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Quick and Easy Watercolor Trees

teacher avatar Odett Tóth, Let your creativity roam free.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Today's Projects

    • 3. Simplified Tree

    • 4. Detailed Tree

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About This Class

This class is aiming to give you a quick and easy way to draw and paint watercolour Trees. We will go through two basic types of trees, 

- one simplified version with easy linework and layering technique

- and a detailed bit more complicated version. 

Do not worry, even if you have never tried watercolour painting I will lead you through the whole process and you will be able to create something beautiful. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Odett Tóth

Let your creativity roam free.


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1. Welcome: welcome everyone. And thank you for choosing my class today. We're gonna talk about trees. A lot of my guests who participated in my virtual asked me how they can pain trees in a simple way. What I can suggest them if they want. Teoh, I create a bit more detail version or create a bit simpler version of the trees offer a do away. So today we're just gonna discover that and you're going to create two different types of trees. The first type will be a bit easier that I still look Teoh paint. That's gonna be the simple kind of trees that you can do any time. If you're If you're painting or been sketching, this is gonna be the first thing that you're gonna have a look at on. Then we're just gonna also use the same ideas. Two craze, something a bit more detail version of a tree. So this is the two kinds. They rely on the exact same principles. So just stay with me on Let's get started 2. Today's Projects: welcome everyone. And thank you for joining me today. I'll just quickly show you what I planned for you today and the first thing that we're going to do, we're just gonna learn a very simple form off off trees. Well, you can see here, for example. I've really, really, really love to use this kind of, um of this type of tree because it's super simple, and it can be you start out with just a few lines on, then you feel out the rest of the colors. It's very, very simple. And if you use the friend turns off a color different version of of a color, then you can make it look super nice. So we're just going to start with that as a base that you can come back to this wherever you want and whenever you want. So this this is gonna be the first thing that we talked about. And then you're just gonna go on and learn a bit more about how to treat a bit more personalized tree. How to create a bit more detailed tree, even if you want to make it bigger, um is better. It's probably better to use a bit more detail version if you're super close to a tree. So we're just gonna see on and try to create this sort f a tree, even, probably with a little bit over the friend shape. So that's what I plan for you today and hope you will like it season. 3. Simplified Tree: far come everyone s o fix. We're just gonna look at the the simpler version of a tree. Andi, The simpler version doesn't mean that it it doesn't look as good. It looks just as good as the other one. It just depends on your style. Which one do you use? And I love to use their star because it's just so nice and so simple and it just, like, saves a lot of time for me. So when I'm in the mood, I use this a lot, and it's it's amazing, So I don't get discouraged by there. It's simple. It's just take. And it's also really, really nice. So what we have, but we you will need is basically, um, a pencil. Um, say, here it's my rabbit pens ill, um, students on. Yeah, So it's usually, um, HB pencil that you need, because it wouldn't really. It's not some soft ones much, and you will need markers. It's good to be able to prove markers, and I will have a zero point three and 0.5 today here, and I'll probably use a 0.5. Um, because I like you better for desk tell. Since you're using a lot of calories, and it's like it's not so detailed. I like, um, a bigger line. And but you can use any size. Whichever you you think it's best. Even need one brush. Usually use, um either, um, 0.8 or 0.10. This one is a 0.8. Yes. Yes, yes. Um, and I like this because even if you paying smaller stuff, it's perfect. I use entity brushes, and if you want to know more about it, I talk much more about the differences between the Florence until the brushes and my previous workshops. So feel free to to go back there and check it out on bail. Obviously, you will need a little water on and some pain. This is of interim Newton. A pence at It's not the They're not the original color. So I boat new ones just now. I just said so. My own color. Um, pilot, if you're interested in my color product to stop me nothing else in June. Me. But I'll just gonna just right under dis videos or just lie to them. Um, so this is a Cotman palate. A student multiple to color but it's really nice, and it's perfect for and are purpose is really the little water and something maybe a paper tell. Right now I'm using just the same bull and clinic, so to shoot paper. And because that's perfect, too. So what you were going to start out you get started out with with a marker to If you feel confident, I just like to spend it with a pencil, not really varying about a lot about the lines. It just gives me a bit more of and safety net if I first planning and it but pencil. So I'll try to create different shapes. Um, Hope you can still see it. The friend shapes and friends of each other, one that's going to have, um, me razor Tiu so you can see how you can just play around with them and let's make a smaller one. And on that slight, that bigger okay, I could extrude they told bubble here. So what? What I'm basically doing. I'll just like rate curly lines and just the outlines of the trees so you don't have to worry about and being super detailed or yeah, um, if you are like trying to sketch something that you see in front of you. Then just try to observe the very basic shape off the trees. It more of, ah, circle kind of tree Or is it