QuickBooks Self-Employed Basics for Business Owners Online! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

QuickBooks Self-Employed Basics for Business Owners Online!

Jerry Banfield, Gaming, Music, and Teaching!

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12 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Welcome to easier business account and taxes online!

    • Connect bank accounts, PayPal, and credit cards to get real time data

    • What makes Quickc Books Self Employed Awesome is live business profit reports

    • Invite an accountant to help with getting your QBSE setup

    • Setup transaction rules to avoid hours of work using spreadsheets

    • Use profit and loss reports to track income and expenses daily

    • Tax reports show US schedule C expenses all year

    • Using QuickBooks SE to assist with filing taxes

    • I work a little bit at a time on my taxes for months

    • Paying my estimated taxes during the year

    • Microsoft Excel exports for entering many transactions in TurboTax

    • Project for QBSE is to show what you did using this class


About This Class

Enroll in this class about QBSE to see how I use QuickBooks Self-Employed to track all of my business income and expenses in real time as a US based sole-proprietor business owner!  Learn what has taken me 5 years to discover in making my taxes easier in just an hour!  See the tips and tricks I use to maximize my profit and plan my entire life around my business.

Enjoy in this class a look inside of QuickBooks self-employed and get 50% off when you use my link at http://fbuy.me/dGXHJ.





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Jerry Banfield

Gaming, Music, and Teaching!

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