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Quick Intro To Modern Window Cleaning

teacher avatar David MacDean, Entrepreneur & Blether

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson #1 - How WFP Works

    • 3. Lesson #2 - Things That You Need

    • 4. Lesson #3 - Cleaning A Window

    • 5. Lesson #4 - Final Thoughts

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About This Class

A rapid introduction to modern WFP/Pure Water Window Cleaning for total beginners.  If would like to quickly understand how modern window cleaning systems work - and how to use the equipment - then please enjoy this short class.

My name is David; I use modern WFP equipment during each day of work and I'm happy to share my skills with you in this class.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a simple & quick guide designed to educate beginners, it is not aimed at experienced operators.  I may make more advanced classes in future :)


David MacDean is the author of "The 0.0082% Business" and runs his own window cleaning business in Scotland.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David MacDean

Entrepreneur & Blether


Hello, I'm David.


I am an entrepreneur and I live in Scotland.  You can sometimes find me hiking in the Scottish hills, or cycling around the countryside... or even in the town if my car is broken.  I started up a window cleaning business in 2019, the adventures and discoveries of which became the subject of my first book:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZXBNQ7M


I've recently added a class on Skillshare to introduce beginners to modern window cleaning, I hope that it helps you  :)


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1. Introduction: My name is David, and I run my own window cleaning visitors and this class. I'm happy to share my knowledge off the modern equipment that I use with you. This is a great way to clean wonders. Andi. You could make good money from using it. And this short class, I'll tell you the basics. I'll show you how to clean a window and give you some helpful taps. Each lesson is designed to be laid back conversational. Andi, easy to understand. Welcome to the quick intro to modern window cleaning with me. David, please join me for the next licence. How WFP e works. 2. Lesson #1 - How WFP Works: In this first lesson, we will take a B sec. Look at the whole picture off water fed pole. Pure Barkley name. We'll do that quickly and then and following license will go in Tibet. More detail. So let's start at the very beginning. So what as WFP e. Well, it stands for water fed pole and but really as just a term that refers to the style off window cleaning. It's got lots of different names. Sometimes it's called reaching Wash. That could be called pure water cleaning. There's even more names for it, and basically, it's all that is this way of cleaning windows, which we're going to talk about and there it's often referred to as double U F. P. So the way it works is there a pretty simple. So, firstly, you are agitating the dark with a brush, which has a floor of water coming out of it. That team, just the dark on the window into a solution of water and dark. Step two is that you rents that off off the glass in the window, and step three is that dries all by itself. But because you're using pure Baltar, then that dries without leaving any marks. This is the farm state. Just a picture off agitating the windows. The flow of water is on and that is scrubbing the window. 2nd 1 is you're renting window using the jets that are on the brush on the 3rd 1 is drying so that as a photo off that same window that's being cleaned taken about half an hour, 45 minutes late are you can see in the reflection that has tried without leaving any marks . And this is probably where WFP he is and why it is special is that you're using special water. I m so what? You can see here and say two of my water containers. Andi, I am dipping my TDs, meet our into one of them, which stands for total dissolved solids. And then basically, at dis tests for contaminants that well, leave marks on when those that's basically what I was. So if it is reading zero, that means that zero parts per 1,000,000 and that the water is pure time to, and this is it certainly ready to be used for window cleaning. I was reading zero, so I m why the people not use WFP e. Well, first reason is probably that is confusing. You have to learn, have the use of Maybe you're confused already after just having that look a the equipment and but will go into more detail on that. Definitely. And that comes on the 2nd 1 their time to learn. And that's part of actually people. You do need to learn how to use this equipment, and that's what we're going to look at in a moment. Officials with the costs of it and the equipment is not really that cheap, although that are cheaper and more expensive options. But it does put some people off. And, yes, said the benefits. Why is it worth learning and sail off window cleaner? But the main one that has to be safety. You do not need to use ladders with this equipment. Ladders are, and although they don't seem that they dressed, they are dangerous. People get injured very commonly, with ladders falling off them. They can even be council as definitely good. If you can avoid using ladders and then more situations air, water fed pole as a very safe way to work and the other reason and from business point of view and financial point of view at a much faster way to clean. When does Once you get used to that, you can still do a very good job and be very fast and mountains per day. You could make more money, and it gives a higher quality of clean. Possibly some people would disagree with that, And but my experience it gives a very, very good quality of clean and the banks clean that I know off that you can get on window. And sometimes once you've seen them dry, that is really, actually amazing just how clean the windows come up with that. And lastly, I'm yes, it's easier I find on there. Certainly. Personally, I think it's more enjoyable cleaning Windows with this equipment. I certainly prefer it over the traditional and, like squeeze cheese and the traditional style of cleaning can do and I have done in the past. So yeah, it's definitely Worf Lauren and feel that these benefits. So yeah, that's a basic overview, and the next lesson we will take about