Quick Sketchbook Starters | Kristy Lankford | Skillshare
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    • Welcome

    • Fall into Doodles

    • Painted Paper Collage

    • Blind Continuous Contour

    • The Project


About This Class

In this class you will learn three quick tricks for starting a sketchbook page from artist and teacher Kristy Lankford. There's nothing so exciting and often intimidating as a fresh, new sketchbook. It can be a challenge to break into that crisp, clean paper - this class is here to help. So let your hair down, grab any and all art supplies, and go ahead and make that first mark. You can do it!

Kristy Lankford is an artist and teacher who has be making and teaching art for over 10 years. She always has at least one sketchbook with her at all times and she is sure to make something in her sketchbook every single day. 

Sketchbooks are a great resource for creative inspiration, brainstorming, mindful doodling, or even stress relief. You may create something in this class that inspires your next surface design OR you might make an image that no one will ever see, but you. No matter what you plan to use your sketches for, you will find the ideas in this class useful for jumpstarting your sketchbook making journey.

Whether you have a brand new sketchbook or one that's gathering dust on the shelf, go ahead and grab it and let's have some fun in our sketchbooks!





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Kristy Lankford

Illustrator, artist, and art teacher!

Hi! I'm an artist, illustrator, and art teacher living and working in the Washington, D.C area. I love to sketch in my sketchbook and make art for weddings, children's books, homes, holidays, and more! I started my wedding painting business when a friend of a friend asked me to live paint a wedding! It was all wedding bells and chocolate cake after that. Now my custom wedding artworks are available through my Etsy Shop.

In addition to private commissions and wedding paintings, I have p...

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