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Quick & Dirty Sewing: Make an Emoji Pillow

teacher avatar Miranda Harper, Seamstress/Cosplayer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome to Make an Emoji Pillow

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Making the Pattern and Cutting the Pieces

    • 4. Sewing and Stuffing

    • 5. Wrapping Up

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About This Class

Turn that frown upside down! Make something happy to snuggle with! In this class, you'll learn all the steps to make an emoji pillow; drawing your pattern pieces, arranging and sewing a basic applique, and stuffing a pillow.

This project is beginner level but does assume basic knowledge of how to use a sewing machine. If  you're an absolute beginner, check out my free class on sewing basics here:

Quick & Dirty Sewing: Machine Crash Course

Supplies needed for this class:

- 1/2 yard yellow fleece

-1/8 yard or scrap of black fleece

-1/8 yard or scrap of red fleece (will vary based on the emoji you choose)

-12oz bag of Poly-Fil stuffing






Meet Your Teacher

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Miranda Harper



Well hey there! My name is Miranda and I teach sewing classes here on Skillshare. I've been sewing for almost 20 years, have degrees in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising and been a freelance seamstress/designer/tailor for almost 10 years making everything from prom dresses to swim wear to cowboy vests. I also have a day job as a graphic designer and I love to paint, cook, watch comic book TV shows and hang out with my dog.

I think sewing is an incredible skill that everyone should have, even if all you do is replace buttons and hem pants. Those things are important. When you take my classes, you'll learn basic skills to transfer to other sewing projects and I'll throw in a few industry tips to make your sewing life easier. Enjoy! 

