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Quick fashion figure sketches. Part 1

teacher avatar Evgeniy Stasenko, Postcards from Barcelona

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Female figure, front view

    • 3. Female figure, back view

    • 4. Proportions and details

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About This Class

Figure drawing fast and easy? It is posible for everybody, you don't need even drawing experience. This class will help you to master technique of very quick fashion figure sketches.


After short training you'll be able to draw quick working sketches for yourself to depict your ideas. It is important to understand how definite kind of clothes fits the figure. And drawing the figure is usually more complicated task than drawing clothes. I want to share with you technique making figure drawing easy and quick, some kind of figure-in-one-minute sketch.
So, I invite you to try quick fashion figure sketches together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evgeniy Stasenko

Postcards from Barcelona


Hello, I'm Evgeniy.

I am an artist from Moscow but recently I moved to Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Padagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department and have practiced both fine arts and teaching ever since, simultaneously more than 20 years.

As teacher I have always aimed at creating an integral system, a consistent range of methods that would allow me to effectively teach drawing and painting to any person regardless of skills. These methods come as the result of experience; they are tested in practice and proven to give fast results. As well, I have a vast experience in creating specific short-term courses, not to mention fine art workshops, etc.

 In Barcelona I organise sketching workshops for tourists. We are sketching the architecture landmark... See full profile