more of, like, a longer shape that just, like, comes out of the desert for self, The circle E shape. So this is how you can actually observe your trees. And maybe it's gonna be just like a shape like this. And then maybe you can put something. It is behind them. And then you can have, like, really nice and bunch of trees if you want to know more about compositions. Just checked back to my previous workshop, that watercolor been sketching lady speak a lot of respect. He's okay, So the next step, what we're gonna do, I'm gonna use to see your 0.5 a. M. Waterproof marker. And it could be any brand. I think this is a more every marker, but Farber costs hills. They do have organized quality markers as well. I usually buy these in them in art shops, so kind of and know that they're nice qualities. I don't usually encourage people to buy supplies and for markets or or anything like that because they're just No, no, nice quality. They just and the pains they usually lackey and a pigment. So and that's why what? I'm trying to do it, Then I'm drawing my shapes of my trees is just to make them become beat morass immature because we love at symmetry and it just looks so good. So I just get to go around these shapes and that see this song because this is a friend of the other one. And if you're drawing with the marker, it's important. Teoh kind of hold it up in the night degree and through the paper because this is well, if it's ah um larger, thicker marker, it doesn't sure estimate, but if you're using a small air bomb than, uh, then the tape won't reached a paper if you're holding it like that and it's weird at first , but don't worry, Okay, so I would say it's kind of a basic rule with watercolor that you start out with the delighted version off a color. So I'm just going to try to bring you a bit closer through the palate and so you can see what I'm doing are just gonna start out coloring these trees fed, delighted version of a color. And if you have something like this and it's a bit of a leave ish cream, we don't we don't usually or I don't. Usually you scholars like pure colors from the palette and because they're just not that interesting, So I would use I would makes it the with other colors. I'm planning to make a color theory and cloths to se stay tuned. And if you're interesting, more about colors, so I'll just gonna create more of a yellowish one for this. Yeah, I can like it. Watercolor. You usually gets, um, lighter when it dries. Sir, If those get a big lighter, it's very important. If you're painting with water color, you don't start without line. You paint in sections because it tries really quickly if you're using but on dry method, what we're doing now we call it back on dry because we're painting a dry surface. Alleviate for it to try and really your and the different Spain's. Okay, I'll just edit a big, more yellow and and maybe I'll just get a color this fun. So it's always good to like when you're painting one tree just skipped bond between them so they wouldn't just mouth into each other. I m And if you want to make it a bit more interesting, you can also try to add some extra colors in the base color. So just let it float if you want to go a crazier um All right, so let's see another one. Make it. Yeah, a bit more and off of, um, bluish green. Just make it be lighter, cause I just found wanted a bit later. For now. OK, so far I did. Sorry. I'll try to show it. Should pass that So you can see it. Yeah, I'm here. Um, so when you painted watercolor, you don't or I don't. And a lot of people who painted a watercolor don't really use fight for the color fight. And if you've watched my previous class in sculpture, you might have heard me saying this. But since watercolors, a transparent medium white color won't really be on actual, uh, fight really right color. So and that's why we don't really use it. Then maybe I'll just add a bit of, uh, let's make this one a bit of a brownish brownish green. Okay, so, um, you can make a color lighter by adding water and also basically like, um, more transparent by the water. You can tune off the color by at being and white color. However, abide pain. However, it won't make it more transparent. So that's something that it's good to know. I m my gonna use something like this make actual real brown. They make it more brown because that say, if you want to um, I banged a scene like I'm sorry. Like an old him full seen. The colors are much brown there. Then feel free to use something like this. OK, so you're just gonna call the right them, Okay, Right now, um, we don't really very about shadows and lights and Cheddars yet. And this rusian basically uses the lightest color as the lightest I m point over the tree. So it why like this m type ISS? Because I don't have to worry about using the white paper. So and that's also something that watercolor artists do a lot in That makes them amazing. I'm not of what a card is. They think m but anyway and they don't usually use, um, white color, as I've mentioned, um, they use the whiteness off the paper to indicate light. Okay. And the last one, I'll make it just, like a bit of, um, let's say that tried this from I haven't read it once. Let's see, what happens is basically just, like, try a trial and error kind of thing. Just figuring out cholera, Todd kinda lips. Okay, so you can just play around with the color. I do encourage everyone just play around. Oh, I used to part over there. That's fine. So you still got that color and yes. Okay, so now we've got the first layer. We're gonna burke in three layers, and now we have to think about the sun on where the light comes from. Usually the bottom part of the trees will be darker and and also the side off them. That doesn't really get much of a sunshine. So I will just make my son come from this side. So that means this section off the trees will be darker. And so now we're just gonna have the second layer, which is just a darker version off the calories that you already have. You can use a figure version of the same colors. You know, having as much watering, and and or you can add a bit of, like a Payne's gray, which is a really nice great, and it makes much, much nicer and versions off the color. So I just added a bit of Payne's gray to this yellowy um, pain. Um, are you gonna end it more? I banged into this mixture, so that's the second the year we're gonna have 1/3. And I like to use, um intensive and colors, so mine is going to be a bit darker, but it really depends on you. So how you feel, it's better for you. