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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Change Avatar Basics

    • 2. Change Avatar Import

    • 3. Animating Basic 01

    • 4. Combine Garments

    • 5. TextureDetails 101


About This Class

QUICK TIPS / How tos - Add these to the things you have learned! 

Change Avatar
Sometimes you may want to switch things up a bit. Here you will learn to change your avatar hair and shoes.

Import Avatar
If you are a 3D artist and your game, or CG company needs clothing then your should be here too! But of course you will need to import a model, its simple really but I just wanted to show you how simple!

Animate the Model
Why spend so much time making a garment and not be able to see it move. You will learn the basics of Animating your garment for the Runway!

Combine Garments
You will learn how to add two separate garment from two different scenes into one. You will also learn how to use layers.

Texture Details
Add some Texture Details to your garment