Quick Tips for Offering Custom Work to your Clients - Part 1 | Cynthia Wolf | Skillshare

Quick Tips for Offering Custom Work to your Clients - Part 1

Cynthia Wolf, Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

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8 Videos (27m)
    • INTRO - Quick Tips for Offering Custom Work to Your Clients - Part 1

    • 1. Choosing the Work you want to Offer

    • 2. What work is Client attracted to

    • 3. Your Client's Vision

    • 4. Choosing a process that works for You

    • 5. Example One - Minimal Client Input

    • 6. Example Two - Shared Vision

    • 7. Exampe Three - and Class Project


About This Class

This class is for you if you have ever considered offering Custom Work or if you already offer it to your clients but you would like the process to run more smoothly.

What we'll cover:

*Identifying what type of custom or commissioned work you will offer by selecting projects that will give you inspiration and enjoyment while creating them.

*Determine which work the client is attracted to.

*How to get clarity about what your Client's vision is for the project

*Gaining clarity on what you are willing to offer and sharing your vision of the project with the client

*Description of three different custom work processes with real life examples

*Choosing a process that works for you

*Class Project





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Cynthia Wolf

Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my classes. I'm Cynthia Wolf, photographer and owner/curator of Adelante! Gallery. Owning a Fine Art gallery since 2000 has been a great honor because I love art, all of my gallery artists, I love talking about art and helping patrons find just the right piece that will add a little Joy.

All the classes I create on Skillshare are for emerging, as well as established artists that are seeking a few tips and guidelines for things like getting gallery repr...

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