Quick & Easy Image Transfers: Using Creative Collage

Leitha Matz, Maker

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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Overview & Project Design

    • 2. Examples to Inspire You

    • 3. Materials & a Few Words on Copyright

    • 4. Physical Collage

    • 5. Digital Collage

    • 6. Four Ways to Transfer a Photocopy

    • 7. Direct Application of Images


Project Description

Create Your Own Photo or Image Collage

Use what you've learned in this class to take apart photos, illustrations, magazine images, concert ticket stubs, newspapers or any other kind of printed materials you might want to use.

Whether or not you decide to do the image transfer, use your project area to post a collage that you've made.

A few ideas for projects you might want to explore:

  • Create a fantastic place or creature that's never existed.
  • Use collage to expresses an idea you've had.
  • Make a collage that reconstruct a dream.
  • Put together a vision of a nightmare or something that disturbs you.
  • Make a collage that documents the life of a pet or loved one.
  • Put together an image that reminds you of great memories you've shared with a friend.

And here are some great online resources to get you going with digital imagery.

You can always buy materials from places like Creative Market or iStock, but if you're looking for free resources, do keep in mind that some of these sources, like the Collage Images Flickr Group, the Getty and the Rijksmuseum collections, are specifically open-use, but for others, like the NIH or Wikimedia Foundation, you'll need to determine legal compliance on an individual basis.

If you have questions about copyright with regard to collage art, I like the information that's outlined here:





*Look for material labeled "No Known U.S. Copyright." Explanation here.

**Material labeled Creative Commons may or may not be safe to copy depending on the particulars of your intended use and the rights-holders' interpretation of "non-commercial," but you'll be safe with anything that's labeled as "Public Domain."

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