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Quick and Easy Sketchbook 3 Ways - Staple Binding

Courtney Mace

Quick and Easy Sketchbook 3 Ways - Staple Binding

Courtney Mace

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: What You Need

    • 3. Lesson 2: Making the Covers

    • 4. Lesson 3: The Signatures

    • 5. Lesson 4: Binding Our Sketchbook

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Join me in this class where I make 3 quick and easy sketchbooks using different types of paper. You can use what ever paper you want; watercolour paper, sketchbook paper, Tomoe River paper, marker paper, printer paper, handmade paper or literally any type of paper you want. 

These sketch books are so easy to make and before you know it you will be hooked!

Please share all your creations for me to have a look at when you are finished. Let's go!

I created this class with Wondershare Filmora 9. The music is Blind by Ryan Jones which is included in my subscription to Filmora 9.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Courtney.

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my skill share class where we will be making these three be useful sketchbooks using scrapbooking paper in a range of different papers. So it doesn't matter what your medium easily use, Whether it's what color or pencils way, we'll be looking at making their rights sketchbook four year using a range of different materials. I'm really excited, I think makes a gorgeous and there's so super quick to make. So when making 33 different ones, please join me to find out all about the materials that we use and all of the different amounts of papers in this image of why we need to have include Maura unless of a particular material. So please join me in my Scotia class to make these beautiful. 2. Lesson 1: What You Need: way need. So, um, scrapbooking paper. I've just got scrapbooking paper here that I had seen so given up scrapbooking. I've got just some nice ones that one's got says live our dreams. That's goeth e adventurous. This is a pretty stripe of one side in a nice yellowy patent on the other. And then this one has a very nice floral and a pretty pink on the back. So I'm going to do show you three different times. He's in three different types of papers. I've got three. Just these just 12 by 12 pieces of scrapbooking paper. We'll have to cut them down because we need a paper trimmer on this one. Extends out. So I can from down my 12 by 12 into a a four size. Of course, I've got my paper. Now I've got three different types of paper. As I said, I'm gonna make three different types. I'm just going to show you kind of what happens when you use different paper. So I have I have this paper here, which is just I just pulled it out from an old sketchbook that I've had for years. I'm just going to trim it off already trimmed some of the pages there. So works that it's gonna be a little bit thinner than an a four sheet, so it's gonna be finna. But I just need to be wary of that when I'm true. Ming, my scrapbooking paper for my cover. So that's just a fairly standard. I'm not entirely sure what. Jay. I think it's been 80 just Sam GSM. I'm not entirely sure they don't quite me on that. I got this. Tomah Rybar Thistle is a dock grid that's very thin, and it's great. It holds watercolor really well, but it doesn't absorb the water color, so it all just kind of sits on top of the paper, which is why it works. Eso well, so you can use water carvings at that thesis one on government. So this is a dot grid, which I'm actually going to turn into, like a bit of a jerk bullet journal, and it is super thin. So this is 52 GSM these paper, so it's super thin, and then I go to some mix, maybe a pad, which is 200 years, so it's a bit thicker on what you'll find is you can't use as many pages which I'll show you when we're preparing asking nature for our books and I'll show you exactly how many pages I like to use. You might change yours up. So look, paper Truman on. And, of course, we need a stapler. Now I've got a long arm state like this cost me, like, 12 its aerial 2020 bucks, $20. On a bad day, I think it waas It's really if you're gonna make these, it's so worth the time. They're not really. They're quite inexpensive for what they are. You can do it without these, but I find it a pain in the bottom. You actually got a poke the holes and then feed the staple through and then folded over which I am not a fan off their other territories. If you want to see how that stunned, there's other tutorials and school share that will show you how to do that. So don't stress. If you want to know that there's plenty at the I'm not going to be showing that this is going to show you with a long arms. And they spoke what shouldn't take very long. Let's see the next lesson where I get up when we get us out covers ready 3. Lesson 2: Making the Covers: So I've got my scrapbooking paper in my paper trail, and that's all we need for our covets leases. So simple, so easy and quick to make. So I'm just going to grab my 1st 1 I'm going to decide. So this is quite a pretty for Floral. I think I want to make this one my bullet, general, because I really like this is