the another continued, which passed. It broke. We will do. Is the city of Kelowna. Do is chemical factories. This was the scene in a car. Luna's Nicole Wallace I see the body sex you straddle Seaview in that Sexton Seaview If I still know me, that's common. But there any columnist quiz You got a local car normalize. Lia's any llinas? No, mate. I scored only so long Divided Jarvis! Michael o que que sex responsive. You? Yes. Lee is so severe. Hello, Cocky Jewell Money is place known Really. Embassy in cold. So is your long does leans Please Al Gore of Oklahoma. Tereza Corbyn's There's crazily is three schools He would SUNA is automatic You the names, the names igual I was saving least at least specifically the least I could would fall on Georgia, my shouted internally. Some call a Saudi man. Trees is one. Save it towards Americans Say that the frames people. Father, May I HAZ Elizabeths a partial, that element, referring Cakir. I'm very fish about. It is they were. We just saw this commander. The names in released read Deeply Marrow normal. Keisling is the problem. Does lease endless before it's with the wacky co create. Give us you before God, who's on the Communist. Any calls? If a sealed metal key official they seem released, the fashion model Karwacki it will day. Is that the media easel I've age the normal It will Don't know me that's called Jerusalem Disney Skill Number Kelowna Sexton Seaview Yes, Lee in some Paolo Di Maria Fraser A cada vez myles in Cyprus een Abu Bakri. Dad hated gay and Alza Dads use that racing. We're for muscle. You probable Say Sabako model is a doctor said taking party close to so this is is stating But most earn that their moment Okay, don't happen to like you go for proportionate into mostro for call economies as needs Nice coolness. Ensenada, A Sacramento. So it's also do you think? All kind There the names in your list? I was a call. Local vato content alone does lease. You talk about the number? 27. Lecture 26 Creating Arrays (part 1): no such a Sabbath. So much trees have become clear. Mama Trees facile para. So please come with much France for saint and ok. Hey, no formal bay Simples. Hey, Call it. Sold in the trees. Martinez. He was sitting on the trees. Immune automotriz. Any noise? Order matters in trays. Ultimate reason required. It was sick care alot categories. Okay, Got to do is a wounded element. Element one will say Hef, NBC. I really 11 more stretch squad through mud trees just in one another's nearly clear. See? Hey was a key. Helen Bravo. So kill my reasonable most rap but a simple Disick er and woman trees. You mother, what really is in Collins? I say it won't come in threes, but releasing car loans. It's a big Osama. Tereza Awadallah you want Hey, that was about Father. See? Danger. Ah, hey! Ah, hey! You want their feet? The Iguala city got then what's missing? Simo said Gita. So it's a key Have made me quit cities. Hey, you want to have in the squad received women because Oklahoma trees won't become a priest. Do you want I ve got leasing goals. Lucky her medical model myself Assoc Gi Joe? They would be soon. My someone demands someone here. It was instigated. Ismaila Hey, Composed toe! Do you wanna come in? Threes? Esta vesicles? You don't read the securities? The metaphor McCormack! Okay, Pasquale Ocasio Threes at the cinema Trees trees Your former happy that it was safe. Aziz! Somewhere Zakia! And Hey, Do you want to teach them a solid squad? Single mother trees! What trees? This I darkie was ready. What? Trees? Data? The one page It s, you know America Star Sedition and I stopped Wanted Daddy! My trees is contained in the Saudi city. Quattrocchi was quadruple trees is that way. What a warps of a SOCOG! So what through my trees is the measure of the mind watermarked reason May Germany makes some circus sassy woman trees with toe with often America Because I sell a major differences. Idiot! Take use at least us. You know You Tzahi, use at least us your Butch Clackamas A friend Cake significa leases gentle. Bravo say the same for us. Least the song call assumes the orbit jet Two defendants with no woman trees Rick sunk was different, Like you know my hehe call a sound. Dima Treason Mayer Maddie. Missile for beige. Estimated the director gonna look a cure them Okay, through a couple more stuck in wa Mexican thing. Quadra mattress. Is it dangerous? I just Okay. Giesecke will say Report that there s followers body see, with most my Celica quad through trees in Major Matt Mason. So Korakia Zeki told us. Veloso's there directly on a squatter trees. So followed. Is there j so for medical Amatrice Kwesi. Commander Keith. Uh so in Kentucky, pre made dough that really is to see gold. A quote that colonise you too, Sarah. Homemade turkey at the sediment. So wanted daddy mattresses. He was a cake react net, so he 28. Lecture 27 Creating Arrays (part 2): you don't. Helen. Brandel Nala besotted folic. You want hair? Call a sound. The trees removed. That one. Hey, Grandma. Hey, Our party This awful. So Hey Yeah, they may So the symmetries liberal Lucky as I do wish medicine may so in some leas go Luna's Yeah, What money? Myself? I wanted that Demetrius Cables of agua Dani Shahi don't fascinate you The physical model Keedy Do you have the perfect possibly at the mayor? Tradesmen trees is what really is quite coolness. Do you want a disease? Tradesmen? Trees l A opera Mira I see Golder. We have this treasure Trees Day to do it can weigh the minimum PharmaKom Oafish consumers opposed. Stay still. Ah, it's safe only the But I appreciate then to the tradesmen trees take your karaki is elements this forces a tradesman trees The question really is equal to colonise Toronto Oliver Correa Tradesmen trees I can t Four months ago, looking for a miracle made k c falling to the bottom The the subject wa in Baltimore struck regime in summation number three Most traveled with me. Thank you, Fuzzy Dean Even the watchman social musical knowledge What a father do Vito wants Saudi missing something. What? Centerville in bridal bouquets. Always a equal fairy veto. And one week of the Miss Sound. My treated women songs? Yeah, Hes so regime Premera aliens has to go to call loners yet they say the f wanted I did. The math is given by God and a lot. Don't you stop, Marcello, Get song Grangemouth Torrisi Order quadruple What trademarked reason? Cool quadrille Easy quad calls What were formerly will still be day You will see Crea Ah Hayes A covert tortoises come been on Veteran says what? Celebra condo Tokyo trees Your possible about Reza Participatory C Hayes Some virus Matri's Prosek ria his season with tortoise Tom Make chemical factories the homeland primitive Ato , be numerous Phone seven Aguardiente Sequinned You haven't told noise What he said Be cold cocking longest Camila Pedro Most call academies and fanning with Kia Mark I'm rise it may I don't think that too America, we will talk with strings Hey! Ah hey! The good good musical Lucky Decima Trees Whose elements? If it noise So course was missing. Okay, decision trees is the trays lease e aquatic alone is present. Resist Barco Luna's quarterly business was a captain to sail here. Carroo geometry. So with six psyche, it's a haven t b. The one loss Kilby really built in those elements. The Wisma trees is Yes, sir. Sushma Threes. A listing. Did Adela Vettel you have to do is they say Becky, call a cab Akio. Each coin and sequence commenced. Vitto do is Camilla Ball paid remarks Money The positive What? Perfetto of each planet's equator either Push, fold Metodo Is Camila Powell being a sympathy and cynical time? You know little will commence little Jewish them no metal doors with human vertebra clock. I don't They know it's before the political. If you can ask, you don't get to do it with diversity Vestments Waterway turkey with trays in the people in Shandong and three squares retorted people Free Zeki, How many vertical accommodates Saudis? There's you call. Okay, Vanessa Pataki, take a look at this in a free moment. They saw these there by now. The elements quite some ways element The lie medical definition of itto you sell a medical definition of it'll do is you put it the ultimate told. Jackie. Tommy! Difficult. Happy Tina. Okay. Hey, 29. Lecture 28 Creating Arrays (part 3): okay? I don't know personally that terrible say so. Creating a cure? What about Lotus View? There is an he said to sink Wimp. It's a little bill. It's a Cuban toe. Do is create a patrol is acute decay Sin corriente centrifuge. He does NC trip with him Are inter president Since you quit, good do is, Cinquanta said of age. It does. Is it Brenda? You gotta get over trees for turkey, which required easy, even 23 Nothing strange with to reveal with toys, even trees just sob possible. Hey, there is restored. Do is even trees don't want but resist quest rebuttals. Quantum it so the sediment trees, faucet trays lease it. Three scholars I won't say my geometries. I think we'll see tradesmen, Trees, trademark trees. It's on my own. Trace portrays treasure. Mackris's the Tracey's interest Colonise. Don't what the matter is crazy. Is it racecar? Luna's Yes, batteries won't say it's strange for tourists. We could make figure key was exactly Yeah, thank you. It would they want Hey, here, call. It's on the tradesmen trees after emitting countries Esa Yes, even less serious. Some Christmas trees, hair collison, batteries gotta pay saber de that was Leah school korunas. They deserve a long cord maquina. But I did Ficano indexer its elements Lucky my suppository. Their a c the sufficient we so all norms You could test the pickle fuzzy. It was sufficient. We could always say plucky Zeki normalize aliens were, say, a port lanes, some signage nomis sick in my house the usual you to sit along with that came out of here. Put it a horrible names when say, it's strange norms that this story seems like, you know, able to name General Bokeria who is know Mr Ice Cool Luna's the local OCHA said and a columnist for the names. So I see gusto School, parliament a some guys to school more of the year it does to school transport sei pronto names, whether it's just regionals, guards quality that song that one of the year you got to school Fresh sport? No. Tomei carried a lomis a car The one that such batteries a team tradesmen, treason were Hey oclock! Akima freezes Name has ssab. Let's have minimum theories. 50 radio I say you muscle. I assume that the cinema trees the Pacific is your thing. Long does Linnaeus numb. That's called illness. You gotta tell nobody God, trees kill. Don't forget your face is in Rio trays with authority. Enormous There a port names safe port names along the school owners in March. Threes. 40 names also strays with tourists. Don't make a noise creams looking at one hair. Gore with the toys, even toe trays. Keefe, Oracle stress with tourist. If our Lord supposed to mean something People kidding, See Okolobo, Would Makiko physical trace batteries. Okay, Raise my treason. Wise trays nisi three skulls. Good. Raise more threes or the cattle. More trees. Views three Scoreless. Do you know what the key someone made with Terra Santa, British Chicago are promising clue uses norms was vertical Latakia Dean mso lanes The names kill Normally covered in a song I was a medical cakir commerce over a totally different was very coca least at least defensible borders with 13 Amish A portal names middle cause you're gonna be the nominee on the school Sea port leans vertical Next already literally secure off middle They told the normalised a Paris leans dumping mayor of a taco cervical cocking takes over the top prize Leanness from no Mia goslings. We'll see what of it always say. But I know me. I school owners. What they said Names can be educated Creo you deserve it to a key price in the east Rice a moment Ekadharma trees, they say three's This name is creo straight. Nel's Yeah, Gorda If what is a total hair key to the school model Vice Atia. My dad's that is racing. Why race much freezes. It raises three scholars trouble in quickly followed community supports getting called Qala to automate equal Dado s Islam Zeki, that XLII is goingto Escalona nomads. It'll make Ottawa this estrangement trees graphical That's what a so called people gotta keep. It s C if they Unisys charges. I wish to Turkey See her pace terminal Tradesmen trees, slow Christmas trees There is a limiting. Why security Kwatinetz on this? Ah hey. Anything praising Easy Three school loans e the settlement countries Tradesmen trees This is deep Disney's the schools decimal Ochiai names variable normalized Linnaeus e said names veil preschool ones that I made that so and so. Caracas Yet tomato cocky police Kogelo keep Miralem. Dazzling is the person. Number one is the personal dilemma. Trees is a key Katima Tristano me at your engineer favorite Eero, Ask for more threes. Yet the settlement is a massive about doing their key he keep on Simula was gosh is quality data sounded trespass. Sewage has made him a strange places Asia Nero if a very famous some fresh interviews Gosh would do my schooling. Mehta some freak want for the quiet IIs engineer gushed thes you won't quality made herself with presently eyes engineer Yes, input and get some Those guys toe limit a somewhat of the uterus party the toes individual eight academies There is a former that the most Rocky was supported. No mia that please come calls his eyes. 30. Lecture 29 Accessing Array Elements (Part 1): they push. It was sick. You want? Hey, seems like you bad. Well, said Recommend. Cynthia says, I told you this is for my soybeans if they gushed Kalamata somewhat at the gosh contract. Sporty the cada pesto. That's the mob Who's withdrawing? DeMaria. People trays, mazes, Cosecha teams, Janiro Radio in Mass. So many former size to get so as a practical to keep a seven Contra unsafe. Or is that bad? Yeah, I am your paygo technical fast political BRI, which gosh DeMaria of Asia so calm demands so that industries does. Oh, hey, you think treasure Misoi. So trays must resist the ardent transport trees. Italy processing that saddle Pharmanex Idol focusing into my creative visuals. Optometry. See Toys Kelowna Quatre President Plus Isabella Madama Trees myself out of Cyprus is a call . Akamas zoom parameter was what miss. So given Nick Acqua di Stray Stubble starts a fitting no major sauce because there's so much of the year course 100 actually mighty in about a year at the sit, Alina, they said earlier. Hopefully he thought it may so through the haze in sickness or order. Lena called Luna fitting Tolia a primarily myself Kumari Eternity several here. Do you say DeMaria? Alia trees also call a cock. Your dad. Does Lena trace you care of? Gosh, they LaCalamita sell more. The respond towards the school owners equals the system Village called Measures that I say fitting in with Brian May's thank you out there. Who got you the mighty year. I limit us somewhat. Adidas sport in the strange maze post these executive. Gosh, Muddy. If I see that several senior school, those with means sucrose esters Gosha, DeJuan Joey que national Joel and sticky about a year Usual. Gosh toe the The marks marks separate meddling in their affairs That marks it is gusty. Miles Ace, Strange maze Bruce trays for strays are in Element is somewhat really finished. Fourth go sick individual body The requested political wanna have What daddy matter what's called Lucy Stone with a pretty gosh Darn the funds sense again A key Kelowna Put a Premera Kelowna Kalamata Cakir Bello March 3 straight. So it's only fitting that the cinema critical mass. So Nero favorite you muscle race occasion therefore really mass because that was gushing the Mahdi. Yeah, but you cannot sit on the year so you can stretch me is Sobotka Lakha Lena America Trees, Guards! Quality has sunk up in medical owner. It does. Which maze ashamed, Cookie Secure. Gradually. Mario here hardly made a song. Captain Medical One never. So you stretch me is because I said somebody a quality meta. So I panicked. Based toys, I said You're familiar, Garcia Medea calling it a solar mysteries. Amos? Yes, it's gusty. Secretary. Gosh, visual that got a carry. Gosh visual. Don't tell me that somewhat. A de transport. Medical care. So do major mass on threes. No, major master for exec. What are the other sport committees on meter? So what are the sport? Success? A Gatineau major in a row. The occasion Nero, February Mask started Tasered him a song. I want Daddy my trees from a three to cinema three decision. But I thought his eyes oddity had made a sound body. There's 40 Sana Maisie. Jenny, I gotta catch Gosha D ma Who's Max Donna primarily by the character gushes daily. So cool Trish boarded their sport at this Sirica Luna Lucky premier element. That's so soon. What idea? To senator Sport. Gosh, the miles mark stand up in the middle ear 40 hole it does mean is you don't heck up to Linda Key. The film dives. Come here. Hey, Circle local. That was legal. Neither if people another doesn't see like does this Former soybeans, my sobral young care marks. But it was foremost in several young supper miles. He thought they got column. It is somewhat of the transport it missed. Regime is like a sub remarks. Cirque assemble, Daddy Marks pressure Sig Soetoro Cocky Radu is suspect because that's Marty year necessarily. 