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Quick Dinners For Busy People!

Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

Quick Dinners For Busy People!

Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Class.

    • 2. Citrus Salmon Salad.

    • 3. Salmon & Vegetable Bake.

    • 4. Potato & Bacon Soup.

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About This Class

This class is for those who are busy, who are spending to much money on take away food and unhealthy quick and easy meals. 

Meals that leave you feeling terrible both in the energy you have through your day to day life and the effects it has on your mental states.

I know first had the havoc un-nutritious food can wreak on your personal life, and mental well being.

That is why today i am bringing you my class on how to make quick and easy meals from home right in your very own kitchen!

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Welcome To The Class.: Hi, guys. And welcome, sir, in today's class, what we're going to go over is some quick and easy meals for busy people at home, things that you can cook in the kitchen with in under half an hour. Today's class is designed for people of all skill levels, so regardless of your skill level, you'll be able to get this done within half an hour. So what of the time when you laid a busy life? You don't actually have time to cook at home, will. You don't think you have time so you might get some take away food from down the straight, which is not good for your health in the long run. So to ensure that you get the most energy during the day and have the most nutritious food off provided you with ease, follow along recipes and cooking demonstrations off meals that you can make in your home with in under 30 minutes so her P guys will enjoy the Kloss on. Let me know what you think 2. Citrus Salmon Salad.: So we're gonna be starting without Citrus salmon salad. So I've got some orange here that we're just gonna segment. So when you Sigmund and orange, you want to get the out of skin and the ad allow with all those white segment, he bits off the orange so you'll be left with just the orange. Basically, you can say we've cuddle that stuff off there. Now you notice in between eight slice of orange I get probably when you kind of yourself at home. It's got those little white bits, the stream bits that hold it together. What we're trying to do he up by segmenting The oranges are moving all of that. So you just left with the beautiful pace of orange flesh and nothing else. These guys really while in solids because you're gonna have in our little stringy beats in your mouth or anything like that. You can see he had just getting in between. Well, there's little what bits of the orange and just getting answers are in segments there. What's really great about this is is once you've segmented your orange, obviously we're gonna be putting that into a stainless steel bowl. But there's a lot of left arvid juice that is left in your oranges in your ah, you know, the orange that you've just segmented. So instead of making a cell addressing what you're gonna do is grab it in your hands like this and squeeze any of the leftover juice into your stainless steel ball because you don't want to waste that fly ball that's gonna had a beautiful touch to your Citrus seven sold and also on the chopping board. There's leftover on there, so we don't want to waste anything. Now we're just gonna get out. Mango hell and cut this in half on. We're just gonna get all of that beautiful mango off there truck. It'll Lynn Removing all with skin they can obviously, once you cut the mango lock. Sorry, You can just rip the little bits of mango off with your hands. But I don't really feel like getting my hands dirty at the moment. Sorry. That's why I'm probably being a bit pedantic and trying to cut off with my knife, but it's no big deal. If you want to just pulled off with your hands. It's gonna be a bit quicker than what I'm showing you. Now Just make sure you wash your hands afterwards because you don't want to get any giri Sonia knife handle, which is gonna make it harder to control you. Blade. I was gonna get a lot often chucking Yes, stainless steel bow. What is going to cut some lemons here like toe? Use some fresh lemon juice in my salads or, if it'll possible, fresh lemon juice at all times squeezable the juice out of there and place it into a separate stainless steel bowl. We're gonna be using this for our salad. So this is gonna be our cell addressing its fine. You've got the lemon in there. You put the flavor from the orange in the solid as well have also squeezed the juice out of it. And the mango is gonna add a nice sweet flavour So that sweetened sounds together is gonna have something really special. I was having our cherry tomatoes. They're in place that inquest stainless steel ball. We've got some beautiful fresh spinach. The web wash before what's gonna make sit in this ball now we're gonna do is cook out Simon off. So it is going to get out stainless steel pan on here. How beautiful, Skinless salmon is ready to guard. So who's gonna place out oil into, well, Pan Hill? Get it nice and hot. Now it's gonna place out summoned into a pan, and we just want to give this a nice golden brown sort of color and eight side and adjusting. The hate is required as the cooking process moves on. So we're just going to use, um, Himalayan Rock salt. Here, give it. And I saved them with some salt and pepper. You always on the season. You feel you doing tough, some nice flavor. They are beautiful, so this is about ready to be flipped now and then. As you can see, we're just giving a nice golden brown flavor. That's about four minutes on that side there, as we're at this stage in the cooking process soon probably wise to attend Hate down as you started, you wanted to be really, really hot because you wanted to give it that golden brown color. As the cooking process mirrors along, you want to be slowly attending the hate Damn, because there's enough hate throughout being turned out throughout the pan to cook that someone through nicely. So it's gonna leave that there. And we have mixed out solid in a ball. He'll no dressing is required. We've got plenty of flavor dressings. He usedto add flavor tool salad, sir. And we don't really need that. I mean, we've got the lemon, We've got the orange juice, We've got the juices from the mango. It's gonna have plenty of flavor in there, and it's gonna be quite quite nice. So the solid isn't gonna be planned at all. Was gonna place that on the side there, get it? Looking nice and pretty. Now, someone is just about done the Elser. We've turned the heat off on that. I'm just gonna have some trials on the top just for garnish and make it look