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put a little bit of shadow to the the left side of retreat on the bottom of it and use the same sort of curly, clearly style you can also, like, have a little bit of, um, a paper right next to you. But you can try out the colors and yes, I just need a bit of a green. Yes, that's much better. So, yeah, I usually have a net extra paper. And just in case. I want to try the colors, but right now I can just try it at just right next to them. So that's fine. Who now we're done with this actually here and we just wait for it to dry. You can go on because you've got trees. The ones that you started it that are already try. And But I'm just gonna bait a bit more, just in case. Okay, so I think you're pretty much dry. And now we're gonna do a 30 year that's really exacting, and these be almost finished. So let's do the thirdly year. It just can't be the A sex same thing that's be dead. Just putting an axe earlier on top of of it and what I usually do, I'll just add, actually tow lines. So this is something bad. I like to dio I don't know why. Just I know you're a salad. Just add extra lines. Even for the the lightest part, it just kind of feel like it looks good. But maybe I'm not right, you know, here kind of feel like it should go for Europe. Yes, that's nicer because, you know, it's nicer if you make it a bit more. A symmetrical, sir. Not following the same line as the second layer. Okay. Yes, that's me. And that's the brown ones. The prime loans. Here we go. So the good thing about this, if you've got your collars, then just keep them on the patent. Sure, I'll keep them on the ballot. And just they had a bit of, um even if you use the same sort of pain gray that I use that too, and that make the whole thing darker way. - And I believe you're done. And you conveyed for it to try and just go around the lines again just to make them more defined. But this is basically it, um, you can choose and try out different colors. Different versions off off green. Just play around with your palate. It's really about just playing around with it. And then you can have a different J similar shapes. And does the three main steps, just like through the outline, defined red lights coming from on. Then do you? A couple of years, even if you just want you to their yours, it's up to you. Um, and just try amount and send me the result on next. What we're gonna do is we're gonna try to make something a bit more detailed, so see back soon. 4. Detailed Tree: Welcome back, everyone. What we're gonna do next is just gonna top up arcane. And did you a bit more detail? Version of a triage. Just have my i m You should pay for you. You won't need anything other than what we used before, so don't worry about that. Um but we're just gonna do it a bit differently. So I just have my trees drying here, waiting for me to just go over the lines again. But why? They're drying. I'll just start the next one. So I am what you have to do first. And it's good to like do it right next to your actual work and just have, like, a bit of rectangle and just spending over a shape of her tree M. And it's good to have the crown of the tree made out of their friend. Circles are different sections cause most of the time in in the nature the crown, the trees, not just like one big circle or circular shape is just made off smaller ones. So what we can do, we can just add, like, maybe a longer section around here, M. And it's also good to make them, um the branches off the tree, a big morass, symmetrical. Maybe I'll do that the other way around us. That's gonna be better. So, like I don't usually like arrive with finished ideas. So let's have a really big misconception that we always do what we do, What we know. Well, sorry what we do, Yes, fy don't and what I'll do just getting a bit like extra bit of greenery. And maybe I'll just bring it bits of for Dirac. So what? It's nice that, like it's nice to once again make here tree a bit more at symmetrical. So once you've got the main shapes of your tree, then you can go on on and start out and planning the actual piece. The process is the same, um, of the sketching. First you want to have a pencil skit, and you do the same thing us you did for in for the little drift. You're just getting a and do the overall shapes first and then then you can detail it. So don't worry. You don't have to, like, start out and drove the whole thing right friend from scratch. So you don't have to do that. No. God knows no one does that. So feel free to like first the two out with a pencil. I kind of want my treat to have such a like a little bit of a sharp or per it. They gave a longer leave, so it's not gonna be said so, Curly, I would say and and I want it to be Maybe I'll we will keep using the 0.5 it 0.5 thing. Guys. Okay, they have the fringes for on did the trunk, and you don't have to make it the perfect what? What's more, if it's not that perfect, it's better because it's just like it comes from nature. So nothing's greedy. I am that perfectly symmetrical. Or or a me thing. All right, that okay? Nothing. Or now we're just gonna have river for line. See, I'll just what arm? Ding. I'll just have the main shapes, like these little mm longer and sharper shapes off the crown of the tree. And and just gonna do the line, work with that like that, and be, and then here are just gonna make a bit often overlapping part off the tree. Okay. So you can make it more of a curly style in or any 80 style that you like. I like to add much more like him. Astra dots at the bottom because there's always more texture. The bottom of a tree, actually. So Yeah, that's why I'm kind of OK with this. I think so. Color it. Just going to coloring. Um, okay. In it. Just erase some of the pencil lines just to clean it up. But not