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1. Introduction: way. My name is Eugeny. I am an artist from Moscow now living in Barcelona. I have practiced both fine arts and teaching since graduated more than 20 years. By now, as a teacher, I work on methods which allow toe teach, drawing any person regardless off skills. So you don't need any experience to use my glasses. This glass we will help you toe master technique off very quick, efficient figure sketches. A friend of my fishing designer asked me once toe help her this technique off course she could find on the Internet a lot off. We use teaching to draw Caracas. Yuzhin then hit me like in a fish in college. But it wasn't what she needed. Question was not about fashion illustration. She wanted to be able to draw the Greek sketches for herself. Why? Working on some ideas? Some kind off a figure in one minute driving to look half definite kind of gloves. Fit, figure and she wouldn't be satisfied by buyer like schematics. She wanted something. We'll be bit and elegant but quick. So finally I found approach toe Fulfill this dusk and no, uh, it straight Greek oppression figure sketches together way 2. Female figure, front view: way. Hi. I'm glad to see you're cured. Let's take a look at my technique off Greek fish and figure sketches. The need for our sketches. Shit of better. A five Bentiu and a razor. You start from a staging female figure facing us. First, they will try to draw sketches using some kind off, minimal framework we used with framework. In order to teach our hand toe keep proportions, you be using proportions and more or less close to really figure. We don't use the beautiful style off 10 head Evan, gated fish and figure. And because Vidro working sketches for ourselves, we need more realistic picture and I'll show you have to draw it a few lines. Only divide please, for our figure in three equal parts before isn't the lines this is it right? And when a preferred video right before isn't a went in to house, it is level off. Shoulders distance from the shoulder line. Tow rope line is equal toe off our framework, the mark with with two vertical lines. This marks the middle off our friend with vertical line distance from their shoulder line to the top line video in to house and in upper half the put circle brain case off skull and from bottom be up to it. Ah Lang, a Floater Joe line of shoulders. We do a little bit shorter, and from its sides, the drone reversed arc off, just gauge to the bottom side over up Erfurt. When Medio 30 debate before, isn't the land in two cows and put circle in the upper square, and now we throw out our counter off legs with long, smooth curves from left and the right side of a circle to the bottom line. They are slightly bend it inside in upper part off lower short. This Ben's mark from bottom set off circle the draw in 1/4 off Lex with long, smooth curves to the bottom land. They go around outer knee bends, repeating them, and underneath Ah, they are forming. Another band directed outside this drove neck is health off, head in beef with two curves, the draw inside of the neck. They've shoulder land. Now it's time to dro outer counter over arms. If long, smooth curves from left and right side off shoulder land to a bottom level of a circle. We are slightly bended outside in upper part off middle Third. This is elbow level. We started this line the little Ben's, to make shoulders around it from armpits. The drone Inner Gunter's of arms with long, smooth curves On the elbow level, they are slightly bended inside. So on the Elbe Labe will the sea arms. Little figure the drove if curves slightly bended inside. Billy. Part of a boarding? No, he drove with feet. We drove him. Love everyone bottomland. The souls go little farther outside. One inside cans himself. I start to draw from funds. They are closer to inner part Ofrece other line off hand goes around from Benjamin in joints. Length. Off hand is a little bigger. Oven health off forearm. Let's add some details. Breast in the middle of a chest cage and ice in the middle of heads, mouth, ice and mouth. I drove just if around sports bacon, mark elbows and knees and finally, at fair off anything they'll be like. So our create fresh and figure skitch is radium. In next video, I'll be back with more details on subject. See you soon. Bye bye way 3. Female figure, back view: way. Let's continue Greek fishing to your sketches. Now we will be trying back for you off first engine female figure. This time we will be using more simple framework developed sidelines again. The the right place for height off our figure in three equal parts. The of course in the lines. The vertical land in upper part, the mark middle over figure and then in the middle off upper shirt visual. Or isn't the line off shoulder Lil Upper cough. We divide with another course in tow line to mark place for skull, part and neck part. Now we drove shirt off skull brain case and the mark with off shoulders equal toe distance from shoulder level to the top. It is the same us to diameters off skull circle van from sites off shoulder line, vitro reversed Arkoff chest cage to the bottom side. Off up. Erfurt, Middle third. The divide before isn't a line in to house and put circle in tow. Upper part. And now we've long, smooth cars from left and right side of a circle, the dro outer counter off legs to the bottom line. We are slightly been that insight on any level in upper part off lower furred from bottom side of a circle vitro inner contours over legs with long, smooth curves. They go around outturn events and another bends directed outside. They are foreman under release. The draw outer counter off arms with long smoke carves flight depended outside another part off middle fares from the shoulder level to the bottom level, off circle from armpits. The draw. Inner corners over arms, the long, smooth curves on the elbow label arms are little figure lives, drove a neck from backside. Monarchist longer, and it begins from the brain case. We grow it. Ah, health overhead indeed. And the two girls we join side of the neck shoulder line. We love our job. We see only by little parts from left and right sides off the neck, the for car of slightly bend it inside. The intro Bela part overboard in Now below wouldn't line the drove off it. First. We drove back part of the heels when we outside parts over. If it from left and right sides over Hughes, outside parts go farther. One inside parts offence. The started row, this time from Mom and little finger. The draw outer line off hand, bending it in joints and then in our land. Both lines are beginning from side of the wrist and finally the at fun from inner birth of a bomb. Let's at some details. Shoulder blades, elbow and knees. Krayer and buttocks Please note life off buttocks Go lover. A few confusion. So now our sketch with back your female figure is radium. In next video, I'll give you some information about proportions off body parts. See you soon. Bye bye way. 4. Proportions and details: Okay, let's take a closer look at proportions or for buddy and some off its parts. It will be a convenient to choose a measure union to use it in our counting first divided place for right off our figure in three equal parts before Isn't the Lions 3/3? In my opinion, it is too big. But then we divided upper shirt on shoulder level in two house I proposed toe take this size Assad measure unit because we used it many times in many places. Let's name these measure unit shoulders or s. Now let's make a list off one s sizes in our figure. First off course it is with off shoulders and head off head with neck. When it is head off, just gauge and length off upper arm one shoulders is left off forearm and the enter off cheap circle is to one s length. Off legs is free s in fight. He didn't include fit in our framework to have opportunity it to modify them before changing all proportions. For example, the can draw shoes on her heels. Let's consider proportions off the neck. All the details will be health or quarter off one s in face scull. Brain case is health off, one is in diameter and we at 1/4 down for longer Joe. The neck is quarter in beef and quarter. In fact, in front of you from back side of the neck begins from the brain case and is 1/2 in cried ice are in middle quarter overhead. So our years with take a closer look at main proportions over hand hand is divided into house on the level off finger bases finger. Part offhand is divided into quarters on the level off middle joint. Sure, we take and go into the middle finger and based joint over found divides Poem in 2/4. Keep over from Goes little far were 1/4. Then if a friend is more of unhealthy for arm in stretched position, but normally hand is bend it so we can grow. It's left us 1/2 off for our and one final question, very is location off the knee. Bend Wonderlic to find it. The prolong inner line off cough upto fight line. We make it in once. Move, curve This land deal Gross inner bent under knee in two points. Top point shows us level off New Bend. Shadows under kneecaps are little over off this level, so now you can start practice fish in figure skating on your own after some time off training figure skates and you convert into pleasure and you'll be able to draw working sketches to depict your ideas quick and easy. I wish happy sketching to you way.