Quick Tips Custom Work Series: Communication, Pricing & Unveiling | Cynthia Wolf | Skillshare

Quick Tips Custom Work Series: Communication, Pricing & Unveiling

Cynthia Wolf, Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

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9 Videos (29m)
    • Trailer Quick Tips Class #2 Communication,Pricing,Unveiling Edited HB

    • Quick ReCap

    • Communication - Well crafted questions

    • Communication Active Listening

    • Client Expectations : Guide the Vision

    • Pricing Custom Work : Down Payments

    • Cool Ideas to Unveil the Project

    • Follow Up with Your Client

    • Class Projects


About This Class

As a photographer & gallery owner/curator, Art and the Creative Process is my Passion! It can be really rewarding to make custom projects for Clients that really love our work.

This 2nd Class in the Quick Tips Series focuses on helpful communication techniques for active listening, how your confidence and communication style can put the client at ease, more specific techniques to help guide the client's vision toward a successful project, pricing custom work and payment structure and tips for unveiling the completed project.

Although I use Artists as my examples, these same tips and guidelines can be used for most any business where you offer commissioned or customized work.

Be sure to check out the 1st class on offering Custom Work for more tips and my other Skillshare classes!





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Cynthia Wolf

Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my classes. I'm Cynthia Wolf, photographer and owner/curator of Adelante! Gallery. Owning a Fine Art gallery since 2000 has been a great honor because I love art, all of my gallery artists, I love talking about art and helping patrons find just the right piece that will add a little Joy.

All the classes I create on Skillshare are for emerging, as well as established artists that are seeking a few tips and guidelines for things like getting gallery repr...

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