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Quick Portrait Retouching In Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar DENIS L., Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Quick Portrait Retouch

    • 3. Show Us Your Before And After

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About This Class

When you can only invest five minutes in a retouch (which probably means you have a bunch of images to retouch), you have to work smart. You’re not going to be able to do a lot of detail work on the eyes or skin — you just have to make sure the main areas get taken care of. This tutorial will show you how.

In this tutorial we will :

  • Brighten eyes and eye socket areas.
  • Whiten teeth.
  • Remove wrinkles.
  • Remove blemishes.
  • Soften skin to look natural.
  • Overall sharpening without affecting soft skin.

Meet Your Teacher

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Websites: https://denis-lemay.pixels.com

Denis G Lemay was brought up in a little coastal town of Biddeford Maine, served in Vietnam in 1968 in the army corps of engineer, then in 1971 went to school in NY to persue the field of professional photography, and relocated to a little Dutch town of Kutztown Pennsylvania where he owned and operated Rembrandt Studios in two different locations. In 1998 Denis relocated to Wilmington North Carolina where he now owns and operates Ocean View Photography located near Wrightsville Beach NC. 

Websites: https://denis-lemay.pixels.com

Past affiliations are PPA, WPPI, IPPG, OPHF, and CFCC. Exhibited at KU, WPPI, OPHF,NYIP. 