31. Lecture 30 Accessing Array Elements (part 2): very magical sister. Commendable. But the dad's your vegetable security. We started. Oh, David was a cap over rearview. Everybody everything. A Kelowna, the survey places emphasising, Oh, circuits I cigars to call emit a song that's going to make that happen. Everybody have in understand the miracle lunar say a Holocaust. Does David discard batter DeLeon over there? Not those injuries, I said. What did you say? So yeah, Pacific DioGuardi wall emit a song you know, yet acidity Minnesota bearable clock Another okay is to be fit in the hours. Gash quality. The so called Jewish mazes was that this was gosh calling it a so crazy Regis. Frustration is, it's amazing and gosh Co. LTD. It's praising the Venus Mr Ridgeway's success, Augusta Cool Badia casting Very are relished on a single the Kelowna Come out of the year. Mistresses. DVD's are stretched MEES at this Anybody argue a country sport, it's not cynical. Owner don't save year Crazy Key said You gosh, finish board. Your strange maze demonstrates Levi's. Yeah, but I think you prosecute a for example, it's in darkness. Raise a key phrase at this Ciriaco Luna congressional dashboard. It's a cougar school dress sporty. The strange thing is that suitcase, a cigar school dress, sporty, strange mazes saw Dupri, Mary De Vito, Saudi marks about lucky because I saw Di Maria at the sailor, the Conference Board So the mighty circles as the girls countries. 40 DeMaria here the premier hockey 40 at the state of archival Saudi money. You get to sit Alina in a Premera trees here, General, because that's oh, gosh toe the my scepter element a song. Get medical, Lorna, The serum age your muscles You say you're rusty. Marks the settlement. Yes, he put it out. It'll be a positive, cocky saw. Mais door. It's on May 15 here, so those guys to sauna made affinity. Some amazing my muscle. It's on a major engineer. Illegal started. Unlucky day Saturday Me. So I understand the definition Here. Put up a crowd Ashtrays, math resistant definition Valenciana Primary engineer. Little fuzz unhappiness in Paris Iguodala trees Favorite area to Syria. Mass take you Seattle Premera. My three says you name a single familiar that they said a mass political and come necessarily missile because Esther Gosha, the master So the Moscow's Ma Tsu Ma Syria trees Saadi Mahdi Year Lisicki. So DeMaria gotta settle in here. Who's gushed? Thief Avery saw these. Whoa! Yes, I'm pretty. And see if I spend my time was Gosh, is the Janiro school board. Get acidic. Alona saw the Marcos. Fucking don't always will support the value. Rondo sees surgery May sources. She's absolutely. Is it about $3 billion? But she's there are incidents. Takes a big, tough as a trickle. City had over this voter. Give enough damage, OK? 32. Lecture 31 Modifying Array Elements: Yeah, I got a couple messages. Sabi Hey, for that is the foremost hey, support the more difficult for most of the issues, we'll see what Sick oligarchy dogs Another maximized making some cash. The market Billy's Sookie's El Tera. So what's wrong, Lord, is that you know, strange part since age Said to ignore so I can look back you more people Lodish I ve got no Lisicky moving vehicle Originals civil citizens so much but its usual Who cares? Gosh, 30 miles No Major Genero I will diss acute marks a major near Volterra with Calumet also daily for 80 sequence. Gosh, talk about are the fully Do you think it responds? Daily credit Drinker The mark was ma Who's Johnny and 1/4 sequitur. The mark was engineered Markos Geneti difficult sequitur that can come in tow Coffees. It follows up nearly but trees the trees more trees Occasion carefully remastered. Don't tell me that prenatal Matt Least Otero was followed. Is the mass like nearly saw numbering mirror, please. She has you keep seven straight school. I don't think you got $3 knows because that's what that I saw guys to quality. It s so daily producing Ito. Gosh column. It also dome a ski mask, a water keep Ramadi Garst element a sodomite Ian. Amazing muscle air quality since equipped. And come or suck, you major mascot. The cinema trees they said Alina Marty year, local noona since Sequent Augusto column It also sits sequence No major mass. What if that's because of information? Masal Mahdi, They're still does age were at a seance. Equated. You ever support the oath around sick is a out there on my freezing data so much? I was about making these airs. Cordesman stylish There is Use this Hormel's Okay, key. Anybody. Okay, Uh, this is followed by a speech. People there didn't get physician. Okay, I shall call ck deck size, but she got so I sure if as much custom they singing. Your mom said something supportive People assemble. Oh, gosh. The Marko's nationally Miles you care? No, Major Miss does it. Which means does a fresh I guess it was a tree. You're still strange. Batteries don't. So epigrammatic, though is a modest race here. February Must you must music. You've got more of the year. Okay, Some of the the support. So mazes so This is very obvious. Somewhat of the sport. Sort of the same Bronco particles. Oh, gosh. We missed the favorite. A mask. Really remastered. So does that mean is depressed? Everybody out. 33. Lecture 32 Operations with Arrays (part 1): you got a bit more sucking facil. Better switch one, he's but it's so much present. Did a major. This is for Muslims. So Helen Blunder will see nothing. Book did that some other gods think Trace trees. Hey, praise my please G. Scott sake a gash. The ma who's drawn with my three year. He trains Misery steeds straight. My trees, yes, but every so I limit a song more of the A three sport you got our lady close to tie for. Mostly for the pesky's. Understand golfers. They are better. Samantha Mathis Sanity made. Coppola made a present, Soma gushed. May sow and made you the cotton bales. Cotton gusto. Limit a santo How I usually put up testing So first come. Usually put this time president for Chicago. Cocky dogs. We will the most. Er's gosh saw volume a mouse. I cancel those Garcetti miles ahead. Some toes. God's the limit. A somewhat Adidas partner, Roger never very muscle. Saw the Marco scalp. Romero Defeat key cabinet. Alina. Possibly there. KQ Pascoe Colas Soma. Let's rush. Don't go. Gosh talked out the miles. Taking max gusto in tow. This video engineer a Maso Quale emit a somewhat Adidas Sports Cocoas TV. The daily president enjoyed it. They participated Genero Muscle in Augusta quality. That's Soemadi Dress Party. Usually around. Talk down to the Spirit Gosh to topped out daily for the presence into it. Separates. Obey Chromosome Attridge Your Possibly Zaky. How much threes? So my city mouse Michael's el Gusto is secure. It's on National Day. The prosthesis Ito Soma, Mihos Most of us grapple middle you d miles in the middle of the market. Guys column it us on the illustration is middle. You do that's calling it a sound strange Meza posted on Major these major gosh kilometer song. Really Garcia Mejia quite into strategizing 32 recent I was limited. So So I made a mid Sona Pro Amazingly Gastein Ladies. Toronto made a strange Mrs made a mis So you guys regarding the trays we go straight through straight going amid a song All May. She made a mistake. Sutro, Qalqiliya McCallion doj's it Don't Gosha Commodity Strange knees A little. What are the in stream is gusted commodity you guys to major one of the year. Eddie Quaranta, Muslim means poor, Amazing Augusta. Quite anti eyes commodity. Sukalo. Cocky trays and dunk Major because it made it look like a so marco strays. You're you will do you the civilian Kilgore Spooky Cerulean Gascon transport complex for nailing those room is the past Calculon Soma logically gasto looked up. How motor sport are still sitting there has gusto. How Alameda, so sent to treat the cortical Gerston talked. How more of the city range Same arkels. The most support extra marked. Resist Dillehay people destroy a SS for pleases. You could myself as your better Such formality opinion too. So there s a party dress on. I especially is a sweet partisan. He told the student in reports that was right on the surged out. But they had basic port creation face occasion destroy you. No more trees, Ducky. Dizzy! Hey, no, isn't working City Expedia? You told us a hey for most of the middle, you get the markets like it does for Muslims. Remarks the big, easy attributes. So follow this drama Trish. Yes, I'm attrition. My misses the mark. I was fuzzy. A pet sematary must obey care. I see. It's like in my Saudi marks. If they're Suma Garcetti Miles, go ahead that there are some of these guys is wrong. I can't because there are no elevator. Somewhat of the dish for two straight and made a somewhat auditors for you guys. Toe DeMaria request rates saying Major near Feburary Massa Soma talked about a national daily stick A separate meeting dash to the Mary defeated toe. This paid you do when straight sided element is somewhat Auditor spot. Gosh, no sequel DVD You guys did this stain come out here Total pay you much. Three schools on somebody. Intersport Basically a Shinto fazenda HIPPA killers is McAda Lee and this diet applicant us Soma track coddling. Is this a full so moody part of that? You know a careful supply. It's also apply. Elop Lika, What is it for? Soma it Tauruses really Geometries geometries Body Cocula made a practice Eyes leaves on the trees But there is a so called geometries applique on the Jupiter Around my squad rather possession Use person Take Sica Imaginative s a key sequence Alleys. It s acquainted if it's a couple Osama Procardia Justin quaint Levi's supply finds to do Is Kekana policies leprosy city Premera Homemade swords dodge talking about I'm your plan. Nearly detargeting were Hey, we'll see what the homemade any bad? It was like a fuzzy applicants. So that stuff for more on this I want so much imataca there's a full sun and I made it a some significant first supplicants. So it tells us Coolness Mr Oka say are very fish. A parent is a common data everything. They was a cake fast, Appalling It don't put us in Procure Torre's aliens Akina stood Africa's press amatrice in the replica I'm your foot So that Celia careful. So necessarily, eso mackey get over. Yes. Oh, my key over Lewis, a marquee city of assuming a little easier for the New York was a particularly dois spoke alone A replica so mucky has so monkey and following us So much party made a percentage, but rather Oh, careful. So the whole you're careful SoCo curricula played for so so Mommy. So for some someone of a supplicant tells us do. Hey, Dodge. Okay. Sake have included Coppelia soma the totals. Gosh, Celia, Chris Milia give you the president. Mark usually don't strange Circle locker so much. Dad ish those gases primitive. It came out of those guys today in some of the present Enjoyed Well, lucky for supplies, Jacko. Lower people See as some of those that don't do it. Because that is, This won't for more sensual. So mothers do beautiful place. You're descended from a for the trace cock was killed Faria Complacent musical month His nutrition is you muscle Go to my city My low prices up in the form of my seed savers exquisite from 34. Lecture 33 Operations with Arrays (part 2): because of Paris noise is a haze You must take your for supply like Oh, don't really is common core loans. My measure full sounds like applicant for some major populism. So high squad rather our total size leans geometries. What is this called? Luna Sematary also applied off. I seems to me to help the mail because I mean other than me more be happy Lost daddy couple Della Be happy process some middle tohave much faster was a trauma lack Steep parabolic only watched the market fast Little processor made the so mike anymore The sim a key The middle former Corporal Peggy was Dodgers Are that zozulia? So she asked us community sounds Gosh, DeMarco's helping defeat for the typical made this draft Congressional major What The key Major Ma Who's Gosha The following night The total is receding elements Ahmadiyah This party generic really mass from custom made a delay Sicky gusto Major, the signal really made was fully DVD cares Juan Garcia may do DeMaria Nobody really significant is beautiful song play You guys that someone Look I made you Yeah, sickest r I has made Is that the gosh recorded a video? Uh, the reform A composite They was all dads It is in Arlena a positive, dizzy local Luna Umesaki It was a gas to stop ties into the maze. David Walker Mark a positive. 1000 video about a new meanwhile Yankee specific animal Masekela Coca Cola Una I will not do is sit down. Thank you. Why? And what are the Goshko body? Gasque? Ahmadiyah The strange me is But those interviews Lucky Gosh Kumara, The result of Strange maze Frustrated if it's a supposed to take Augusto Major the Madia be a lot of you. It's so just imagine what idea? Oh gusto made you the element. A sunken premier who goes to Majal The transport your threes. It's like it does in Okay battles You see who? The homemade The golden color condo is Goshko! Madia! It's like you guys Come on! A deity Candy video Economies President Martz Pashto Vink Engineer Castro Sequent If if you guys are secret for me in Mass Maria put a simplistic visit. Three The motive existed. Strange me? Is that there? A major? This is gosh Vellis. Strange me is so gosh two major cool! What at the year called the mother of the year. Do you want that? I keep, recalled Tracy Tendo. I made It is gone and what they get that through this I kick off a supply apply saying the key, my jpeg, Apulia and possibly putting the veto girls obey. Luna kept very argue. That's a be applicable. Magic e a psychological need. Some replica made in a community. Borrow the biblical made a cold winter sport. Well, darkie dealing a practical Luna, you become made it to the schools every day. Gosh two Major Chedadi goes to make Parliament a sound water. The you guys Medical transport for some play his only buy stuff started Supported color Kokko Careful sake. Yes, Also replica towards the school Loomis old lenience so much that 35. Lecture 34 Operations with Arrays (part 3): you gotta Carrico party, um would go see Amazon uses a fulsome apply music. Asuka Latakia Does Europe Lika assume a poor example? What is this coolness? Naked, lucky, say dies. There's significant colors. But this year that's about their Soma Bora. Gosh talked out the toast in David's column. It a sound Gosh, those DVD's Who wanted the guards. Ditto Zerivitz. Country supports mysteries, Pedals Seaport Kazuki is a as a soma so really so you look like you, the so called Rocky dribble sinking Significant is Russell local local. That's difficult. Started to community if it came Marco's Lyketsos gash to the models Go Alameda Samadi Transport visionary at the Mass apply Abella The key It was a cuchara public a soma bullying, for example. It gave a further four supply alibi. Soma s early. So my selling you So my selling replicas stuff also soma at todas eyes lingers Orchestra don't gradually Marco school Ali made a sound Gosh, to talk down and picking up so much strange me is really stole The strange Maze International 73 dies. Mr. Jim is who wanted the International City range equal transport stating with certainty with cities acute the begging a careful supply. The applicant for So Soma, he told his Eisley's apply Allegis again. Toe replica Soma. He told his ice Linnaeus, because so my also critical a particular replicable position is Yeah, yeah, those countries, because they're selling that song because a major meals I made it strange means no, he made it straight. Amazingly, gosh, when it they will definitely doesn't figure you Suki Major Maisch Secure made a mis sound big, and I made it the strange means to pay so much negativity. Black want to Daddy. Don't ignore Made a missed So the ball may easily guys a call emitter. Sony's one of the Scottish parties. Tropicana Media at Total size. Llinas three. Where's all year? Because Escalona Cocoa Austin made a daily Asia NATO estimated in engineer comic obituaries at the time made a difficult you Nicky Genetic material made Escalona here. There's still there's possibly a made in Canada mish invasion. The month they you work in the zebra, bigger Saudi miles Pakistan. I made the Dejan near Gush daily for 23 Attridge. I made it infinitely for years. I really must for you in the CIA, that still remains the area. It was their industries. Irish. Let me my former Citgo, who will support the retro Cocula dois Expedia, battles the sequel. Enemy side, though, is a signal it in a song so you can t miss Saudi. That's ability may sound so I leave a security missile. Such coolness I called on that door is a more at the end of the first to see him. The pagan So Madia Strange Miz one of the end stretch mazes specific acquired earlier ago are strangely in studies. Living's Pakistan Ghosh to boost Raise me. Is this OK? So everybody made so nobody specific Odd I would, but I'm a sergeant folly l a dish Go away. I'm a treatment The tradesmen trees Disa He never did mass commonly specific A koya who may square unwanted strays in Peixoto histories. January February muscle saw the border The cold Nadeau is Yeah, because there and those DVD's comin toe space difficult. No. May Soderling push specific until they're bigger Frustrations Prospect I s o b, we're so make anymore. At the start tomorrow, the Cougars made Ahmadi remarks. Gasto made it in one of the year. Bly, I guess somewhat. Idea Medical it faster. Pulling impossibly pouring the video. Gosh, Major Leah body. The video quite made a decision. A lord ish choir medicine. My lord is screaming. This follows round topic number. I made it. This follows a key press DVD. A medicine followed this DVD. You made this in a little. They seem to live it Republican. Awful. So Mia So mating totals Eyes Llinas. I won't. They accuse a plan of their apply Don't what they got so made it in one of the year. But, um I to us to me so. Major Major marks Gosta, come out of the year. Quite it iis in Major Jong Master Kumara Dear Cindy Mays. You gotta medical monitor the DeMaria put maze. That is it made it to strange means The will made a Misao gosh to made me south. Okay, Support the Atocha kingdom. Oradea Court escorted has made a cool transport made Miss South Sport. You can't even silky poses, Mrs. Well, speak up with as a procure. Save you so school Mace. This is a homemade Get the 70 Misaki a school. Amazing Capri made up trees. Lucky star people! Did you travel like my local supply Google last summer, please. So, Soma, total size leads. Don't think. Look, I see me looking If I paga Suma Assulin you soma s Alina Soma a selling you musical prodigy user for some soma. So McCardle and a cemetery Caprica so murky Africa would come on the marquee. It was like assuming that so Indios are ankle monitor Catalunya myself also apply no allies only Preferable sale applicable. Okay, so or to his eyes genius. Gosh, Stop Saudi miles. Usually you cool strays Irish So monasteries, Irish Marx Gusto Engineers say eyes. So mothers resided. I limit us somewhat of the transport You Augusto What city they sink engineer become a case Doesn't pay a favorite. Wonderful to see you being muscle You know this is a secure See? It's stop licking off So soma toeses leans Is Kiki's radar so strange though? Gosh, talk about DeMarco's may Johnny It'll my strange voices The contaminated somewhere the either sport Some industries remain Janeiro marks Pashto saying eyes Maria Mitchell Cuisine Maestri's itis So modest resides Which brashness resulted No major Janiero. My idea. Gusto. Watson strategize. Ziggy's s a b ciccolo QA qc Um so national. He told Mr inside it, My son. A major mass. So but deviations from a polling in summer there. Okay, it will their soma gotta call nowadays. So my Sokolova dokey gashed on limiter. So no Maisie mass ghost talkto kilometers on major mass. Freeze. Garcia Toto home or the in major mass is a key quotes in the eyes. That should talk about Congress Party. Could you thought there was some under stress deviance? I start off with this party. Amazed the mass for the dead guy's support. Sick I test analysis. Think Vest commutes about singing but so my local boys Flicka. 