Quickly Pack 10 Paleo Lunches (and prep breakfasts!)

Cara Comini

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    • 10 Paleo Packed Lunches + Breakfasts (freezer cooking)


About This Class

Children on healing diets sometimes feel alienated- oftentimes they already feel different than their peers due to health issues, developmental challenges, or difficulty with social interactions. To have to eat weird food on top of that can sometimes be too much.

For other families, the children really don’t mind eating differently from their peers- but there are judgments and criticisms from staff at schools about the family’s eating habits (this breaks my heart, but it’s a reality) and sending normal-lookinglunches can help avoid this particular battle.

These lunches and breakfasts for the most part look like typical homemade lunches, but they are free of grains, starches, and refined sugar.  They are compatible with the GAPS and SCD diets.

If you’re an adult eating grain-free, these are a fun way to indulge your inner child, and revisit your lunchroom favorites without setting off inflammation, blood sugar turbulence, and allergic responses.

A note about treats and packaged food: I normally limit my children’s treats to ‘occasional’ but when everyone else at the lunch table has pudding cups, cookies, chips, fruit snacks, and candy it’s easy to feel left out. These lunches all have *healthier* treats in them.  For packaged food- not only are these shelf-stable for your home, but they look similar to what other children have in their lunches, without the junk.

Want to freeze these? Check the notes in the storage instruction sheet.

Special Equipment Used:

In addition to the basic kitchen equipment (see this page) used, we also use:

Plastic divided containers (I have 5 per child so that I can prep an entire weeks’ worth of lunches at one time) * yes, I use plastic. These don’t always come home, and the stainless steel are expensive! Also, we have been to schools that don’t allow metal lunch containers. If you use stainless, a way to do this is store all your lunches in a glass container, and then quickly portion into your child’s stainless steel lunch container that morning.  The prep is already done for you, so it will just take a moment.

Bamboo cutlery (Public schools sometimes will not allow metal utensils.)

Gummie bear molds

Waffle Maker



Included in this unit:


Strawberry on Waffles

Lunchmeat of Choice on Waffles


Sliced fruit of choice


Cultured Carrot Sticks


Orange Juice Gummie Hearts (or bears!)

Breakfast Cookies


Homeade Yogurt Cups


Breakfast Cookies

Packaged Snacks:

Lara Bars

Stretch Island Fruit Leather


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This video really inspired me to start freezer cooking