all of them could be trying to like him to be visible. All right. And I want the tree to be kind of a holy visual can. What I told to you about here, we're gonna combine different Walter coloring techniques. I'm sorry. And the 1st 1 that beer gonna use is about own but and sort of thing. So we're going to start out with the lightest version off a color first. I'm just gonna call her the trunk is that we're gonna wait for you to dry and then at another the year so that I can just Vaid until the color the rest of the tree just gonna try to find a nice, nice color that my work and, um, door No, and I'll just keep my son coming from this direction What I'll do. I'll just leave a little bit off right line on the right side of the tree so that this is created. The sun's coming from So we have just a little bit off the reflection. No, just, you know, some of these guys cause it's just a bit of be too dark for me. Okay, that's better, because they only want first layer that glide to sort shit over it. So we don't necessarily need more than this for now. So we're just going to start out with the lightest version of a color that they if you want something Yellow Ridge and and do you have to be quick about it Because we're just gonna put the lightest colors and at the top off the tree. Andi going down. And if he can add a bit of a darker blue, that's a dark, darker blue screen car on. Why we want to be quick is because we want them to kind of mix together se I'll just get a please them off my i m. And the secret in doing this is you have to have the colors ready. So you have to make the colors first and then, um and then paint on your tree. See? Do you have to be quick about it? Because they do try quickly. Okay, So usually the bottom of the tree is darker. So we're just gonna try to key bits like this, however, and also you don't have Teoh like failing all the shapes. It's nice to leave. It's nice to the even white wide sections gives it will just make indicate that there's some and and there is some light going through. Sorry. Okay, So what you wouldn't want to do is just to have a sort of and based color that's a bit like Mm Grady int. So it includes more than one color. So that's what but it it's different from the previous one that we did that we only had they game once or if base color. And then and then we didn't really, like, play around fit. They then different radiance or different versions off a color. So here we just let it melt together just to make it nice and interesting on. Then we're just gonna be free to try. That's gonna be our first layer, and I'll just gonna come back when it's your eyes and we can go on your back. And, um, what we're gonna do now is just gonna add the second layer. We've done that. The first layer add the next layer were basically gonna do the same thing that we did hear bought with a bit more Kocian. Um, sir, if you're just gonna first check out where we have to put the the shadows exactly. So see, here we created a bit of a hole where the branches go inside of or like, be hidden by the crown. Believes so. Here wouldn't be definitely have to put a little bit of a shadowy part as Bella's here at the bottom of the tree. Um, here is the same here. We have to put a little bit of a shadow. And then, since this section is in front of this section, then we will have to put a little bit shudder here to also hear that's a big thing for so that started. Um, once again, you do the same thing. Just try to find that the worker version of the same color that use like home really have the same car, other at the room. And so just getting a great in you, boy. Let's try. It's yeah, kind like this one. I am. So we're just gonna do the same sort of thing that we did and which is gonna have a little bit of the share the reports here and use the same shapes as we did use previously. So instead of being very like using very and they find shapes here, use something like a more belief kind of shape. Also feel like that's a beat too dark for us in the middle. So, what? I'll do, you just add an extra but of color up here so you wouldn't actually be just, um just gather then. And then the dark color really would have this forever. Oh, leave ish. Look. Okay, so that's gonna be the second the year and I'll just gonna add, like, a really tiny and there really were not a lot. Really. I don't want to make it too much, but first on the heat actually Lear for my tree. So and that's why I like synthetic brushes because this is a size eight brush. So it's among the larger brushes, but still you couldn't see use it for really and nice and light lines. So I love him. Okay, so I'll just wait for it A helper section to dry. Then I'll come back with third layer. All right? So the first layer is, um, dry. And now we're just gonna add with the second the nursery. Now, just gonna add the third earlier. So it's just gonna be, um, a small, a extra and shadowy part him I am. For that, she can use the tip off your, um, over your brush so you dress to create a little bit of a leaf. Leafy stop. If that that's in that makes sense. So you just add some extra texture on the button off the tree. And if you remember, it's basically the same thing as we did and that them the first and first trees that b but that we did today. And but it is just, um, a bigger version on a bit more detailed, but it's basically the same, so don't to worry about it, and it's gonna be really, really fun. All right, on your pretty much don and thank you very much for staying with me today, and I'll just try to show you we'll beat it. Yeah. So this this tree can be good for, like, more detailed trees. Trees that are, like, closer to you. This is just one time that you can try. There is a forest many, many friends styles, and that she can do. I'll just try Teoh, bring the other room. Um, a big closer to this. So? So you would see dead. Mm. So basically, you can You can do whichever you want. It really depends on you. There's different styles of trees And if you like thes satori ALS let me know and and then I'll bring big war. So let me know where the comment if you did something similar down just that you know, on and see you soon.