36. Lecture 35 Creation of Factors: the process. Mortgage ethical categories up will say some which Fattal's so that's moot. Important Second way. Okay, Frequently made was a case so that more Varia wanted that diva both fun toe is with Eisenberg Prophecy my genitals against To that Which basis was in the Venus? Both sex. Oh paises Hey startled Seaview What is it? No mate City interested in Calabria Softened differences off mood dances their quote going Body of the group Amit Directing Finance A new players No, it's OK So terrible Aqazadeh part of OCR its parts of Africa The other stress on schedule Diapers implied Daddy The those groups twist Dad's hander Decanted defeat ahead The highs for Trace deepens the group Tracy Dodgeball that was guessing plucky And Ramallah, America for groups Magic was identified every American So studio was sick of a parallel opposing groups The first Zablocki present players This isn't if he's so it's not Seaview It don't know Ceh proces a from Aleppo Fat Tories backing away fatto informer the way they want. Whatever got that Gordon care But I've got to go to cookie starts, view their sovereignty and day care. But I restarted Seaview and whatever category. A civil center for Molla. A photo will say, though Norms will say, Constable, Rise of arrival. Facto. But as a rematch, Nicky was sitting Wamba's Dedaj. You start Seaview What? Like you guessed C v Z David's some premier Caza. We'll see school as something look, they say. Where you see odd Watteau Kazadi Keep medical talkalakh Condemnation A formal semi Who school Kazadi would cause at the meeting. See, Milos, I mean for Michael took advantage. Major categories cycle like a secure cause. Saddle vejic because I have to say Tommy News Elevating the consent Wharton Evil was because there's your case vision once a porky goodness is in, if it's lucky. Oh, true. So tail to the bay. But Skakel techies Seaview, Elke Celestina don't come through April Huddling Bash! I don't see Fiocchi, and nobody ever could get a boy do interviews, but I'm a Lucozade sequel. So there to sell it. We'll see Odd aquatic Azadeh. Sympathy in ways you cannot say gone. What does A long book does not let ordinary individual teams in the comical fast print their way. Second facto, you call a defector ist C. V. Fulham, devotee of Akhalkalaki such categories. Like Asia, right? Threat for my slow photo. Okay, so I'm saying the own price is photo by CIA. I don't. I got in thinking they're okay. And photo Qasar Divorce yada Oprah is so their souls Nevis, this photo, in fact, the war years leaders defacto So the best photo sex or genera? I said he Okay? Facto orders. Never. It is fructose area, Marcelino offending you. But if a school Eldad Sadia filament How Spio! What did wad say? Some leverage. This photo they say back equally followed with leave is not the habit. So will be a bit. So my psyche keeps so silly. Village primitive with Casado significance. Okay, that's it. Very tricky was leaving this photo. Jessica's Kofi's aqui in difficulties live is always in my heart. They finished, um, other quarter into possible terror Are the positive city in tow? If you need in order sensitive, you fossil day Finicky are the levels Questions level squat, social even believe I see so fatal I would never say Gonzaga You They settle needle, I say the Seattle I think Wapping Oh, do lease. Do nt Ask Ok, but I got to see musical thing. Maria Delgado. I That reboot was corrected. Each faith was interviewed. Resorting defeats Hamasexiled Seaview It was from a safari ago. You facto keep on the physics spell it made available to reform in a photo which David This photo Novia know the dickwad price of our Iago? I had been dedicada very off the Pacific Air Jordon Wes Because ah, the beautiful sea are well the more drama de Mello. Price of area Don't local Okeke Dental Do Coman NATO Jefferson Facto bicycle locker levels . Like you said, I feel quite so is leaving this photo Curricula Evil Lucija So they're the pursuit of them Cars are the portable C ideal in lieu Volterra Missing defeat, isn't it? So how may I can leave? We live out there on Luzhny V's This fatto now all they need is like your stereo. All the doors in the U. S. Difficult cars also played well. Mission because you can know about there are sick. You feel there are they? Just leave it. Don't usually visit the 70 s Well, though that's anemia or than kooky idea. LaGrassa Premier being sold Their the push Kazadi will see are the old s article care. Okay, don't. Was it for the er facto atrophy age Don't have a categorical for Manuel and photo made. That's a fulsome factor. Effective? Yeah, he was a part of all Known that for news. Near it is photo was sick. Is anyone over there? Is that that was simple affair Extension s on e decision. Even if you don't see the feeders needed this photo multiform which simply basically on photo a travail, a full stone jelly and so forth. So jll abed. And so maintain my moment k I wanted that even his football. So then So they're Kazadi you older so quite religious What was actually in the key with star do Seaview proposal might start Seaview has said local local jail Quattrone vis etc So there has Abdul WASI are older Bukaka hip it so in Chelsea with a homemade Joseph Iacocca What? That division was sick A hippity card An evil Godwin's raises But I can't believe you elevate a pity those individuals So they're boys and DVD's Kazadi Toys DVD's It was the advice it boys and he reads the open University Boys and David Socha Locust trees a key card holders needed you happy to trade raises Vaginal with avocado is presently picnic My see ya gotta Whose LA bills letters Well second soldier Enormously cotton evil It was that Understand? Seaview What Ranieri since for took thing quite relievers it got down Disney Vish This is a don't know me but metronomic a Hoda was this hotel But you see cutting You see goodness because they said we'll see evil Seattle accused the local Now are they destroyed 20% 80 or more steak amount that I saw the cause was healthy And if you need a wallet and cell mate I was if I spare are killed they were wanting to kill ya Chamallow it's for second quarter cartel awarded frequency Now was a part out that I saw already the most hated person tell you accuse you took local I would go care your Loki for fish Aces said that Katrina for official back Usually my keep you killed the way they has no face She water parentis This is official Bryant is lucky to see you would parents the full song Jelly work official Pasquale Akaki Start Seaview Give it time before toe impresses Aidan 50% video quickly over 20. So no presses it. Replicate data meeting for Sanjay Lee Kalakaua. What? Relievers? Pressphoto helmet and think Cooper Nevis. Ghada Never. But there's a huge, enormous a Premier Li overseas. So they're working. We'll say good and evil. This photo Jessica's are lucky star The certainty of a sedative Asado you quite a lever, say, oh, through the Quantrill Nevis garden. Evil things So problem Tony Vertical OK, do worship. It's orange pekoe Correa. Similar boy to Deviers, an adulterous Cuadrado. TV's does so tears, but they do is they petered with this cavern, even though so tears those cars are those old ok dot com. Possessing for my son was just Sabac whom wear healing thing or whatever. Category one for ever cut. I gotta put a simple It's not Seaview, The Vertical Adadi group in a group Wag Kobe group. Say That's everybody. Arvis cut the Gold Coast 20 and he's like, you know, a room for two or more Separate season. Did Sica Akinwale Calabar, Diario de facto. I gotta say parties to die over. The original medics put a simple hander, Tracy Dodge City. I was suppose to the hand up, traced empathy person ized your fatto profits song if you support so dark Okay, whatever America go facto born the vision that I'm not fatto 37. Lecture 36 Creating Lists: Yegorov. I'm Shagan or back with my eyes that Assad give him. Certainly Turkey. My son s a g got the past so important for the entire. But for my sake, car sales Disobey who's old subjects? Abakanowicz Does that become a trees? Saberi's Commons buyers cause you're a free press. Is it impossible to do it? So at the sugar a moment, the aid of a tale moment So paleo and with those other friends Okay, all is some complexity Dodds says least us so l a mate's importance. Portela Jota, you want a corporate jet? He at least on a low budget movie tone beige The woman trees on my leased the mayor or budget my silky At least a a corrected is compensable Della kill Aguada. McCall s song wanted that the l a maid's difference. The or beige two defendants I was supporting brown poco Delahaye. One hair. Okay. You want they trademarked? Rezek wise squat much zig Watch what hair call s So the l a Mexican wife. More medals and call it sound the all Bichette's Likewise good article objecting wise, significant kill Major Duvall Oh, he told us this is a big still made more. So how many days strays towards a local measure? My paper. Example. The tradesmen. Trees dimensional Already trades needs that race Car loans. What drove it towards the major? Complimented it. Don't Superman have a toy gun? Toters has Soviet towards the wa Hey, any Aguada objects equalize Aquino? Not least a positive Vitto Mahay Numeral Mama Trees you major objective measure Released This guy's implicate level C model east l A clear Alistair listing. Yeah, you Pasquale. Car points objects. Okay, The Pasquale aka keeping his influence. You gotta be jet this ELISA port Say enormous. Joel Michael's Marty. You would see what they said or be shared this Elista. But so much trees made me so. Deserters What really is a singleness? Yes. Ebullient reports say Watson Song, but hasn't been saying I could see a major cool mate in Pakistan. A key one least. Lumet, your middle jet single No big toe coolness with the syrup and one more trees. You quite a budget. So mean Coppola made vegetable Easter? They're corrosive Ankle Geronimo to help. OK, so if for my sewage defending diversity if he's not always employees Grafica Bay MySQL are make support Cory Analista Ever support a Kelly measure? My sympathies in Islam? A. He pushed. So don't go crazy. David's look realize it does this, nephews. Question is Dodge deals was icky. Premier. The three dance signaling Think whatever you the sale thing. Sequent Sink wants the three Dads. Apostle crea General deals. Premier, I see my school in masculine. You can see with the Fabian. You que press significant book, Mayes. General Prosecutor remain. Does General. This is God's. You got them. Why? The Lausanne Angel is well, Sekula the wrong grease you this zero Eddie sample trays with tourists. I got a pasta bake area. I can apply ability Garza days. We'll meet a sounder, sporty Mahdi and Michael factories. The name of the haze it may contain. What he let's go Lock key Mommy daily. Any names? Quite some numbers. Deals? What is a premier? Um, Marcus, They said a money here. Could you call the king? Sex and I must clean mostly feminine I border. Who could er was gosh really cool? I side dish, but same guy, same names might say. Say names are nagato don. Hey, names or support your culture norms. This vato wasn't against Vitor Invincible. Normally, if I say the name is poking behave oclock up moving years about a You don't get over the original such ghoulish But they see it. Okocha, keep mirror. Gosh say gosh toe Ali Mental Well singled. Oh, gosh! I say, gosh toe, what idea you deserve brash toe. I see. Gosh thrown sport. Okay, I got a version that does the same for muscle Jackie. The a names. So there's no Mrs Gashes. They Ellison normative. Gosh, someone very, very obvious. Wasn't I? Snore? Hey, if you stop Bigmouth, say, gosh, discussion us who want Hey! Ah, here, call. It's on the trade part. Single projects remain people a coworker. Keep trademarked Reeses Ray geometries names. Yeah. Hey, this Iraq amid want daddy, You're busy. It's pushing tradesmen trees or the condom. Agrees with tracing easy threshold English. Okay, Trees Alamitos Strange lease. Crazy DVD. Don't Treasury Harvest moose A strict communists, tradesmen, trees, school trays, Llinas e three school illness. It was sick. Econometrics day, sir. Well said numerous. Do you want that? But the piccolo carve it towards lack of official area. Hey, my supper. A simple shikaki will issue a collage. Mattresses and frustration, please. We're here. We should The numerous Duma village, The names labor playing Hey, Locarno Mia Coddle and Manto Adobe Jet Hey, you are here. Call it the sheds measure deep tradesmen trees that economia a porcelain No obligatory miss a post Tomioka don't want extra batteries You let know me a kind of a desperate man Trees possibly is aching Sonia's knees get so much coolness Yet so far they call can be names ago at least. Yeah parents Kahlo kick missing Grizzlies Yes, these will say is that I made this non secure marks John marrying Tom Colicchio Comp Romero May toe released Any names Really cold Like ice is normalizing its signal argument Turkey was particular cows Normal school room se names But if you need like you want a heavy is only a Hey, you cerebral made But I'll be names don't know me Do is appreciates that they trays objects dimensional people Tradesmen, trees, card objects But there's a problem My PSA Bill More media This is going see Save it, Edell the muscle if you redeem us. Okay? Brought you Cokie numerous. Do you want David Presage gosh! Tradesmen trees! Praising his threats, colonise cattle. He every said along doing the video finicky. Michael Jordan. That's very Arvis, Skolnick said. If you need a storm, may saying Gosh column, it is somebody to respond. He cannot want us geometries. Tennessee A tradesman Trees don't want extra batteries who disobey? No, Mr Farage Commission A defibrillator months. You got O clock? A key gusts, probie, I think most has that this student Come article Physical Gosh, Don't want he please. Hey, Well, today's went threes. Divisional Hermine. There is objects Innate Kyohei Grodd the trees, objects, dates, great trees Beyond interest Portrays as Leon's is atomic committee. They figured your school must obey. Bill isn't don't back he what a Can I ask you don't Treasury tourists Posters on what to do is known least a core callous tone Missed Mr Has said At least intestinal Eastern Camp Mirage demure least but say Dad's, that's time I was gloomy news being useful. So it bodice dad's. That's kill soon. Adobe said this is gonna come no matter key. Quaranta in love Moscow lockout to settle. Well, school. Um, General, it's like it's quite an uncle. Okay, key. Soft core cardio apostate happening. Costinha located a more securely support circle. A sort of fires l image definitive are subject defendants. The local Akaki least recognized, Arrested local cocky it dad's general for what? He broke a loco Mere hay que gusts Baseball day gasps I got a thing. My least a co tin trays with tourists. You want a I don't wanna Liston. Hello, Cocky A list list. You open Merrill and made a mural Easter. A little possible element analysts call Signal beige Ademir. Least veto Jenner's Well, this it'll be shed the Middle East. I see Goddess Well, what will be shared? The Middle East? Gosh, the card. And if you took a problem with Chris Davies, please read signs that sales of sex is I see Doesn't any moral you want. Appreciate this Alistair will say Well, gosh, this skylights distance in the feeders. I'll meet somebody. Get this party It also. What? Allow me to soil Emma. Hey, don't bottle. I made the least er by someone. Hey, it was a chemical hating trace, but trees is definitely Hickam's and trees mountains treasure trees, soul cuatto, beige, the soul Easter No hair capital man Merely city quadra beige stress free mayor assaulted towards my zona would object. Wa Hey, photo that released him. Gosh Identity soon gashed Sometimes it's frustration Please, Akif in eyes near Feburary pass back. You must getting veto. Melo City Treasury stories. You want a day to do more local Easter now in command, Percival Pharisees Always a trouble would be released. I want a simple say them aloud. That much of this song was a horrific yesil ista. I gotta pay Civic! You gonna call local ISTEA? You go. Look, here's all the sheds like you then in other minds l a victorious ELISA questions appreciates myself, Novak Local No, me The cattle. Oh, Premier Abierto! Say, Cokie lucky retards