nice. Beautiful. Look at that. So imagine I would go. So I've just placed there Semin onto a plate here and got a nice little lemon wedge on top of the summons are, if any, almost that. A bit of flavor but more flavor of lemon juice to that, something they can do so much is gonna garnish that with some chives. Steger. Guys, that is well under half an hour to get that done, no matter you skill level, you should be able to achieve this great healthy dinner off when you get home. 3. Salmon & Vegetable Bake.: So we're going over now. One baked, some entree dish. So I've got some asparagus from down the street. We're just gonna cut the ends off those because they could be quite bitter and tough. They're not tasty. So cut them off and lay them on the tray. Here also got some lemons cut up to women, goes quite well with fish and gives everything a nice season. There's not much I can think off that doesn't taste Knauss with little Linenger's. We don't do the same with that broccolini. Hell, we're gonna cut the ends off ends on these vegetables tend to be quite tough. So I tried over with them, if at all possible. So it's gonna like the Mantis flat as we possibly can. She's gonna make them cook nice and evenly. If they're stacked on top of each other too much, some will be cooked through and somewhere in bay. Also got some rain caps come from down the straight here. So we're just gonna cut that in half like we have take the core out, and then we're just gonna cut days into some nice troops. Not gonna finley chop off his caps. Come because If we do Sorry, it's gonna cook a lot faster than the rest of the vegetables, so we want them to be already at the same time. So let's give them a nice cup and chuck them in the oven. Try as well so you can get this done in 15 to 20 minutes, even less than half a nail. It's a nice quick dish if you've had a rough day at work and you want something nutritious and healthy, they spent my guard cereal love at the time. It's gonna stuck that cup scheme in the corner and place these beautiful pace of salmon in the center. This is a skinless, summoned summons off. He can leave the skin on that's farm, and we're just gonna drizzle it with a bit of olive oil. Some salt. Give it a nice season. Make sure it dish has a bit of flavor and a bit cracked. Pepper is well growing nicely now. If pray hated the oven to 192 graze here you can see there. It's quite simple. We're just gonna have banking shapes on the bottom of that to prevent everything from sticking 180 to graze tends to be a perfect temperature for cooking. Fishing fish could be quite delicate. We've just chopped up some old mushrooms and put some lemon on top of the salmon so some of that lemon will go through the seven and added a nice flavor to it. It's everything is just going to sit there the whole world. Evans pray hating. I was gonna cut up some beautiful tribes guys really well, with some fish that's been in for about 15 minutes now. So it is gonna place our asparagus and out broccolini that's cooked on the base of these plate. You want to give everything some hot when you plating it up to make a looking awesome? Pretty beautiful. Also gonna add a capsicum in all three corners. Everything's gonna look nice incented and even this is nothing fancy before the principles here. You love a nice station on the half in the hour. I think regardless of the skill level, nice people should be able to get this done. Made it simple for that. For that purpose entirely. I was gonna place that beautifully cook someone on the top PR all that flavor from the lemon has said through the seven, so it's gonna give it a nice, beautiful flavor. It's gonna chop. Chop mushrooms and lemon on the top is, well, some chives and give it a bit of season. Clean up the plate and you'll done ever. I don't think you're a master chef at home. There goes a heart that is helpful for those of you that are very busy. I mean something healthy and nutritious feed dinners when you get home from work. 4. Potato & Bacon Soup.: all right. So going to be making a potato and bacon soup so usually soups can take a couple of hours to cook. But this one that I'm showing you today will take under half. They are. The reason for this is you'll notice with the potatoes were coming in the mop into really small places. What's that? What that's gonna will that happen is the yeast in the potatoes will take a lot. Shorter time periods actually break down. So when you put them in the pool with water, that's gonna take them less than half the time to actually cook. That's what we're doing now, cutting them up nice and small as quickly as we possibly can and then getting them on the stove top. Look, I'm showing you here. We're gonna add some overall to that and just fry them off a little bit. Adding some bacon as well, that with chopped that took about two minutes. And you wanna fry their self just for a little bit. You want out a little bit of fly ball to your awesome. They weren't any salt with this particular suit because with bacon it has a lot of salt in it. So you really only need a season this with pepper. So give it a quick stir. We're not gonna be too pedantic about frying it off because we're just off the quick and easy meals here. That's gonna make your life a lot less stressful. So the bacon will ensure this has plenty of flavor. Even if we're not frying this off for the recommended time period of my soups, we're just gonna have to be the water if you have some stock in the phrase off. Who? Freddie through, sire. Now, when we invited the water without the lead to this as well, the lid is gonna help Looking a lot of that hate and again reducing the cooking time that's actually required to make this suit. All right, so that's only been on 15 minutes less than that. And the potatoes already soft and ready to guard. So just go tablets E here. I'm just gonna turn this on. This show is gonna break down all the bacon and potato. Talbot's making nice Smith Solar certain. So it's gonna go at this for a little bit until it'll turn smooth. Depending on mobility. You have it might take a bit longer depends on the quality of your equipment. You can see here after about a couple of minutes. It's already starting to smooth out and all invited to this a bit of Pepe because of the bank, and you don't need to add insult It'll and that's basically hold on. Guys was put into ball in this soup is something you could store in the Fraser of the fridge for a couple of nights ahead. I'm just gonna add a bit of garnish, so I've got a little bit of tribes here. A little bit of Trump, possibly on the top, also had a nice little garnish to make it look pretty. And then you have a guy's. And on behalf of the are you got a nice, beautiful potato on back concert, which has plenty of flavor. Enjoy