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Quick&Simple Portrait Class | Adobe Fresco

teacher avatar Sofi Naydenova, Illustrator, Fine artist, Indie Game Dev

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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1 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Quick portrait class

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About This Class

Hi everybody! Thank you for checking out my new class.

In this class, we are going to draw a simple portrait in Adobe Fresco. 

For this class, you will need an ipad with Adobe Fresco (or Procreate) and a bit of imagination (or see this pinterest boad ( https://pinterest.com/sofinaydenova2/portraits-skillshare-class-board/ )

For a more detailed approach, check out my other class on drawing portraits :)

Don't forget to share the results :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sofi Naydenova

Illustrator, Fine artist, Indie Game Dev


Hello, I'm Sofi. I'm an illustrator with over 5 years of experience.

I am also a creator of Happy Doggo Studio, an indie game studio.


If you wish to get to know me better as an artist, you can read my story here:



I hope you will enjoy my classes See full profile

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1. Quick portrait class: Hi everyone. My name is often either nova. As you may know. I'm fine artist, illustrator, designer. And I'm so glad that you're watching my, I guess fifth this course. Today we are going to draw a portrait, just a simple portrait without a sketch. Very loosely, very naive. And basically is a painterly style, but in Procreate. So as you see, it's kind of a comic style facial expression of a woman who was a little bit tired. And she says, I hate people. You don't have to write this. You can invent your own story and your own setting. My character is an introvert and she is tired of living in a crowded city, I don't know. So she maybe a little bit rude. And again, you don't have to write this and don't take it personally. So I think we can start. So one more thing is that in this class you can experiment a lot. And yeah, Just have fun. As usual. So first, I defines a head shape. And I pick any color I want. In this case, I pick pinky color, very saturated. And I kind of start to sculpt out the face was a brush. So I can make around J or just a little bit over. And I start to color it in. And today I'm using very loose brush. So my image will look really painterly. So I continue with the ears. The ears are very important. They don't have to be symmetrical because symmetry it doesn't exist in the human body. And I continue with the hair. So I'm just thinking about what hairstyle as a woman will have. Again, I'm drawing without sketches to kind of boost my creativity and choose brown color. Nothing fancy and unusual. It's her natural color, so she doesn't like bright colors on her hair. And now I think that she might have a really simple hairstyle. Just the hair behind the ears. So the face is completely open and we can experiment with it more. Next, I draw the eyes. And the eyes will be on the line of the upper part of the ear. Because that's how the anatomy works. But we don't paint realistic portrait. But still, it's kind of important to draw just the basics of the anatomy. If you know what I mean. After the ice, I take the red color, really bright red color. It works very well with a pink color of the face. And I draw the part in the ears. And the legs. Don't have to be super, you know, like super nice and tidy. It's a big brush. So I just define the shape of the lips. And it will create a kind of, I don't know, I like it, how it looks. And next, we will draw shadows. So we pick a color in-betweens, the facial color and the red one. So it's kind of peachy pink color. And we draw the shadows against the IRS, under the eyes, the nose, and the chin. So imagine where's the light is coming from and just draws a shadow on the chin like against the direction whereas the light is coming from? Yeah, logical. And of course, I draws a shadow under his hair because to define that as a hair, his volume. So now let's go a little bit more details. So. We'll take a strong black color and just defines the ice. And the upper part, or I also draws a pink color on the upper part of the eye. So this woman will have strong make-up. Very strong. I also defined as the pupils. Yeah, that's how they are called the eyebrows. And now I'm thinking that it's none her natural hair color. So I will draw this kind of black spots on the hair to show that actually she has black hair. And also I defined the ellipses, the nose, and chin a little bit, although I'm not sure. You cannot be always sure. When you paint without a sketch. Yeah. So if you want a more detailed painting, just take a center brush. I'm not doing it today. I guess the yellow and the green ones. It really goes well, is it pink and red? But actually, I want to yeah, like you saw something like that. The cherries on the background will be very cute and beautiful. Like to show that she's actually a very kind and also a little bit vulnerable person. And she like sweet things. So I'm painting so cherries and it also goes well and the color choice, because I take the same red and draws it, takes the same like color. Close. Maybe that's how I view now that I'm a little bit tired of living in the city and kind of drawing my self-portrait of yeah, to show that I'm tired of people and of the crowd. And I want to be alone. Kind of. These don't be sad. Just think what you want to express in your picture. Because I know that lots of people don't like this, like root and a little bit to preserve quotes. So think about something else you want to write or just don't write anything if you want to. So yeah, that was a quick class. I hope you had fun. And also, yeah. To finish the picture, just take some kind of a textured image laid on top and lower the opacity down. So your image will have a kind of grainy texture. It will look awesome. And kind of retro style. Please write in the comments if you enjoy the class. And if you enjoyed this format of the class. Drawing. Because I just wanted to show you how to quickly draw a nice portrait of an interesting a character and create a story. But if you want to dive into more detail, I advise you to take my other courses such as enhancing the illustration. I think. I don't remember how it's cold. And I cover their drawing detailed portrait in Adobe Fresco and Photoshop, as well as adding details to the image to look at nice and polished. And also check out my other classes. Yeah, I think that's it. Thank you so much for watching and have a nice day. Bye.