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11 Videos (46m)
    • Installing Visual Studio

    • Visual Studio Start Page

    • File Menu

    • Edit Menu

    • Showing Line Numbers in Text Editor

    • Tabs vs Spaces

    • Quick Find in VS

    • Find and Replace in VS

    • Debug Menu

    • Build Menu

    • Understanding Projects and Solutions


About This Class


Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) offers a set of tools that help you write and modify the code for your programs, and also detect and correct errors in your programs.

In this class we will go over:

•A quick tour of the Integrated Development Environment

•Using the menus & graphical elements of Visual Studio IDE

•Working with Projects and Solutions

You will become more familiar and more comfortable with Visual Studio IDE by the end of this course






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Mohammad El-Haj

Passionate Developer / Trainer / Constant Learner

Hi there!

My name is Mohammad and I have a degree in computer sciences and have been working as a professional software engineer since 1995. I wrote my first program in GW-BASIC when I was 14 years old and since then I knew that I wanna grow up to become a programmer as it is the love and passion of my life!

I also started teaching Visual C/C++ and Visual Basic back in 1997 and that is when I learned how much I enjoy teaching and helping others!

I lived in Seattle for 17 years to work for Microsoft so I can learn from the best in the industry!  I spent 9 years at Microsoft as a senior software engineer and then became curious to try out other companies in USA so I can keep on growing and learning...

Over 20 years of my career, I worked with many companies from startups to medium size companies like Citrix and to big companies like Microsoft. During that time, I learned so many languages and technologies from Visual Basic, C/C++, Win32, ATL, COM, Python, Java, Javascript, C# and .NET and many more. I built Windows applications, mobile applications, built some websites and built games using Unity and many other tools. I like to share my experience and help others become professional developers as well.

I mentored, lead and managed many developers in my career and successfully helped ship many products including V 1.0 products like Microsoft Office Communicator ( aka Lync or Skype for Business). When I found out about Udemy, I was immediately hooked as a student, but I also wanted to pursue my passion as an instructor as I know that I enjoy teaching and helping others and I think I can make the learning experience fun and easy :)

As of 2017, I moved to live in the Silicon Valley and decided to be working full-time on creating courses as well as building some cool apps and games in my free time!

Looking forward to getting to e-meet and know everyone here!