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm Dennison may welcome to the fight to 10 minute retouching, Portrait's and Photoshopped. The reason I call it 5 to 10 minutes is because once you learn how to do this, the more you do it, the faster you get at it unless you have to look and instructions on how to do it. And this is, ah, method where you can retouch portrait, make it look much better than it did without spending a whole lot of time, particularly when you have a whole lot of negatives to work with. Year there under the pressure of getting him done, and you want to do it quickly, but yet doing his job. So these are the areas we're gonna cover. We're gonna bright in the eyes and the sockets around the eyes. Take a little bit of that red news out of the eyes. Remove the yellow on the teeth. Then we're gonna work with wrinkles, removed the wrinkles and bring back slightly, so it still looks natural. Once we've done that will work with the blemishes. We're going to spend a little a little bit of time on the blemishes because we're only going to remove the obvious ones, the big ones and the dark molds providing. A customer wants that. We're not gonna spin too much time on the little guys, because after we're done doing that, we're going to soften this image. Who has softened the skin tone but the image but the skin tell to the point that weaken without losing the texture of the skin. And then finally, we're going to do an overall sharpening and without losing that nice soft skin don't so we'll see you in the next section. 2. Quick Portrait Retouch: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. All right. Now, to save time because this is a quick process you're gonna want to flatten. Your image is every time you you perform a retouching area or you can merge, um, your layers as you're doing it. Okay. In my case, I'm going to merge. So first thing I want to do is create a duplicate layer command J or controlled J. And I want to keep this bottom layer. I don't want to flatten this layer with the rest because I wanna want this layers so that I could compare the before and after at the end. So we're gonna make believe that this is our background here, right here. So from this layer, you duplicate that one. Command J. If you were going to flatten everything, you would use this one and then command. All right, So the first thing we want to do is work with the eyes. I'm gonna lighten the eyes and sockets, so we'll go to mode and scroll down to screen. Okay. Don't panic. I know it's light, but I would be taken care of. Um, then we want to go down to create mask hold the option or Elke and click on Create Mass, so we have a black mask. Now make sure the white is on the selective color or the foreground color. Grab your brush and make it larger nerve and medium soft so you can work and, um, a little smaller than that and paint. Let let's zoom in first. Okay, paint right in D I and on the outside words dark about there if you've gone to If I don't worry, we can always remove what we put in very easily and then the other side. Okay, Mary about there looks like she's been wearing glasses on the side and or sunglasses on a sunny day. And, uh, she has a tan and except for the eyes, so now we'll go to the opacity and sign deal. Pacenti Slider down until that area kind of blends in with the rest of skin and dark area is just a little darker than the other. Now, if you have a little bit of light area here or a little like border, she's change your foreground black, my getting the axe and just kind of painted out so that it kind of blends in a little bit. Okay? It might be a little too much right about here. Right there. New sleep that in. It's too much. Can slide to slide it down just a little bit more. That's not too bad. Okay, yeah, Yeah, down a little bit, checking out. You can see we've light in the eyes and we can still take you. Take our little beer right in here. Yeah, And when we soften this, that will blend in any out. Now, if you want to take a little bit of that redness out of the eyes, you can easily do that by making a selection. Used a quick selection tool and just, um, select around the whites here. Here, insulation to is where your long tool is. Quick selection tool right there. Then go to adjustments. Saturation where it says master, scroll down to reds and d Saturate the roads in the eyes by sliding to left. If you want to lighten a little bit, you can do that. Be careful. You don't do too much of that. Okay? Some down you are. That's good. Now on the teeth. You could do the same thing if you want to. There's yellow teeth. You can make those white just by grabbing the selection tool again. Or rather, let's select the last two and just select around the teeth. If you go into little the lip a little. But that's OK, because we're working with yellows and not reds. So the Reds will be affected. Adjustment again. Saturation at the Masters. Let's go down to yellows and decide trade. It's a way down. If you want to lighten up a little bit, that's fine, too. There you go. More from yellow teeth to break rights. Okay, now I'm gonna merge these layers. Yeah, you are going full screen. All right. Duplicate the layer again, and now we're going to remove wrinkles right on the eyes. Here we have this Frankel here. We have these wrinkles. Remove those, and we're going to do that by selecting the healing brush. You can use a patch to at times, but I'm going to use the healing brush. Now, if you look in my healing brush, it's not round. And I purposely made it that way. And you do that by right clicking And, uh, where it says roundness. I went from a her percent of 19% and you can turn that to anywhere. You want it right here. Now you can leave it round. You don't have to do it this way, but I like to squeegee effect. All right. So, uh, what you do next is option. Click somewhere under the eye, wears the skin is a little brighter. And make sure your mode of top here says lighten because you're gonna enlighten these, um, wrinkles. So option, click for a sample and then just go over the wrinkle with your your brush. Where there screeching around as matter right here and all the ring close out that you can right in here. Be careful. You go go into the eye where the lashes. Okay. It's good. No. After you've done that, go up to the O pacenti and brain Neo pay city down until you start seeing similar ALS wrinkles. Come back a little bit just to make it look natural. Okay, basically song from the wrinkles. All right. Marriage those two layers together by hitting command E or control, and then command J or controlled Jenny to duplicate that land. Now what we're going to do is removed blemishes. Don't waste any time on the little guy's really little blemishes because we're gonna remove that by softening the skin. We want to concentrate on the on the big guys. And if if that person was willing over the models as well, so we're gonna use the same, um, healing brush trouble. Take a sample option. Click go over the blemish and then here option Click over. Now, if you have a little bit of a white area here or you need induce, change this mood to black or dark and not black, and then take a sample again and go over that area, then switch you back to life, okay? And we'll get these These big guys down here Yeah, that's how easy it is. Now we have one mold. It's very close to Geiman. If you have that problem, just grab your lasso tool and last so around that mold, try and not get into the garment and circle of big area. Gets your healing brush make a little smaller. Here, get a sample inside, and then just go over it now where you don't interfere with the garment. Okay, We got all the blemishes, but I noticed one thing up here that's trying to hear. That kind of bothers me. We can remove that right away with the same to take a sample up here and just go away. Cross remove that strand here. Yeah. Okay, so we're done with that committee or control E to merge Command J or controlled J to duplicate. Last. Okay, next thing we're gonna do is soften the skin. So let's go to filter, Blur, Goss and Blood and put it to around 20% click. OK, All right. I know it's a lot of blur. Then go to a pacenti, bring it down to about 50%. Okay? It's still love blur. But we need that to be able to see where we're going to apply this player. Then go down to option. Click on create mask. We want a black mass. Make sure your selective color or foreground colors on white Grab your brush. Make it large enough so you can work on there on the top there. And just apply that soft skin all over the skin and avoid hitting the eyelashes, the eyes, nostril, eyes, lips, teeth, all that start from the top and work your way down. Just go all over the face and neck. Rips trying are getting in the hair. I kind of followed the edges first. Then I'll show you how to you check where you need to go over that You missed. Okay, so now Oh, well, we can really go under the eyebrows as well. Here. Make our brush small and right underneath the eyebrows around the eyes trying to hit the eyelashes. Okay. Now, if you want to check where you missed and I can see in this right here, what you can do is hold the option key and click on the mask. And you can see there are some areas I miss right in here. Um, there's a lot of and this right here, right here between the eyes. Right here. So we can get a lot of that out. Just grab a brash go over those missed areas rights. White area is we're in a soft brush years or the soft in years. Now, right here as well. Auction. Click back on the mask and sue him in brush and then finish it up. Just fine. Tune where you missed on the nostrils and then we'll check it one more time. Way should be OK after that. Now, let's say you you put too much softness and our strolls or anywhere else. Just change your selection to black on the foreground, and you can easily put it right back in there because you have a black mask. Then change it back to white to finish off. Oh, you're soft. Okay. All right, then. If you want to check it one more time, you can do that option. Click on the mask. You can see we do have some spots that we missed here. That's the nostril letter. All right. Good. Once you're done, go to your Pacenti slider where he says 50% and slide it down some more until you see some , that skin texture come back just enough to bring back the skin texture. And yet keep that softness in there, it makes it look a little more natural. Usually between 25 35% will do it. Okay? It's pretty good right there. Won't leave it right there. I could have gone down just a little bit more, but let's bring it down to about 25%. Seven about, I guess. Okay. Take care of softening the skin, merge that together. And, um, now our final stop we want to do now is we don't have to duplicate the later this time, just good. We want to shop in the entire image without affecting the skin tone, especially on the woman. And the way to do dad is to go to channels, select the Red Channel and the Reds Channel gives us a selection, Um, where we'll be able to shop in everything except for the skin tone. He's my Daria's going to filter shopping on shot mask, and, um, I'll put it at 1 20% 1.0 radios and threshold of three. Then I'll click on RG being. Zoom in on the eyes, select the sharpening tool and go over the the iris A couple times, even go over your eyelashes if you want. Okay, there. Now I should do it. And if you want to compare, that's why I kept this bottom layer here. So by clicking on the eye, I can see the before and after before after there you are. Now you can flatten the image on um, you're done again. There's a lot more that we can do to this, but this is the to 5 to 10 minutes retouching plan on. Um it does pretty nice job. Thank you for listening. 3. Show Us Your Before And After: thank you. Re touching portraitists. As you well know. If we all share with each other, we learn much more. I would like some of you, too. Please take some of the portrait's that are unretouched and try using this method and give us a before and after comparison of your work. This way we can all learn and we can all see how everyone is progressing again. Thank you. And I look forward to seeing some of your images until next time.