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Quick Start to OneNote 2016

Dan LeFebvre

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6 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Fundamental concepts

    • 2. Setting up OneNote for the first time

    • 3. Key features in the Ribbon

    • 4. Working with pages

    • 5. How I work in OneNote

    • 6. Bonus: Extending the capabilities of OneNote

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About This Class

Learn the core essentials of OneNote 2016 that will get you up and running as fast as possible in this no-fluff class. In the style of this class, let's keep this description short so you can get into OneNote and start being productive quickly.

Note: Microsoft has said they will no longer update OneNote 2016 and are instead rewriting OneNote from the ground up. Unfortunately, this means a lot of the features in OneNote 2016 you see in this class aren't available in the new version of OneNote yet.