Quick and easy wire wrapped necklace for beginners | Colette Kimon | Skillshare

Quick and easy wire wrapped necklace for beginners

Colette Kimon, Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco

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5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Shaping the Focal

    • 4. Wrapping the frame

    • 5. Finishing the necklace


About This Class

This class is geared toward the beginner wire wrapper, and only uses a few tools and material. it can be easily adapted by using different types of wire, such as twisted wire, and also different types of beads. You also get to discover a new type of wrapping pattern that you can use for other projects. The video will give you the list of tools and material needed, and I have also attached the list as a printable PDF document that you can print and download if necessary.



1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Colin. Came on and off in a jewelry designer for more than 15 years. And after a long break, I'm happy to come back today with another quick and easy necklace tutorial for you in this project. Are you sure you have to shape some wire and too rapid toe create this elegant neck aids? So let's get started with the tools and material. But you will need for this project. And I hope you enjoy this video. 2. Tools and Materials: Let's start with the tools what we're going to need for this project. So you are going to need a pair off. Rondo's players. Some flash pillars. Keano's players in mallet or hammer in metal five and also a bench block for hammering a ring Man drove all the thick Dow measuring tape. Oh, ruler in the fine points Sharpie marker for the material you're going to need foreign half inches off. 18 gauge. Run a wire 18 in keys off 26 Cage Ron Wire. Six Yankees off 22 gauge Rama wire and also one copper had been, and you can find we had pins on at sea. They're very inexpensive. All you can make your old if you know auto. In addition, you are going to need 14 Yankees off chain, two copper Jeff rings and one lobster class. I'm also using a brilliant bead, but it drilled from top to bottom, and the really bid is about 18 millimeter long and also to small run bids about four off six millimeters 3. Shaping the Focal: we are going to start by shaping the focal point of this necklace. I have already cut my 18 gauge wire into pieces. I have it two inch piece and it 2.5 inch piece. Next, I'm going to use my metal. Five toe, five, the ends of your pieces of wire. No, Make sure you father them really small. So they do know slag on anything from time to time. Check with your finger to make sure they are really small. After you don't filing week ends off the wire. You are going to use your bench block and your plastic hammer or your mallet to top the wire so that it can become hard. We need to harden the wire. So what? It holds his ship from time to time. Make sure check the wire to make sure it's hard enough and that we hold its shape once we stopped bending. Now that we have done hardening the wire, I am going to use my Sharpie marker and my bowler toe mark each base in the middle. This mark will be used as a guide once it's timeto bend the wire. Now you want no take your chain those players and put it right next to the mark but made on the two hp sof 18 gauge wire. And then you are going toe. Bend it to make a V ship. Do not put your kindles players right on top of the mark over wise. You are going to miss the meter off the wire. You want to position your chain, lose players right next to remark, not on top of it, and repeat the same process. 50 over peace. Oh, fire. So now you have to v shapes for the next step. I'm going to need my round nose pliers and before using them. I like to put a mark on Van as a guide to use so that all my loops we'll have the same size using the mark on the run. Those players create a loop at weekends off the V shapes, if necessary, uses generals flyers with just two loops. So what really flat. In this step, we we create a curve on each side of your friends using a ring mental. Oh, they think thou starting with your biggest friend hold the outside of the V against the widest part of the mandrell and apply pressure. If your fingers toe curve repeat the same process on the other side if necessary. I just mean alker frame, so it's not open toe wide. Repeat the same process. If a smaller part of the frame on your workspace put the smaller friend inside a bigger one and I just them if necessary, so that feet nicely together. If he wires and lovely flat, you can put them back again on your big block and tough and gently with your hammer. So about the life flat. 4. Wrapping the frame: After shaping the frames, it's timeto wrap them. Got your 26 gauge wire into equal pieces. This will be a wrapping wire. To make things easier to understand, I recall the bigger frame A and this smaller one B now starting in the angle. Use your wrapping wire toe Rafi bigger frame a couple of time to get started. Now you see that wrapping wire is under frame A. Next, bring in the smaller frame and you are going to go under both friend and be and then wrap only friend E once. Next, bring your wrapping wire on top off both for him and the towards From A. Repeat the process and rob from again one time. Use your fingernails or your channels. Pliers, toe. Push your raps closer together. Next, the wrapping wire. We go underneath both nb and you're up from B once. Then bring the wrapping wire on top off both nb interrupt. Be only once. So now you get batter wrap A once wire goes underneath both and be. Then you're up. Be once wire goes on top off and be and then you're up Be once I let you follow along while I'm rapping from time to time. Stop and use your fingernails or your channels pliers to push your raps closer together - that when you reach Baluch off this smaller frame, bring a wrapping wire around the bigger one and wrap it a few times. Then trim three wrapping wire and use your generals players to press with wrapping wire against frame. Now we have one side completed. Let's to the other side using the same process. 5. Finishing the necklace: then, that we have the football field. Next, guess why rap? He started to assemble a necklace. And for this I am going to use my 22 gauge wire cut into equal pieces and my kids cut into pieces. That's where threaten half off the wire between your fingers. Use a can aspire Tobe Elliott at a 90 degree angle, not about one inch from the end off your wire. Then position your run those pliers in the angle and bring your wire Iran one off each other toe. Make a look. Slide that look onto the outer loop of the frame and use the shorter and off the wire to wrap your look. Two or three times you may need to use your channels. Players toe. Hold your look while rapping. Here I am using the pliers, toe hold, feel look and another one for the wire wrapping. You can just use your fingers to wrap the wire or using a supplier. If you feel comfortable doing that, drain the excess wire and use your cane nose pliers to press the animal wrapping wire. There. Next, Rajaram did Toby remaining wire, then Bennett at a 90 degree angle using the teeth off Keano's players, then create another look the same way you did before. After your look is done, slide it into the end off one piece off chain. Then you can finish wrapping your looks two or three times the same way you did before. Once you don't trim the excess wrapping wire, impress the end next to view over wraps. Follow along and repeat the same process for the other side of the necklace. Now that we have the wrong beads, attach, let's finish up in necklace with Gabriel. Let bid in the class toe. Attash Gabriel. It did think your head spin and slide your bid into it. Next, use your candles pliers toe. Grab the over and off the wire and get ready to bend the wire at a 90 degree angle. Make sure you have about 2 to 3 million mirror off space between the bead and the band off the wire. Next, position your round nose pliers into the band and bring the wire. Iran be gov pliers to form a look. Remove your pliers from the look and slightly look into the bottom off a wire rack frame. After that holds a balloon on top off. He did, If you're channels players to keep it from being distorted and use either your hand or another pair off pliers to make a couple of frappes at the days off, look but dreamed the excess wire and use your channels pliers to press the end of the wire next toe to your raps. Here my look seems a little bit distorted, so I'm going to adjust it a little bit using my pliers, - and we're almost only found necklaced. We just need to add. Region brings and the glass at three over Anna, we can toe open your jump ring you want to use to play us. It could be two channels. Players all you can use your channel supplier in your run. Those players difficult in the jump ring at the top of the ring. Hold it with suppliers if it if's pointing to the sky to open the jump ring, Twist your wrist to move your left hand. We were from you in your right hand in the opposite direction at your jump ring toe one end of the qin and close the jump ring using the opposite hand motion. Repeat the process at the over end of a cane, but this time, add your glass before closing a jump Fring.