Quick and Radical Tips on Selling - How to Sell like a Beast

Andrew PM Tse, Business & Management Tsar

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    • Getting to the Real Decision Maker


About This Class

Scientifically formulated course to give you the best format for learning. Engineered according to cognitive learning techniques to be 30minutes in length and broken into short 5-10min lectures that allow the brain to absorb more of the information.

This course gives you the methods to achieve better results in your sales. It focuses on 2 of our most powerful methods for Selling. If you don't think it's an important skill then think again, because everyone has to sell. You need to sell an idea, an argument, a product, a service, a business plan or yourself so if you have never been trained, how can you do it well? Our training here gives you 2 powerful actionable tools to use in any situation to give you the structure and confidence that you can maximise the chance of getting the sale.

Elite Percent courses are set out in a concise, structured format giving you synthesised learning across the major areas of your life or ones you deem most important to your immediate goals. 

For those who have a new product or service that you want to market and sell and have some basic sales knowledge.

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Good course, lots of tips and statistics. -Melvin
very good points , thanks Elite, I hope these will help me sell shed loads. good advice, nice succintly done. Recommended course.
Hi, since I would like to 'sell like a beast' like the title describes I decided to take on this course and it's quite helpful. Not too long, and a couple of points to take home with. In my opinion a good course. Joe





Andrew PM Tse

Business & Management Tsar

Andrew Tse is an entrepreneur, best selling author, philanthropist, and a Life and Business Educator. Andrew has empowered more than 100 companies, and 5,000 people from around the world through his courses and advise so they can achieve real success. With a wealth of experience across industries and market segments. Being from the high tech, high paced industry of online electronics he has a proven record of building ecommerce platforms and a ready network of marketing and sales channels to ...

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