almost like you. Which one Lords d dies? My local local Normie Dodds. No signal in difficult helmet. General cocoa, Masculine Muslim family members. A local local normal, you know, Maybe Ain't that a sound physical attack? You know me. The card objected in the soul. Easter make surf. Aziz, I think. Gosh, is there so little? Thomas Lowe was in there. A few very man's minute is okay. It's acquired toe. A vision name is the gain list. You? Yes, Um, your discussion que my siqing. Premera beige. So I said I just nobody Dad's signal. Bridget, some sex with changers, you to settle budget. So I see. Dots, you quite so. Josh, don't Premera budget season. That's she will not see genus there. They said we'll say I see about this. You want Toby Genital seems Gosh, this last skill possible. So cocky. Yeah, Strug's it is. He has Okay, I got a couple. Okay. Names Premier Li Stalin tribe. We know Mr Proposal for a vehicle muscly sista. My single canister with a went I can set up a national winter My own little declined people , um is a meal. I don't think a comb or exactly archeo it that star injectable Normal price Open Europe, Asia in the security dance Sequel objectives Cara General Little difference. Africa, like, you know, circuits in difficult terrain. Taqwa in sync with a single CKX difficulties. The question Fish Fish. Okay, okay. Sophistry Seki Born Normie second See, buds Don't go to school. My medicine. What? You know the gods? I said three differences with the CEO General Siddharth, this gosh to start in gushing eyes blinded Ficarrotta! Gordon, come in. What? The racy Garces Here I come. I see people pass. Oh, gosh. Billy's policed. I see. Issuing belong to the personal use My CIA call is so this element difference to trace with thought his way. Okay, uh 38. Lecture 37 Accessing List Information: that's all of what is in a coma. Society for Muslims. Alice. It was secure, so difficult that I made some of the stones elements. Wants assesses elements created primarily made the salad can see Google questions warlords This element that was rapidly to do its work. Border. What's nice to the Jewish former defendants? It is solely brewing trouble saying he was the basis of their only son and pork really sticky. No, Ontario is incomplete as well. So high capital like you cream a list of some of the least you you're looking trace elements of primitive. I made this a list with Daddy's Trace Valerie's Google I Made the Salish talk Bombay Chamot Sedat Treasure Lorde's song Normally sadar dish you settle a middle Wa hey, Entrees mattresses to settle a Middle Eastern one Hey, he s a hating arrangement Reeses Janiro Urinary Mass Cemeteries Song Gosh to score Limit A Somalia Eater Sported trays Davies Ito I permit a former divorce assessors element is Alicia at travail? Negotiate simplistic. A local nominal Easter bullshit Symbols. Artificial course sheets trays eliminates Nestle Easter does Premier Song towards They said , Well, hey, ain't downtown crazy. This is reported below Cocky so Scala. Scala consume almost Oprah. Merrill admits this a least kill. Veto it. God's not them with that, if you could i d a scientific guys, we'll see. Good. Well, I met this. At least a possible cocky Akashi chips Do is over to see Daddy you to settle. Amid this Elista, a Haitian model dashed that the base able give me fast service oclock Are we in second and Tokelo kind See, quadruped Honolulu came analista. That's alright, The winds itri's My name is least so where they they said I mean something Raisel A means don't ain't squat The mayor for working on things is seeing Sage don't come with seven in 10 days. Marciano formerly will see I exercise for most of the least. And it Ficker. Normie this appreciate it out in the salads. It's a part of a cure. Gosh, Nesirky normal. They they said, Do you do Do single Chamot seafront single do deal later Saw one o'clock, Akio. Least you nothing See from it Bobs seafront. See Daddy see from God it God's extra primitive Medicaid dads see that the lucky tinkle Okada measure for Malcolm Teyla exceed added on Singler, you said, um, I wish Cholula not least don't take a look at that. I mean, journalist Gosh, Jim, I was cool, Okay? It's almost about there, says as a former soldier. Do at least after a vase. Look what she'd seedless after a very juicy throw You come May Zanussi from was a bodice Bontempo president. You got this, But the strange colors did I? It's a possible attack here. Go Shit! My dad's Texan difficult is kelp Romero Ellen made toe did that. This star you start now Okazaki, Cyril aumento the Dodds kissed are not least to settlement. The dads at this everybody that year sequence. Yeah, those are kept the citizen. But is it possible? Cocky, saucy daddy almost over toe myself? Pasquale, aka Difficult, wins this veto. It's wet. Open were limited to Ella signs to signal the is that the city is police capos at Sona. Here means the poise DeVito normative. It's like it first thing, but I'll bet a soldier that's a subtle image. David Tory's poker possible fitter made color Cakir. Least you. You still see Dodger. He was executed toe that you don't ever say, Vitto said. God, your boss Coca, Uh, the middle mint at Trey's parties. Dois at the trays. Lawns. Ebadi's at the door is really This is Locusts are the I think we'll catina we trace said Dr Physic your big game. He did for gay issue element of Soviet city, then told them your list tribune envelope rail, but that no Tripoli not analysis Vallone in what they issue. Follow what they're selling. Manto a wardrobe jet. Medea Bardin depressive was you know, trouble are you know, I looked at my body up there like you for the young move back here. Okay. Also assessed size for Muslims. Red meat the least, though. Is that the trace? Said the pot exercise for most of the Middle East? Yes. If it toys so beige with some a priest, they do wardrobe. Is it possible, Giesecke? Gosh! Gosh! Elemental gosh! Ski started to be soon charmeuse Adi Jetty. But that Jim they jet ever disobey Gosh gosh! He started and through the mist to okay, hes I was a vote approach. Hey, he second ahead. It's got specifically the several. I made the solid steel and one Hey, don't about Oprah. Hey, it's a fast and you vote typical apart. I don't know that following my heart that he gets So I put some like people say they want a terrible about for the parasol in size element this year he okay, but as a some trading in such good there, you know, got to set of them in song Amos. So he set a limit. Dilemmas get this Syrah batteries set. Don't so Hillenbrand's 2nd 1 least. Yes, at least a eloquent portion. Trace elements. Supplemental. I made a with social Mahdi Dad's signaled on with Rochemont Sinbad. Uta Ciroma Hey, tomato! Gosh, I'm support a Sessa. It's his elements Interview domains travail because it's simple. Win sick, I said article SeatGuru support on bein the director Medical. See from a key coca. Well, no, me, that television. Yeah, he could have said dancers. And so busy it will support the main. They're says. For example, see Google. Ellen May toe good eliminated this Siddhartha star 39. Lecture 38 Modifying List Items: ness olive explica Converse If I put the boat difficult. Sell image basically on a socialist Have you come cream? Released the Bush comas, Assad asylum business. At least you gotta go more difficult. Is elements enable securely stone more stadiums? He can put a simple, more difficult says Dad's become skilled. Tejada's dots is individual Okelo Cakir least you. You throw darts. But there, says Isay, Dad's you gotta post McVicar call a consequence. City trader Alosha Defendants present 20 threes. Um, second tons. It's an audience, but not agora it. Daddy's key star in the stone For the other era of each quadrant secret. You got a three D trays set. Enter. It isn't over. And also Caloocan over me. Turkey Teller Policy Boston May Buddha with O. C. Daddy. Yes, it is the boss. Hold back here. I faced the longest by saying, Or Linda, you're crazy. Parties were see job ciccolo can least honestly all men the complaint take you know, Dad's for the Elizardo Want to see Daddy told me for that is odd. They brought lucky. You could locate treasure followers was a prosperous, simple, easy. He has said that the DOJ's only the post. $60 goes 1/4. We'll see. Um, but zeal present stiff Brasilia Bottom neighbor key. Carol Linda A single does he died. A Carolyn the your soup recently, Brasilia will save you. See Gouda limit the sit. Daddy Istana, Lissome Brasilia. My foot walls are the name of form post. Physically dads in our sore isis was a possibility to people is about the city Daddy, the citizen of Young's Who does it care of interns. It don't least you bods, right? I psyche at all is on. You know you get a possible novena. But the people So there a party now? At least one day. One day? Yeah, you're seafront. Gosh! Gosh, Trey. Smart trees, Ciccolo. Cocky gashes, Major Kiwa. Hail don't form a different. It was saint Xa and think trays arguments saying trains in the soup. Romero ellena the shame. But Uncle called Luna. Yeah, did figure so the coma trees. Was it a definition that they arrangement? Treasonous, sir, He don't So Kara Premera present. But the originator becomes key. You get out there. Uh, generi? What is a key? Genero? I see a problem. Steve Aziza. There's this saying you don't become a fuzzy topple is And this is my lord. You don't got a hot guys Didn't know for your own for doing free trade Gosh daily for kind of a lucky with the same talkto Gotta Honolulu wahey. Or did tempering made among trees A typical tourist dollars per se e Atwell is under the voter. A summation. Mama Trish this mission Mahay people some so far. So Nickey totally zoned open air. Mattress is a he What is in key? Ella? It is a lie. The multiple gondola post ST Bozell. Immutable, semi typical. Oppose. Say it took what? They live older. That's amazing. Opposes. So they say so. You know, Bring Mary Ellen made this a haircut. Miramar trees. Akio dashed right. They must get the cinema outreach favorite Durga Singledom a treat for you Cattle amidst the Janeiro formidably can post say, even had they told that somebody Because some monkey, while they told me, is the voter inmates More limit proposes, but yet they faithfully so Oh, signaled May snake. The possible is are they, sir? Amaze you have cinema, Theresa. He possibly a couple saying quadruple. Tracy, Of course it was sick. Is a this is a DVD Lucy who pose for as a perquisite They have paid a boss Ozeki amazing master. Let's all maybe Marcie mascot the cinema trees A are some additional little cool video in the year Kamut resume favorite mission muscle loca least you d gosh, you re sucky. Okay, so he must. And yet they say geometries supported here Mysteries telephoto Alizadeh going to say and assume a Dijon Nero saying much day stuck once sent eBay's music e master has so much does maze of very well that don't as such for most people, said they responded properly. They are their eyes for my song of the soul list For the crea a success inform us only made more difficult as informal slash Castle City Hard cause A prosecutor apologizing for most wise 40. Lecture 39 Adding and Removing List Items: the person was getting moralistic. Riyadh about supporting the recipe had sown elements That's at least some would call was traceable system Inca him of a with elements That's a least so an ember in a que todo list automatically Still. But the name is really soon. It was The dads said that the gosh so stressful. UNAIDS straight subjects Keystone Dan through. There's a least you don't prosecute. Look, I kill guacamole is well amid labour. A silk loca. Okay, ness ELISA nothing quite really means to sort entries. Well, im in turkey Postcard coincided with a simple surging the Got any analista? I read it. The phrase I'm insulting. What elements? From Zocalo. Cacchioli stick Quadra Ayatollah missiles that they sunk for Jonah. You took a local is too right? A lot. So not I went for coffee. Zopa. Gately Stew? Yeah, this only What? Opposes? So you know this year? Okay, some inside. You gotta pay, say, Becket. A saint. It'll okay, so I made no thinking. Lonely Pasquale Account moon Gracie names least it's come on. The name is in and through. Well, Aumento entered a possible that the out there hours notices. Elements mostly, is a lot practically a soldier Hayes. I'll call local names listed muestra strange, Enormous in other print. Quite alone. Luckily, No, we'd see Quattro. I see. Have a visa. Sad Kofi's we're toe name is listed. Ramos trap doors was no Miss Kistane? Yes. If it toe the normal I pose is somewhat true. Rosie o clock. No obvious Persepolis. Yeah, Gorda. Cool. We still I go to school. Let me article movies. That's at least L. A thing. My name's least you eloping who's trace elements and three orders. That's another Gordon doing fees. I'm a Sergeant Jeffries. Remember to Elizabeth Taylor Elementary Distance. They want hay aqui the luxury tours with So the normal Soviet toe the numerous you want me , Sergeant? It was a little body being divided. A limited if earnings Al Gore imagine it was a Katie. I assume element it is only eight mostly. Come on, sonar. Elemental Easter, Carol Haiti Really limit the least kill a middle Is was getting after it rise for both. Or did you know whom Wake of fuss? The federal signature list You and let me to quadra the painting then. Okay, so let me turkey vigor here you'll growth. I want at least 1/4 open. I say Cerquita, Vincke. Gotta let me just mutable names. Least you. What am I got? A Jetta? You don't have capital. Unsophisticated. So no element. Also released a psychological known the soul. Easter opposes acoustic. A magic nearly starting trace POTUS Only something trace elements oppose it. So now water limit. It is a partisan Coca Cola local economy Society. It was like I hated ice elements. Okocha. No, which seems. 41. Lecture 40 Combining Lists: that's all about this in our confers a Kubina. So the least sitting do is leases. Raise quite a single is a difference It will seek will be not thought of this analysis you , Melissa. So it'll help LeBron King James one least. Exactly other You still it's a lister Names listing, allotting trace elements. Can it? That said that? The gusts You gotta Kareem scream one nor released. Imagine a castle know the least? Olympic bracket Analista Sebaggala cocoa model istea full. So listing if they had a physical locus elements primarily made car Bokeria Alvito trays on school. Second Tibbs will be there. Said don't be deserted. Dodge meets the North is hoping middle and made this a list will seek. When I made the list of Isil moment, you they said, limit the list of my city water No memory Asali Salafis Say describe listening for the way . Okay, you don't s Elizabeth inside Premiere a big toe. We talked about the reasons my cell number You to set up, gentlemen. So no medicine Quinter Recirculation model is a do is least, Mr Doyce. Don't least it. Noise stage extremities, Isil, normalised trays, objects You're gonna over the normal. But I s is Amish. It's names. Least noise. I see his Ceiba Premera be chancellor zones. Um, you just said I said I better do it. Okay, Don't listed dois coursing. Loomer Waldron over a Got a car. Fasten Kubina. Some desole established a doorway. School student, chemical factories. Because you what's the commune? A stone in Williston. Novelist Trace President. Mr. Trays was sissy. Say you got any least even coolest voice. Okay, I would at least a trace pickle. At least I will bring the Education Cola Cola either. Poisonous start, though, is a welcome Ascoli stone. Get it? Dodges said Daddy B'Gosh What? A trademark trees the prison guards. So I ve list of noise. You know what to do is keep about the stars. Know, Mr Solicitor Trays A long list of DeMaio securely stone. It's like you're list or do is number. We better do. Is jealous. That is looking for fees. A big family stuff. It could be inequality. Still do is for model Nicholas Such a Middle East. A trace. Okay, I was about Father is quite released. Its simple East souls on this commode. Akiko got enough. I was about a list on money they stay in and particle Colistin trades the registered toys. And he already was like a school. My sabbatical. He was oclock archaeological, Africa knowledge too hesitant. 