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1. Welcome to Make an Emoji Pillow: Hello. Welcome to quick and dirty sewing. Make an emoji pillow in this class will learn how to make a super simple pattern. I'll see you had a draft it yourself. We'll learn a basic applicator technique that will use on the face of your pillow and we'll learn how to stuff. And so around pillow for my project will be making the heart eyes emoji, which you saw in the first slide. You can follow along with me or make your own favorite emoji, and here just a few examples up next, we're going to talk about the supplies that you'll need. 2. Supplies: for step one will go over the supplies you'll need. First you leave police. I purchased 1/2 yard of my main color yellow, and then I'm going to use scrap for my accent colors. But you can also purchase an eighth of a yard of each color. If you don't have scrap, I'm going to use red for my heart, eyes and black for my mouth. You lead a full 12 ounce bag of pillow stuffing, scissors, pins, a pencil thread. You'll see I have three different colors of thread. Since I'm using three different colors of police. You don't have to do this if you don't want Teoh. I just like to have my thread match. You'll need a ruler and paper to make your pattern. I'll be using drafting paper, but you could also use uh, plain white copy paper or even a paper grocery bag up. Next, we're gonna make the pattern and cut out the pieces 3. Making the Pattern and Cutting the Pieces: So now we're going Teoh, make the pattern and cut out your pieces. Here I have my paper and it's a little roly, so I'm just gonna work with it, and I'm gonna fold it into fours. So there it is in half, and then one more time in fourths. Great. Now I'm gonna grab my bowler and my pencil, and my ruler has little holes in it at each half inch mark. So I'm going to use this to make my circle. No, you could also use a compass, but I don't have a compass. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna grab a pin and put it in the hole. That's at nine inches, because I want my pillow to be 18 inches wide, So I'm gonna put nine here, and I've got my pencil in the very last hole, which is actually at the half inch mark. I'm just going around kind of making that quarter circle. Then I'm actually going to take my ruler and measure out the last half inch, so I just kind of move my ruler along the edge and market so that I have a full nine inches on this you, you and I'm going to cut. And I actually looks like I folded my paper little funnies. I'm gonna just it. There we go. And now I'm going to cut my circle. And now I have my circle pattern, And now I'm going to cut the heart shaped for my eyes and the mouth shape some pulling my paper in half. And I want my heart eyes to be five inches across at the widest point. So I'm gonna measure 2.5 inches, which, when I open it up, will be five. And then I wanted to be five inches long, so I'm gonna make a market the five inch point. No, I'm just going to sketch out my heart shape until I I think I like it. It's just like when you are in grade school and you made those Ballantine's out of construction paper. That's exactly what the kind of thing we're doing here. I'm just sketching out my heart shape until I think that I like it. Hey, and now I'm gonna do my mouth and actually met. Want the mouth to be 10 inches across, so I'm gonna make a market five inches and I'm gonna make it two inches wide. So I also made a market two inches. I'm just going to block it out here, so I have kind of a triangle shape, and then I'm gonna sketch and fill it in to make it the shape that I want, so make it kind of 1/2 smile looking. I know it's hard to see the pencil marks on the camera, and now I'm going to cut my pieces. My paper pieces here is my mouth, and it's got a little point on the bottom, so I'm gonna just trim it a little bit. I'm gonna trim the corner so they're more rounded and I'm going to get rid of that point on the bottom. Here we go. Now I'm gonna cut out my heart peace, and now I have my shape for my eyes and the shape for my mouth. Now I'm gonna cut out my pieces so I have my yellow police, which is my main color, and I folded it over. So it's a double layer and I'm going to lay out my circle and it's going to go all the way to the edge because I have bought 1/2 yard of the yellow fleas, which is 18 inches across, and my pillow is gonna be 18 inches. So now I'm just gonna pin this down all the way around the edge. I sped up the video here so that you don't have to watch me pin for five minutes. I've done pitting, and now I'm going to cut all the way around my circle and pull out all my pins. Now I have my two main pillow pieces. Now I'm gonna do the eyes, and this is a scrap piece of fabric. But if you don't have a scrap, you can just buy an eighth of the yard. I think I said that in the supply video, but I am just using a scrap. I'm gonna pin this down just like I did the other. The main pillow pieces. It's folded over. So the double layer so that when I cut it out, I'm gonna have to hearts. Yeah, There we go. There's my idols. I now will do the mouth, and I actually decided that I wanted the mouth to be a little bit bigger than what I cut. So I'm making the full there in the fabric, and I'm actually gonna pin this down and then cut outside the, um cottage. So I'm actually cutting away from the fabric alike about 1/4 of an inch. So it'll end up being a little wider, and you can kind of see where I'm cutting out. I'm not cutting right up against the edge of the paper. I'm cutting a little further away and then around off the corner. And now I have my months, and I have both my eyes up next, we're gonna so all this together and stuff it 4. Sewing and Stuffing: Now we're going to do all the sewing and stuffing. So I've got here my pillow piece. I'm gonna kind of center my mouth and eyes on here, and I bring him in a little further than I would normally, just because whenever I stuff this, it's gonna be kind of puppy, so bringing them in where I want them, I'm just gonna pin them all down just around the edge there. - Now I'm gonna so my pieces in place and I'm just gonna show you one a little sewing bit just so you can see what I'm doing. I'm using an edge put here so I can get really close to the edge and kind of get, like, a nice applications style stitch on here. I'm gonna do this exact same method with the hearts. Also, I'm just going brighter on the edge. I'm keeping that foot pressed up against the edge of the fabrics. I can get a nice close stitch. Okay? And now I'm going to do the same thing on the hearts. So now my face is all done. And now I'm going Teoh So on my backing. So I'm gonna put the's right sides together So my face is kind of sandwiched They're in between. Here we go and I'm gonna leave this bottom part open because that's where I'm gonna turn this pillow right side out and put all the stuffing in. So now I'm gonna pin it all the way around the edge. When I get to this opening that I want to leave, I'm gonna put a little X pin in there Just so I remember where to stop now I'm all sewn up and I'm gonna turn my pillow right side out. Just grab it from the inside and pull through. It's a work it a little bit. There we go. There it ISS. Now we're gonna stuff, but I'm going to use this whole bag of stuffing that you see here. So I'm gonna grab it a little handful at a time and just shove it in there. You can kind of fluff it as you go, as you put it in there. Just kind of fluff it with your hands. And I'm pushing it all the way to the back because I want to make sure I have room to stitch this opening close. So I'm just pushing it all in there. Okay, that's the whole bag working around, then there. Now, I'm gonna close this opening, so I'm just gonna, like, pinch it together there so that the edges fold under. I'm gonna pin right where those edges fold under Adam's gonna pin that opening shut, and then I'm going to take it to my sewing machine. And so right along the edge you want want pen? And I'm gonna so that now I've sold it and I'm going to pull out my pins here. You see that? And I'm going to plus taking around, fluff it up, distribute stuffing. And there it is, up next, we're going to just finish up our class. 5. Wrapping Up: Now we've reached the end of our class and it's time to wrap up. I hope you enjoyed yourself today. If you did, please leave a thumbs up in the ratings. This helps more people discover my classes for discussions on sewing, some extra tips and free links. Toe all new classes. Join the quick and dirty sewing with Miranda Facebook Group. You'll see the link for it in my teacher profile, plus more info on the group for more sewing inspiration. You can follow me on Instagram at Mirae Sea Route. Happy sewing.