really pretty. So I'm just going to measure a fairly certain they should be here a eight and 1/4 inches. I want these to be a little bit taller than my paper. So the papers eight and 1/4 inches. And so remember, I'll pay pages inside of going to fold it in half fold on a four pages in half, which will make our book a five. So I just want to make this a little bit taller. So the 12 inches is already a little bit wider than an a four piece paper, so I don't touch the width. I just change the height. Some just it doesn't really matter which way this patent, so I'm just going to have a look back and see which way I'd like it to go I think I'd like these hombre to go across. You know, this big the inside of my back Cover this baby inside of my front, so I'm just going to cut that. So it's eight and 1/4 inches wide. The paper. So I'm gonna go. Yeah, I'm just gonna go 1/4 of inch more. Got 89 inches. I hope that up to soothe. We're just going to fold that in half. Thanks. So and there's our first cover now. Of course, you've got to decide which you want on the inside. You might not want your cover to be these fancy. You might like the inside to see the outside, so to speak. Um, but I really think that's really pretty. That patents. I pop that up there. Let's look. So this next one I think I'm going to make I think this one's that I'm going to make. I'm really not a fan of this pattern. I love yellow, but this color is just a bit hey going. So then put that on the inside. And again, it all depends which way you want. You stripes. You want them going across the cover Or do you want them going vertically on the cover. So I think I won't mind to go. Christian. They don't like this one. The mixed. Maybe a one, sir. My makes me the other club. Paper pad. Let's just see how big is it? Well, it's about same back. Yep. It's about eight and 1/4 inches. I love measuring, because sometimes it can vary a little bit, So we're going to go in the half. Then just so again, I got that little bit of lately a little bit of overhang. So again, like I said, I'm going to make that inside. This is gonna be my outside. I'm just going to told that really nicely. Pop that up there with the other cover. Now, of course, this one now needs to be the cover for my regular just sketchbook papers in this paper here . Now, just of already true. Someday on, I'm just going to have to have us have a quick squeeze. Hell wanted. He's yes. So it's about seven and seven nights. So or for May. 20 centimeters. So the 20 centimeters we probably won't these to be that 20 No. 21. I'm not gonna go for 21. Probably gonna go a and I in a night of an inch is roughly what? I'm gonna go cheese a little bit list in 21? Yes, there's that 20.5 centimeters. Money me just I'm just gonna go a little bit more than that. I'm just not even gonna be really precise. Oh, now their anything use really want a cart? I wanted hot some off the bottom as opposed to talk. Yeah, it's good. Okay? And that should be right so much about over to the side and there you've got it. You gotta have three covers of ready to go and that's what'll sank you these so quick and easy to make. Where? Halfway day? No quiet, but nearly halfway there. So it exciting. Okay, 4. Lesson 3: The Signatures: Okay, so we've got our covers ready to go. We just need to put our paper, which is super easy. Really. This paper here that I pulled out of my head of an old sketchbook is probably going to be the most feeling. Really? And really all depends on how much paper you wanna put in each one. So I've already got That's six sheets. They're just gonna do a few more. These aren't really super. You could do them thicker than I am before she can. So I think I've got a good 12 sheets of this paper here, which I will then make. So there's gonna be these air about 20 centimeters or about seven, seven and 7/8 of in each trey. So with this one, right? Sure, it's this, sir. Right now, my paper for my first signature. Now I've got a Remember which cover. I said I was gonna do this one. I know the shorter one was the shorter one. That's right, criminal the shorter one because it's a short paper. When I'm folding my paper, I used to something like learn. I used to do a page at a time. Why have since led. So this is actually gonna be quite big piece. So, six, I might actually I'm just gonna take two pages out and make it 10 sheets, which will make it 20 double sided pages once they're old, which I thinks good amount for a nice little schedule. It's easy on and it becomes looks nice and sits nicer when you fall all of the sheets at once because they nestle in better. I don't know what it is, so I'm actually going to do them all together. You just need to keep checking just to make sure these this will actually be quite hard to staple. So to be interesting to see how we go, that's another consideration. With the amount of paper you have, you got to realize you've got to get a stable through, and that's a you know, that's 10 sheets of paper plus a script, a card stock cover up to get through with a staple. So it may not be particularly easy, So we're just gonna pop that in and just check So there is a little bit overhang because I've got so many