Quintuplet Course for Drummers

Lindsay Artkop

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Understanding Quintuplets

    • 2. Quintuplet Pivoting Exercises

    • 3. Quintuplet Accent Exercises

    • 4. Your First Quintuplet Groove!

    • 5. Your First Quintuplet Fill!

    • 6. Quintuplet Independence Exercises


About This Class

This Course is an introduction to Quintuplets. We begin by learning about the music theory behind quintuplets, so you understand how they are constructed, how to count them, and how to play them. In each of the remaining lessons we cover exercises that strengthen your performance of this grouping, and infuze quintuplets into your grooves and fills. Some of the concepts covered include sticking, accents, pivoting, navigation, permutation, grooves and fills.  

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