Quick and Easy Mandala Design - Hand draw your own mandalas using Zentangle® inspired patterns | Gisèle Tchinda-Falcucci | Skillshare

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Quick and Easy Mandala Design - Hand draw your own mandalas using Zentangle® inspired patterns

teacher avatar Gisèle Tchinda-Falcucci, Author, blogger, designer - crochet & drawing

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. First step

    • 4. Second step

    • 5. Third step

    • 6. Additional tips

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to hand draw your own mandalas using doodles or Zentangle inspired patterns in 3 easy steps. 
Even if you have never drawn before, you will come up with refined,unique and beautiful results. Moreover, you will gain self-confidence while being spontaneous and attentive to yourself.
I will also give you a few tips on how to add color to your mandalas and additional ideas for creating original mandalas on various media.
A selection of patterns is provided in the class materials to help you in the drawing process.

Please share your mandalas and your Zentangle/doodles practice in the class projects, I will be happy to like and comment!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gisèle Tchinda-Falcucci

Author, blogger, designer - crochet & drawing


Gis?le (Jijihook) is a French author, blogger, designer, artjournaler and crocheter. She loves to create fun and easy projects using different techniques, especially crochet, artjournal, Zentangle, drawing and painting.
Author of the book "Bonnets Faciles et Amusants au Crochet" (fun crochet hats patterns), she has contributed to a few other publications on the following topics: organization, artjournal, Zentangle, DIY projects.
She loves to share her crochet and drawing skills by organizing workshops with children and adults.
Part of her work is available on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Jijihook

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1. Presentation: Hi, my name is she's Oh, I'm a French author, blogger and designer, and I love to create fun and easy projects using different techniques, especially crow she suing, joing and painting. I also love to share my Croshere, enjoying skills by organizing workshops with Children and adults. I have been joining Mandela's for several years, and my mandala journey started with the discovery of the Zen Tango method. Meditative drawing technique created by Rick Roberts and Maria Famous. Where is a Mandela? Mandela is a Sanskrit word, which means circle. It is used in Buddhism for meditation, and it's failed with symbols. Joing Mandela's helps to empty your mind and to reconnect to yourself these classes for beginners as well as for people who are already familiar with joing and who would like to learn new tips for designing Mandela's in this class, I'm going to show you how to Joe your own Mandela's using doodles off the entangle inspired patterns in three easy steps. I will encourage you to Joe directly with a pen in order to gain self confidence and express yourself without fear. You will see that even if you're not familiar with joing, you have amazing, unique and beautiful results without having to erase any land, you will be going with your pen. I will also give you a few tips on how to add color to your Mandela's and additional ideas for creating original Mandela's on various medium. See you soon on the next video. I'm very excited to share my deals with you and see you work. 2. Supplies: in order to joy. Amanda, you refers. Need some paper? A full for my paper is okay to stuffed. I recommend using big joing paper not too smooth and with some texture Between 125 drums and up to 300 crabs. If you don't have think paper at home, you can just start with what you have. You can Joe and color are very lovely. Mandela, with any paper you have at home, for example, basic paper for printing you will also need one or several find pants. I like to use a zero point to find Ben in orderto have lines that are very refined but at the same time not too thin for very small details. I used a 0.5 fine men to add black spaces easily to your Mandela. It is also very useful to have a 0.5 or 0.8. You can use any brand off pence. I like my contents but also use you nipping off Stetler for the structure off your Mandela . You in it a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a protractor and a pair of compasses ready to stop throwing your Mandela. See you on the next video. 3. First step: before joing your Mandela. You We need to be in the structure for the structure. Start by identifying the center off your paper. Once you have identified the center, use your ruler to determine how many circles you want to use in the space between each circle. For this Mandela, I'm going to use the space of one centimetre between each circle. Use your pair of comm passes to Joe the circles. Make sure you do not put too much pressure on your paper when you joe your circles or when you Joe lines with your pencil because you have to erase it later. Once you have Jonah circles, use the ruler pencil and protractor to Joe several lines to divide your circles in eight or 16 parts. Those lines will be the benchmarks for joing your Mandela with your pen. See you soon for the next step 4. Second step: don't you have the structure of your Mandela? You will need to decide which battles you're going to use. I invite you to download the document which is available in the class materials tohave. Another view off the different patterns you could use. Please feel free to use your own patterns and do those two have a very unique Mandela. For example, you could Joe the shape off a very special flour. You like your logo? An animal you like, for example, about a fly a B or a snake off fruits and vegetables. You can use any symbol in your Mandela. If you're not familiar with Joey, I encourage you to train yourself in a sketchbook on the piece of paper to gain confidence and become familiar with your pen. And with the patterns, for example, you could Joe the shapes you like in little squares. This will be a nice directory that you can keep for future projects, and Mandela's. You could also make fun bookmarks with all the shapes you like, and use those bookmarks every time you want to. Joanou Mandela. If you have a question or need some help on the special shape, you would like to use in your Mandela. Feel free to share your idea or a picture in the class projects, and I would be happy to help. Have you identified the patterns you will be using for your Mandela? I invite you to judge them in your sketchbook on a piece of paper and share them in the class projects. I can't wait to see your ideas. 5. Third step: Now that you have your Mandela structure and the better idea off the patterns and shapes you will use, it is time to take your pain and stop. Joey. The goal is to have fun. So I encourage you to just start with. What you have in mind are with the pattern that inspires you the most. Do you want to use organic shapes or perhaps geometrical shapes? It is all up to you. If you did not know what to start with, you can just follow the patterns I am using in this video. Why, Joe? In your Mandela, especially if you're not familiar with Joey, you will have the impression that your lines are not straight or are not exactly as you want, but please continue. It is all those in perfect lines that we give you a Mandela all its uniqueness and originality. Once you're Mandela will be finished and you will have a general overview of it. You will simply forget that impression off imperfection. How did you find the process of drawing your own Mandela? Did you have fun? How do you find the results? Please share your mandala with those in the class projects. I can't wait to see them 6. Additional tips: I want you have Jonah Mandela. You can erase all the structure lines if you want. You can also add color with the supplies you have at home. You can use color pencils or markets. I love to use brush markers because they have very bright colors on. Their point is very thin, which makes coloring easier for adding color. I recommend to work with your intuition just at the colors you like. Starting from the center of your Mandela. The cars you will use. We show your state of mind. It's a very personal process, and I encourage you to follow your inspiration. If you do not want to Kahlo directly on your original Mandela, you can make one or several copies and color of the copies. It is also a great way of having fun with kids. For example, I like to print my Mandela's and Carlo them with my daughter. We always choose very different colors, and it is very fun to see the difference. - I hope you have enjoyed the process of join your own Mandela and that you had fun in trying different patterns and colors. I would love to see your work, so please share your Mandela's in the class project, you will make me very happy, and you will also inspire others. Once you know the steps for joing a Mandela, you can easily joe mandalas on different types of paper formats and on other medium. For example, you can draw on non white paper. We've already some texture in background. This will create a very nice and original result. You can also job bigger Mandela's for example, on a rail for my paper or on the can va shrink plastic or fabric. There are several fun ideas that that would be happy to share with you in my next guest.