pages. Eso it's up to you. If you wanted to trim them down, you cord. You could just grab a metal rule up. I've got one here. Just grab a middle ruler. I mean, I think I would do this cause I'm not end up selling the Senate and a just a scalpel. Kraft, knock if you will. And you just go through, like, thes run along, and you just trim off that little bit of excess Now, you might just choose to trim just a few in the middle. That's right to That's okay. Whatever you want, this is your sketchbook. Now, of course you wanna have something underneath. It's going to be protected. Not you Worry about these. My desktop. This is actually he's a sacred for you. This is actually just a piece of MDF that I painted and I placed on top. So I'm not too worried. I'm not too precious with it because a I can repaint it easy enough and bay, if you're really stuff it I came. Just get a new pace of India. He's Yes. Now. I don't usually do that because I don't I don't I don't cut very nicely. I that's all perfect for me. But anyway, so pop, that in the middle. Now there is no overhang that perfect love it actually, the covers now a bit too long, which is perfect because I kind of wanted tucked away nicely. I don't want the paper at all. If you can see the paper, he's no it'll exposed to the elements when it shut. Okay, so that's one ready to go. Let's have a look. So it is 10 shapes and I'm a bit worried because I think that will be hard to stable. But we'll work that out. It's all good now. This has This is 50 shades in here and you can barely tell my book that I did. At the beginning I had 12 shades which made 24. I think I might go 15 just for the second piece. 112 Oh, for six. I lost here. Now, one thing Go to be wary of with these I didn't realize he's still I just unfriended Tomer River has a has there logo on these paper, which is a bit annoying because I didn't I don't really want that there because it's gonna go on its side. But this is my own personal ones that don't really matter. Doesn't really matter. You can see often that papers for six. Soon a 10 11 troll. 13 14 15 16 17. Driving 20. I'm changing. I'm going 20. I'm going turning. I will just say because I want to show you how the different thicknesses of paper can really change your You pull. All right. So, again, I've got it nice here. Only one, Paul. And again I'm gonna follow the only one one heat. And because this is more I won. I'm not gonna worry about trimming the edge, because that doesn't bother me. The unevenness doesn't worry me too much. I don't care that it comes out the middle pages come out a bit further. You see how nice and snug they are in there nice and together instead of doing a shaded a time. Okay. And that's it. I love when you got a pad of paper and it's already its size. You don't have to trim it. You don't have to cut it now because this is my line. I was gonna put it in the floral. Just when it's only single side of dots. Oh, tomar ryba. Not happy, Jane. I would have folded it the other way to Lake doesn't coppery and look at that. No overhang whatsoever is beautiful, Beautiful. It almost overhangs a little bit on this edge, but it doesn't and it does a little bit of the top. No, it does a little bit, but no, no enough. That worries me. That's cool. Okay with that. So that's another one. Ready to go. My goodness, we're flying. Three days, right? Lost. So I mixed media paper because it's 200. Jay's him with probably no trying to get the win. Year is many, so half. My problem is with these because they're a single signature that we are stapling. It's about whether the staple could get through them. So if we were stitching them, it be very different to be a lot easier. Wouldn't worry too much. What's that? 123 Cool. So that eight sheets lift. Okay, Sorry, I have eight sheets there, but I think I really do think that my cycle is gonna struggle any through that. So I'm going to go down to six. I'm going to seats, so I'm just going to say go six sheets in the swamp. Really do seeing it's going to struggle a little bit anyway. It's fold her up. These are really quite hard to fold, and you can already see the difference in the thickness. It's suit, it's much think out, and I really have anyone. Six shades say them voting half So it's any 12 double sided, another tube if you're going to. So even if you're gonna use these is to make sure you've got your hands washed really well that you don't use a moisturizer in him because their oil in your fingers will get onto the paper. And if you use watercolor, the the water will resist the paper instead of being soaked in like you want. That's really nice. It's nice Unfolded. I'm now going to pop that in there, so I'm just going to cut all seats. I'm actually going to take three middle pages out and trim them down a little bit because they sticking out a little bit. Put them back on the inside and you say they're not as snug but the because they did fold them together. They still quite snug in together right now. I'm just gonna pop that in there. That beautiful sits so nicely. We probably should have folded the scrap of paper at same times lochs. And it would all be really so right. And there's out. Three schedules