Quick cooking - Indian style : Nutella & Chicken parathas with Cardamom Tea | Sobia Yasir | Skillshare

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Quick cooking - Indian style : Nutella & Chicken parathas with Cardamom Tea

teacher avatar Sobia Yasir, Home Chef, Kindergarten Teacher

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Utensils & Ingredients

    • 3. 3. Making paratha dough

    • 4. 4. Nutella paratha : Preparation

    • 5. 5. Nutella paratha : Cooking & plating up

    • 6. 6. Chicken Cheese paratha : Preparation

    • 7. 7. Chicken Cheese paratha : Cooking & plating up

    • 8. 8. Making Cardamom CHAI

    • 9. 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I will introduce the Indian subcontinent famous recipe of Parathas done two-ways along with Chai (Milk tea). For those of you fairly new to this cuisine, I have good news that, this course may be the perfect way to start with this exotic cuisine.

Paratha is a traditional flatbread made in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar). It is mostly used as a regular breakfast and evening snack item. It is famous due to its crispy texture, savory aroma and countless varieties. Chai is the Milk tea famous the world over which is coupled with paratha to make a wholesome meal.

I have designed this course intentionally to appeal to both the beginners and experienced alike. For the newbies, this is the perfect way to break into this side of cuisine and for the experienced, I hope to present a different version of these both traditional recipes. We are going to add some twist to these two by making a sweet and savory version of paratha and Chai with ilaychi (cardamom) which will leave you craving for more, I promise!

I am an experienced home based chef who cooks for passion and i know that i have a knack for this field. Here i hope to share my passion with the world and in doing so spread some love !


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sobia Yasir

Home Chef, Kindergarten Teacher


An aspiring home based chef, a mother of one and a Kindergarten teacher. Hoping to make a difference in the world by sharing my passion for home made cooking, especially teaching my traditional cuisine to the world!