42. Lecture 41 Creating a DataFrame: you got? It becomes a part of my stereo system. Glucose. Okay, Trouble. A lot of friends. Okay? My Sverrisson, it was that a frame. So has that feel now do mockery does prisms will say thank you. Excel Don't plan nearly rays. Don't let the main without the frames are plainly Leah was ever take your more me De Vito Drink video, General defeat, Sympathy and God called. You know that a framing Komaki Next sale. Cattle call that a frame? One Catalina individual Put a simple Joel Marya Ma, Who's gonna Leah? We disease to cattle call in a watery after coddling. You mean defeat Cancer called ovary are cocky tracers streak the quad ruins is in Quentin's general. My school. You know, Fermin, You know e must school in. That's thinking about a friend. So pliability Dodds, you can make a claim. Not a frames, Aquino. A not a friend in the way. In which people? That's a clear ice coolness off. What are they used to carry on this calling this premiere? Yes, Cordless. Okay. Questions. Very islami. Nor me. I see. Saidus plicating priano Veriato category considerable cash categories in triage bus. My 80 year Yeah, Marko's was school. Exactly. A metal, Normie. We'll move it. Three. Daddy question is Dad's go care care a big reasons through the quad Theron's you think with arms. This is the Astros game about America. Issue a little. What a season. It My school, you know? Thank you. Very DVDs In my school. You We'll see going to a family. You know, Kmart. Here it is, Sarah, I must cooling name Don't Don't know me. Every daddy, it'll general that they'll go to some trace for a tourist dependents with the Kardashian tiles Know plenty. Let the dads internal clock accurate that point to frame the King Kiko care complete military. Have you got to know me? Became a senior Vary Trace e my book. A definite article in my own skin. Yet the city over the are recesion. Little can it acidic alone. Don't put the secure bacterial Padilla Dad's everybody Longshoremen does. What do you know? Me? Praise it is a bicycle kick. Your dad's I was lucky. Raise call owners trays Linnaeus Zocalo Cocky ass it They're cash Poor SCS day. But I still told element to sit at Ramallah o clock. We still tour the Dodgers thinking is a que that a frame Gupta s it there he as their rescue. You know, acid ai district brought to kick in West Day. Did that little bit more strange. Toto, this elemental bad This will be shed. Stops course to tour until Trey's observance. Toys so strangely, is it trades? Very arm is extended. Fekeiki, Kata, Kelowna. Somebody Arvis yourself up. Vaginal doctor Friends. Can I start feeling out? A book? The Dodge. He was a very thick catacomb. Consent vary arteries quite so everybody armies nor me in its fickle come over. They are fucked or explicate can photo taking for your former the way it did over every category in that over half of America trace letters I made. Usually they don't already have a categorical station. Facto old, noisy vis a much clean family in what is the key? Best civic You does And want threes contain Lee? Yes. You think alone. It's not possible. Attack your the the dads says. Well, Salem Ricky called Qala Cody. Your book was out. The geometries, Komada. Proper proper trees. Nice. Confers the A D in geometry. Za Dean Armitage Bay elevated that the physical one. It doesn't matter. Gunnell Dads that our friends, you're not a frame geometries apostles holding for Me, which called Moscow's R Alabama trees apostles. I keep that afraid for a simple D invited up on that really is equal owners. Any call Did ours dock with radical owners? Any hole moms like you without offering geometries? Apostles at the maple Better frame any hold The does with that tray ceiling is the limit is cutting thing. Treasuries. Ah, possible kick you gold name is Question is normal. That's called Bonus is not afraid. Normally in the auditions Izabal Sistema prepossessing names does Abby. Why so everybody a risky thing to buggery? Dad's killer waited, at least for the sellers. Don't bank really? Does you keep laughing? Eliza Political Akaki Sue Marie. It would seem not a part of the course. The little since that Kapil card. What's in a coma? Trouble blackened as categorical first frequencies made more than media. What's not to love started in taxi physical attacking somebody does. We'll see, right? They who has whom does Everybody are risky stone. It's not afraid from something threes very obvious, but they trace his lucky don't do is very obscure, some categorical. It's a primitive solitude. Emma Norman, the general. A similar okey family in something with a sore Muskal. Anything with pursue it. Joel. So they want to focus Nomi Marks, so they won't be so. It's no Marius. Something won't be so question on it that they already have in America in total Coca Cola. Meaning that the meeting my dad, um Asma, that the major sympathy and which pickle kicks difficult card on this elements the play to say it's good. What a nice moment Because Intel kyung that a frame go down that afraid it's good folly ago are a problem. All of it for like whom more difficult is the former stone. It's not afraid. 43. Lecture 42 Accessing Dataframe Elements: you quoted on that airframe tends to be on my trees. School Easy, coldness Post for the school suitors, the guards. The mission for Michael, First Language countries, schools, seculars, Dunn's so is the difference is the least thing on the passport. Example. Okay for number Qi Norma Treason thing. Leni's called runes Lease Regal columns. Quillian Co care car Salyan Remorse. So, Liam, Mr Frame Turkey. So individual remorse is so we d video trace. So when the video noise possibly separate the meat coddling and Courtney read a post kulak Akio the at the noise confession developers present law so so scrimmages days in vivid color coding. What the days Remember those digits toys and became another frames. I think wrestling is on interest. Dividends must invested days divisible lyrical causing premiers Who wants seen the Pasquale cut the main South Yardley, Schooley, Aleta Remain present trays. Girl, sit A source Individual trees Gorky more sick. So we trees. V local genius. I mean yes, viola circuses tried initially, brah who protected those a sneeze is circling the DOJ's. So if you don't bads circle Nadu is Soledad so called a threesome. Jenner's Nike fatto Muskoka. Hold on so lonely. Colons. Dois at the trace. Yeah, it was. It was car loans. Yes, people. Do you want some more suited? You? Dodge was a five from several cities. Mama trees. I saw Keilar limit Valiant noise. Louise three. Dick wants the case. May be Oh, Leah noise called the Lewis or not toys. And he had do It was still three dickwad profanities. You care Lease, though. Is that the trace Collins? He does that a community wanted with please the does at the trace. My cynic is Saanich do is premieres. Coolness. Thank you. Just meeting you. So he's easily, Easily. Please just get the school bonus. Yes, Wizard Wellesley's you are, But it's not form of being. Brad could you will see for free, I think. Also the director Meet Kalevala. African ck a signal that the friends bands thing, I think injury Arvis populism circus eso eso whatever. Keep because that skidmore stresses So I somebody I don't You have been to sick a question graph, but I want a bailout discovery of support that says Ornella director meat presented Dodge's see from lyrical frozen sea from normal make you Josie ins. No having Sadullah if they get stressed, was in. I will say heavies on the floor if ice deference and it was willing. That's the okay, that more super me it Body vista. Well, in minutes, yes, he soon a salad. It was the day school Mondale help people survive braces off as a mondo Ontario. Also, the very evidence for Cabell suppresses a premiere for the cash this dance those of a disco monarchy. Attash Dads I the poised the school said There are passionate artists they want. This is what is happening. They're visible. But isn't Normie does Normie? They threw the does. It's lucky. What have you Dargis They got dot You stop, neighbor. See? Now then, are the keys the whale represents? Although Commander Attash Attash that's but dad is it's pretty majors does followers. I was just Ramallah Queen that this school sent a little some Pacifico said was You do not a frame from Vitto. There was support, trouble aggressive. A toe separator mate participates Veto long parabolic will separate a mate to pick up more threes. People come first. They didn't do the tourist on violin Allah defect or is explicable reason for most simply soak helmet in border 44. Lecture 43 Modifying Dataframe Elements: I come work in way hitting clown that a frame ikaria Terra Eyes for most second out of frame Geigy would FICA. Michael's offers a striking way Would because for most college, do not offend. People say carbolic reacts exactly for this. They need so that the free knees Zakaria Treason Cuz three schools. Strange, very obvious. It's a musical cocky. Oh, so you know basada, Seefried, Advil muestra those elements Contains nobody ever eat Dad. He better things That's something credible. Or did you move that up from sitting? Reasoning is imagine it was like a body FICA Icily formal songs becomes College Station My heart It was out there on those three. Boeing loves Rose prayer. Well, I see Quaranta Square in a single treating audience. Not worried. That's my seal. That other I think with the locals saw out There s three day No coca cure is to treat the novel town fill out the settlement to the dollars income that Syria metal Leo this era lamento between arts. What? That I really cooking? Dexter, is that a me to killing the video? Larkin LaValle o c star a daddy serve alot do is trace Ceravolo d Daddy. He started the guards. Kill their opera of intones. Okay, star quality and quantity. Single drink. Then all of you know Gordon, over £8. Jane, Little Get that out. Whoa! Get out. There are quicker Premier was the feminine, signaled my school. You just see a little my schooling family, you know, masculine, masculine. Okay, the gene sickle feminine. You know my remarks. So take a look. School. My 80 year semini in a post from our vic. You Maria l six General. Imagine that offending, you know, single agenda and much. Colleen DeMaria, Terra Opera feminine Maria, go for that other Juwan. They had Gionta concerning you. Juwan was See my school. Enough! You're on, General. Do bring me relief. Okay. Kickoff. Is Akio today? Daddy out there A general commission. A key care much. Mingle Unirea. Brocato surveys the post. Okay, The baby seems that family because l A medical center City Vessey Trouble in a coma Trees Nevada that the phrase a Roma trees. Emotional musical rules don't follow. Terra will sell travel management trees. Is there a limit quality? Simple. A cyclical aka does cool shit noise. That's cool. Sheets, dois you do is How much do I let me going to see Recieves, They say. Great. Zeki called The Tora told your vase, Terra. 45. Lecture 44 Adding and Removing Variables in the DataFrame: Well, just a blessing upon this week. Frequent me the agent Carrie at Sona. Norma's very artistic and not afraid. I'm so not normal is ready. I was new Bunker the dads, but they have painted us inquiry Norris individuals, okay. And so not considering stump in Millbrook, dance maker fastballs supplemented some of the very obvious that, you know, about three dozen without a friend. Jack. Really lucky. Yes, This intensive looking treasury obvious. No, me that General. It raised the village. You must networking psychic Leah one no, off our Iago. Specifically on overly Ivo. After of age, they're selling medical mother que dads see from column over, you will see where the villa Braille. What sicko? Key questions. Dodge is safe following the see, but most kickoff is a key. He does. Nahariya will see that it added. Does my noises said that? I don't think a trip we African resist Physician Silveria Jackie Who? Model muestra noisiest. Okay, Dad's something trade. Very armies can. No me The original No taste that Bokeria political career. I don't see that it is a bit reloaded. His sinful injured bottlenecks. Already he doing? That's I gotta Frankly, we do one already have so much said that they were fresh path. This is not afraid. Okay, so no, no. So thank you Hander My Sochi hated by said treasure load about Kik want from you sequel new its significance. Okay, there is no need. Additional years. Do is no. Which is why they have this capacity. No edifixio consent. A very our so called Khar known to so that the frame see from you know, that's a number for the Article six Crea don't think on physical so the Arab can resist. Shane I was thinking the followed trail. They kept three Believe all those frail because theatrical You have support call cocky bans saw handle and I must Okay, see cars on Orcas s Imagine because I see him movie the fa Suki. So that was York was really for the lineup. Please. Dad's mother wished raise quite a secret. Karimova handle. I hate it. You say you saw rather what Every product that Hannah hit DDS a Kelowna. You have to talk to these to the city. Rather cool, low key problems. Visual Nonaka Toes on the key political car Took her in cattle Easy dads by the snow. A poll is out of I said that Santiago say back in the hole he does with So you currently require Gordon. Dad's a 12. I said Dad's means Aquatica, Luna can do is treat squad. It is to everybody. I was called a city which seems Francis Ona Kolodko seafront. You know, Maria Preta. So ever said they local LULAC Was Katie ransacking Congress? What put the razor sin eater? A tedious colonists saw a teary has called Owners have supportive parents. But they said at the cuticle owner did I consider your water focusing meals monster, sequesters and hate. Eerie as a school Miss, could you call on the picket at the push of England's divisions? The vehicle they hated our eyes Leanness. Okay. 46. Lecture 45 Adding and Removing Cases in the DataFrame: now a besotted phallic Ahmad Sona him off in very obvious secured. So nobody Ivanova Whittier, California Personal came Eyes are going My Jinich was ever come pick on second miso acquisitive years Precipice keys cause like my Shin Trevor stars I was a kid OK at this Sona elements And so not India feeds. You know, I'm watching my steak godson at Gaza's at some modeling is about three dots Mixer offers a security most tribe or liberal photo book Adidas Zakaria Lucky City Do that Crea Rotella Nickel A particular song The other friends killed in another friend creado Konami Dads What is the epitome of what we have? Enormous A single a daddy at the city forever Jenner educates ultimate normal in my oh's cleardata queen My school Teaching San Santo O J Mayo School Make a fast food So no one novel in Ian sofas Okay, Dad's Arizona Well, Lena Sabac udar geometry not a frame into our country's most Raise him that the framing their major structural geometries sitting lease equal loons Arizona one. Normally you think trees Lius They started for me personally. Alien Quat Quat includes the school loans I see Catania primitive body are long. You don't Local number with David Islam Clock a power Great Daddy del Boca. Seven tons. You General Gocha Fender Visual being vocal. Okay, School modify. Don't want you your bush Picca bookie What? I see Hope Sekem more stop. Okay with this year do we keep guards kill fees? It will be Koskinen Ficker I got this. Nobody vida usually in the Pok because against it was oclock a Kia acid There case to Tura , the subject of Dad's ended Ficker General, come settle Facto toys Nevis elude my school. You know, Feminine, masculine You don't let fickle Billy is a general. No, but I gotta Gorica Kim Fatto He think those Nevis approximately ridiculed Sona? Thank you They won't this resort neighbors see for fatto proximity feed was sitting Caracas that I made star There's never taken Fatto what is going? Okay key approximately vehicle Kuchiki fame in you know, talk about the feminine will issue That's a form Okay of whatever Jean little in difficult fatto it change was needed This photo so much cool Any feminine that I made Koko Kiki printed Fikac a on the Studio Nevis Accardo ST to 91 former different. The family you know who have been useful, for example. And they think Arkham Sandel nor from evil eye in a die. You focus for the sake, Thomas. Okay, let's stick. Okay. John L. Nero. Maria, I would relieve remarks out of liver. Don't present the video oil If I take a pretty Zhuang Mario Marks. Okay, cynical. Come for my sake. When the under strange Nevis This photo Okay, labor early classical norms comes in the photo Don't cross me for months Like he thinks they want this exploration common o foi gave me for my song for your back Cocoa keep our fallen when an illustrated even skin t and difficult you fatto Coney reviled Bala? No. And under strange the visited this foot belongs. Look at what The fuzzier taking die Still thought of this normal and photo addicted for my ailing character. What is killed? The Fico Akio in a crescent. All set then top. Okay come Correct Yes, it's enough That signal Correct. Anything said American Magical gendered, fickle, illicit Akaka cause the real whether you will keep us safe timeto think performer nor miss in with the Karak Terry Okay, Okay. Formosa good. So no alibi. Seita. You may go faster. East, Joseph. About. Thank you shot back there. Uh, get the from a given doing character together. Form of it or norms. You star day. 30 yards. Yes, a reformer song. Youthful Devil V. Alyssa Problem owns the pagan will know me. And you here for Scott. Karen facto operation even to perform on. Really, Director. But I Let's say, like, okay for my son over. Not been a same one extra unit. Fickle. Know what? Zakir? Bill isn't Oh, look, Look. Our estate does little Norma's food Algebra corrected my motto. Facto. Go or oppose a d. Sona. It's nobody Vito Calli acquired through are the Sunni Power Said that the family in orca brought ago recourse against Sona. This is it would correct their dad. L just told you can see the other 90 family in ever. All Terra Daddy. Okay, That s city. He does open See their dads. I've never really that come. Character Go Cocoon. No. Medic. Okay. It that he started after the dads you vote Eliza made me that. At least you know us today the Dodgers are go to start quiet. If they with toe nor miss converted character. I was like, OK form, Assume overkill Ibazeta It got over toe Numerical the general on photo Denisova, sit on my school. You know, five million. I think that you don't do it. Okay? So close to G at this all night For most the mines only De Vito Amazing cars Sochi's eight era Comical fast, bad So much reasoning leads garlands Carol Hate era Ekoko told us. Hated, only acquired. They told this columnist prison. But the call is the shame banquet here with specific up alone. So his theory Al Quad bill is well, don't know Arizona Loca the same man. Yeah. Three buoy as a form of sewage hit era. So I cocoa means Billy's successful is Akiko career dads Apple easy Constanta doesn't humans, Alina. What? That's that's always a sicky who saved dad's co tenia hit the Randall or care that got here and secure Got a lease hit civilian cuatto you pay You hasn't thought this society rather your police products. Okay, A tempera smile 47. Lecture 46 Logical Operators in R: you got to take a moment with important care. Father was there close to research proper full So it was a vision that was the Sabbath, their border. It told people surviving Apprendi If he s a course along tragedy. Simple said the studio came