are ready to go, but you can see the difference you've got out. This is a water, a mixed media paper. Then we've got out sketchbook paper, and then you've got our Tomur Rybar 52 gs and paper. He which is so much thinner. But we've got 20 sheets, whereas we already got six. So you need to be weary off that when you're making it, If you want to. Really nice. If you were literally just going to sketch in it, just use regular schedule paper. If you've got an old sketchbook sitting a harm one, that was to be off. This. This is what I've got. Have any user once or twice. So I'm gonna use these to make me. I'm pretty little schedules. So that's what you do 5. Lesson 4: Binding Our Sketchbook: so I was ready to get a stifling. Now, when we are safely, we want the outside. I'm gonna go with the hardest. First we want flat part of staple on the outside and the folded part on the inside. So when we're stapling, we're going to guard from the outside. Okay, so I to get one ready. You don't want Teoh like piece like this because what happens is because my covers bigger. That's just moved it down. So if I staple there, it won't go right on the center of my paper. So you kind of just wanted to war naturally where it is now. I also want it to go. So you wanna be the paper at the top in a bit at the bottom. Now, that's pretty good. I'm going to just so it doesn't move about too much. I'm just going to bulldog clear the two sides. I'm a little nervous because on a house going to go with a six shades, so six shades plus the cover. Now, if you wanted to get a really fancy you can measure it. I don't measure it. So I kind of guard what I'm going to start week two, one kind of an inch and 1/2 off the bottom one kind of a week, inch and 1/2 of the top. No, no. I'm going to actually put three staples in this one because I'm a little worried about it staying. So I'm going to put it closer to the bottom, maybe an inch off the bottom. Like I said, you could measure it if you want. Make sure, obviously, to turn it so I can actually see where I'm stapling now when I'm stapling, I always stand up because you want a nice amount of pressure putting push down because you wanted to actually go right through the first time. Well, let's see how that's a little bit crooked. But, oh, it went through who? No us noise noise noise, Right? I Let's go Middle one two on and just move that one because I want to get a Nice and Kreuz to the talk. And three. That would actually went really nicely that last one. So take your bulldog clips off. I'm very surprised I went through. I like going three staples, especially when you're using what a color paper because it's just holds it a lot more. They go into dust seek quite well. It does open a little bit, and that's but naturally, if I just hold it like that, you'll see it opens a little bit. That's okay. That's that's natural. That's going to happen with thicker paper. You'll see that when we get to the Taameri River, it won't be as much of an issue. Okay, so we can now do and schedule papers. So remember, this is 10 shapes of scrapple paper. A bit nervous about this one, too. We're going to go three in this one. Okay, so you want to go inside? No. Start with their middle staple today for this one. It's been harder to say with the black paper. Way to cycle. Did a guy threw it? Look went through. No Haas in Oyster. It's not wise beauty. I quite like this one. This one's going well. Haas. Excellent. All three winning nicely. Love it so far. That three. Fold it nice. See, you. See that one sits closed, a little bit better. The covers, not so much, but you might choose to put a little bit of a clear pour a little bit of a ribbon around it . It's up to you. Really? All right, So he's at home or river now, after those last 20 I'm no at a worry about the tumor. It's, uh I think it will be for wine, so just paperclip it down. Well, don't clip. Yeah. In a bulldog clip here, we're going to staple over. Old from white. My bad nearly did it wrong. So I'm gonna start with the middle one just because I can. All right? Or did him check your easy Easy as beautiful. That's Ross. That's so the way I folded. Why, Tom? A river paper? I have blank on the right. Adopted on the left, blank on the right, dotted on the left blank. Right. I really like the way that turned out. That looks really good. So there are f e 6. Conclusion: Okay, so here are three. Don't so nicely. I'm really high love ease lovemaking, journals, lovemaking, books. So it makes me so happy when that looks so good at the end. So you've got this one. He's our Taameri River one. I think I really like this one. It sits nicely with my pretty scrap of paper. So there was 20 of very sheets. 10 of these regular, I think 80 GSM paper, 10 of them and night seemed to work quite well. Maybe you could fit an extra couple of pages. You might wanna have a play around with that, but I think that's pretty good. Or just out six pages off mixed media paper. I probably wouldn't do this type of sketchbook. We've mixed media, but I wanted to show you what it was like. So thanks for joining me. Well, this listen feel free, Teoh. Share your projects. Don't want to say you're beautiful books. Thanks