Quiet or Riot: Colour Communication in Your Art

Jen Dixon, Abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

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8 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials Needed

    • Colour Communication: Mood & Message Part 1

    • Colour Communication: Mood & Message Part 2

    • Palette Creation: Adobe Color & Adobe Capture

    • Project: Reference Palettes & Practice Sketching

    • Final Thoughts and Thank You

    • Quiet or Riot: Intro Bloopers


About This Class


This class on using colour is aimed at artists, but the principles are useful for designers and developers too.

Welcome to Quiet or Riot: Colour Communication in Your Art.

In this class, we’re going to take your use of colour to a new level by exploring the way colour communicates mood and message. This class assumes you have some experience in creating colour wheels and mixing basic colours, or digitally, have some previous experience with considering colour from various colour systems.

We will dive into WHY we use certain colours, WHEN to use them, and WHAT they communicate. You’ll learn to recognise basic colour psychology by looking at everything from logos, to art masterpieces, to Instagram filters, learning how their use of colour affects our understanding - and interpretation - of the image.

We’ll decipher sample palettes from photographs using online tools, and then mix watercolour swatches guided by what we discover.

In the downloadable material, I’ll give you simple sketches to use as a template for rapidly exploring different colour palettes to communicate a variety of moods.

By joining me in this class, you’ll take your understanding of colour - and its power to communicate - to a new level in your art. You’ll have the tools you need to create appropriate palettes whether quiet, riot and beyond.

Enrol now and let’s get started.



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This class is packed full of useful info, but easy to follow!! I love the mix of using Adobe CC with the paint box. I too now have the app on my phone and am loving exploring colour with it! Now, time to do the projects! Thanks for the downloads - makes it easy to concentrate on the colours having sketches ready to download .... and I note the useful online site lists too. Thanks Jen for a really great class!
very interesting class. Learnt a lot about colors.
Great quick course packed with information!





Jen Dixon

Abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

Jen Dixon works mostly in mixed media abstract and figurative painting. She is also an illustrator, writer, and teaches privately both groups and individuals. Originally from Indiana, she now lives in a windy village on the North Cornwall coast of England.

Having led her first drawing classes at the age of six, she continued with art throughout her school days by selling portraits and sign-painting for local businesses. She taught art to young teens before achieving a degree in Industr...

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