more of an in depth look at the equipment that you need to get started, so please join me for that 3. Lesson #2 - Things That You Need: in this lesson, we are going to look at their basic equipment that you need to do that style of cleaning. This is probably the part that most people get confused about. When I started, I found it quite confusing, but ultimately is not that complicated. So from a basic point of view, these are the three things that you need. It's the 1st 1 is a way to purify your tap water. Then, secondly, you need a way to pump that water that you've purified up to the window. And thirdly, you need an extendable pole with a window cleaning brush actually clean. So those are the three things you need. There's no need to over complicate it too much. That is the basics. Let's take a look at the 1st 1 but how you purify water. So these are a few different ways that exist for purifying top water. And 1st 1 here is the one that I use, which is what we're going to look at a few minutes, which is a D. I vessel at the ionization vessel and which is pretty easy to use. And we looked at in a minute. Another two AM options we have here are name something that is no button. Are all unit diverse because most this unit and that's basically, um, filtration piece of equipment that you can install at your house and that will filter the water, and but it is a bit more difficult to get used to. But it does have its advantages, especially for people with particularly and hard water. But it's good for for that definitely, but about more difficult to learn. We also have professional, professionally installed vehicle system. These are pieces of equipment that get installed in your vehicle. They do everything that you need. They will filter the water and the pump it as well. And but they are expensive. Another option, and some places will sell you purified water and that you can use for window cleaning. But that pains to be quite expensive when compared to the least that we're looking at. And this is better and a better way to make money with equipment to purified of all for yourself, that's for sure. So this is ah, next photo of my Diani vessel here, and so they're dead simple to use. Basically, your horse goes and one end from the tap. Ah, horse comes out the other end and you turned the tap on the water flows into this vessel, which is felde full off raisin which basically captures the contaminants in the water so that when the flu is a other side, um, at this coming out pure, which is what you need for window cleaner. So this is the picture off the TDs meter again, sort. If I was to use this meter on my tap water before I went through the eye vessel, this would probably be reading at about 67 and parts per 1,000,000 in terms of contaminants . And so we don't want that for window cleaning, whereas now, after going through the d I vassal sweeting zero. So once you've purified the water, you have some pure water on that is ready to be used and water fed pole pump system, which is the next step that we're going to look at. So there are quite a lot of different ways to pump. You're pure water, and the one that we're going to look at the 1st 1 here. That's what I use, which is lawn as a backpack system. As also Sometimes no one is a trolley system because people can put them on the trolleys. That's what it is. It's quite cheap, and it works at 2nd 1 is a do it yourself vehicle system. This is where you villain stole a tank in your vehicle and you'll install your own pump your own electron ICS a floor controller to control the water. And that is a bit more complicated and a bit more expensive. But I realized a lot of people use that way, and I will consider doing that. Won the M in the future, too, thirdly, and we've got the professional affected vehicle system again. So we talked about that earlier because it felt there's the water and it also pump set. But they are explains. Have, that's for sure. And the 4th 1 is them. It's one that I've only ever heard off being used over in the US at the moment, and I don't know, and certainly here in Scotland in the UK and I've never seen anyone use it yet, basically is, ah, you will attach your M equipment into the customers outside, tap into their remains, and that will pressurise your equipment so that they can clean the windows, so let's see. That might be a good way to do that. I've never used that, but it seems that some people do. So this is a picture off the backpack system that I use, So I'm taking the straps off that I certainly would not recommend that you were it on your back. What I do is I just don't feel it all the way to the top with pure and then carry out using the handle on the top. Police dive near to where I'm working, and that's more from well, for me. It's certainly good for gardens with difficult access and things like that. It's, um, good piece of equipment, and it's been very reliable for me. You just charged up yourself and from the charging port inside here that some of the controls, including Dale, went to adjust their floor speed off the water coming out. So this is quite important. I think no matter which pump system you get, whether it's my cheap backpack system, whether it's a expensive vehicle system, all that the pump as as a delivery system for the water, really, so you can see the two jets of water that are springing out the brush. This is with my backpack turned on. This is ultimately the end result of whatever pump you by. So it's best not to get too caught up in it and buying most expensive one just because it's got blue led lights on it, woods of logos and things. Ultimately, this is what you are looking for. Just that it will deliver the pure water and then in the last piece of equipment that is essential as obviously the extendable pole, the water fed pole and the brush. There's lots of different types, a lot of brands, definite cost off mall. And but I'll just tell you what I was recommended on. And this is work. They very, very well for me, and I'm glad I listened So and basically I was advised to look for a 100% carbon water fed pole. And these are probably fairly expensive, to be honest, and there certainly much deeper water fed polls. But the carbon ones are very light. They're very strong. They don't Ben very much, and if you're using all day, you'll be very pleased that you got good quality one, and I'm glad that I did so that's