perceivable say most raincoats, openness todo sobre you want Granny Bosic Iupati ago are too cozy for Pesky's Andrea print and save a Kosugi Gionta in cash hockey. That's a particle. She's on full song. Kokomo mated will survive, so are guarded The equation. Matron. Koeman's different size. If I die, I want money. Qatari for specific. A father. Well, Tina, the program us some KK scrutiny programme A cell mechanic was sitting asana is, um porosity may give us a pity toe provided Bocaly Dodge doing very well so far divided with the kill was sequester off. Also, Kyoto might commit gun will say show myself or some presentation commodities sub cam major efforts a mere supplicants off. Also, Autobot brought in reference it via schools. Support for their full soy key cooling media is pretty vous Fassel graph. If he fastened stated Satish was fast virus caused the secretaries hippy to the job is you must take a fuzzy analogies. Waas acquitted. Yanal's Profarmer's boasted that ferret story. Sokoto Port in the daddy was there playing they comfortable toys you cause they're about my support way because the resource purposeful soy Okay, good following that A frame! Your body! We bought it. Glad they go straight Fit Door is normal Removed that Afraid? Yes. False Oise We'll see money Pulis that a frame is money. Pull off it! Tories graph stumbling Full service about Costa Rica Sick is a programs give us on the tape Another sound who has done few now a fee full so easily Some with went toward is false Ego was three for so anyway especially s Your program is only don't work. Austrian grafted fairly to Khowst 31 knowledge different You don't think President s PCs meaning tab? Stop your cost. Rookie Way Years ago, the colorful song Typical surgeries Singer star in Asia Father Okadigbo called told the visual for me one sec Ways of the TV dads are secret city cockles You primitive past Garrett muestra Goma Trauma like war paradores large was necessary. Sorry. Okay, twist full size a little Taken them with this elements Akiko following orders. So Paradorn's lodgers but middle pair of the large would get it, fella, and we go, we go. No, this is a great question, boy. Whoa! Enforce. Unless you get the jobs, there's a CIA Wow. Okay, the boys. And if any secular civic color can do easy wise so cool can we go? Saw? Elevate indexing eater after review Oprah She's in the military hockey Kilibarda Fabrica. She's a six robberies, a measure because Coco cocky she's has said the trees down we go. Wow, simply Hesse be She's the has had been remotely trees. My nice a pair of the large following Large stem Logical killed ahead on a C. Well, no. And while watching the Markkula, some other machine dealer groceries zero. Whose positive in a fever a little fouls cock your trays a growing go through it was actually vehicle to see False. It raises a different required treason work. What President Kennedy acquired Skills Guesthouse. Mystikal aka trays. A go go trays, trays and trays. See rather sitting down with Oprah. Simple to go with Lucky she's open. She's Quadra Single those in it. She's a choir to sing those trees so cocky she's putting some boys. Yeah, she's a bowl Sunday on the single Premarin memory she's acquired through single nobody. She's a single, no matter. Indiegogo What? No Jessica Loca. Illegal ochocinco. So you see Google Amity? She's ago a single. See okay? And what about of the lawyers for wheat? From Was Nick able to ferret? Don't look vacuum a different. The quadrille house Quadriga Walk What Quach through a definitive the single. See what? A defendant? This thing. It's a murky and financially while we go out. Put Farage eso music wise sensibility to eat up all exclaim Asanka Primary! Wow, I just a primary quality roe Ecologist comma. Some unquoted furnished the sequel gathered. Okay, so call. Like a CEO, she's She's a different the single major because she's a defendant. The single star here, she's so this volatile. Better start Follow move. Arlo Siete defending to the single. She's definitely single. My she's No number. She's on the total Rebecca, no matter what. The defendant, a single My infinity Lego was his falls. Let those indifferent to the single seeing the metal trays a definitive the fundamental question to call on a secure you go a single. She's a go go A single with a stocky She's quite a single Bosie traces egg A single no single single. See those egg grow a single? Now it raised? No, I go sing. Okay. What am I? RK single? No Quadra market noise. See? She's am I Oh, okay. Single. She's over to it. And replica card element is veto Kupwara Evil figure. Summer kissing Want remark? A single no secret Marcus single domain O those the American sink Opa strange M I r kissing no open. My are equal. We go over the pose Well, a go or no go areas My secure part of the large Kimaiyo equal. She's in my book a secret order for the signature Quattro and my own. We go a single no single m i o over your single See Montgomery. Wow single Also Berio, the seaQuest single Omarska Secret. See those? Am I your organizing scene? It trades. M i O r c. You know it don't form a similar Pasquale Cakir. She's, um in law. It's 30. It right there staccato element to the she's even Benfica CMA Nakis it. You can discover and either keep okay, primarily made killed him. It's quite in the mid day. She's what Roman, AKA said, seen secret. Monica said, Seeing those Yemen, Lakis said Foul. So it regime in August said, God, I mean, like I said, I mean, okay, Quarter quad threw em in? No. Oh, igual que quatre scene. It is a political sink em in. No false Those m in. No, we got quite the May. Now it raise em, you know. Oh, Igor, Quadrille sing element. There is some spotting or paradores Large. Roukema, stop Will say we going. Wow! Well, different men. Law. My arm! Here's what I saw them, You know? I go, Oh, my oh, equal it is. 48. Lecture 47 Loops using for (): Quentin Wonder stood the course to solve the problem. Full size it fell in our beside. It was a pair of the large because some witches are beautiful toys. You got Goodfellas soberly, loops, loops comparable me These secret killing people sick offers a hippity does raises synthetic , thicker digital like according sink except the couple. McCallum usually record sage news. Lupus falsify desert people sake exit a fatal people want those ways. Hippity viz, Some Komansky Hippity Treasury's imprimatur. Formanova signals three loops, hacking away for some four quick force on our vision. Premarin was about the key variable ck my first before our very planet is equal cover The Africa will seek care. Caracas Akio A. You have a sickle locker which followed this only Tevonn Levallois local people. Saving so much click on was about the example. Yeah, it was a call worker. Which school months was a K. Is that Could that mean cocoa is a bookie? She will say they don't little Let's go middle of a city. Three. Follow a sequel. You several of assisting Quinter, but the same of veto. She's Keiko car. Fuzzy Agora fastballs off for Oh, that Syracuse was four I was very cooperative. Lucid girls are normal. Metal cells are easy. Goes to call a car. Calitri. I see she's It's once a solitary decision, different trouble and once so e the e comesa with you at the Copa Tomato. Do you want to complement the She's? It will offer the signature replica e o D o k e alone If I hold That Kills Komansky, McCullough, Cocky and Sig either the boys, we And if I say Apple is Otto, I want to show you can feel now we're Elizardo somebody in hospitals on Oprah. Incremental in the incremental My zone. Terrific R e God, who is? What was it about that towards this command, I we learn Finova's increment Tato even see what is a simple yet procedure itself? What ever get us sending come in, Father by two momento para Cometa. Kalevala is a cure. Trail milk as of I do at their Cooper made this fatal. She's fiddles on. It's much PacifiCorp Azizia. Do you want a trade? Fassa Hepatitis raises cash quiz Novel off my specific A Mito linked this. She's later dishes are complemented. She's ones elements of the she's got like today She's so selection like you don't want away . Lately. She's a tracing it'll representing what? The trees. Foz Okey. I will see how big Charvis official shops before any CIA key on the perimeter shot you. Thank your lucky This is English are, of course, what's called Moscow. Curricula hit. Peter, you gotta get first singing. She's the she's the either She's the They're killing three my eso print. But eat, Liza, we're gonna play mice kicked off as lucky. Homola See animals as before. Keiko Faria CEO knows us before we a little messy una o clock. Your CEO knows I before e o e I over eat. Bring me. I feel you. She's either G s u V. You know, Volume it. Alaska. She's do? Yes, you Premier. He's the order. Mark you She's d She's the arcane trita. Okay, Is the Gong Tau coca? She's the They have made him a quizzical Gorka. She's doing okay e value. She stayed large care She well, you know You know she's the e u of your element it is. I call Shaka Kier well free Now This is cool models. We, Elliott Alizadeh in the very incrementalism will save emphasising Gator e Why? I said, we re and tell you my zoom So you got a relic. Want Jewish? I live I common stock equi. Valent. Odo isn't Alaska. She's toys se insecure. She's d Yeah, you gotta do. Is with cash you to do Is that she should do is a single element Really is a caboose Komen's live Ayatollah Zoe we agora I see we until you my zoom I know you got a set rate you hippity So they know it's Michelman Appropriate print Bring me Prema. She's a day, you know? Well, trees told this element issues they don't ill hip it U s emission model Ravensbruck UMA we So what? I'm no trace. The she's medical fees vary Raises my support Videos eyes tomato tomahto accuse Uncommon before set If you go back Yo, no home a two. She's We should have always a key sequitur Saito said with dente. You know, tell me she's aquatic ones Elements Lewis. Strange part. See those I copy call. Like secure the broad article Physic e we Delic Omei. Same folk. Among their key possible era the name and see this man Example We commence U e s u You were out there, Oprah Metal This She's your complimented. She's single comesa e wrong. I've never seen Gator Preet Prima. Well, im it activations opposes, so we equals school of opinion. Romero Premier premiere. I got a killing in premium Romero. Yeah, she's the were wrong socio preview. I, the particle model come Not in my name. Allegra. Meters of Arriaga. We evil young. I would have a little ways. I saw the model. This will be a key easier. Kabelindo is I live in pre needed. Over. Come on it. And then before e Yeah, I think perimeter Geraldo is You see gold I deposed. You could admit that you have really trees. I prima she betrays yes, sympathy and incrementally if I hold them back in school much like he did before. You know a simples e il If I owe me Turkey is a very odd that this devil we're stability. A text goodness of would move a lucky because of you. They length of the She's like that. She is a single. Their idea what a single official go Siku in of Isaac Kaiseki even came in thought we you don't evil you Eliza Kuta by the President Crematory Evil Jewish Eliza Kuta The present limit we ive alliteration is a Kuta agreement to yet they Akaba isn't ever volatile area Okay, if insecure Paula So look is I simply me follow dishes A Primedia off one polarity obey God invented a meatball sub Regard Qantas for those elements dishes since you Stephen trays elements If I play meat trays of regard see, she's developed those elements that permit those Every God broke it off Presencia Matthew after complement the She's if it She's the sequel Loaded Native A pretty single regards Okay story would you order She's Jackie Trace Stay boy to meetings Gonna hold that you know is for in vain Plea me Oy tobe regards Bouquet equal mess You I only bring me a mirror image. I saw a b i IV I see Incremental Obrador wish tribute of age even incremental Portrays doing commuter vase at the Isha Yoga Aku primate species couple for the Sig Ito after days going prima that raises sober God later is Okay. So who it is do you want to do? Is which is this is a key equal Mississippi Well, I think water is common. He needs to four Jack, We cram it. You got okay, rival. It do is it? Does should go off in online surveys. That could come so much. Ecevit's who predictably, guards off the DOJ's visibly God for trays of the bicycle. By agreement on that, they should go. Trees don't preserve regard. Yes, in pre insta Don't for and Ross loopy Kill her. Petty. Ah, any business. Do you maintain? What, Daddy? Fix of the common Konchalovsky. Now Nadal saw between East he for you that they were. Could Daddy, any Ponsi president raise or seducing surgeries? All right, if I hold, I used to anyways, okay. 49. Lecture 48 Loops using while(): Yes, it would have formally Costa re loop. Second way after raise a while while they're sitting still tourer elevator or call this song with video for this song. But what in what as I could build this he scored was like he about the cargo cargo door. Is that school months neck? Amado is commander strays so magical? Moscow says I could have made mice saw C s a cortisone for daddy for such faith. Put example because it was a lucky what I feel. E she's gone. But it was still a bit a lot of four. Yeah, whatever. We was your time dependent. Give us a call. Oclock. Nobody sees a calm inside a hollow e A what? Every eight there Who linked to the cheese. Okay, equal. Mr. Do you know while trouble Who is It was a ticket affinity So far, everyone's over the finicky She's wrong. She's a got a volume. She's okay. I would have thought about it for a while While choir called the soccer vocal cocky but denies I could handle. We just saw in so far as I could ice a key sees for where that Yes, a full body in court. Noisy Kotonishiki A lot of for no yet the uncle missile. It don't fee we for not a c e a turkey staging three at their winter when e was because I could play school model Well said, You don't border the buyer other night if you know like you know why. I don't know why the funeral so different now going us up on this song they should say whether the my seat she don't point gets across some for Viel either. A leap are you are accusing me. He wants to use so called they see conformity with funkiness. Example. She seem annoyed Broken days So she's form a Nagaoka days Visual Zagato para Delage neighbor Porous carefully London issue Because so full So the follies of your better those logs person cover one ago Sitting do the vocal I see she's for May know about. Today's is a cootie, as such essentially is a key. It's common. Oh, a little fuzzy While she smelling today she's a Minidoka days. See, she's known she started feeling I love Obama Bash. She's a Manaka days See? Okay, women on Today's okay. Olivia Cotnoir in prima. She's living prim UCI's Eat the Boys Center very much commands. If we grameen type places increment cycle, she's okay. Defendants before model for Liza followed Abadia Aquino. Don't think Atoll is I like you. I'll make a Facebook, Eliza. I could've setting. She's mm. She's a day really owns. She's a way to she relate normally sick as a key on this, a pre made a whole Dada. It's a primitive, loopy. She's ago. Don't kill a few. Now she's really my eyes. Ko miso. She's my my zoom said Noise. Yes, it toys attribute Bush's apple easy. She's saying she's on TV. Is it to kill a fee? Now she's a bicycle. Is the gold medal, Mice said Days of valuables is he eventually reach you. Warm eyes. I even saw Guadalajara Santa ever about the Keep Racine off a while. Delta Opa. She's a adequate most sentimental ago could age, but that she's a gonna do is I see highly. Father Mark wasn't prima. That breach she's Europol is a she's ever figure for centuries. My name procure ratio. May 2 Key. She's sonority. More of the M Illinois Boca Days. Seeing doing prima, she's we see in re premier Inordinate, she's really not in a moment. I want a police begging all my zoom. Today's eating Akashi's don't guys wear species? She's raised a visitation, wrote up a key. She's resting in my book a days See involved. I live in particular beggar glory days, My Zuma said, was Hitoshi Zagora. I say all C, I live accuracy my bag all the Keshi's Amy and I work a days. No was No, I mean, I broke Today's was a my your good days, Purkiss. Mentally Whoa! Is this again? Kick him in the local days days nor view it too Said See Sukalo Kasicky So me know said you don't know much, Michael. Okay, well said that the male day. So don't once you get your was a key? No, My seminar gawky days They see which again days Valdemar Muybridge Book it. There is a Menlo Oregon days. She was No, she gin Was it was him annoyed today you know she's got a solution. I don't go away. A local official says that well, she's a grown woman. Women I go, Could I see identifies a key musical Arkia from Monday limping me is Rallo. She wants You don't want a printed He Shies away from You are getting cremated. She's she's own. I got a really do. Is God solely Miley. She's my someone toys. You said go is a tribe. Oprah. She's so she's got out of a window is gonna vote. That doesn't mean I go. Could I see the prima? She's Olympian. You do is I could have sent you more. Do is family trees ago she's and she's Robert like impress symmetries in bed with the trees . I mean, I work and I see you know, if cafes and we said they do she should I go out days A cure dies. I'm in Iraq. You guys seem doing prima. She's right, But Mitt days, Consecutive days. Okay, Days M in Norwalk. Today's lesson. C o clock. Akio Men Law headed for new season. She's ago travel in today's LA He definitely she's going well. They never meet a while. They don't know of the Savidge bouquet in source. State excision. Manaka days. She's kiln, AVM anarchy. There is a lot harder e primi machines. My search Agha a cure. She's can