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1. 1. Introduction: I believe food like music transcends borders, and we're studies. Help this responsibility. One over shoulder. Okay, the torture food culture all over the world. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sofia said I am a home chef, our teacher and a food and emphasised in coordination. Off this contact here I bring to you classic recipes from the siltation cuisine with a twist new jail operetta. But you can choose Perata. A long beat. The exotic cardamom child kinds of tradition Flatbread. Mostly used as a regular breakfast and evening snack items, it is famous due to its crispy texture and, frankly, varieties chase the famous misty, which is your really self pick. Perata. To make up some names, this course is specially designed to appear to put the big nurse and experience alike. For the new piece. This is the perfectly to break into the side off cuisine and don't bury. I will walk you through each step of the process in detail for the experience. I hope to present a different party in off the sport traditional recipes by making their sweet and savory versions. By the end, this experience believe you craving form 2. 2. Utensils & Ingredients: Hi. Welcome to this class where I'm sure you know your dental and ingredients. Which women who's doing this course during this course will be making you tell about you can choose for our time and cardamom Now your sentence We will require Rolling Frank Special, a wooden spoon peace dreamer and a source. Ford engages We were late Plane Point New Taylor Chicken meets soul Black pepper, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, Cheddar and mozzarella cheese Make cardamom, black tea and sugar. 3. 3. Making paratha dough: hi. In this class within make without her. This isn't three steps. Courses had mixing, needing, resting. Now the ingredients we need one Hopis consult when there was a boy. Look up supply and you call border No soy and oil into the floor and start racing 1/4 until quantities. But we veer off the quantity so you don't do much shorter. Otherwise the mixture will become. Making a good boat is crucial to the case for us. And don't worry if yours isn't perfect. It takes a bit of practice to get good consistency. Wait till people heading border in little quantities and keep from 10 mixing until the mixture looks like this. Now we start to knead the dough. As you can see here, it will take approximately five minutes. You need this mixture. Okay. If you feel the door is sticky or try, you can add more workers. This quantity off will be enough for making 5 to 6 partners. In the end, it's going to look like this. Finally, we placed a ready go into about and put a cling, always avoided strange, then put it in fridge for arresting at least three hours. Best practice is to leave it overnight in the fridge. No way are ready for the next step 4. 4. Nutella paratha : Preparation: Hi. Welcome to this class where we finally meet the famous new jail here we loved she inflect on the door to me. Ready? No late stopped. First we need to take a portion off the door and grow it into a born. We can't. We need to rule it in between the bombs off hand and get a good shoes. If you feel that the door is taking Gordon Lighting Guy plan but don't use too much, otherwise the party will pick up. We need to reflect on the edges off the do with our fingers. Get around. She like this. Next we place it on a planet's surface which can be comfortable and using our rolling thing we are going to flood in. No need to apply full pressure. Just go, media junkie. No. We are going to apply one teaspoon oil and spread it out. Even then we are going to roll this window and stretch it like this. Next we are going to shape it into a coil like this. I'm once we get this ship, we're the ruling A few times we know they're all product all ready for cooking 5. 5. Nutella paratha : Cooking & plating up: Hi. Very comfort this glass. There will be cooking plate. Nudie librato. No, let's talk. First we grease the pain with the cooking point and cricket it over immediately. We then gently lift the door will be healed and place it flatly in the pain. We let it cook for a few moments and then flip the brush. Apply some oil. So they've been with the brighter it groups from both sides. Flip the brother a few times. And people Jakey for the Gordon s one, as it does like Poland, it means the total Protais ready now. Gently removed a brother and place it in a play. Next. It's like two tablespoons of Nutella or more if you require. And people record this office and you can see here. No, we slice of the bottle like me and getting ready for plating up. I would wish you smooth operator is now ready to be so for the class project. Piece your picture off. You prepared new jailer Perata in the project. Hillary 6. 6. Chicken Cheese paratha : Preparation: Hi. Welcome to this class where we start to make chicken teas by first preparing its feeling. Plus the invidious. We need black pepper, soy point, yoga cheese, ginger, garlic paste, lemon juice and mince chicken. Now we have all the ingredients with the chicken except for the cheese and mix well. Legal site for at least 15 minutes remaining. Next, heat up in with one teaspoon point in a community chicken. No, the chicken with the neutron for around five minutes on low claim afterwards, removed and increase. Hater media can cook the chicken until the water dries out. When it looks like this chicken feeling this. 7. 7. Chicken Cheese paratha : Cooking & plating up: life will complete this class. There we will make chicken t sbagliato by cooking and plating it up. Firstly, we need to take out small portions from over door and shape them roundly into small balls. Observe carefully. Technique used for only these bones is this will ensure their own cheap. We need to wards off to make the upper and lower Lear stopper. Perata as we will be inserting over prepared chicken cheese filling inside these two years . No, we've been collecting these two balls with the help of ruling things to prepare the front of feeling air to before they spin off the chicken filling on the lower door. Next sprinkled charities and mostly Laci's. When ready covered the top second book last week, we will send their just nicely with the help of a book. As you can see here, our talk is already for cooking. No, we will want to put out brighter First Greece the pain and gently please Prata been cooked the router by reading oil and flipping it over repeatedly give time to eat site. Even the trick is to be careful. When the surface off brother becomes golden brown, you still that over. Perata isn't already. Yes, we can see more. All data is genital dish now inflated on clay surface and slice up the factor Bagnoli for getting ready for plating up our delicious chicken cheese. Perata is already to be so. For the last project this year. Picture off your prepared chicken cheese Perata in the project skills. 8. 8. Making Cardamom CHAI: Hi. Welcome this class where we will be making the exotic cardamom child taken Cough Smith in a sourcing and put it on me. Cowardice or spring clip on kilometer comes to a point. Friendly comes to a boy a four pieces off cardamom. Next were two teaspoons black tea and duties sugar. Then it's terribly and again Lee toe hook for some time. Yes, the t comes to a boy the order plain and covertly Toko Horrible, fine minutes. When you get this kind of wrong, it means already is not ready for yourself. Now using this training with Peter and for duty in cups are delicious Bottom Enjoy is not ready for the class project. His share pictures off your creepy child in the projects scale. 9. 9. Conclusion: at the angle scores. I would just like to say they picked discourse, has motivated anymore, pick up a weapon and tight into the world of salutation. Then my mission here has been a success, even just by observing this course, I hope very important, a better understanding office and you stand little as these three items are right, popular in selfish. It is a good starting point for anyone who is feeling a bit adventurous and planning to travel to this beautiful region. But I enjoy have recently been getting locally due to Justin Progressive. Alicia stays an inch of traditional routes. I therefore encourage you all to try and