Quick knits: Make a super chunky knit hat in less than an hour | Cara Corey | Skillshare

Quick knits: Make a super chunky knit hat in less than an hour

Cara Corey, Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer

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5 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Knitting the hat

    • Decreasing at the top

    • Seaming the hat


About This Class

This giant knit hat is guaranteed to keep you super warm in cold weather! Take advantage of a trend toward huge yarns and giant knitting needles to make a hat that works up in less than an hour. 


This project is great for beginning knitters, although you do need to know how to knit, purl, and do a K2TOG decrease. You do not need to know how to knit in the round as this project is worked on straight needles and seamed. 

Materials needed:

• 1 skein jumbo size (size 7) yarn or 1/2 pound wool roving (I love the yarn from coffeeandblankets.com or wool roving split to half the thickness. Look for seasonal chunky yarns in the fall & winter, too.)
• size US 50/25 mm straight knitting needles





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Cara Corey

Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer

Hi, I'm Cara and I'm a former journalist-turned-pattern designer. I specialize in modern knitting designs using giant needles and unique materials (see my work at caracoreydesigns.com). I make everything from hats and scarves to pillows, poufs, and other home decor. I absolutely love knitting and crochet, and I couldn't put my needles down if I tried.

I have two little kids, so my plate is very full right now, but I believe you always have to make time for creativity.

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