all in my zone days they wrestle over. She's this will be a key repellent that days. I mean, okay, there's no way, really partner base able. Steven wasn't today, so his only hope so physical surgical hippity remain valid ways met a former thief, absolute picking away at the most. A characteristic of the four, either. Poison Travis Komada. Why? While it figures Academicals Komen's that they Kiesa quit association Viola, they get stuck with this song. What new sandal Van died the second on the sandal. See, you don't want to be friends, and she's a goal. She's a Manaka days and compose. Don't go through a hickey Grandad. She's America days ago, myself as a sucky my C. It's lucky for meteorites. Oclock Akira. She's a ground onesie. The phonies away she's Aguada going was the local aka She's a monarchy. Days falls over the other. That's a hell of a secondary school. Mandel's at Becky s second sound stage of your brother. It's a while Ricardo's intended imprimatur myself. Before they could turn the Farzana motorcyle who call my use of intended 50. Lecture 49 Decision Making in R: and we'd come working way was trouble. Yakult processes This is always capacities His eyes, as risible said, Get their stars. You want Ceta Cool This song about us in such faith cellar for studies Faith Isaiah Thomas say the commands a za quot That's an awful such food was very sick with Baton CD A key. Well, same 10 days, most of NZ's, says Lisi, graphically illustrated in front Seussical. The so called the same. What's the sick was together they stumbled across some water. Could sound like someone who would sell You don't process This is oh, making Italy no suitable Akula sounds a protest on violence school the toys on sequins sewn I keep on sick one sold noise on some trees, a sympathy and your key I school my c north on the say so Yeah, What? They said the by shock on some noise was set on me, but they were sequestered this true source Braille. There was a town consequence for quality toys because it was so we'll save three now. So programmer Okay, hottest was so l a physical count. One lead. Come on, defending. It's only human perceive former CEO essays as equities circle the same as your Gresik with these? Yes, it's called sisal difference. Back on the soldier parents is Ecclestone's difference. Those so problem If I text Takada with Sunday's second son does for God in the physical published Circle. The song for the physical second song New for Weather Quick Surface is a key. What have I Korea processed decision making? Backing away a terrorist commando If a form of my C please is this the older my sock away? If he was a vacancy for the total This process this is making and all sold well. See if you hell's knows also if Okay, five studio. So I will say each three arrogant fights McPherson receive elevate. They were called the song a secure but this accord so capricious a text on seob official a shove. You will see that there's Coleman's model for months, though, is a simple yes. It's always second place for months. See, I called the song for God. Silly sake is a given today. Internet school months. Meyssan. He's like, you know, for where that Ellen Rafa's another in a cigarette receive from, for example, it was a key. She's ago on trays, You put the star second. She's a war going on the Na'vi. Just a little noise. I want to make your print. We'll see these do Marv E the Weather Star. Oh, this is she's you. Both are bringing Vicky trace procedure. Achieve a seed trays. Better start. She's a go go a normal mother. She's full trays. It's like keep a safe house through a She's a train. A saw. She's at the race. What about the stuck Here? She's a go. Go on. Norby will soak a piece by the sick. You? She's a good war. More people don't want way false He don't want no solace Oh, my sucky, You don't hold away, It'll buy frozen Odd bouquet s a sentence. A key, Elena way. Whether there LF Paulse So why in track itself or whether data so call a cocky or she's gon na vi The way I gotta know, she's I said no V. I got to see Yanacocha s sentence A key. So Kocaeli what a waste of a god. Don't soco Piak es in league told supported Too easy. It's a lesson I don't want away brought 11 Fraser, who said you don't know elite. Bring your massage essentially trucking for killing through. Okay, you She's for his at a meeting. Go the school size. See a go away too said you toid toe. Well, that's a cab. Would you? Don't raise a keeper? She's paramilitaries. I could use a Lassana. Yes, it's noisy Office. Don't go through a in weapons in the pokey. She's basically she's a trace Left Nikki Countries understand she's a go or no No Repola. She's ago overweight now l Apoula and think Another prophecy. I said she'd like you were in tow. It's a lesson not toe The Kia don't portray secular fuzzy. She's away. Tonight she's going over. No Luapula a a Turkey plus movie she's ago would see. I let Ricky if well said, It's just I made sick. You go to most earn It takes to support this song. See for God. It is a A killer goes and say my signal for without any Pola process. It's not for bed. I didn't pull of a personal for weather. Glamis e g. Ill Post. They vent that politics once Wojcicki. But as it she's Mnookin Avi. If he's a go, go with, um ski, she says, are with, uh, she's a with you. Better stop perimeter. She's a mannequin, Ari. Si se the toe a little minnow. She's I mean, I can always see Yes, she's a go go etc. Said. You don't do it and you told me to call a cocky. So let's not do it live. I ve had a Dicky Aceveda. Keep fascism in knocking. Or if either Rather the key. Tolliver's cycle bicycle model, even physical base. A conservative SCG ticket Where the key rather the Keitel. If I wish your physical body s Kumar's he was basically want to keep kid over there. The key, the weather, the kick of it she's await the finishes. Comes in would brought vertically digit Wesemann Sergey Yes, Pulse Asia Ellen thrown a see if intranet bouquet as such do isn't the answer to which could sausage for listen, the Wi Fi process this is making LF it doesn't form they work with his own, he said. For Baghdad really enter equal messes Ecuador two months must know for Hadad the Apoula propose My part of the commander sits a keeper of the common Siggins Seems like, you know, for the process, I really pull a safer than other. Okay, 51. Criando funções: I got almost crea a full song. Defied the most. A wonderful some pre mayor of the cypresses of normal duffel sound Yeah, he has Sebi. They belong guessing normal Put this past us. He was $4 pass oclock on their line. Normie, Normie, Toys has SAB. You gotta know Full sewing lace function. You accused every man. That's awful. Some bush oligarchs Significant is his arguments. They're pros will survive. Beautiful song Also anti social. He we need to That's a whole song. Yes, Izabela Shafi I'll feel now this awful so Okay, Akin Mayo Fico Score nothing so you can look open itself from so most vocal Aka Separated Fozzie quella my physical major strategic because what's was an example They come So careful is awful Song Kiko Cooley A major developers Ah, for so I said what daddy? Developers to sing followed stays Where the painting Those who are Yes, Ibiza followers had Thorner a major. I mean, if it's on my fuzzies. Okay, Wolf as l don't know me prayer. But somebody Major LeBron Dokey Rosa which measures enormous different size Jack ot the second way But example as a full sake jumped in way a couple imagine. Look out only for major days. You know they got a lot more for some way. So has say, Be giving a full song Fortune Armaments kickoff Answer. Be Like I said, I told me she's never told developers you will see a beautiful song Que graphical gorp That's awful, so fuzzy. I love a hisa. B is video. She's Coppola a major. The local community she's you model in for me at some major Somebody's with the Amy Monetary Me, Amy also create amante sake. Get they're still. As for Songcatcher, value additional ways, but a simple a major lose Valery's. Okay, The sports Ghadames followed a magic. You know, a Mito Coco and Miko has sportster principle. So you always want some bone with particles acquisitive. Selling you Rupert Video The bash. That's a full size symbols. I see Boko, Normie, you know me defend into that from Saudi schedule existing way. Apple. Our function from so English has said, Welcome it. You're equivalent Bracke. No places to stay up in a moment, but says she's keeps long they but so much trees with Tomas Elista keeper Simplify. Kabocha pain is a veto. He able say Hold, I suffer some I don't That's course gave itto the volatility of some impressive, difficult Tando. This is Komen's so backstop Click careful song as in Provo Canyon. Veto noticed. If I see it's gone looking Bosch also I see noise Quattro Saiz point You don't notice And those quite says with again today. And just like I got lucky it does so much as a mile made. Yeah, the K neighbor King Afonso Major has said be up in Islam It can you cover Gacaca Monument Moovit Tokyo Comedic area Notice Okay, Nunca kill Face in his debut is Vitor. Coca Cola made a decision Rumors after w prime in tow em if I gotta made this is no matters enough for some catch your morning creamy I'm major those followers a Cavallo, the Poison point Toffee Corky I made his followers that single So go look up Motor Vitto Oh , it'll is your question Sequestered normals north this See? So Gordon called oclock a major The notice if you don't make it Automated defendant Procurement Veto Uh, it was a particle er if he's a day and through the particle Occoquan soybeans glasses on while for looking positive. U S assess. Um Okay, don't for my civility files a 10 day. So but full songs CO McCrea, Food toys. Akin way neighbor. He told Joseph Press insofar as a every fitted for 7/4 toys. Okay, well, savory economies that I'm going veggie feed Cargie I made my sequester record was different , So close your eyes. 52. Project (part 1): Messala you're going to see are motivated Pratica Wonderful Cadel More full. So keep emphasising. Inserted Velarde's premier Ellicott Dashiell Loans the best. The card Astronaut Dave O. P. D. For my sewing like kill alone could know me sex because for most soils that kill alone, they poisoned for including assuage notice. But a simple I'm not in a premiere pro over, frequent or not raising the profile, not to sit a problem in the post minus dad Ever wash tra hella So selling that provides the provides. But as a secular Luneau said, you toil for provide or no yes, respective a major I said, Don't but a sissy But my step wish ways I wish that palace places will see Fuzzy which Berky s diverse avian sportster was the date for zip. What a prop Venezia Asia quiets Porter told me America is getting shaky along this awful song. You to fall in a party for sold aggressively property full storage, More full Sewickley at the travails, the command food, A full sound future it they had Rosica lock a Qantas. What is I will mean cell of snb this because about the tomato sauce, tomatoes, a key part Sicko can say devotion myself. For example, among Delon example e l s a penalty number. Parts of Oklahoma trades DOJ's own. Kill your mother. Your father is a plucky. There's a force on force. Another proversity example for saucy as a particle. Cocoa can know Mickey, but also Normie Yuk yuk Caprese. But Almer does present cooking number save because it qualifies a signature alarm or some taste. It's a fulsome hell is a singing that if it dance, Cardassia loans does. Has said so. Its not strange. Morse's or major. It is a fair provide Penguin Takada's their loans. She doing what you do that it is a intron, a particle that are still owns pickle care. Common. Kadosh Romero Homemade company. Taking a Separation will know me The book Local Economic e Manuel, My Loyal the Ladies I'll Body PD A cure to put the Crescent Are PDO sex? So be the daddy Pity hander support Daytona as Okie Supper. You normally classical men's implement Yuki subsidiaries. Notice not, you know, a toe, not a Doyce, you said not a trace to go north. Open Elijah More Sonata. The problem for you it to take 11 nautical GT are not in a proper do it for society. Yes, you do. Not today and not in a proper trays for it. Nor v get the Sierra nautical duty then. So the happy togut I am their major made it alone. No major major a key committees that I abilities alone are provide poquito pattern that they're Keesee. Well, Devon Oughta said he also bear the weight of a separate about policy cars into Do not await markets, said Doyle. For our provide, I'll peg with the card extra ultra Luna si o no ceiling total Hakeem Paula, I'm not that difficult in hippity Reedy. So I made it alone. A balloon trace Well, wonderfully hair privado Canastota Luna. I'm gonna ki ho better or better. No time to require to secret thing the visit of wanting to see cremated the cuadrilla meaning made Massetti a little head pro vod. No, it took five college. It is a real parc cadeau. These will be God. You Marshal Buckle darts locally. Does thinking Manuel for familiar today? Yes. Not as daily one Major Scola your store. So for program who have provided don't see good cause different power is not a stellar a major. You see for bravado, help robot! Yet the Sierra Linda ki l to settle in. Could you Tejo? Beth got to sink a six year made a female Delaford cuadrilla me, me, me a program a school Correct. Was it fast? Could make a washroom awful sober for Aziz. Come on, valet. Everybody's a sports. A proper Pacific I danger from Kiki will say it was a second Quincy Major presents like you're not afraid. Me so g f also printing. Ah, I don't also know. I don't know about that. Provides secure Wi Fi CIA made a full safety. Also Berio Prima a provide a safe for our bash decided pre my pro fathers. And we've now this is a making It's a key and four really more straw I was numerous care detail Wrong Acutely needs you Eltish toe. The more so programmer defies problems. They can taste indefinite coupled a soldier motion station. Accommodation is see how if we did offers a It also pass a proposed smile Was there maybe? Oh, close to give us a complaint, Clark presents a day in my boot. Parasitical discussion face has oh, it tomes. He will say the fact No caustic Imation. I was a pass a proper a small It is 53. Project (part 2): evens la confers. They go for the school Project Records has the most re now long video. He made a course surface. He I don't know me Press awful song as I feel so don't know me. Example You go OK aqui as a place that Bandel Mm momento. No matter whether the nose alien according for Sunday at Moe's a some number trying to see Iowa. But it say Elena is a blue simple dough is outraged Siperco crack cocaine American things There's a clock so norm Ecological lung capacity is a perception so cool. Okay, full size Ample NAMI deliver says simple for myself so that they keep their food Quantities are made Sufferance All right there. So, looking at the pains, I see us a full song mas prepare a body. Your key air party differently. Solar Very obvious. Guebuza It goes on for the official mother. Nor miss. It'll only norms GM with the correct Terry in a surgical Jacob Innocent. Correct. Every person who's gonna news class saying toe ibazeta problem. Okay, calm in America are British, but I can tell you 14 months Antiwar so told the fee Nido. Quite so. It means for the Arvis problem. Prophet does it proper trays. So numbers in the Tiffany are straight from America's common America. Come on, America Economic. I made it a May over half in America. Ethnic economic. You're very fishy. Ah, spot it is Korea Seoul coach passed on the mortar mice. They don't a no follow doing for my song. A kids there any former, some prayers kiss. It was so angry. Other coma character, given this stop bravado. Bravado. Yeah, Gore Alu knows l'm not a frame. How lose myself, Milberg the Darts. It's a book. Did that? Zakia. It's like your daughter frame celebra two single neighbor Don't let alone a part that of friends, you think call Luna's alias a scolding so very obvious. Disney's soc defeats discuss He told that a frame equal are the premier of whatever normal hockey moan, A symbol of what we have. A proper states say they probably always mellow problem when I probably always prophet raise, they put heavy, signalled a major. It just throw something else if or provide a high profile that a friend could push the do is very high risk. So category is no mean eyes get continued secretary characters. It's enormous. Isn't a song. Ramon Prado's product Razia made us over the original medicine for the Iraqi. Okay. Career sold out of frame. This is our moment. A key. It looked any reformer song continuing cars off a crea um, school illness, but 600 yards? Yeah, he visits. So as it was something Tok and the key sit was so it will definitely l a contractor, uh was definitely contract a turkey yet the telecom character Very yet Well, is April okay? Conical kcet waas song Jackie Seema Definitely correct the push co create a Ella date through Do not a framing elephant for money fatto secure phone milkers measurement If indeed we're lucky The cement contractor then through the build out of frame me LF we trust for Madi Fatto, I'll tell Have a 10 2 Eastern Karelia Conforto the Ellen Enormous carriage doors from corrector Don't hate the finicky com character Okay lets that a frame couldn't clear that the Freemen of fitted for money photo you two more straight He called de facto seven Asia cholesterol over space sores notebooks kozulj notified African so factories is so say that kids for torture for Riyadh's they see cars is the second most in fatto in Nova. Sit on over. Normal is so versatile, normal for adolescents. If we don't owe hair color. Conrail had a few nickel new characters secretary characters. So I submit a party showman definition Saudi. Very obvious. So definitely sound is so. I refinished Sony that very average given Louisa, they go here the full sound. 