worked well in terms of a the length of it. Because of games there. There's a huge variety and length from about nine feet up to 60 feet 70 feet. Huge huge water fed pools, but for many, 22 feet has been sufficient for cleaning. The one those I've tried to clean I m on, I would imagine for more situations, that's a good choice. You wanted to have an insulated handle. We'll look at that in a minute. That is so that you have some protection and from electrocution. If you happen to have your pool into a power line, that does happen. I've seen a photo of a Paul after us hat a power line that basically explodes, but you will at least be safe if you have an insulated to handle. Or you should be more safe, I should say, and lastly, em in terms of the brush, just to be honest forever. Standard and brush the manufacturer recommends from your water fit pool for window cleaning will probably be sufficient to get you started, So this is same. My what if it pull that I use here yet 22 feet carbon. That is the clamps up at the top end. You've got an adjustment for the angle of the brush on the clamps em to extend the different sections off the pole. So that is a picture off the insulated handle. But as you can see, it actually says on it to still be careful and thunderstorms on the right and power cables ? Yes. You still want to try and avoid them at all costs? Basically, yeah. And that's just the brought on the end. Just that's a regular brush. Fended that moment as the basic brush that supplier has. And yeah, perfectly good for cleaning when those. So, yes, So that is a bit of it, all of the equipment together and that you need to really get started. That is sufficient for cleaning windows with water fed pole system. And and in the next election, we are going to actually clean the window with this equipment and talk about that. So please join me for that next 4. Lesson #3 - Cleaning A Window: in this lesson, we able look at actual cleaning a window on there. The first thing we'll do is watch your video with me cleaning a window, and I will have some common trait were needed. So the first thing that we're doing is way are scrubbing the top. The other part off the window frame. This is with the water on now on the brush. Now we are scrubbing the rest off the window frame. Now we are scrubbing the glass and rinsing the glass. They were scrubbing the other section of glass and fatally rinsing the last section of glass. So I'm if you want Teoh, I suggest maybe going back later, re watching that a few times. Not that it's a super complicated, but just the more claims you watch it that might help you to understand the process. You also might notice I didn't do much on the very lower part of the frame. And there that's just because, and on more windows that our lord off to reach my hand. I often will use a micro fiber cloth to clean the lower part of frame, but it is certainly possible to use the brush to do that as well. So yeah, let's take a closer look at what happens there. And so, yes, the first thing we did and we turned the water on first. Yes, so And in terms of the amount of water you want half coming out. And it's quite a high floor, but not so high that it is just splashing absolutely everywhere. And C s medium to high flow is what you are looking for. Yes, we scrubbed the upper part of the frame and for a couple of reasons. Firstly, that pains to get quite dusty. And because the rain cannot get up to their sore tends to collect dust. I think that's why you get started. And the second reason likely not part first. And it's because, as you scrub it, the darkly water is going to run down the rest of the window. That will keep dropping for a little bit of time. So if you start off with that by the time you come to the end of the clean off the window, they that will hopefully have stopped dropping any dirty water David onto the glass, then you just going to the rest off the window frame. Give that scrub and probably want to make sure that your brushes not got any bits of rubbish, innit? You might notice. In the video, I give it a quick scrap on the frame. Just a quick, clear anything out. Some people don't bother with that. Maybe it isn't necessary. But that's what I like to do. And yes, you scrub the glass. You've seen the value of the exactly that I did it. But as long as you're covering the glass with the brush that say sufficient on the final step has actually Rensing the glass, so am I. Slight difference would be on first cleans. And by that I just mean the first thing you clean a property before bringing onto your right regularly. They're basically that will involve extra scrubbing. And it will take quite a lot longer in terms of time. Personally, I'm aimed to charge double for the first clean. And if it is dark because I know what I will be there for twice as long. Another thing that I do is a once I've cleaned all of the frames and the glass. I will go back. I have a clean glass only again on all the windows and the reason for that claim that comes up in the next thing we're going to look at, I m so to try and simplify things are thought of thes two principles to kind of simplify. So if you ever have any questions about how it works, basically these two things kind of covered the whole of this modern wave. When the cleaning, you're agitating on Renison Way that art with pure water that has to drying clear because there are no contaminants in the water. If you do it right, the window will dry clear on then, yeah, the second point as avoiding darty water, coming off the frames and running diamond glass you've already cleaned. That is one of the the main issues that people will have with this equipment. Why they think it's not very good. That's because darkly water run the same when it dries. It looks messy, but this is certainly avoidable if you just get your time in great when you're cleaning things. So in the next lesson will just look a few final thoughts from the basics on, then a couple off em bits of information as well. So it please join me for the next licence 5. Lesson #4 - Final Thoughts: So in this fighting elation, let's take a look at a few other bits of information and thoughts that I have to share with you. Yes, the 1st 1 I'd like you to think about as the investment of time that it takes to get good. With this equipment, it takes time to learn. That's something that you are already doing, and this