Quick Tip of the Week: Vector Fireworks in Illustrator | Ana-Irina Vescan | Skillshare

Quick Tip of the Week: Vector Fireworks in Illustrator

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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5 Videos (29m)
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    • Tools & shortcuts you will always need

    • Fireworks elements

    • Making fireworks

    • Bringing it all together


About This Class

Hi everyone!

This week's quick tip is: making fireworks in Illustrator. By learning how to generate fireworks, we will also recap some very useful Illustrator shortcuts and tools. 

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Ana-Irina Vescan

Designer & Skillshare teacher

My name is Ana-Irina and I am graphic designer living in Zurich. I love drawing and painting as my artsy hobby, but my true passion is putting my talent to use and creating graphics with a purpose. Here, on Skillshare, I am both a student and a teacher; I follow other graphic designers to expand my own horizon of creativity and I teach classes which I hope can help others learn new and fun skills.

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