54. Project (part 3): the push dies. Definite starter for the Arvis said Viper s a big guilting. You loss equation the print sucky You just let me take a look. Pato Diego all programa It said prices Father, Kill for the keel world at some fish to the Zandl key. Quite such for soy is there. Why so is school models was the colorful son The particle consequence was exactly equal. Okay, Quadra Fras for silence us each full size scenes that if it does that the sports David idea What that does to the trees. Okay. Eso extra days to prove you are okay. That was a false thing, Angel, bring Got bashed. Don't bring to keep you can't on their loans. What about turkey? Tgt Could I still long did you to I was there. Fuzzy will save, right? Big guy can be important thes and also argue this. And also I don't care if I take it you that won't cause trouble. So I think Capitana Capito, Rocky local of agita. The Capito rivals as a full song is come. Esseker was the capital. What is? Eliminates Capital, Seoul Kappa. Sociology. Just like a loose intel. Did you dio He does someone lamento such a task? Doj's But as empty textile looms disease, eat the murders there the police, digital metal trays, digital door is no matters. A sequence. The pain is the capital. Raissi. Was that liberty? Ciccolo? Cakir? What the eBay has said Pyszka school. It's actually very Don't survive to talk once limit of six Zach year infinitum. Age Su casa Para So the what? Wait a key. No cheat on a partner. It's got any going. It's always a new middle Penis, but you don't raise a keeper. Example. Jack about brought Kabul. Anyone who Michael number principal kind of got trace. For example, If I pd trays numbers, give it off trays, you see brought bottle So I see in a keeper zero capital Orry opinions will element number No call for the numerical coordinated Does digital plastic here? They have said be we scored the u have a stable middle. Some supposed economy trade. They should sell numero pain in some Number three region A zone that I surf Also Mikey scum 11 capita I former Some of this is ona does wireless and K Okay, 55. Project (part 4): I gotta avoid this young while. Look up! This is gonna come. Why? Rookie liberal kwon, do you come a second? Extra loans. You difficult battle. Don't take other some eyes. See? It's also a parody card. Extra Ojito there Labour Premier, Look at the show. Prenatal Ella Pinto Second quarter narcotics to see you Thank you. I could the chuckle keep grocery Just open email A little in Wana See I'll for hip it. You cannot along either proposal V s Army surgeon or homemade cake. Other start over made for O K. C. I understand Hobart the state Alona because that school Tanaka Boston Scientific data difficult Mother still in compassion Congressional A lot of chicken coop Zahra kill particle extra. You took it in a while. Can suffer Sona equal to she's figure. See, I quit a little. Tap a car for a while. It's aggressive, Eldad. Okay, she's got no syndrome. Okay, Norman kept milk. Come Photo, Kadosh. They are a vessel. What on Cookie? So right, Ron Wyo case A path to cut the actual So Vicodin extra in quota. She's for grown. Is that a Medicare will pay. Want a cutter? Stand over. Made Okay, So how does over made terrific a hot dog cart that whatever said she does there? Okay. Kasich, it'll there also be a cure. She's my cigar Gone by cigar waas their ego monkey with a foul. So I know in from eyes Well said your wire for Sona equal. It was in digital there. Okay, So I feel so now Cut the actual case while What do I want you? Jetta Digital's their side Qatar's in Cremona. Taylor who know me know me Cup, Normie. Dutch points. It will take just a walkway. Business was our digital walkways. Don't kill digital. Eliska Capital would kill for me. How long does your mother nor me go to Monetise? Normie, Who is this? You saw Second? I wanted that the character. You know, I always if so Morelia So capital room, neighbor school. Cynical Okanagan. If I say I want to follow you Said Thomas a key Korakia in ego, always of a sit down. Anyone does associated Jewish? That Feliz Doc You call. Okay. Presume any masks? So it's a thought. You kill a state of a Syria corrected the normal killed just a prolonged me or like you well, Normie Yitzhaki, Vice squad. I don't know somebody official, mother nor me. I did. Boys, is your gonna Taylor? Not on. Not on. I would. Not only is the capital up in a zoo is east through subpoenas. Loomer present. If I go out, I'm program. I got another door is me Opinions Ways East if I got a proper do is enough a system Proper trays have been a Zulu miracle of a capita This equities Are you Keiko? Physic You usually towards the Straits province towards us. A strange north excuse. Oh, are you uto? It wasn't Torres Ellis. You want equal a mention? Mother notice. The problem is it's not a vessel. Vitto contain trace elements. The token trays numbers. It's strange. Numerous possible, um, agencies on the Deco column Major, we'll save you. Kill the more stra is that I mean to key. Come there really more secure anymore. Strah Who's the Mercure GT in Hip? Betty? Their consistency Everything was impossible. Really Help pay to numerous key for oh, cover strange particulars not well. Make your physique deaf in usual. The unusual the keys so nobody ever shot. But before that you permit finale notice. Artistic wants Elementary raised the card you want to trace? Told by a premium age Makos treasure is misma quiza a three aspersion epochal Kvamme Buddha . A Penis numeral major before John got a volume volume cash out of I do mata trees jacket Evelyn on toilet paper me know that the rover dishes possible Not in a row over Jordan Georgia value If Icka northen the rover. Okay, well itself also get Ilam Jefferson the seat Former but eating so pretty Give us a call Akaki dentally cream myself also get the library me more pot but like your bathroom Villa Marquis was a cake year cap Arisa Risa Puerto e primo party Jewish that I don't think a bathroom that they brought that back to you. Want to see? Barely No American points able Dad, It's number principle that medical psychological and three fingers you want but the doors of fish to the bathroom. No, no. Are you Loomer? Keep I say person. Elizardo Damariscotta jacket. Evelina, We terrific and not in a problem. Yes, he would apart today Chicago gets Cetinje. I just I made secure, all right? Not in a proper yucky. As with the participation to get together your name Pulling a key on a process. Okay. Typical aka This parcel in does pass you bring one north us the poses song Shorter visual significant North is going door Strange note Thank you for the digital age. Really strange Northern for digital this eternity Orvieto with top quality trades for this Oil Corp with the song not own couples although is a lot of those couples Entrees another trees Medicus, Sujata sp marriage Iraqi its mirror Lopez volume not does deposits darky north on a pro va gente with a part of the issue. This parcel You know, middle before that he made a premiere or not here, not us gov to notice. Get interest, not ish. So George value it'll knots not presume a premiere or not the most. Your mother pulling you got to see a multiple alien. Okay, you're clerical digital sake. And while you saw not in a pro va Georgia, I said that it's possible he a proper not a key for jihad, Kirky. Cessation while you're so circus that's pulling a key. Sarah Bata behind Ali. A deeply me eso no tiene key in premium bash is the most as the minimally. OK, I The point is born. We will bring the sake Ellie Volta, thank God without a value. Valid, though, is not in a proper do is I say no. That's so. It's not as though is a sequel. The not did not deserve it. The question is not Is not those a single or not? Maybe you see Well, they're not the Brazilian kilometer. This George George Beverly got a trace It a mayor would mujahedin. Pok late did not to the trees. So I don't want the trees. Short stories about the personable trays Yeah, with American If I also me going to show the food trays a key African not enough problem trays. Cetinje with sparse So spots a key something apart. It takes to get catch something with sparse vegetation Permitted participation of looking the other summit Promise parts. Okay, not this Gionta cannot a straight not repulsed entrees and north discover it'll not those trays, dissident. Not for jihad anymore. Okay, Flowing in is it for it's a particular your kids Helen, Browse Ouaddou quest for us, not the skill Digital 56. Project (part 5): I've got a mostly Kachemak locally as majors, you're being a little note. Ozil Aguada Ill Aguada Strange notice Digitalis Belluardo And it was not still not a zoom. Hey, it's not as do this and not a straight s policy. Not us, not the zoom. Yeah, but you don't know the notice. There's a signal in order, not the Straits. Yes, it is it or not, Entravision. So applicant for Samir probably will notice. Deliver faster Key co column made of the notice. So just like your vote is what could be quite true. Single decision. You call for me? Um, the bay. Okay, So much authority. People want that. Don't Places are paso model toe the dividend block data key. So please come here. You did not. Is whether I made the school a Costa Mesa kitty. May Dia is color Oakley and made it. He noticed a little notice Equal day This element tomorrow, Major escala I was f So Kate never made Captain Metapan imitation of Soak it with a secure made it alone of those points. Ah, party He a personal is other. Soak it. It's a compact fixer, Your party personals, Other people's apart intuition bathroom, but personal Alizadeh But the door is it's a party We party toys on batch fixes Nick, you Hamouda Pasto may die in three fingers. Don't call our country View us as some magic e made Scola Djokovic Ochoa Remarkable that determine Peguy Secure private Italian according you call a candidate on me, Dickie Okay. Yeah, that amazing you have you thought there the process Summit After locating trace parts there's two parties. May you you take the doors that they should be looking neither They saw people only in some age so behind in total of empathy Miyuki Coppola major in pre me some major What a typical sign Primi that poor skills Mpri mu I strange Not as easy targets in hippie, you know, People said uto PTU, Bravo city tie the present have paid not tell Akiva Sutjipto the Paschal a pity you sneak emphasis. Now all of a sudden display case I topic before I really hate pre Merely more separable. Circular city itto the most approves. Who are you pro zarco fairy? You can keep your teeth at once. You said you toe is so you so easily It opposes Lhasa made the kill alone 57. Project (part 6): the push. People say Jostle, see towards not there's a killer moon. Strange notice now evil say shaping uber callup. Kaela Judge Ito Extra Prahalad said. Yuto is re sees not only not a doughnut Threes I made a decision on each arm was through a major, but it was a lie. That's a big sell persona. But I was OK. We've more singing that. But this is a making a secular media for my your oig wah Wah said. Also the second of May, the force said said Going along that well, a single they said Brasi mur and Tricky most about This is so make. She's lucky for Veta. Do cities have made it for my book? It's set in Turkey in pre McHale for provide are gonna provide equals G s approach a song assess It was so why the killing a pro Vado that this It was so Michael alone. Okay for Cabo in tracking the CFE so made see as a constant for such faith. Made a deal for my group It said it went critical for provide innocent or so daily of what is a our problem my cell mate Did they love for my work. It's 30. It will give I safe. Also a no vie track Ident. Refill Apoula Cordell Apoula Eloquent ratio to If this is you make kiddies awesome. May discolor form in, Naka said. Or Lucky and Mindo. So come in like Wow Ashoka Tricky because a camera ground think seminal keep beggar. Who said brought Seema a keep beggar at that stage. Rolla North said the foreign so ankle was looking Siemer. See who can t o say does that? I mean side in total like I like you, Murdoch said. City of on my hard work, he said, When I look asserting you character acidity may bring Lisa Viper metes bookended by such far Zeki message for Zeki the Cocky Some you know it does your major daily for men Knock it said seven. Track you. I came by the thousands. This car is not a deal for sage. It's like us a false my pool. I see if I can take you say them in Okay Said see doing prima alone. Oh hey! Provide equal Had Espersen daily commute Sando Hey provide! Believe it's about this is so make. Okay, come on, Fuzzy! If what? Well is like your morphy. What is a key? Will that a framing criado America creates that a French German news but the finished solid body armor create Start a free, make your some of their loans. It'll apologize for my soy battle looms opposes. So we people. So years off Remember key that a friend meeting lease called Luna's Ali i E. The free Do You years was an opus. A bill when you are asked a while Tiffany EECOM sandals. I don't know that a frame me get sigaty former So the killer loan Kasey Curtis through a problem daily Prophet do is a proper trees. I made a daily yester some daily cigar that William That's Eliza. Don't the personal stake. Other strap Nobody does it alone I Marcelino Kustra Ultra low. No see, you know sit Say it was a Becchio killed agita way, said Babul Deka. She's talking Bill is into in second and extra water alone. Don't we've I think I'm entitled a bookie? Well, you know, for premier will kick other stone over Luneau intel If I cut a strand and toys it take other Several voted Very brilliant Do is this couple is a kiwi. You're gonna Beverly Bison. You see if we can unify superstate. We are Lulu Kill Cutter Stow Official car last round over by superstition. Do we kill Castro wants those septic Crimean talk You we barely cover stonewalling airport Stadio We've I think you killed you to keep This is honest kick other thrown over a cigar that Bush's becomes killed Tito So she's revolution keep while she's got no single saying happy together And if he now they know they're alone us you know, since you don't saw people while you way overstate beatable cases If I said that convent Daddy a single my poor to cure possible Latakia She's got there. Take other start alone. No, don't go there. Cocky zero Plus, she's also be a cure. She's always saying What's wrong with these? They're NATO speculative house. I live I say the compassion and I say Do why Sign of the while Sectarian The key inviting Aubrey Gago Must Rabuka did as Dutch points. You, Kirky, hit! Thorny! Hey, Tony, are toe return Thorny! Alan's a lose that a framing Creagh dhu. Quite Kellison. Lose knobs before strands kilogram Or secure the postcard. I must rule that the frame landra que nobody God beside it will take you there. Procida got passionate anymore. So But did I just give us a car? That's true. Okay, Steve, I do the vault down another. The critic is a project. Oh, for sake. Comas. Empirical. Okay, listen. Pacifica credit key markets set in the present to guarantee view, the articles made a top of the question minutes away. So the family, they never had 19,000 studio. My affair made their way. Stop it in some way, okay? 58. R para ETL parte 1: program A Percival Middle Second with the request is reforming. Depend eight So seen formal That leaves the I was the people in this process. The Coast song globally. And we are very boys. Damage to the You can't start a database for your mother. The scene process faster. Leavis process identical sequester chasms and three boys. Process of treasured daughter is and was a means of separatism in the this process. Because you songs Qahira must be fed. Ain't third the size Dodge City. You, Wisc Amused was for Russia. Don't commute in your head. The proposed three s in this system. Yes, Subway selling with definite even fix a provision is the mecca Your sister thes equation compresses your past decision. Jenna Weiss. I'm already the space stories from Real and Chris. Is it impossible? Pass? You think I should? What do you think? Prospal? Pass sitting cross more existing vials. My support areas. They will say grand set days. Places are here for Baltimore. Stra Ali watching garbled sina. What? Most transition viruses 44. My son was in the base, but city was intending Every transistor Bocaly dodge the virus was transit with large away made the pitch tries with a specific and restore. Still, two rods can afford to do is to pull it, fell it. Give it up out of faulty the vic used Dodge two days. It's true. This is our family and expressed through to round mice about Does this apart you daily body looks the most probable past. You want more struck for the several schools in portable dogs are miles. The boys are party toys. Parts of he rejected the one also zero being Fargas. Oh, the color because it went through in the tunnels in color. The former martial Elaine in the big cities, Elizabeth Normal made for survive. Ultraviolet, who've Irish cleanliness, told Acela's intelli goddess, this simple Sabella. So in three hours there was Take This Food Brea. He had also pose for my interested bombs. Responsive fate. Akin Way. Okay, Sara Pascoe, Kia Ramallah Strings Sacristy character. Someone who would you can automate will say Berrocal for my song. He bought stock there. Sicko, saggy. Happy time for my sewing is a specific present days toe movement, a condition for my cinders at the okay, Good start postings saying, OK, who's Dad's Vaca machines? Separate barrels is fresh formals and others in rumors that is missing from this now. But I can fix stop fairness. The way I see don't respectable Sissi has come. You see along with the usual success, not retarded protection. Rudisha Nesa All of the next support there s always linking Got on the schools. Meanwhile, things links gate provisional say Theo.