classical put this has helped you already just understand the basic idea of it. Then once you have the equipment and at the extent to improve with that, the first thing you clean a window with the equipment you might not make a very good job and all that. I did not make a good job. I was quite disappointed from afar. Sling the window with it, drying looking very bad, and that's what the stick time to get used to it, how to effectively cleaning window with that. Then, even once you are good at cleaning, I wonder where that it will take time to get faster. But that's to get to the point where you are as fast as you would be with the traditional equipment. But then after that, you will get faster and faster until you are much quicker than you would be normally. And at that point, your earnings can start increase. And that's when your investment of learning it the style of fleeting as paid back and it will continue to do so for as long as you need to use that. And yet so not scratching the glass like this is m quite important. As far as I know, I have not scratched a unit of glass in the time that I've been doing it and and I tried to be very careful and avoiding that s the main thing is to keep your brush clean. I m they ever arrest the brush on the wall off high shoe cleaning or on the ground? If you know this throat, the different photos I have taken unless class My brush poll has always been leaning up against something with the brush, not touching anything. Yeah, And also, when you are cleaning the windows, just be careful not to bash the brush into the glass or any other part of the one. They will just be careful and you won't scratch it. Basically, keep the brush medically, and you we'll certainly be able to avoid scratching the glass, so just quickly go through these safety reminders not to go over them for ages. Your power lines. You should be careful. Thunderstorms also okay with your food. And if you are cleaning a tall Wendell with the brush extended, you could quite easily folding some a stairs or trip over something. I don't have a little stunned that just be careful with that, transporting water safely. That's what might not seem that dangerous, but there's something you need to think about. I am because water is obviously heavy when it's in this container. If you would have an accident that could fly around the vehicle and site, and that could injure you, they that water in the tank is actually heavy enough to come through the bulkheads off a van a lot of the time, so you really do it into the careful. So if you have ah, a vehicle tank that needs to be safely secured, I know that some systems you bolt them through the floor, and that is what some systems do to secure the tank in case of an accident. Also, if you're like me and you use, let's barrels the game, making sure that they are safely stored vehicles. If you have an accident, they did not fly right then should you? And how hard of a window cleaner being injured by the tank, his vehicle sliding forwards. And in fact, he was. I believe he was count of an accident and which wasn't even going that fast. And I believe that was because he did not have the tank safely secured. So it's just something to just bear in mind. Doesn't really take that much effort to make sure these things are in place, that it could m preventing you from having an injury or or even being killed. And lastly, just about carrying a safe weight. If you're using barrels, just don't straighten yourself for that. I'm I use 10 litre water barrels rather than the usual 25 litre ones, much less strain on your body. But ultimately with all of these safety things. And another thing think about is if you get injured, you're not making money, so you just need to think about it like that as well. You know, Just don't enter yourself, don't get heart, and you will be able to continue making an income from that and it just takes some thought . And before you start, right, So and came to summarize, I just like to to stress to you that I have thought that water fed pole is it has been worth learning the Titan you invest in it. I'm glad that I did. And on and as certainly something that you should I would advise at his war spending time learning. So it certainly is not too difficult. And already you basically know be sex. I'm glad to go into the style of a when they, if you like to know about more about have I got into this kind of business, Then you could check out the book that I wrote about that you can find that on Amazon's on most working on on audiobook version of as well before we go into the class project, which is your time to do something just like to say thank you for taking this class. I hope that it helped you out, have been able to share a bed of my knowledge best with you, and it may be cleared things up for your hope. It would really help me out if you could leave a short review or a comment on this class and this is my first class and I have done and I really appreciate you, you feedback and support with it. And also, I might make other classes. And in the future, and depending on how this one goes down, so we will see what happens. So in terms of a class project, something for you to do, a first step for you to take and right Why would like you to do is to spend some time researching war fed pool equipment if that weight so boring. But maybe this makes me so strange. But I actually think that it is quite fun to just have a look equipment that takes time to develop an interest in it like anything. But I think once you get into looking at it, you will find it quite interesting. And there are lots of interesting technologies. You think the different pumps Telectronics involved with that Even the polls were made out of quite good materials like carbon fiber. And yes, we just have a look at some equipment. She want equipment you could afford, and even suppliers that are local to you. You could have a look at some equipment to see what you could afford, how much it would cost to get started. Onda. And then, if you share your ideas on plans, just I'm even a rough plan. A rough idea of what you think you might be able to do to use this equipment either to get started in window cleaning or two trends far and from the traditional pleading into test I of cleaning share even your rough plan. And that would be great. So thanks again for taking this class, and I will see you next time.